18 Aesthetic Bohemian Living Room (Show Your Personality!)

Are you the type of person who is carefree, unique and dares to be different? If you feel like those features fit you, then a bohemian style is the best fit for your living room’s interior.

Putting some efforts in decorating your living room can show your personality to everyone who comes to your house.

So, what is bohemian style and how can you build the atmosphere?

Bohemian style is a comfortable and cozy vibe done in a unique way, combining colors, textures, patterns, and decorations.

The word bohemian comes from the French word ‘gypsy’ which refers to free-spirited travelers who are not settling down in one location or culture.

That’s why mixing colors and materials is a must for bohemian style.

1. It’s About All The Little Details

coffee table for bohemian

In contrast to minimalism, bohemian interiors are mostly trying to pay attention to all details to the littlest one.

This style is driven by a creative lifestyle that dares to be different. The bohemian living room will bring all interior elements to stand out and show their vibrant details.

The idea of the mixture of these details is to break free from the normal beauty and forms beauty in an unusual way.

The furniture also plays a very important part to form the bohemian style, especially the coffee table, pillows, and seatings.

A row of pillows with a variation of colors and patterns are an essential part of the bohemian living room.

2. Chilling Out with Hammock!

hammock bohemian style

What is the first room that you enter when you get home after a long day at work? Yes, it is your living room!

So, you see the importance of having it well decorated, right? Imagine that you can enter a chill bohemian living room that so cozy and make you feel so relax.

It is not complicated at all! You just have to install a hammock in the middle of the room or in the corner (you can do however you like it!) and your bohemian living room will lighten your house.

Make the hammock even cozier by adding pillows and blanket with tribal pattern. Now, you can also spend a slow Sunday morning only with books and a cup of tea.

3. Intimate Lounge with Canopy

lounge bohemian living room

The bohemian style is actually very powerful to bring warm and cozy feelings into your living room, making your house even more beautiful.

You can remodel your living room to be more intimate by following these three aesthetic ways:

  • Put a little effort to install a canopy above your seating area. Use a semi-translucent fabric and arrange it based on your creativity. You can do it easily by attaching the fabric to the ceiling.
  • Add some LED string lights within your canopy to enhance the overall ambiance.
  • Don’t forget to also add some natural decorations like hanging plants and cut-part of trees to bring the earthy vibes into your living room.

You can totally re-do your living room into a bohemian style in a budget-friendly way and also super easy!

4. Be Out of The Box, Have Your Sofa Swinging

Sofa Swinging for Bohemian Living Room

Since it is linked to the gypsy way of life, the bohemian style always challenges you to be gorgeous in an unusual way.

You will feel the authentic beauty by decorating your bohemian living room to be out of the box.

For example, swapping your ordinary sofa with the swinging one! Can you imagine how relax your day will be when you spend it in your bohemian living room, reading and chilling out in your comfy swinging sofa?

The thing about bohemian style is the mix of many colors and patterns, but sometimes you can make one focal point and do the rest in white.

Since your swinging sofa is very unique, why not let it be the contrast in the room together with colorful pillows on it. You can make the room even more bohemian using a natural rope to hang your sofa.

5. Bursting Out Colors

Indian-ish furniture

Dare to be bold is the big tagline of bohemian living room design. Bold enough to incorporate many different colors into one space in your house.

After having quite a lot of colors, you can continue the mixing by combining different patterns and ornaments into the fabric in the living room.

When the bohemian style is bursting out colors like this, it can also look a little bit Indian-ish.

For the furniture, you better use natural colors like wood or a neutral one like gold which are not gonna compete with the fabrics.

Some people might be afraid that the mixing and layer of colors can be too busy, but the bohemian design style never gets busy!

6. Boho Can Also Be Monochrome

monochrome bohemian living room

Who says that bohemian interior is only about being colorful?

You can totally make your bohemian living room monochromatic if you are not that fond of mixing up colors.

The main thing about bohemian style is its richness of details in putting many things together.

While the color is monochrome, the key features of bohemian style can still be shown up through the texture in each layer from the rug to the blanket.

Also, the ambience will feel boho through the presence of some greeneries. Greens can even be the contrast, in this case, making your living room more natural and fresh.

So, yes bohemian living room does not always have to be screaming out with all those different colors.

7. Rattan Within Colors and Patterns

rattan furniture for boho living room

Not only colors and patterns, but bohemian living room ideas will also need textures.

Well, every material will have their own texture, for example, the texture of the rug will be different with the pillows.

But, there is one material that can be best incorporated in decorating your living room to be more bohemian, it is rattan.

You can apply the rattan into so many different kinds of interior elements like furniture, lamps, or artworks.

The main idea of using rattan is to give the natural touch to your colourful space. Besides, rattan is an eco-friendly material, so you actually give back to your environment!

8. Collecting Story in Your Bohemian Living Room

diy collage decor for boho Living Room

What is so special about apartment bohemian living room ideas?

It is special because the style is gonna turn your living room into your own museum! Historically, this kind of style is introduced by gypsies who love to travel to many different places. If you are a traveler yourself, you will understand that travelers often bring home a lot of memories with them and photographs are one of them.

Where is the better place than your living room’s wall to put them on?

No one’s gonna see it if you put them in your photo albums or even only in your laptop! But, putting them into a wall of fame behind the sofa in your bohemian living room is such a great idea.

Everyone who comes to your house will see all the places that you have been there. Again, it’s about being sleek and electic with a mix of colors and patterns. So, your collage of photos will surely fit your boho-chic lounge.

9. Bring The Outdoors In!

bohemian farmhouse living room

The idea of combining the decoration elements with plants is commonly done in creating a bohemian living room, especially houses in Australia and New Zealand.

Their bond with nature drives them to bring the outdoors inside, to another level.

It is not only hanging plants now but hanging tree branches! It will make you feel like sitting under the tree when you actually just sitting down in your couch. This is a budget-friendly way to remodel your living room.

10. Dare to Put All The Patterns Out

tribal pattern for boho living room

Tribal patterns also play an important role to build the bohemian vibes inside your living room. And, the good thing is you can make it yourself.

Many people make their bohemian living room as the display of their hand-made crafts. You can make your own pillows, sofa’s covering, wall-art, and even some rattan weaving artwork!

Imagine having a living room full of colors, patterns, and textures, which all are your personal DIY projects!

It can be a nice way to welcoming your guests, right? Also, give it some touch of greeneries to make sure the natural vibe is also there.

11. Get Rid of The Sofa

hammock bohemian style

Living in a place too small? Or just bored with an ordinary living room? Or even do not want the formality of a sofa anymore? With the bohemian style, you can do anything you want to your living room.

If you do not have enough space and wants to be different, just get rid of the sofa and use some pillows instead. You can also color-blocked your wall with typical boho colors like blue, maroon, orange, and tosca.

12. Blue-ish Bohemian Vibes

white-ish bohemian living room

Somehow, if you google bohemian living room, it is often linked to a blue-ish vibe. Why blue?

Maybe because blue is giving you a relaxing and chilling atmosphere, like when you were on a beach. So, when you want to décor your living room with a bohemian style, you can also add some beach vibe along.

And with the trends nowadays, many people create a calm and white-ish background for their bohemian living room, which successfully makes the blue pillows and rug stand out.

Plus, adding some cool big cacti next to your couch can be a great artwork.

13. Make The Wall Stand Out

boho studio apartment

Are you happen to live in a studio apartment by yourself, working a full-time job, and really want to have your place as your sanctuary?

If yes, then this bohemian style can be a good option for you.

This style will bring you a comfy and homey feeling every time you get back from work.

You can keep your studio apartment as modern as before, with the light color wood, rattan furniture ideas, and the plain white wall. Then, make the wall stand out by putting an artwork like a big fabric with patterns on it.

There are many tribal and Indian patterns that you can use. If you happen to be an artist, might as well paint it yourself.

14. Bohemian Is a Carefree Style

comfy bohemian living room

If you want to express yourself, who is happy, cheerful and embracing life, this bohemian living room is the best interior style for you. The carefree ambiance formed by colors, artworks, and plants is showing how much life is worth to be embraced!

The key features are your couch and your coffee table, so put most of your decorations there.

Also, as time goes by and many trends have changed a lot, bohemian style nowadays usually looks calmer.

15. It’s Not Cluttered, It’s Well Decorated

modern minimalist boho living room

Many people misunderstand the bohemian interiors to be cluttered, messy and careless mix match of colors and patterns. But, it is not!

It is true that bohemian living room will have more decoration elements than the modern minimalist one, but it is about putting them in a great display.

The idea of bohemian style is to bring things from all over the place that you have been there into your house.

It is like personalizing your living room with your memories. And, it is not supposed to be cluttered. It should be well decorated in an aesthetic way.

16. Slow Living in Bohemian Living Room (Daybed)

slow bohemian living room

The bohemian design style is also your lifestyle. It is picturing how you manage to go through your daily life.

Most of them who love this kind of style are those who brand their lifestyle as a slow living.

They love to be mindful and surround themselves with positive vibes.

You can absolutely have that kind of tranquillity from your bohemian living room if you do it right.

  • First, it will need to have some earthy and natural elements like Indian jute rug on the floor, creating a peaceful tropical atmosphere.
  • Do not use an ordinary sofa, use daybed instead, but do it in the boho way using the wood palette as a base. Then, cover it with a floral blanket and of course, add some pillows.
  • Simple fabric curtain for a window treatment can look warm if you know how to present it in the room.
  • Finally, put some hanging plants and pots to decorate your space. If possible have some floor to ceiling window!

17. Rug Is The Anchor

rug bohemian living room

All bohemian living rooms can not miss the presence of a rug! Yes, rug is the anchor of your bohemian style.

Many people love to pick a rug with patterns on it, some just use a plain natural color, and some use a rounded rug.

Whatever your preference is, the rug will enliven your living room.

Macramé wall decorations are also a hit in bohemian interiors. You can have a big one and hang it in the wall behind the couch, or you can have a few of the small ones called the dream catcher.

18. Minimal Bohemian Chic

wall paint bohemian living room

If you actually thinking about remodeling your living room into a bohemian interior but hesitate because you are afraid it can be too much and too cluttered, you can always make it more minimal.

We know that bohemian style is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Just choose patterns rug idea and back wall, also put some soft pastel colors and leave the rest in a neutral or light color.

Then, you will still have a touch of bohemian into your room without being too much.

So, these are 18 bohemian living room ideas that you can adapt to enliven your house. Do not be afraid to be bold and personalized your own living room.

Put all the decorations that have some meaning for you or something that you make by yourself. Bohemian style is about expressing who you are after all.

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