25 Awesome Bathroom Decor Ideas (You Can’t Miss it)

Who can miss the importance of a bathroom? You must have used it every day to keep your body clean and healthy. Then the bathroom is, obviously, one of the most important in your house.

Interested to add some spice to it? Here we give you 25 bathroom decor ideas to give you inspiration for making a new bathroom with your preferred style!

Here we have a lot of things to offer, such as making it more modern, minimalist, rustic, or even elegant, we have a lot of options.

Come in and find your style to create a new bathroom experience!

1. Old but Gold

Small Bathroom Decor with Blue Wall

Okay, So now you have an old apartment with the 1930s style small guest bathroom and you are a bit confused to do with this but still on a budget. Don’t worry! Here is one of our bathroom decor ideas on how to spice it up!

  • Choose one color to paint the wall, if you want to change it. We prefer something calm and soothing to accompany the experience. Light blue mostly helps.
  • Keep the wainscoting, you can clean or repaint it. If you got a bit more in your pocket, create wall-to-top subway tiles for the bathtub or shower wall or any wet part of your bathroom
  • For a more old-style approach, you can install mosaic floor tile for your bathroom

2. Feeling Fancy in a Small Bathroom? You can!

Luxury Bathroom Decor with Vintage Touch

Give a small bathroom a bit fancy flavor with a small hint of luxury bathroom decor ideas! This can be a brilliant option in giving your small bathroom to be more luxury upgrade without hemorrhaging your wallet, of course. Here’s the hint: the simplest approach to upgrade this by color.

The lux nuance can be achieved by applying brown shades with the touch of gold but you don’t have to apply it to the furniture. Apply the brown on the tiles and walls, if you prefer a mostly wet bathroom. For types of furniture such as toilet seat, bidets, sinks, and shower, you can just purchase it with the modern styles ones on stores like IKEA or Home Depot.

3. Granite Bathroom Decor Ideas for You!

Unique and Simple Bathroom Decor with Overal Granite Tiles

Feeling fancier? Try to cover all of the walls and tiles with granite! It will upgrade your bathroom into a more luxurious and serene place. Granites are strong, solid, and don’t mind of getting the wetness, which will be perfect for your dearest bathroom!

You can combine it with all-white bathroom furniture to blend in with the granite, and the fixtures should be using silver color to keep the theme in sync. For these settings, you can purchase either granite tile or slabs. Use slabs for a larger coverage of the bathroom!

For cheaper options, use the granite-like porcelain tiles as the replacement of the granite slabs or tiles.

4. Have a Loft? Here’s How to Make it as a Men’s Bathroom!

Mens Bathroom Decor Ideas with a Large Space

Having an apartment in a former warehouse or industrial complex is a unique chance, so dress your bathroom looks like this lovely one! Here are our bathroom decor ideas to amp up the industrial and masculine feeling until the most private and important rooms in the apartment.

  • Keep the wall as it is. But if the wall is the exposed brick wall, maybe it’s the best to layer it with concrete, matching the floor’s material that usually concrete. But you can apply the grey tiles to substitute it.
  • Install the furniture just as it is, but if you want to explore more, use the metallic based one to match the theme. The simplicity of the glass window for shower room also can help the atmosphere
  • Use the minimalistic approach for remaining items

5. Fancy a Wood?

Minimalist Wood Bathroom Decor Ideas

Using mostly wood on your wettest place in the house maybe not the first thing to pass on your mind. But here we have the idea that can help you through. It can bring a natural feeling of harmony and well-being.

First, you can apply the hardwood as the flooring, as it is becoming popular material to install on the bathroom. Usually, the surface should be sealed with waterproof materials before installing it. The same way should be done on the wall if you prefer an all-wood experience! There are also wood-like tiles to install if you feel those steps above a bit complicated or didn’t match your budget.

6. One Wall to Liven up All

Yellow Tiles for a Playfull Bathroom Decor Ideas

Feeling tired with your all-white bathroom? Wants to make something of it but too afraid to do it cause it may result in a too crowded bathroom? Then this is one of our awesome bathroom décor ideas for you to consider. This won’t result in a too crowded bathroom, but this will make an accentuation for your bathroom.

Play with color to liven up your bathroom. Use one particular side of the wall, then apply tiles of one color shades, such as yellow, from the darkest to the lightest color shades. Remember, don’t use too much color shades! You can arrange it randomly like a mosaic order or make a color gradation out of it.

7. Try to be Rustic

Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas with Natural Materials

Give your bathroom with a full rustic and country feeling to give another outdoor atmosphere in. You can use raw materials and unfinished form to get a natural look. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Floor and wall: either use the furnished salvaged wood or stone. If your house has a concrete wall, keep it unfinished to show its original material. The tone appeared from the concrete give a vas look and feels cooler.
  • Furniture: you can use a salvaged wood plank as the vanity. Don’t forget to finish it to be waterproof.
  • Fixtures: for more on a budget solution, just purchase the fabricated chrome colored style. If you want to feel a bit fancy, reuse old steel piping for your idea!

8. Ultra-minimalist Style!

Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

Prefers a more radical approach? This ultra-minimalist style can be the answer. Being in a bathroom doesn’t mean that you have to own some fancy things et cetera, moreover, if you have some limitation on budget and/or if you’re living by yourself so you don’t have to store a lot of things in it. And if you don’t like ornaments or something hanging but not useful, then this style is for you.

Start with plain white wall and this is where the fun begins. But being simplistic and using minimalistic approach, you can save your budget for more other simple geometric-shaped furniture such as a round mirror, wood vanity, half-ball shaped sinks, and fixtures that installed in the wall. Live up a bit with hardwood floor, wood vanity, and stone sinks.

9. Going Full Fancy for Your Master Bathroom!

Modern Elegant Bathroom Decor Ideas with Gold Accents

Maximize your master bathroom to a new level of luxury just like a five-star resort! Apply all the fancy materials and, with the right amount, you can have a great luxury bathroom decor ideas to be proud of!

Using the gold color as the symbol of elegance, value, and sophistication as the frame of mirrors in the bathroom and small lines on the wall, made from the gold colored metal as the unity of the bathroom. Use the black granite floor as the opposite of the white granite wall. You can also create a custom-made bathtub from the granite as well!

Install some mirrors in the bathroom to help create a wider illusion of the bathroom. Place tiny plants or ornaments to give a natural touch for the bathroom.

10. Grey and Metallic Bathroom Decor Ideas

Grey Bathroom Deor Ideas

Don’t like too many colors, but still wants to create a fancy bathroom? Don’t worry, we also have the answers on that! Applying grey color using exact materials will results in the bathroom that being fancy without too many colors and ornaments, showing a luxury that meets modernity style.

  • Granite: apply the grey granite on the floor and the wall, both on dry and wet area, and make a vanity out of it and looks spacious.
  • Grey metals: use it as the frame for your doors or your supporting vanity. Using the default color of fixtures can support this atmosphere as well.
  • Others: if you would like to give a spacious feeling (mostly if you think your bathroom is too small), install the mirror as the cabinet door.

11. Luxurious, Warm, and Classical

Victorian Style Bathroom Decor Ideas

It’s time to let it all out! Go with all classical luxurious style bathroom decor ideas as your favorite one. All of the colors and lights installed will create a classy Victorian style bathroom and feel warmer. This type of bathroom requires attention to the detail, so let’s start to make over!

Moreover, the glory of classical style is always being symbolized with its details on fixtures and lighting. Use indirect yellow lighting with antique sconces and curvy fixtures to show the glam and luxurious atmosphere in it.

For color, besides the lightings and fixtures, use the proper material for flooring, vanity, and shower wall. Brown color granite usually goes well to balance it.

12. Bright Roof and Large Windows? Bring it on!

Master Bathroom Decor Ideas with Large Windows

Having a large glass window can be an advantage in terms of the decoration of your bathroom, mainly if you are trying to create a room with less need for artificial lighting, which prefers natural lighting as much as possible. It also elevates the atmosphere of relaxation activity in your bathroom as you are freeing up knots in your head after a full day of activity.

So start with painting your wall with overall white, or get the white tiles for the floor to get a continuous feeling and optically larger. Create a skylight so the room will get more natural lighting. Then install the bathtub by the large window, facing the outside world, such as trees on your backyard garden to get a relaxing view while bathing. Make sure to install one-way mirror film to ensure privacy!

13. Attic Bathroom Decor Ideas

Beautiful Attic Bathroom Ideas

Don’t let the unique shape of your room stops you! Even you can create a beautiful attic bathroom as a place for your little escape! For a minimalist approach, here are the keys we recommend to you.

Have your bathtub placed under the light of sky window of your roof. Besides to freshen up and warm you up, the sky window also can be your source of natural lighting. This lighting effect also can be improved by applying white materials on all surfaces.

Feeling bored with all whites? Install gray-ish tiles for your walls and combine it with fixtures and contrast color bathroom amenities to brighten up the atmosphere!

14. Smaller Attics, Smaller Budget

Decorative Tiles Bathroom Decor Ideas for a Cheap Budget

Are you on a budget? Have a small bathroom in the old flat or dorm? In the attic? Don’t worry! We have everything here to sort it out so you still have a great bathroom experience by having cheaper things!

  • Color: maximize bright color in the bathroom, mostly if you don’t have any sky window or anything to support natural lighting. White color from the furniture helps. Mix with beige-colored tiles to emphasize the space.
  • Tiling: besides beige color tiles that we recommend, you also can buy the one with floral motifs to reduce the paleness of the room. Use the simple motifs and install it, then you’ll have a better atmosphere!

15. Color and Contrast to Play

Paint Bathroom Decor Ideas

This is the right time to embrace your art skills! If you have an experimental spirit on coloring your bathroom, maybe this bathroom decor ideas will be a perfect fit. By combining and exploring colors and materials, you can create an aesthetic and fun bathroom!

Choose a dominant color for the wall, perhaps the one that bright enough, but not too bright. Use orange-brown color, for example, to get a brighter look yet warmer. Balance it with white. Here we use black-to-gray gradation tiles to accentuate. It does not necessarily have to be on the shower wall.

Then the neutral, general color of bathroom furniture will give some spark of cleanliness, order, and unity into the bathroom so it balances the contrasting colors.

16. Naturist in Minimalist

Minimalist Bathroom Ideas with Natural Touch

We always believe that bringing the natural product to any of your room can bring nature itself to your room. That’s why we recommend you the simple thing for your minimalist bathroom. Here it is a Scandinavian style of bathroom decor ideas: bring the main aspect of nature inside.

Embrace the role of wood and stone in your bathroom. It can come from the wood-based furniture such as vanity and amenity shelf. It also can be supported with window sills and bamboo curtain.

An aspect of the stone can be achieved by having the floor with rough textures such as outdoor heavy duty floor. All of the aspects can be added by artificial small plants.

17. Natural All Out!

Green Bathroom Decor Ideas

Have an all-out natural experience with your bathroom to give an ultimate satisfaction! Burning wood, plant smell, the scent of soap and candle. It is even really perfect of bathroom decor ideas for a forever honeymoon atmosphere or self-relaxation time!

You can build a chimney inside the bathroom to keep the room warm after showering, keeping you from the shivering. Build it, get some wood log, burn it and voila! Other things to consider the plants’ installation. Make sure it has a proper space and sunlight to grow. Prepare some lavender scented candle to relax you and helps to create the mood.

Other things to consider are the materials for flooring and furniture such as shelf and vanity. Hardwood plank for the floor and rustic style wood for the shelf and vanity can emphasize the atmosphere towards a full satisfaction!

18. Scandinavian Vintage

White Bathroom Decor to Get a Spacious Look

Simplicity, utility, and beauty. The concept of the Scandinavian bathroom has always been one of the most famous styles to consider when making a proper and comfortable bathroom. Scandinavian style always comes with the more minimalist style of bathroom.

If you want a bathroom with the vintage style but also wants to insert the Scandinavian atmosphere, you can! Expose the brick to make it a bit more industrial, and use the patterned floor as the vintage element.

But when come to the bathroom furniture, try to be as minimalist as possible: simple shower fixtures and bathtub with wood flooring, bordered by a glass wall to show its simplicity.

19. Indirect Lighting for Bathroom Decor Ideas

White Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

The minimalist approach with all white seems to be a great idea, but it may be a bit too plain style for your one of the most important room in the house. Sure it screams healthiness, cleanliness, and hygiene, but let’s try to spice it up so that your white bathroom can be more attractive.

On this bathroom decor ideas, use the indirect lighting and play the shades inside to create an exaggeration of space and by using the indirect lighting, some places are brighter than the ones that have none of it so you can see the play of space in the room.

A bit of texture can help to emphasize space and installation of a large mirror can bring the larger room illusion, mostly if you have ½ or ¾ small bathroom and needs to make it visually spacious!

20. All White, but not Quite

Simple Bathroom Decor Ideas With Amazing Shower Room

Too tired to decor it all, or wants to decorate something, but you’re on a budget? Then choose the most important part in your bathroom to be perfect as you wish. Using your preferred materials, this will create an obvious contrast.

P.S. this also becomes a cheaper option, since it will be focused on decorating one part only, rather than all parts of the bathroom.

Encase your shower room into a room defined by the wall. You can leave the best part of the bathroom as simple as possible, but try to make it “less interesting” with pastel or white colors all around, since you’ll emphasize the shower room.

Explore the possibility of the shower room with cheaper options possible. You can take from our example, such as the installation of wood pattern tiles all around to emphasize it.

21. Scandinavian and Zen Bathroom Decor Ideas

Zen Bathroom Decor Ideas

Scandinavian style of bathroom with its simplicity, usefulness, and beauty, merged with the Zen concept of natural atmosphere in your bathroom, why not! The uniqueness you feel will be one of the values of your bathroom.

By this style, you should separate which part using Scandinavian style, and which one using the Zen concept and bridge them both with materials commonly found there.

On this article, we recommend to Zen your shower room, left the rest are on Scandinavian simplistic style and use the hardwood floor as the natural element both found on both concepts of minimalist and nature in one.

Zen your shower room with pebbles and insert a medium sized green plant inside to get a natural feeling and refreshing bathing experience there after a day of activities.

22. Kissed by the Sea

Nautical Bathroom Decor Ideas with Overall Blue

Bring the fresh and warm feeling of a sunny beach or breezy nautical feeling of the harbor into your bathroom with cheaper options, of course. The color of the beaches will energize you, either to start your day or end your daily activities.

  • Furniture: keep them as simple as possible. Store-bought items will be a good choice, mostly on the budgeting side. But keep it in the same rhythm, such as the same white color with chrome fixture.
  • Walls: put tiles all around the bathroom wall. Aquamarine color is one of our recommendations to bring the sea to you.
  • Floor: you can create an illusion on sandy beaches or woody piers by installing the particular color of the floor. Either option are absolutely a brilliant choice to bring the sea closer to you!

23. Black and White Minimalist Bathroom Decor Ideas

Black and White Minimalist Bathroom Decor with Unique Cabinet Ideas

Either in classical, minimalist, or any style, the appearance of black and white in your bathroom is balancing and becomes a unique aesthetical approach for elevating the quality of the space, showing its elegance through this simple color option.

Keep the bathroom main furniture such as bathtub and toilet in white color, and keep the wall also in white style, since it’s easier to do rather than doing all the job to modify them into the black.

Then apply black color to the other furniture, such as shelves, mirror frame, lighting sconces, doors, and even the vanity. But keep the countertop white to show its contrast.

For flooring options, you can give the representation of both two colors on it, either making it into a chess pattern, mosaic color, or color grading from white to black.

24. Bedroom-bathroom Color Matching!

Amazing Red Bathroom Decor Ideas

Liven up your bathroom with bright color! If you’re a person of style and bold, then the red color will be proper to put on your bedroom. But what about the bathroom? You can do it as well! Adding red, or its related color such as purple, to your bathroom, can add brightness and boldness of the space.

Being with red also can come in coloring the walls, coloring furniture, or simply becomes an accent color for your accessories and artwork in the space.

Contrast the color with the white color of your other wall and main furniture such as bathtub and sink so that the red becomes the element that brings warmth, interest, and excitements!

25. Reuse them!

Modern Bathroom with Rustic Touch

Get some salvaged items to beautify your bathroom and bring your bathroom from the dullness into an exciting space. Besides its environmentally friendly message, this type of items may suitable for your budget as well.

Mainly, the items that can be salvaged are from wood-based materials such as wood palette. You can assemble it into a small stool or even shelf, to show the rustic side of your bathroom. If you prefer some more vintage style, you can salvage the old style mirror frame and install it as your bathroom mirror. This will create a very unique bathroom, the signature of yours! What a perfect bathroom decor ideas for you!

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