20 Extraordinary Ways for Your Bathroom Remodel Ideas (with Smart DIY Tricks!)

Either it’s for your master, guest, or even powder bathroom, the idea of remodeling your bathroom, although sounds quite a large task, is one of the most important things to upgrade your bathroom to be more exciting and beautiful!

Here, we have compiled bathroom remodel ideas that may suitable for any of your bathroom conditions. You can choose from the simple addition of furniture to spice up, or you want to do something greater.

If you’re feeling confused on what ideas you should bring to your bathroom, don’t be! Just scroll down and you’ll find plenty ideas that fit with your style (and your wallet as well!) to ignite your inspiration!

1. Warming it Up!

bathroom remodel pictures

The bathroom, no matter its size or type, are always related to a cool and wet place. But how about warming it up? There is an option of having your floor warmed so you don’t have to be shivering after taking a shower or finished your spa experience with tub. But this one is quite not affordable.

However, another way of creating a warm feeling without too much hassle of constructing (and also cheaper!) is installing a fireplace in your bathroom.

Thanks to the recent technology, we don’t have to throw logs into the fireplace. You can use the gas or electric fireplace for your bathroom to warm the space. Also, the appearance of it on couple’s bathroom can bring the romantic and seducing flair.

Additionally, there are a lot of varieties of this product. Either you want to use the gas or electric, even wall mounted or portable, you can look up on sources like HGTV or Lowes for more inspiration on installing one. You can also purchase it at your nearby home improvement store such as Home Depot.

2. Shine Your Way!

bathroom remodel ideas walk in shower

Fancy a glamourous bathroom remodel ideas? Try to give a shining and glamorous feeling in your bathroom by installing metallic tiles on the wall.

The installment using this particular type of tile, beside the glamorous effect due to its fashion-forward look, can bring the illusion of space and make the room feels larger by its reflective effect. Also, it would be an eye-catching look, by having it installed in some parts of the bathroom.

You can use the tile all over the wall for a full glam look, but for cheaper options, try to identify which place would be your highlight, whether it’s on the vanity wall, tub wall, or the shower wall. And, dreaming more inspiration of the glam bathroom look, finding them on master bathroom ideas!

3. Jack and Jill Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Jack and Jill bathroom remodel ideas

Designing Jack and Jill bathroom would be suitable for the family with more than one child to teach them about sharing and compromising with each other.

The idea of designing a Jack and Jill bathroom is that the bathroom acts as a separator and connector between the two bedrooms. Using this type of bathroom can reduce your households routine cost by designing one tube, one shower, and one toilet for two.

But there are some considerations on having this type of bathroom:

  • Since the bathroom is located between two bedrooms, it should have double sinks as well for your kids’ less private routine chores such as teeth brushing or hair combing.
  • Teach your kids on using the locks on this bathroom. Use lock both of the doors for private activities and unlock both of it afterward to ensure that the person in another room still has access to the bathroom.
  • Make sure you have some space for double storage for both rooms.
  • Designing one: Since this bathroom will be very permanent, we strongly recommend hiring a professional planner and designer to create one. Sure it’s going to be a bit costly, but it the end, it’s going to save your bills!

4. A Furniture that Floats

complete bathroom remodel ideas

Fed up with a huge vanity in a small bathroom, or wants a sleek and modern design as one of your choices for a great bathroom remodel ideas? Try to ease it by installing a floating vanity.

This type of furniture can make a bathroom looks larger and more open. Also, it looks less robust and lighter while still maintains its functions as a vanity. Either you want vanity consists of sinks and storages or just sinks and tabletops, here are our recommendations:

  • Purchase: You can get this type of furniture in a lot of home improvement stores, as it becomes really popular recently.
  • This options can be really various. You can go with a modern, polished wood, or go with rustic and salvage some idle planks and create one to fit your necessities.

A tip: Give a stylish touch by installing a lighting rod alongside the bottom corner of the vanity!

5. Wall Panels for Your Bathroom Remodel Ideas

bathroom remodel ideas with tub

If you’re bored with tiles, you can choose the wall panels instead. It quite the same with the tiles, but by bathroom wall panels, you can get unlimited options that fit your styles in this bathroom modeling ideas.

The wide set of choice can enhance the bathroom look, either you can install it on the wall, or even ceiling. It’s also quite cheaper, compared to tiling.

If you’re really on a budget but wants to give your bathroom a tiny bit of classical flair on the interior, you should choose the beaded panels, which already fabricated and easier to install it on the dry area of your bathroom.

For a more dramatic look, you can use textured panels for your bathroom wall. These textured panels come in a lot of varieties such as the geometric or wavy pattern. Use the waterproof panels for the wet area.

6. Illuminating Your Space

large bathroom remodel ideas

Using lighting elements for your bathroom is essential. However, it shouldn’t stop you from exploring with all of the possibilities you can create from the idea of illuminating your bathroom alone. Here are our recommendations for installing the lighting, depends on a particular part of the bathroom:

  • This place has to be adequately lightened on all of its sides. It should also eliminate shadows and dark corner. You can apply it by installing pendant lights, sconces, or vertical light bar on the side of the mirror.
  • Main overhead lighting that located on the ceiling can be explored into something more beautiful: A minimalist chandelier. This chandelier can come with the type of clear glass, or even goes with bare bulb cluster (which can be your next DIY project!).
  • Shower area. Not a focal point of your bathroom, but sure you’ll need one if the lights from the overhead lighting are not enough. You can use the recessed canned lighting for this area, but always make sure to order the one that specifically designed for the wet area.

7. Be Bold with Your Flooring!

beautiful bathroom remodel ideas

When it comes to flooring choices on your bathroom remodel ideas, you don’t have to be stuck in the regular white tiles. You can explore with the affordable budget as well!

Gain the look of uniformity for your bathroom remodel ideas using a bolder pattern, or use a more natural pattern to support your desired theme.

To give an accent for your typical white walls and tiles, you can use a floral-themed tile, tribal chic patterns, or install a pattern chevron or herringbone pattern, using a ¾ floor tiling.

If you desired to bring some natural vibe of the woods or forest, you can install woodgrain tile that is trending recently. Besides giving you a more natural look for our bathroom, having woodgrain tiles is also your effort to give woody look without cutting a single tree!

8. Powder Room Glam!

full bathroom remodel ideas

Powder room usually comes with sinks and toilets only, so you don’t have to plan the full water resistant materials as there won’t be any wet area. Give your powder room a glam look by having it installed with more classical approach!

Here we have some steps to create an exclusive and more personalized look for classical options of bathroom remodel ideas.

  • Apply a classical theme mainly involves wall and wainscoting. Incorporate white paint for your wainscoting and dark pastel such as purple for the wall to show the contrast.
  • For classical sinks, you can install the pedestal type in the color of white rather than the wall-mounted types.
  • You can purchase the ordinary round mirror above the sinks, or you can customize it to personalize you!
  • Classical vibe with glam is always related to the sets of chrome fixtures. Apply it to your sinks fixtures, towel rack, and your small floating glass shelves.
  • For the flooring, you can install classical hexagonal or floral themed tiling, or you can install a wood plank for a more modern approach.

9. White with Accents

modern bathroom remodel ideas

Having a white tile, although a bit boring, can liven up your bathroom space as well. In this part of the bathroom remodel ideas, we recommend installing these white tiles in some exciting ways!

You can apply this theme to refresh the bathroom looks, mostly if you’re bored with the gloom from the dark wall and want some pure and sterile looks. Moreover, it can lighten up your space and make the space visually larger. Also, white with the accent may possibly be applied to the small bathroom ideas as another great solution.

But of course, any remodeling efforts will always take up some cost, so at least you can minimize it by not having your tile not entirely covering your wall. You can go half on the dry area and almost go full on the wet area.

If you desired a bit color play for the white wall, you can install some black liner tiles, so you can create some continuity in the dry and wet area.

10. Rustic Vanity for Your Bathroom Remodel Ideas!

bathroom remodel ideas small space

Are you the one who is the best with carpentry skills? Try the rustic flair for your bathroom! This flair is really a fluid one. With unlimited possibilities, the rustic bathroom remodel ideas can fit for any of your existing themes: it can installed on a classic, vintage, or even contemporary!

The main element on this part of the bathroom is on how you design the vanity. You can go with a large space below for storage (and fixtures, if you choose to go with tabletop faucets).

For the materials, you can use the salvaged woods. This can be varied from the wood pallets, wood plank, joined smaller planks, even a plank with raw and rough edges! But remember to layer the wood with moisture-proof finishes such as clear polyurethane.

To enhance the rustic flair, you can have steel faucets, either it is tabletop or wall-mounted!

11.  Saving Old Furniture

simple bathroom remodel ideas

A vintage and a rustic crossover is another great thing to be put on your list of bathroom remodel ideas. Start to look for potential but unused furniture in your home, or go to places such as salvage yard, flea market, or antique stores to get your desired furniture to be put in your bathroom.

Having a cabinet of rustic/vintage materials is one of the most simple and can be your next DIY project!

If you’re happened to require some space to store some of the bathroom equipment, try to use the old medicine cabinet as your new place to store the small items such as shampoos, toilet papers, small towels, or small motivational pictures!

You can utilize the whole old cabinet as the new cabinet by repainting it, or you can purchase an old mirror, and create the box to fit the old window then apply the window’s rustic painting on the box.

12. Unity in an Easier Way!

bathroom remodel ideas tile

Unite the feeling in your bathroom by simply applying the right color shades and contrast and apply the same theme to the furniture and fixture as well! Not going to make your bathroom dull, but this way can bring the new flavor that matched on every corner of your bathroom!

Choose the main color theme for your bathroom, but it should depend on the existing color of the wall. For example, for white colors, apply the white color on all over the walls and furniture. But to keep the contrast, apply a bit darker color for your flooring. You can do it by having a cheaper tile stamp to get the floral or another exciting pattern.

Another thing to do is to add a few matching accessories such as towel bars and toilet paper holder and change the fixtures to unify the look of the bathroom’s hardware. Sets of bathroom fixtures may available on home improvement stores that you can purchase at fairly affordable cost. What a perfect unity style of the bathroom remodels ideas you should try!

13. Space above Your Toilet

cheap bathroom remodel ideas

Small bathroom always relates to the limitation of storages. But this shouldn’t be a problem! Try to maximize the available space. If done with the horizontal space, try to explore your vertical space!

Here are some of our recommendations that help you to utilize this potential space!

  • Easy, cheaper, minimalist: Put an at least an inch thick wood planks above your toilet to create floating shelves. You can also do it with cheaper plywood, but it may easily disintegrate in wet and humid condition. Bathroom storage ideas will also help you to find the fittest one to your tiny space.
  • A bit of room, left and right: Besides the shelves, if there is enough space on your left and right side, you can put a storage on both sides
  • Try rustic: Salvaged wood plank and steel pipes to hold it, your floating shelves would be an amazing spot that hard to miss!
  • Old furniture: Old ladder can be an exciting option and can be a great toilet leaning ladder shelf! Remove the step, and put it on the wall as a floating shelf. Then, put the banister on the desired angle and nail them on the floating shelf!

14. Mini for Maxi: Shower Curtain Style!

best bathroom remodel ideas

To personalize your bathroom, you can try the options of having a personalized pattern on the largest canvas in the room: shower curtain! This way of the bathroom remodel ideas is one of the inspirations that has unlimited possibilities, depends on fabric and finishing method.

Here are some things you need to consider when planning one:

  • Simplicity: you can make one or purchase one on home improvement stores such as Lowes, Home Depot, or even IKEA. Those stores have a lot of options on the pattern and if you don’t want any hassles, you can choose this option.
  • Fabric: If you want to create one but stores you’ve visited has no desirable pattern for your bathroom, try to purchase the patterned fabric instead! Fabric that suitable for shower curtains are canvas, plastic, silk or satin, and polyester.
  • Sophisticated and DIY: There are two methods we recommend to design one of you’d like to go from scratch: make a patchwork of fabrics, or paint your own curtain using the waterproof paint!

15. Wall Tile Accents

affordable bathroom remodel ideas

Going back to the tiling for your walls, but now with a tiny bit more of improvement. Having a part of your bathroom wall as the accent and making your bathroom livelier with some plays on the tiling. Here are some of our recommendations on exciting tiling for your bathroom remodel ideas:

  • Mosaic: Using this type of tile is quite common in a lot of homes. You can block one of the sides of the wet area full of mosaic, or, if you’re on a budget, just simply play the mosaic as if the top of wainscoting for your bathroom. It can visually stretch the room if you’re using ¾ tiles as the main tiles.
  • Textured tiles: This variation of tiles can give more character by adding depth and intrigue to your bathroom such as granite tiles, woodgrain tiles, etc.
  • Subway with special features: The subway tiles also available not only in a flat even surface, but it’s can also come with the glass tiles material to show the surface roughness, a bit of 3D effect, and random light reflection.

16. Going with the Mainstream Shade

bathroom remodel design ideas

If you would like to follow the trend of what is the most recent color shade, it’s black, gray, and white. Meanwhile, the shades that going to be the least trending is the beige color.

The white bathroom can be a great example that this type of color is always continually popular and timeless. Gray and black shades are perfect to be matched with white, giving a bit of drama without compromising its timelessness.

To emphasize the focal point, or if you want to spice it up a bit by giving some contrast, you can give a splash of bright color such as pink! But the color trends that are now starting to rise is the jewel-toned that paired with the neutral tone.

17. Redefining Space

bathroom remodel ideas on a budget

Give some accent on your floor by creating a significantly different design for someplace in the bathroom you desired to. By using this technique, your bathroom will be more personalized and also create a permanent “rug” area. Here are some of our tips for you to begin with:

  • Material difference: you can add a more rigid style tile into the natural and free-flowing pattern, such as mosaic tiles areas in the middle of the marble-patterned area.
  • Size difference: play with the grout as the border of each tile. In the middle of large 60×60 cm tiles, you can add smaller 20×20 cm tiles to emphasize the spot for certain activity.
  • Color difference: In the middle of white tiles, you can install patchwork tiles to liven up space!

18. Reflect and Duplicate

master bathroom remodel ideas

For a residential housing with a small bathroom and small windows, natural lighting must be quite an exclusive thing you’re dying to get. After a lot of attempts to maximize the natural lighting into the room, you maybe think about creating a bigger window.

However, that seems kind of really quite handful because you have to tear up the wall, install the windows, rebuilt the tiles, et cetera, which is quite high in price.

Here, we recommend maximizing more natural light by harvesting it from one of the bathroom’s biggest asset: mirror! You can duplicate the mirror to make your room brighter due to its reflecting material. Besides, it can make your room more glam with the clusters of reflective mirrors, with the various size from small to large.

19. Spa Time!

diy bathroom remodel ideas

Transform your bathroom into a cool and relaxing spot you always longing for! By installing some natural materials and appropriate planning, you can enjoy a spa experience in your bathroom immediately! Here are some of our suggestions on designing one:

  • Flooring: If you’re looking for a proper spa experience, the keyword is “natural”. So, try to have the natural material for your spa bathroom. On the flooring aspects, you can use the teak floor. For another easier option, use pebble floor tile to ignite the sense of your foot.
  • Wall: Create a different tiling for spa experience by installing roughly textured tiles such as granite.
  • Fixture: Less fixture creates a more calm and undisturbed experience. Keep the equipment wall-mounted and install the curbless shower to get a rainfall sensation each time you take a bath.

20. Back to Basics!

small bathroom remodel ideas

There’s nothing better to remodel your bathroom with a theme that changeable and can fit your flavor. It’s back to basics time, so we recommend this classic but lovable type of bathroom décor: wallpaper!

The appearance of the wallpaper itself can bring a certain effect for the bathroom user. The wallpaper that changeable really fits you if you’re a person with a lot of style choices but a bit confused on choosing which styles to apply.

But keep in mind, wallpaper usually goes with more classical flair and applies only in the drier area. For the wet area, use the water-proof materials.

Your wallpaper can be varied in size, pattern, and color. It returns to what type of styles you desire:

  • For a bold, masculine approach, use a geometrical with the shades of dark blue to black. Also, it can be contrasted with the tiling!
  • On feminine touch, have some floral pattern with pastel and beige colors. Bring a bit of rigidness by creating a classic vertical pattern.

Want to be glam with shiny materials or gloom with the masculine and grey, using an entirely new furniture or salvaging an old one, a small bit of change or large scale renovations, these bathroom remodel ideas should be enough for you to start your dream bathroom!

A bathroom should be a place where you can relax and refresh yourself, before or after your daily activities, so put a great consideration in it. From its tiles, walls, until the fixtures and even the shower curtain.

With a good planning and proper executions, your newly remodeled bathroom will be a place you always want to go to after a hectic day.

Use strictly on one of our ideas or mix it up, it’s all back to your decision, as a planner, on how to create one that favors you. Don’t forget to share the before and after photos to give people a lot of inspirations!

Hope our ideas can be your unforgettable starting point. Have a great day!

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