18 Magic Trends of Bedroom Decorating Ideas!

Bedroom is the most essential part in a place we called home. We had spent most all of our time in a bedroom. No wonder if you could get bored and intimidated sometimes due to many aspects such as the color and furniture. Not only the adults, young girl or boy teenager could feel it too.

Looking for inspirations? Wondering what you can do to refresh your bedroom? Here we go! There are trends and tips bedroom decorating ideas which is very current, super easy to follow and absolutely will be very helpful. Let’s go!

1. Refresh your Bedroom Decor On a Budget

At one time or another, most of us have experienced the feeling of looking around your bedroom and no longer being satisfied or inspired by its interior.

Maybe you tried a few trends that don’t look quite as fresh as they once did or perhaps the wall color you once loved now feels drab or outdated.

Regardless of those reasons, it’s nearly inevitable that at some point you’ll feel ready to refresh your bedroom with new and inspiring updates of bedroom decorating ideas.

However, sometimes our budgets aren’t quite as big as our motivations for change. Here are some tips to revamp your decor without spending a lot of money.

Replace Your Hardware

Furniture Handle Ideas

This might be an unusual way but it’s worth to try. You can replace your furniture’s handle with new material such ass brass or gold. You should consider the newest trends.

Add a Statement Wall

Statement Wall with Favorite Color

Very easy trick! A statement wall is a killer way to make a major change without spending much time or effort to do it.

And they have a special knack for making your design look richer and more dynamic. Consider using pattern or you can simply paint one wall with your favorite color.

Update Your Window Treatment

Window Treatment for Bedroom Decoration

An essential part of the room is the window. Switching these up is a super simple move that can completely transform the look of your space.

Plus, there are truly endless options. You can opt for sheer flowy curtains, a set of roman blinds, or you can combine both of them.

2. Get Colorful

Colorful Bedroom Ideas

The most people on social media especially on social media keep looking for colorful bedroom decorating ideas. No wonder this might be a hit this year.

You just need to set a white painted bedroom and a white bed. Bring in the colors for the pillow sheets and cushions. Hang a yellow pendant light with a yellow chair. Do not forget to bring in some plants or flower to make it alive!

3. White Minimal

Overall White Bedroom Decorating Ideas

In 2018 minimalism is a big hit and also will be followed to this year as one of bedroom decorating ideas. Without strong accent but simple and clear vibe is the most wanted right now.

The key is the white paint and other white colored items or furniture. But, bring in some greens and flowers won’t make it too much. Try this!

4. Small and Vintage Bedroom Style

Vintage Style for Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Even if you have a small space in your apartment, you could make it into vintage style. Use an antique or unique coffee table as a nightstand, set an old-style headboard, and adorn your walls with a DIY Macrame. Voila!

5. Classic Headboard for a classic soul

Classic Decoration with Minimal Furniture

Headboard play a big role in a way to decorating bedroom. Various headboard styles could transform your bedroom into a specific theme.

Like the picture below, it shown that the texture of the headboard is using velvet fabric which is very classy. Minimal furniture doesn’t make it less classy, but choosing the right furniture and color tone will create the vibe that we wanted. Indeed, it’s a good tip for bedroom decorating ideas.

6. Modern Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Modern Master Bedroom

If you have a huge master bedroom as the picture below. This bedroom decorating ideas will be perfect for you. No need to put a lot of stuff.

Minimal, modern yet stylish furniture will make it super cozy. The wood elements combined perfectly with the nature view from the window. Beautiful!

7. Rattan Furniture in Your Bedroom? Why Not?

Beautiful Decoration with Rattan Furniture

Mirrored furniture seems a bit off this year. Earthy and naturals material is a new thing to bring in bedroom decorating ideas. The rattan – a strong material which brings contemporary vibe.

This beautiful piece you can easily find around South east Asia, especially Indonesia. Everyone loves the natural yet stylized feel of it.

8. Re-purposing Furniture for Your Bedroom

Vintage-Rustic Touch for Romantic Style

All the Eco-friendly, environmentally conscious options out there nowadays and the idea of re purposing never gets old. The old furniture that your parents might have in the past could be useful if you do a little makeover.

This Baroque style bedroom is completed by having the old-vintage-rustic bed. The accent of the wall and hanging tile curtain are also the key to make it perfect. If you look for a romantic bedroom style, this is a perfect idea to try.

9. Industrial Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Industrial Bedroom with tropical Touch

Young people love the idea of rustic yet stylish decor. Every corner of space is a showcase for them. And they called it “Instagrammable” place. They often took selfie and post it on social media especially Instagram. If you want your bedroom to be famous too, try this bedroom decorating idea!

Have unpolished wall to math the concept of rustic bedroom. Use black colored metal frame as the furniture, such as the bed and standing lamp or table lamp.

Get more tropical by decorate it with a wood floating shelf to make it more harmonious. Use a bright-colored bed sheets, like yellow and cushions. Ta-da! Now you have your own “instagrammable” place.

10. DIY Macrame

Wall Exploration with DIY Accessories

Let’s talk about making a handmade or DIY accessories that you can put in your bedroom. Yes! It is Macrame. This woven string thing had been all over the design platform and social media. Not only because it’s handmade, but it’s also matches in any styles for your bedroom.

This picture below shown that a hanging macrame is put over the headboard on the wall. Yes! It can replace your headboard by hanging this on the wall. Very good idea, right?

11. DIY Pallet Bed

Low Palette Bed

Have a spare time? Wanna try something different? Instead of buying a new bed to redecorate your bedroom. You can try making your own bed or DIY using wood pallets.

This bedroom decorating ideas has all over Pinterest from the past few years and still good to try it out now though. Making low bed using wood pallets make it look natural and less cluttered. Choose white paint for the wall and white tone for the furniture to complete the room.

12. Statement Wall Always Works

Blue Color for a Room Statement

Even the small bedroom can benefit from an accent wall; after all, it doesn’t take up any space. Whether you choose a glorious metallic, geometric, abstract wallpaper or prefer a painted wall, don’t be afraid to go bold if that suits your personality. Like the picture below using blue color on the two sides of his/her bedroom. It really changes the vibe of the room.

13. Changing up Your Bedding

Queen Bed Decorating Ideas

Your bed is essentially the centerpiece of your bedroom even it is single, double, queen or king size. Therefore, if you’re looking to bring some more life to your master bedroom design, then there’s no better way to do it than by updating your bedding. This is the killer tips that everyone should know as one of bedroom decorating ideas this year.

From a cozy room featuring layers of comfy blankets to monotone black and white color and compelling textures, like this picture below, your options on this front are limited only by your imagination.

14. Beautiful Minimal Bedroom

Shabby Chic Style Bedroom Decoration

Yesterday’s Shabby Chic embraced ruffles on bedding, window treatments and throw pillows; draped crystal beads across lampshades; a multitude of collectibles throughout the room; and an overabundance of artwork. Today, the look is far less cluttered.

Pare down the collectibles to just those things you love, forget about all the ruffles and beads, and let some open wall space shine through. Make it more beautiful with a touch of pink. The result is a bedroom that’s still charming, but far more restful. Perfect for girl bedroom ideas.

15. Blend in Nature with More Wood Elements

Rustic Style with Wood Wall

Another bedroom decorating idea is by trying to blend in with nature. Modern and mid-century modern decor embrace natural materials, particularly wood, as seen in the picture here. The wood wall brings a rustic vibe that feels calm and relaxed.

16. Japanese Style Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Japanese Style Bedroom

By far the most common type of bed you’ll find in an Asian-inspired bedroom is a platform bed. These sleek designs, which use a platform of slats, rather than a foundation or box spring, to support the mattress.

This Japanese style bedroom is free of clutter and unnecessary furniture, simple in color scheme, and symmetrically balanced, the Zen-influenced bedroom eases your mind into quiet contemplation and restful sleep.

17. Grey is the New Classic

Grey and White Master Bedroom

Grey makes it especially good for the bedroom. However,when decorating with grey, be sure to add plenty of interest to keep the look lovely, not grim.

First of all, add a shining wood patterned floor, an intriguing ceiling fixture, a luxurious upholstered headboard, and a touch of fun yellow in arm-chair guarantee that this entirely grey and white master bedroom is anything but boring.

18. Masculine and Stylish Man Bedroom

Adult-man Bedroom Color

Speaking about adult-man color, black and grey are the answer. Looking for man bedroom decorating ideas? This is it.

The picture below shows that black and grey are well match with wood element. No need to use mirrored and glossy black color furniture. Men bedroom could be masculine yet stylish too. Paint the wall with dark grey color. Use retractable standing lamp, simple wood nightstand and wood wardrobe with black metal handle. At last, use bright color bedding with some pattern cushions to liven up the room.

Fortunately, there are quite a few trends and tips you can steal and apply in your bedroom. You can start by changing up your bedding, if you want more you can try the ideas above and make it your own. Hope it’s inspiring!

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