21+ Awesome Bathroom Wall Decor (That Inspire You a Lot)

As a place for freshening up your body after or before ending your daily activity, a place to have some quick scrub or a place for relaxation spa on the weekend, the bathroom should be one of your main elements in the house. Thus, the bathroom wall decor should be the main attention on this!

The bathroom comes in various style and sizes. You can arrange it by using the right flair for your bathroom wall, installing accessories, or even do some renovation works.

Here, we got more than twenty types of décor to ignite your bathroom design ideas that fit your taste!

1. White as Cloud

all-white bathroom wall decor

Choosing an all-white color for your bathroom wall decor main theme doesn’t mean bringing some boring feeling to the room. With correct color choice, this type of wall décor will bring cleanliness and bright feeling to the room, making the bathroom a peaceful and settling place.

To balance the whiteness, opt the contrast color of the décor. We recommend applying darker color such as black. You can construct shelves from dark woody color to place your small towel or bubble bath and add some small artwork with the geometric frame.

To enhance the existing wall mounted fixture, you can coat it with the dark color and try to match it with the color of the planned contrasted colors. To freshen up the contrast, you can add some plants to give some natural element to your wall.

2. Going with Classic

classic bathroom wall decor

If you prefer to go with classical style bathroom, or even have an old house with this type of décor, we suggest you do these steps to create a lovely bathroom:

  • To bring in the classical flair for your bathroom wall decor, you can give the antique accessories. It usually comes in floral theme and natural materials.
  • The main element of your bathroom wall is the lighting. Usually, the main lighting is the chandelier for your ceiling and sconces on both sides of your Beaudry-styled mirror.
  • To give a bit experimental taste, you may use cornice to mount it on your wall, using it as a shelf.
  • Match the color with the accessories material. For lighter shade such as beige or pastels, you can apply silver or gold color of the fixtures and accessories. For darker color, it will be perfectly matched with gold color.

3. Simplicity for Your Amazing Activity

simple bathroom wall decor

If you’re using your bathroom just for essential activities, or you like the idea of many activities in the bathroom but you don’t want to create too much fuss, you can try bathroom tile ideas to your bathroom wall decor: Simplicity! It may sound a bit sterile and boring, but it will enhance the quality if you give the right treatment into it.

  • Apply simple geometry theme. One of the shapes that can be fitted with any theme is the rectangle. You can apply them by having the tile for your Apply it as well on your vanity and mirror. Some rectangle-framed artwork can be hanged to be your decor as well.
  • Balance the color based on the wall’s color. You can give some dark color for sinks and frames and preserve the existing metallic color for the fixtures. Give some refreshing color of green through the plants you installed on the vanity.

4. Maxi Your Mini

Maximize bathroom wall decor

Limited size bathroom? Don’t worry! We’ll give some tips to counter the problem and make your small bathroom a place you adore.

  • Maximize the vertical space by creating shelves above your toilet to create a physical illusion.
  • A large mirror can create a physical illusion as well, making the room looks bigger.
  • If you’re in favor of applying wallpaper, get the one with vertical line bases, such as tall tree trunk or just simply vertically striped.
  • You can purchase horizontal sinks to give more visual space. If you wish to add furniture such as stool, make sure it comes with wireframe design.
  • Changing the style of your half upper wall can exaggerate the space. For example, apply wainscoting for the half bottom and painted wall on the top.
  • If you think your bathroom is too neutral in color, add some splash of color by giving it fresh plants or flowers.

5. Feminine Touch Inspiration

Feminine bathroom wall decor

Show the feminine side by applying soft colors in the bathroom. We see classic flair as the bathroom wall decor that more suitable to be transformed into more feminine since the classic is quite a bit versatile in terms of style.

Use the beige color such as soft peach to apply to your wall on the dry side. You can use floral and polka dot wallpaper to be installed on it. On the wet area, use the soft peach mosaic tile, as a playful element on soft-colored bathroom wall decor.

To support the theme, use the classic theme as well on the furniture, such as using the traditional wooden vanity, but apply white on it (if you paint your soft peach wall. Otherwise, choose soft peach on your vanity).

6. Mediterranean Luxury Ideas

Mediterranean bathroom wall decor

A Mediterranean style of bathroom is a mix of Italian, Spanish, and Greek styles, combining classic and modern into one. Its brown shades of Tuscan style palette create a unique, elegant, and luxurious look to this bathroom. Apply the right shade and your bathroom will radiate a warm, welcoming feeling.

Use the classical theme as the wall basic. Apply light brown shades for your wall in the dry area, and use the brown shade large mosaic tile or use stone tile on the wet area to show the rocky texture. Furnish the wooden furniture such as wooden vanity. Shades of brown also should be applied to other aspects such as shower, faucet, or towel bar.

Now your Mediterranean room is totally luxurious yet refreshing!

7. Natural + Elegance = French Country Style!

French bathroom wall decor

Quite obvious, isn’t it? For those who love not only natural-themed and a bit rustic style, but also want some elegant flair in the bathroom, try French country type of your bathroom wall decor.

This style is dominated by natural and organic textures that flows from the antique furniture and accessories to bring some clean and breezy feelings.

Use pastel color palette to apply it to your walls and furniture. A large window is one of the important elements of this wall style to bring the breezy and natural ambiance.

For accessories, use Beaudry mirror and classic flair to your sconces, vanity, and faucet. Use floral pattern for your curtains or your wall. You can also use a small chandelier as the main lighting element.

8. Masculine Bathroom Wall Décor

Masculine bathroom wall décor

Men usually don’t take much time when in the bathroom, but it shouldn’t be a reason not to design one. Masculine-themed bathroom should be more on the functional side: minimalist and fewer items. Another subtle characteristic is the usage of the darker shade of color and touch of outdoor and industrial elements.

Apply grey or dark blue color for your wall. If your wall is already made from concrete, it’s better to expose it. For shower wall, you can use black tiles with rough textures with minimalist metallic shower and faucet.

For bigger furniture such as vanity or sinks, use the one with geometric shapes to show its boldness.

Also, give some accents of dark wood to soften the rough edges a bit. You can apply it to mirror frames. Additionally, personalize it by adding some DIY accessories or wall art. Add some earthy smells from small plants such as eucalyptus.

9. Vintage Time!

Vintage bathroom wall decor

Add a bit of modern flavor to your classic bathroom that is the vintage style! This theme for your bathroom wall decor will bring back the charm and give some nostalgic feeling through its elegance yet stylish and functional décor. The usage of right color palette compositions can bring the feeling of warmth, calm, and relax.

Start it with pastel or beige palette for your walls, or just go with old-style wallpaper. Alternatively, dress the wall with white brick tile wainscoting for your overall dry area. Use the full tile in shower or bathtub.

To enhance the ambiance, we recommend using the pedestal basins. Install ornate mirror to give some classic flair to the decoration.

10. Spice of Modern Minimalist

modern minimalist bathroom wall decor

If you believe in the “less is more” idea, then this contemporary style is suitable for you. Its concept of modern minimalist creates a more bathroom which is clean, neat, simple, sleek, aesthetically pleasing but still functional.

This type of décor usually comes in optimizing available space, maximizing appearance, and minimizing some unnecessary details.

Apply the neutral shade of color such as grey to black to enhance boldness. Install dark grey tile on the shower wall and lighter paint on the other side of the wall. Maximize the light by the large mirror.

Of course, it may result in sterile appearance. You can tackle this problem by using a splash of contrast color or texture-rich accessories and fixture. For example, use the copper-finished fixture or furnished wooden vanity.

11. Sail Away!

blue-themed bathroom wall decor

Okay. So, you just bought a house and found the bathroom already painted blue and don’t want to repaint the wall. Or you just want to favor blue color simply but a bit confused on how to spice it up? Try nautical theme!

This blue-themed décor could be something you should consider. The blue feeling that represents sea can make you feel calm and fresh.

Nautical theme bathroom accessories usually applied from the tools used at ships or docks. Apply it to your bathroom wall decor by using a round mirror and metal frame to represent the rounded window on the ship.

Also, apply towel hanger made from the anchor-shaped hanger, used paddle, or ropes that tied to two small mooring on the wall. Moreover, you can also apply the shaped we mentioned above as decorative objects for your wall to make the ambiance more interesting!

12. Take a Shower Under the Waterfall

Semi-outdoor bathroom wall decor

Semi-outdoor or indoor? Yes, it is absolutely possible to bring the natural ambiance into your bathroom! Here are some tips to dress up your bathroom wall decor to be more attractive:

  • Semi-outdoor: if you have a bathroom that has the natural lights from above the shower, use the tiled stone wall for your shower wall. Use grey wall for dry areas and metal fixtures. The darker theme can be applied to wall mounted basin. Add some types of furniture with wooden texture to enrich the natural flavor such as vanity.
  • Indoor: Use light brown rough texture tiles all over the wall or use some brown marbled stone on shower side. Add fake vines or small palm to spice up the natural elements. For fixtures, incorporate the metallic minimalist style for a perfect combination.

13. Oriental Flavor

Oriental flavor bathroom wall decor

If you would like a bathroom with something more ethnic and relaxing, why not to try the Oriental style wall. Its uniqueness appearance of merging natural elements into one room will bring the calm and relaxing atmosphere.

This type of bathroom wall decor mostly pressing the importance of natural material and minimalist style, mainly on material such as wood and stone.

Woody ambiance can be achieved by using the brown palette to your wall on the dry side. Use stone tile on the shower side. Enhance the harmony with minimalist wooden vanity and stone bowl for the sink. For shower wall partition, you can go with the usual glass wall. Alternatively, you can try to use bamboo poles!

14. For Your Teenage Girl

teenage girl bathroom wall decor

For a teenage girl, the bathroom must be one of the important places in the house after their own room. So it must be brilliantly designed to make it a place to support your teen girl activities through amazing bathroom wall decor.

The most important thing is just don’t overdo it. We know that this type of décor will be related to colorful and shining decor and radiates the fun and playful ambiance. But, as always, an excessive design is not a good idea.

We recommend the classic design to be a good neutral base to start with. Decorate the wall with pink floral wallpaper with the touch of green. For shower wall, you can use the pink mosaic tiles. Paint soft pink on your vanity and install a large mirror on it as well. For accessories, there is a lot of DIY style on Pinterest or Tumblr.

15. Call from the Ocean

ocean bathroom wall decor

Transform your usual bathroom into an oasis that can bring you to the beach, where sands and ocean meets. This style is not that different with the nautical theme before, but this ocean-themed bathroom wall decor will be focused more on the natural side of coastal life.

The coastal theme is dominated by the sands and the ocean’s color. So, you can use this palette on the wall. Then apply some brown tile wainscoting with mosaic blue tile on the top part of the shower space. Apply light blue paint to the remaining part of the wall.

DIY accessories to personalize your bathroom are very common. Using dried shell and starfish, decor your room by sticking it on the wall, or just put them in a jar and add some sands to give the ocean ambiance to your bathing experience.

16. Calm Beige Ideas

beige bathroom wall decor

If you just wishing for a soothing color but you feel that white color is too bright, you can try beige palette for your bathroom wall decor idea. This shade will always welcome you once you entered the room and brought some warmth and relaxing feeling. As usual, try to minimalize the dull effect by playing with shades and accent.

Additionally, apply the paint on the dry side and give some brown mosaic tile as the wainscoting for your showering space, and install brown marble tile as the half top of it. This will give some texture to the room. You can also use some furnished wood for vanity and towel rack as the accent. Finally, give small plants on the sink then you’re set!

17. Playful and Colorful

kids bathroom wall decor

Designing bathroom for kids should be an exciting activity both for kids and parents. It’s their place to start and end the day. Also, kids love to have a special place for their own, so make it as exciting and fun. Moreover, you can use many colors and shades to play with. Here are our tips before you start:

  • Theme and color: Decide what kind of theme your children in favor of. It can be animals, sports, favorite superheroes; it’s limitless!
  • Lighting: Make sure there is no dark spot in the bathroom
  • Easily updated: As your kids grow, their taste will be changing as well. Make sure your bathroom can accommodate their changing favorite theme

18. Amazing Tip of Africa for Your Bathroom Wall Decor

Tuscan bathroom wall decor

When we’re talking about the Mediterranean style of bathroom, beside the Tuscan-style, there is also Moroccan style. This style’s main feature is the mix of brave bright color in its tile, which is a rich in pattern with its jewel-toned color. In its original place, this type of tile helps to cool down the temperature and it’s easy to maintain.

The ceramic tiles can be used for your overall walls. If it feels too much, you can just match it with the white wall or white marble wall. Moreover, for the vanity, the Moroccan style used to place the shade of blue tiles on it, creating a colorful ambiance.

Use sconces for the lighting around vanity. For room’s lighting, use their infamous traditional lantern with its beautiful filigree work.

19. Why (not) with Rustic Bathroom Wall Decor?

rustic bathroom wall decor

The recent trend of rustic design is starting to get popular. The idea of forming an enjoyable room from repurposed material creates a minimalist shabby chic style that feels cozy and homey. Besides, it originates from the simple farmhouse making the rustic style as the alternative to design a room, making us feel closer to countryside life.

Wood and stone are the main material of this style, added with the industrial material such as steel pipe, so the color shade should be around brown to dark brown. Apply a bit lighter brown for the wall. Layer half of the wall’s height with planks of repurposed wood. Apply the same theme on the vanity and shelves. Support the shelf with the steel pipe.

On wet area, you can also create a stone tile around to spark up the feeling of natural texture. Use classic lamp shade as the lighting accessories.

20. Yin and Yang Bathroom Wall Decor

black and white bathroom wall decor

Balancing is the key feature on designing a bathroom and color is one of the media to balance your bathroom wall décor, aside from the texture or themes. In here, we give you some experimental design on balancing light with dark, balancing the yin and yang.

Apply white wall to half top of the room. You can use paint or use subway white tiles. Meanwhile, you can apply hexagonal tiles on the other half. For furniture, use a white wall mounted basins with black fixtures such as faucet or shower equipment.

To neutralize this crash of color, give some splash of another color and texture. You can give some wooden stool or wooden mat. The appearance of plants will also bind them in harmony.

21. Feeling Artsy?

bathroom wall decor ideas

Do you feel that your overall bathroom’s design already great but you want to personalize it further? Don’t worry! If you’re really doing some drawing or painting as your hobby, apply your artwork is not only in your bedroom.

Conversely, it also can be applied on your wall bathroom as well. As the time goes, you can make your bathroom more personalized and show the real you.

In addition, any form of the artwork can be applied in the bathroom. It’s limitless! If you’re into some painting or photography, you can hang your work or picture in the bathroom. Even you can create wall art.

If you’re into more 3D art, you can create some small sculpture for the vanity. You can also make your sculpture more interesting by make it into some useful furniture such as glass and mirror.

22. Be Brave with Red!

Red bathroom wall decor

For you who loves the color of red and its shades, the idea of having a red-painted bathroom may look unsuitable and a bit creepy. But don’t worry about it! With great consideration and excellent choice of shade, your red bathroom can be transformed into the room of your favorite!

You can apply the red paint all over the wall (but apply white tile on the showering space), and apply white to the furniture such as sinks and accessories such as lampshades.

Moreover, you can add some artwork or pictures with black frame. Apply furnished wood on vanity, stool, shelves, and mirror’s frame. Finally, use a bright color of wood for the flooring to balance the color.

So, here we are. There are 22 styles of our recommendation for your bathroom we have offered, which should be enough to give you some ideas to start with. From Western style to Oriental style, mountain rustic to a refreshing coastal theme, masculine to feminine, and from all spectrum of ages.

Whatever your activities are, we hope the ideas we gave to you can be suitable with yours in order to create a comfortable, aesthetic, stylish, yet functional bathroom. Of course, the choice of suitable bathroom wall décor is on you. Have a great designing idea!

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