20 Baby Girl Room Ideas for Your Little Angel (The Cutest Overload)

When we have a baby girl, we always want to give her the best atmosphere for their growing time. A girl will not always be a princess at all but she needs a place to make an excitement of sleeping space in her baby ages. Thus, exploring the baby girl room ideas is absolutely demanding.

Her room will be the first space she gets to claim as her own. Her nursery is a room that should be styled and personalized to provide a warm, welcome home, a great-great castle for their imagination.

If you are still looking for your baby girl room ideas, these cutest 20 baby girl room ideas that will help you to create your little girl’s special space in her life!

1. Pink for the Cutest Room Look

pink girl room ideas

Pink is the general color ideas for baby girl room and it is very easy to describe for whom this room belongs to. White touch in furniture, toys, or some accent will light up the room and make a soft combination yet super match.

If you are a little bit bored with soft pink, try another pink color combination like fuchsia or flamingo pink for making the room bolder yet still beautiful. For the background of the room, use the striped wallpaper with the pink and white combination. Put some floating shelves and a picture of the wall decor.

For the furniture, play with thematic decoration, such as the crown theme that may emphasize the princess look to your baby room. Make sure the overall furniture styles matched with the theme you dream of!

Moreover, give a small touch of white furniture to balance the overall pink look. What a cute baby girl room ideas that totally state your lovely space!

2. Incorporate Pastel and Rug

little girl room ideas

For an elegant ambiance, focusing on fur rug for a big impact will be a good choice to decorate your baby girl room. This idea makes the simple room to be more elegant yet super cozy.

As the solution, choose a white baby crib with a modern style and give a feminine touch with pastel pink vintage on the shelves and white curtain for a brighter room and visually larger. White fur rug with pink and vintage-modern furniture combination perfectly make a simple look yet super beautiful decoration for the room!

3. Color ideas? be Pop!

little girl room ideas paint

Need more color ideas and be bold to explore the room? Let’s try some pop colors and paint it into her wall! It will make your baby room fresh and more fun like an ice cream.

For you who dream more than two colors, pastel tone is the right choice to build the character. Here are some tips for the color that may light up the room with the best mix and match color:

  • For the colorful pattern, choose a simple baby crib and desk for your room. It will make the wall be the point of interest.
  • Patterned wallpaper is welcome. Put one or two wall decor that has white
  • You can make your DIY for the wall motif that you want and paint it. The zigzag pattern is one of many patterns can inspire you a lot!

4. Simple Floral Room

baby girl room decor

If you are looking for a creative way to incorporate floral wallpaper into the kid’s room, but loud colors do not fit to you and your baby, this pretty and feminine choice is a perfect inspiration!

The large roses fit your baby room, combined with neutral and calm color to the wall. To balance the big floral wall of the room, apply the overall white color to the furniture to avoid too much distraction.

Put a white standing lamp in the room corner and complement it with a sweet touch of the pink horse decoration. White crib with a soft pink blanket can make this room more elegance. The last touch for this pretty space, you can choose the wooden floor to make this room warmer and visually bigger. This floral idea seems to be a long last room design and it could be modified to your girl bedroom ideas in the next year.

5. Fun with Pillow Ideas

little girl room ideas on a budget

It is not only about pink when we talk about a baby girl. A monochrome palette is one of best idea to make a great space for your little girl. We have white for the main color and play with gray and wooden tone.

The wood crib, chair, and shelves can be the main furniture that you use for decorating the room. For the white wall, place a floating shelf with a room’s small plant and some room decoration like wooden toys to a natural look.

For this modern minimalist theme room, pillows are one of the simplest and most on a budget way for baby girl room ideas decoration. There are some choices or you can make it by yourself. The great thing is they can join your baby as they get older and move to a bed. Make sure the color of your pillow matches your basic color theme.

6. White for a Perfect Elegance!

baby girl room themes

It is a great time to back to the basic! Not only perfect for master bedroom ideas, the white bedroom will be an amazing idea to your lovely room. This is the most refreshing color of the spectrum that evokes cleanliness and confidence. With a vintage baby bed design for your bedroom interior, it creates an elegant ambiance. The white wall is the quickest way to get the elegance and beautiful themes.

A gold color touch for white is the best way to make an elegant room. Choose the white baby crib, sofa, flying shelves, and also white fur rug for the furniture.

Pick a gold touch with the minimalist touch, use it in the leg chair or in the feet pillow near the sofa for your relax time with the baby. The wooden floor will make this beautiful white space into a warmer space.

When you have a quality time with your baby, this bedroom is your private space and when you walk into this room, you want to drift in the cloudless sky into dreaming with her. With white color, you can make the bedroom more modern and dramatic.

7. Earth Theme Inspiration

cute girl room ideas

Are you on a budget for decorating your baby room? Earth tone will never go wrong! The combination of earth tone with white or wood color decoration is a simple way if you need an affordable and simple decoration.

For a bigger space, give the white color for the wall and for the natural accent from earth tone, use the wooden floor with the same color with your baby crib and decoration.

Another tip to make this room more cheerful is put the white carpet with a little black pattern.  Put an indoor plant like in a corner room for the room decoration.

If you an animal lover, put some animal wall decor in painting will make a cute point of interest in the room. Also, put a carpet with color that you pick from your theme to make warm ambiance.

8. Floating Shelves for the Cheap Decoration Solution!

baby girl room designs

The polka dot pattern for the wall can be one of the greatest baby girl room ideas. The small circle in the polka dot pattern with the white background will give a sweet and calm touch. For the white and black polka, set the room with the gray baby crib and minimalist white chair.

One of main concern for having a newborn is you need some space to put her daily needs. One of the wall decor ideas is floating shelves that gonna works for any baby’s daily needs or for some accessories.

It’s cheap decorating but also a functional decoration for your baby room. Put a floating shelf near baby crib for your easy use. For this white base room, give a wood floating shelves to be the main wall decor.

9. Royal Baby Theme

unique baby girl room ideas

Dream a royal theme for your baby girl? Definitely, it can be! A beautiful curtain combined with some crown accessories will make the room like a royal baby room.

The decoration is one of main concern if you want this theme works. The shabby chic or not a simple and minimalist furniture is the primary key. Pick a furniture with some detail that has a royal baby theme. Here are some tips for the royal baby room:

  • Put a right decoration for your royal baby theme like flower or photo with detailed frame. A simple and minimalist furniture won’t works for this theme. Give a white baby crib with pink ribbon accessories and standing cabinet with a vintage style.
  • Fur rug is a good idea to build a elegance and royal themes in this room. Put a white fur rug for the wooden floor.
  • Pick a right tone. Elegance means don’t use too many colors. Use the photo for wall decor with a white or dark gold color.

10. Cute Elephant for Baby Girl Room Ideas

Yellow and Gray Nursery

One of simple way in baby girl bedroom ideas is put an unique and cute furniture in her room. The elephant is one of cute animal that everybody love and have a cute detail. Put the elephant accent in her room to complete her room nuance.

For building the elephant ambiance, opt overall gray tone for the dominant wall color. With a perfect combination of gray and yellow color in the room, it will build cheerful vibes that enhance your activities with your little baby all day long.

Have the gray crib with yellow bed linen and some pattern like gray and white zig zag pattern with some yellow line for the pillow and blanket. Then put a gray fur rug and gray sofa with some touch yellow-white pillow.

Two gray flying shelves with the white lamp and some decoration make this room have a perfect wall decor. What a cute girl baby room ideas you should try!

11. Twin Baby Girl Room Ideas in a Neutral Color

Twin Baby Girl Room

Have a twin baby girl at one time will light up your day. The first thing that you should consider when choosing a color for your twin baby girl room is understanding the room will look like. If you twin baby girls, let’s pick up some pink or yellow for a dynamic nuance.

But, if you want a warm ambiance, choose neutral colors like beige or white. Pick a white color for the baby cribs and put white cabinets between both. Make the room more spacious with the white carpet.

For some accent, we can add the babies names or just the first letters of their names beside their cribs for the decoration. Just in case someone is coming and cannot distinguish your babies.

12. Exploring the Lamp!!

small baby girl room ideas

Have a small space with the dark background on the wall and floor? It’s totally fine! you can make the room with the dark background like brown color to get a warm nuance.  To balance it, pick a beige or white baby crib with the same color of baby cot protector to contrast the room. Don’t forget to emphasize the room with Tumblr lamp hang on the curtain net area as the center of attention.

For making this dark room looks more spacious, let the wall with the overall dark tone to a continuous look. To emphasize cute feeling, add a fur on the center of the room and put a horse toy in the corner of the room to enliven the space.

The simplest idea for this small space, curtain, and lamp will be a perfect combination for your baby girl room ideas. This combination makes the room more cute and warm.

You can do it by yourself (DIY) so it helps you to press the budget. Everybody totally will love it. You can put some wall decoration to make this cuter like the first letter of your little girl names.

13. An Architectural Material Expose for a Rustic Theme

girl room color ideas

Want a rustic theme for your baby girl room ideas? Why not! The rustic interior style has natural overtones that created from handcrafted as well as the earthy colors, re-purposed objects, and weathered material.

The color ideas are generally simple and you have some key elements to make a perfect rustic baby girl room. A wood applied to the wall can be a great background for your rustic baby girl room.

  • Exposed natural architectural elements and you can use modern furniture. Choose the greenish wood baby crib and give white and soft pink floral bed linen for exposing the rustic theme.
  • Look for earth tone accessories. Put the wood photo frame in the wall and add some flower between the photo corner for the wall decor.
  • Add lots of flower accent to the room and carefully arrange the flower spot to stylize the room. You can put some decoration for your wall decor

14. Simple with Animal Ideas

diy girl room ideas

Love a lot with the animal? Combine white and pastel brown for the base color to get an artsy baby girl room idea. Spread animal nuance to the room to enliven the space as her best companion. Give some pastel brown touch in the curtain or blanket with the white baby crib in the room to emphasize the pastel nuance. For the white wall, you can put a white flying shelf with some animal wall decor and arrange them inside the cute rattan basket.

The animal is one of baby girl room ideas that cute, beautiful, and also never goes wrong. Everybody loves the animal, like owls or elephant. You can use Pinterest for picking some animal accessories that you want to put in your little girl room. A white or neutral theme will be good if you want to put the animal accessories as many as you can.

15. Rustic Grey Baby Girl Room Ideas for Farmhouse Style

baby girl room ideas not pink

Bored with a girly mainstream color theme? Play with rustic grey ideas! Space theme is not only for a baby boy but also a girl. With the right choice for the baby furniture, the monochrome color can be a unique and also simple color idea for your baby room.

Put some white dot accent for your black-gray background room wall. The dark wall will make all of your white furniture looks totally great. Give a white minimalist baby crib with a white-transparent curtain.

Put some doll like a bunny doll to make the room more girly and cute. The last important touch, give a white small carpet with a star pattern for your gray wood floor.

16. Hello Kitty for Her Best Companion!

wall design for girl room

Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? Everybody does! The most famous cat in the world is favorite to many girls in the world. Hello Kitty furniture is easy to find and you can turn her room into the realm of Hello Kitty.

Spread the hello kitty vibes into her bedding area, desk, curtain, and other’s accessories. With hello kitty, it is effortless to make your baby girl room more beautiful in one touch and also, she will get her partner for every day.

If you have a wooden floor, give the white and pink wall background with the hello kitty pattern in the curtain. Make sure you have a white furniture like the white cabinet and baby crib so you can put the hello kitty baby bed linen and blanket. A hello kitty desk lamp is also a good idea to make this room more cute than before.

17. Gray and Pink Baby Girl Room Ideas are Always Perfect!

baby girl room ideas pink and gray

Gray and pink tone will make a sweet and contemporary theme in one way. A modern nursery can also be designed in a similar way to make a great modern ambiance in the room.  Use a gray color for the wall to create a bedroom that grows with your little girl.

Give a white baby crib with white and pinkish baby bed linen for girly decoration in this room. Pink decoration like a curtain with a white stripe pattern, pink carpet, and white table with desk lamp above is one of the simple ways for your baby girl room ideas.

18. Wall Decor for a Chic Look

elegant toddler girl room ideas

Wall decor like a beautiful angel wing, a lovely little sparkles stars, or her name in a wood design will be another exciting element for the cute and chic baby girl room.

White modern baby crib combined with pastel pink pillow and bed linen gives a girly ambiance for the white-base room. Don’t forget to add a white fur rug for a lot more attention and make sure you choose the right color for any decoration.

19. The Warm Theme in a Pastel Mood

cool baby girl room ideas

Another best of baby girl room ideas: Here are the perfect pastel and wood decoration to create a warm nuance in your baby girl room. Choose a range of pastel color combination from pink to yellow to build a warm ambiance.

Put some shabby chic decoration for a simple touch in this room. The old-style of swing baby crib with a white transparent curtain can be the main focus in this simple room.

Play with the round white carpet below the baby crib to state the sleeping area and give a warmer feeling. Opt wooden material for the floor to strengthen the warm feeling to the room. Complete the bed with the beautiful white cabinet and shelves to accommodate her stuff.

20. Soft Baby Girl Room Ideas

Soft Baby Girl Room

Who says the soft color combination is not interesting at all? The perfect combination of overall white tone with soft mint color will show you the best! Let everything soft applied to the wall and the ceiling for a calm look and optically larger space. For small space exploration, check also small bedroom ideas for an amazing look.

Don’t forget to emphasize the room with wooden material for a warm and beautiful accent. Also, the wooden baby crib is a right choice to state a strong character in this room.

Complete it with wooden floating shelves to make your wall more beautiful and also so useful. Occupy the corner area with a single comfy sofa and stripes cushion as her best companion. The soft bedroom is a great start to state her lovely room nuance!

So, what do you think? These twenty baby girl room ideas with many outstanding themes, style, and furniture will be your first start point to make your baby girl dreamy bedroom. You can apply many decorations as long as it fits your lovely room.

You can choose whether you want for your baby girl room and free to express what is her needs to her room. It will be a good start for your newborn to start her beautiful life from a beautiful room. A good space and place will make a milestone in her life!

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