20 Super Stylish Apartment Living Room Ideas you Must Have!

Not only just having limited space but also facing many rental rules and landlords laws are few of many perks of living in an apartment.

This makes decorating the space within is so challenging. But, the bright side is it usually comes with a beautiful view of the entire city.

So, what are you waiting for? Let turn this tricky situation into a fun way to create your personal apartment living room ideas. Don’t worry! we’ll have all the pointers you need to know. Make every inch of it magical. Make very elements of it gorgeous. And, make your apartment your home sweet home!

1. Make It Work

White Apartment Living Room

The first step and we’d say the most important one is to truly see the canvas you’re given. Remember how you always brag that everyone has to accept you the way you are?

The same goes between you and your apartment. Try to understand the original architecture style of your apartment. If turning you into something you’re not isn’t going to work, it’s the same with your apartment.

The original architecture style will be the base of your brainstorming process for your apartment living room ideas. From this point, you can choose what style goes with it and how to put a twist in it to make it interesting.

2. Channel Your Mood to Your Palette

Palette Color for Living Room

It is known that colours have a huge impact on our mood. The psychology of colours helps us to determine what colours to use and to create a certain setting in our home. This means your colour palette selection plays an important role to dictate the mood set for your apartment living room ideas.

Just imagine how would you want to feel when you’re spending your time in it to help you choose what colours to apply. Soft and neutral colours give a soothing mood that is perfect for resting. Vibrant colours give more active and joyful ambience. While bold and deep colours speak formality.

3. One Flow Studio Apartment

For you who still live alone or only with your significant other, studio apartments are the most practical choice since you don’t need a lot of space. But with no walls within the unit, embody your dreamy apartment living room ideas might need a little bit more effort.

Cohesive Look

Studio Apartment Living Room

Even though, the big space is segmented into a few living spaces a studio apartment is still one big room. So it is important to preserve the overall look as one style to avoid your home seems cramped or too much. You can create a cohesive look by the repetition of materials, pattern or colors.

Open Plan

Open Apartment Living Room

If your studio apartment is spacious, then it is lucky for you. But most of the time studio apartment only range from 25 – 45 square meters. If your studio falls into the second category, open plan is a way to keep the spaciousness feelings in your minimal space.

4. Style Your White Wall

White Brick for Apartment Living Room

White walls can easily seem plain and boring, but it is the best element to keep compact space feels spacious. So don’t paint your white walls yet, because there are things you can do to upgrade the look.

Our personal favorite is adding texture. Let the brick texture of your wall be the selling point of the look. The bare-finished brick wall in white tone down the heavy feels of brick. But it still is a good match to create more country or masculine decore for your apartment living room ideas.

5. Shine Shine Shine

Mirror Decor for Living Room

Put on your fancy style mirrors in your decor elements. Not only the reflection makes the room looks bigger, but it also reflects light makes the room brighter and more cheerful. Hang or put a large mirror right across your window to maximize the light into your apartment. This also works best to catch an outdoor view for your refreshing apartment living room ideas.

6. Sleek and Chic

Glass Furniture for Apartment Living Room

You can also choose a piece of your furniture with a reflective finish for the same reason you put a mirror in your living room. Reflective finished metal will give you a luxurious look without being too much. Or, if you want to look extra, find glass furniture.

The transparency of the glass will make the existence of it more blended into the living room space yet gives a very rich taste of sophistication. The neutrality of the glass furniture also gives you a broader option of types of furniture to pair it with.

7. Upgrade Your Wall

Vertical displays are important to give your overall finish decor a boost of something. WIthout any vertical displays or decorations, a room can easily look muted or unfinished.

DIY or Memoir

DIY Apartment Living Room Ideas

Personal creative projects are always fun to do. This could be a nice personal label in the room while also a smart way to save some money on the decorations. You can also put in personal items or photographs to give a little bit of sentimental touch to your apartment living room ideas.

Storage Display

Storage Display for Apartment Living Room

With nowadays design industry, shelving is no longer just a storage item. You can find sophisticated look shelves or install ordinary shelves in an unusual way to improve the look of your living room. Furthermore, there are many ways to organize your beloved belongings that make it looks as good as store-bought decoration.

8. Embrace Your Window

Window Apartment Living Room Ideas

Your living room can be cramped. The finishing is just so-so. But if it has a killer city view, it’s a win. The openness of the sky will balance the small indoor space you have.

The city view is your live motion piece of art. When the sun is out and the city lights sparkling, you can enjoy that magnificent glamorous city view all night. Always works from what your apartment gives you. Cellular blinds can be perfectly cheap and easy window treatments ideas for you.

For sure, the window is one source of treasure for your apartment living room ideas. So, you better make it counts.

9. Apartment Living Room Ideas with Functional Decor

Wall-washed Lighting for Living Room

Sometimes when we’re decorating we’re overwhelmed by decorations price that attracts us. This makes us sometimes goes for the basic less pricy items. While that is a good step to take, but this could make us ended up with basic and rather plain home decor look. Instead of compromising the look for less spending,

We’d prefer to buy a functional furnishing that looks good and save money on the decoration. This makes me buying less stuff but in better quality. For instance,  instead of spending money on various decorations, we’d rather not buy any decorations but install wall-washed lighting to set the mood.

10. Seating Options and Arrangements

More than just for comfort, your couches most likely to be the biggest piece of furniture in your living room. The comparison between the size of the couches and the overall area must be taken into account seriously. Too small makes the room looks uneven, and too big makes the room cramped. But people sometimes forget couches or chairs aren’t the only seating options we have.

Bean Bags

Bean Bags for Living Room

These big fluffy items can be an alternative for your seating options. It’s flexible and it comes in various sizes. Not to mention, it also easy DIY project if you want to create your minimalist apartment living room ideas on a budget.

Comfy Rug and Cushion(s)

Cushions and Rugs Apartment Living Room Ideas

Other fun options for your living room seating is by using no furniture at all. You can arrange a set of lovely cushions and match it with a stunning rug and you get yourself a comfy living room.

This also a great idea for multi-function living room ideas. With light and moveable elements, such as cushions and rugs, you can easily transform the space according to your need.

11. Cosy Brown-Tone

Brown-ish Apartment Living Room Ideas

Your off-white walls and faded wood floors maybe seem dull when it’s empty. But having these two things in your living room apartment is a win for your cosy brown-ish apartment living room ideas.

The warm tone colours are the friendliest colours that make your new apartment is the new hangout place for your circle.

Brown tone palette also works with many natural textures, like wood, leather, or plantation.

So you can add many textures without worrying it’ll clash. You can also add a geometrical pattern to move the ‘decor-scale’  to more a modern side.

Don’t be afraid to add a few dark colours in to make the decor look more masculine.

12. Manly Monochrome

Monochrome Apartment Living Room Ideas

The sleek and simple decor will work best for you guy readers to create your masculine modern living room ideas for apartement . Lessen the small decoratives and create the look from working on the basic elements of your living room. Take each element to represent your colour palette.

For those who are not good with colour combining, monochrome is always a way to go. We’d suggest the biggest piece of your furniture in the darkest colour and then choose the range of lighter colours for the rest. To accessorize your wall, you can choose a typography art instead of drawing to match the masculine vibe with the rest of the decor.

13. Above The Couch Display

Black Small Apartment Living Room Ideas

When your living room space is only enough for a couch, but you really want to decorate, you need to go for the wall above it.

Make the couch and the wall the statement art in your living room. Go big and extra so that the rest of the living room is the background for it.

Step-up the look by painting it dark. This way, it’ll pop-up you wall decor even more. The simple way to accessorize your wall is to create a photo collage.

But, you can also hang accessorize, empty rustic frame, and many things to upgrade the look of your living room wall. Bring a similar design into your couch, this way you have a continuity of the design even though you only work on one small part of your living room.

14. Colourful Boho Vibe

Boho Apartment Living Room Ideas

For creating a cheerful mood, colourful apartment living room ideas will totally get you there. Combination of vibrant colours with ethnical patterns will give your living room an interesting and bold look.

Work on various bold colours and mismatch the patterns to create your personalized bohemian look. From the cushions, throws, rugs, rattan furniture ideas, and all of them is your channel to create the look.

15. Neutral Tropical

Tropical Small Living Room

Bring in a holiday vibe into your apartment living room ideas by creating a tropical theme home decor.

Pick the perfect spot by the window and use the natural light as the strongest element of your decor.

Make sure you scatter plantation to every corner of your living room. The natural tropical decor will give you a breezy mood and relaxing atmosphere.

16. Mid-Century Furnishing

Mid-Century Apartment Living Room

Clean line and optimistic view of mid-century design is a suitable choice for your contemporary living room ideas. The simplicity of the furnishing design gives you broader colour options that you can adapt to the look.

You can choose pastels for more warm vibe or neutrals for a lighter atmosphere.

The mid-century style also the easiest design to merge into other styles. Therefore, it will be a perfect mash-up design element for your personalized decor style.

17. Feminine Glam of Apartment Living Room Ideas

Feminine Decor for Living Room

As the living room is a social place, it needs to be a good representative of yourself. Your living room wall decor choice can be a good channel to showcase your taste and elegance. To represent you as a successful career woman, what’s better than a feminine glam decor?

The sleek metal texture like gold and silver, combined with crystals and glass create a luxurious nuance in the living room. To give it more feminine touch you can add a splash of nude pink or fluffy textures like fur throw on the couch.

18. Urban Industrial Set

Urban Industrial Apartment Living Room

Embracing the set of your apartment and bring it inside can be a great apartment living room ideas.

If your apartment is located in the middle of the city, the industrial-style decor is the perfect style for you.

It’s also perfect if you happen to have many people visit and busy schedule since it’s low maintenance.

Leave your brick walls unfinished to bring rough and urban looks into your living room. Choose simple and ‘bare-finished’ furnishing like metal shelves or leather couches.

Finish the look by putting a basic yellow-light lamp to mimic the street lights

19. Kiddie Play Space

Kiddie Play Space for Living Room

When you live with kids, it is important that the living room also acts as an extended space for them besides their bedroom.

This way it gives them more area to do their activity and give them more possibility to engage in more interaction with other members of the house.

Store some of their toys in the living room, so that the living room space looks more inviting to them. Or, better, add interesting toys as part of your decor, like an indoor tent or a rocking horse.

Also, choose the other furniture in regards to their activity. Such as a coffee table where they could also use as a drawing table or a couch that they can climb on without your help.

20. Romance for Two of Apartment Living Room Ideas

Romance Decor for Living Room

After a long busy day outside, come home to a comfortable and familiar place to snuggle with your significant other is all we want. Nothing like rustic decor will be a more perfect setting for your romance at home.

Yellow dim lighting and the comfy fluffy textures will set a lovely mood for you. Soft colour cushions, fluffy rug idea, and fur throw is always a go.

Combine it with natural textures like wood and brick to give warmer ambiance. With this decor in your living room, spending time with your loved one in your living room will feel like a magical time.

Apartment sure has different features from landed houses but the living room holds no different function.

Find to balance between personal and social for your apartment living room ideas.

The design should be able to make you feel home and also welcoming for your family and friends to hang around.

It also should be a representative for every member of the house. The more challenging situation os apartment should be a trigger for us to think more creatively and courageously.

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