20 Boys Bedroom Ideas (With Super Smart Tips and Tricks)

At first, we think boys only have a few kinds of stuff. They are not as complicated as girls are, or maybe we think they do not really care how their room looks like. However, there are a lot more boys bedroom ideas to enrich your toddler’s room reference.

Shaping a comfortable bedroom is a must since we will spend most of their private times there. Boys bedroom ideas should consider many things like colors, decorations, themes, and furniture carefully.

Before you start to design or redecorate your boys bedroom, here are 20 bedroom ideas to shape the best boys bedroom for you.

1. Monochrome Boys Bedroom Ideas

boys bedroom furniture

Monochrome tone can always work for all boys, but we suggest this style is to your older boys since little boys still love to have some fun colors inside their room.

The tone can be shaped by a combination of neutral colors like grey, black and white, or dark blue for a simple look yet comfy.

You can also adjust the decorations and bedroom accessories using the same tone. If it is possible, opt hanging decorations with the aligned monochrome scheme. The key is to keep the color inside the room close and match each other.

This tone will create a modern style for the bedroom. It is okay to leave unique furniture such as reading chair using a different color to lighten up the mood. This style is the most basic boys bedroom ideas yet attractive!

If you have a bigger space to remodel, find more about monochrome and bedroom exploration on master bedroom ideas.

2. Concrete Ambience Ideas

boys room

If you probably bored with monochrome tone, you can create another boys bedroom ideas by installing the concrete material. Concrete can build a masculine atmosphere inside the room. For older boys, this style may be a cool idea to try!

  • This material can be polished or matte. If you want the room to be slightly brighter, polished concrete is the best finishing to reflect the light. However, if you like the darker ambiance, matte finishing is the best option.
  • You can apply it to the wall and ceiling. This concrete style works even better if you have quite a high ceiling for a spacious look.
  • Then, the design can be improved by putting a working space on a mezzanine above the bed. Additional blue color for his bedroom accessories can lighten up the mood too.

3. Neutral Color for a Small Bedroom

small boys bedroom

Sometimes we can not always have a spacious room to your boys bedroom. You probably have to work in limited areas or budget. No worries! It is possible to make the small room visually bigger by applying some smart furniture, like bunk bed tips combined with working table.

The design ideas are to make more space for a small room. Create customized bedding set. Put it in the top area. So you still have more room for study space. Optimize more natural light inside the room by setting the window next to the working space. It may make the room feels even bigger and bright.

Do not forget to incorporate the room with overall neutral and wooden material to get an airy vibe yet elegant. You can combine it with a little accent color like blue to play their mood.

This kind of bedroom will fit your older boys. Also, the design totally helps you to press the budget and a perfect solution to your small bedroom ideas. What a brilliant boys bedroom idea you should explore!

4. Shared Bedroom Ideas

twin beds

Now your two little boys can share the room with his siblings together. We suggest that it will probably work best for 3-year-old to 10-year-old. Teenage boys are not very likely to have shared rooms since they have a lot of private stuff.

A shared bedroom for 2 boys can be applied by using two single bed or a bunk bed. For small rooms, using a bunk bed will be more efficient to save the space.

Conversely, if you have enough space to put two single beds, you can set each bed against the wall leaving an alley in between. Complement it with a shared nightstand to put the lamp side.

Kids will love to have their bedroom accessories in the bright color. You can dress your toddlers’ room with a yellow accent for a cheerful nuance. Spread it into the cushions, bedding set, and wall arts. You can put them in a random composition to make it more fun.

To balance the color, combine it with the neutral color like grey and white. It will bring another calm excitement yet harmony look.

5. Adventurous Bedroom Ideas

toddler bedroom ideas

Boys love adventures and all the outdoor stuff. Why not create another nice boys bedroom ideas by incorporating adventure spirit into the room. Take rock climbing as an example. Rock climbing to the room can be an attractive boys bedroom ideas.

  • Install the rock on the wall up to the ceiling. Paint the rock with a fun color like red, blue and green while leaving the wall on a neutral color.
  • For the floor treatment, you can use wooden floors combine with synthetic grass to bring the outdoor feeling and keep your little boy’s safety while playing inside.
  • Opt the bunk bed, so it is possible to share with 2 two boys and make the room larger. We think this kind of bedroom will work best for little boys. Also, you can always use another kind of adventurous accent to an energetic feeling.

6. Star Wars Bedroom Theme

star wars boys bedroom

Star Wars can always be a one of the best inspiration for boys bedroom ideas at any age. With its characters, Star Wars will be a great theme to use for 10-year-old kids up to teenagers.

The main design ideas can be done for wall treatment using a stormtrooper pop-art style mural with a splash of red color. Also, add some bedroom accessories for decorations like action figures or hanging picture above the studying desk and floating shelves.

You can dress the rest of the room with a basic color and simple design to keep the point of interest on the wall. To give more effect of space-bedroom, arrange the position of the mural to be seen best from sleeping position.

What an attractive boys bedroom idea you must try!

7. Music Bedroom Ideas

musical boys bedroom

If you want to make a thematic bedroom for the older boys, musical ambiance may be the solution! Most of the teenage boys are into music and their instruments collection can be used as his bedroom accessories.

You can take the advantage of electric guitar appearance by hanging and attaching them to the wall as the decorations. Here some tips you may try:

  • Dark tones furniture and carpet combined with wooden floor may also blend perfectly to enliven the room ambiance.
  • Put cool posters of bands, and the artsy picture will work well to leave the sense of a cool boys bedroom too.
  • To strengthen a cool character yet elegant, explore the nightstand with extraordinary design, such as silver geometrical nightstand for a different bedding look.
  • Let the overall wall white to balance the dark ambiance and looks brighter.
  • For the last touch, you can put a little bit orange accent to strengthen the room character and feels warmer.

8. Sporty Bedroom Style

sporty boys bedroom

Aside from the music theme, sports theme can always work well for boys bedroom ideas. You can use any kind of sports accent and use it as a theme. Like the basketball field, you can put a fixed basketball hoop on the wall above the bed as a playful point inside the bedroom.

Then dress the wall with certain colors to put an accent of the basketball charm in the room by using orange and blue color. Instead of basketball, you can also use football, soccer or baseball as a theme. Then you can adjust the wall decorations using paint or bedroom wallpaper.

After putting quite a lot of stuff decorating the wall, you can keep the floor simple by painting the room with natural colors like grey or concrete tile. Dress the room with the lower case of the bed for additional storage.

9. Optimizing The Window Area

teenage bedroom

The window is actually the best spot for his bedroom. For the older boys, optimizing the window view can be a great design idea to get more inspiration and fresh look. You can put the bed next to the window or even head on it. Also, you can put some curtain to decorate the huge window.

This design will also help for small rooms.  You can also build some seating space in the window frame. Cool boys can use that space to play on some instruments or readings. By maximizing the window, the room can feel more spacious.

Moreover, for the wall accent, you can put some pictures or floating shelves for books or other stuff. Then the rest of the room can be filled with neutral color with orange accent on the blanket.

To complement the room character, hang a unique round lamp to lighten the room and stress your toddler’s room look. Now his room is totally chic and cool!

10. Focal Point Above The Bed

toddler boy bedroom

Sometimes you do not need a lot of decorations inside the room. But, you still do love to have a focal point in the center of the room? Do not worry!

You can put the bed in the center of the room and have a window on one side. Then you can put a big painting or poster hanging on the wall above the bed. You can also have murals painted on the wall.

Here are additional tips for wall decorations :

  • If you are gonna hang some frame picture, put them in a recessed position, so it will look like as part of the wall itself. You can use any themes for the decorations like sports, music or automotive.
  • Play with the horizontal accent to the window and furniture. It will make the room feel super spacious.
  • Tosca is also a great idea for the dominant room scheme. Play with overall Tosca look and combine it with white and neutral color.
  • Let the ceiling white to give a sense of bright and natural. Balance it with carpet material to the floor for a comfy space to play.

Want to explore more about room focal point? Check headboard ideas to get more attractive stuff. Enjoy!

11. Action Figure Ideas

toddler room decor

As we all know, most boys love action figures, particularly if it is incorporated your toddler’s bedroom! So the design ideas by using action figure as bedroom accessories will very likely work for your little boys and older boys also.

You can put their action figures collections on nice hanging display on the wall. Centralize these collections into one of the walls. Do not forget to make the toy’s shelves reachable, so your lovely can put and organize their toys in the right way.

You can also place these action figures on the working table or the bed. Since there will be so many colors on the decorations,  keep the room painted in a neutral color to let it as a center of attention and minimize the distraction.

For these boys bedroom ideas, you can also use other things on display like toys collections, Legos or even sculptures as decorations. Action figure idea totally enlivens your toddler’s mood!

12. Accent Colors Ideas

boys room painting

Not all colors are approved for boys bedroom ideas. As we all know most boys only accept certain colors like black, grey or white. But, you can always have some accent of colors inside the room like red, blue or green.

Your boys are probably bored with industrial style or monochrome ambiance, so with an accent of green, you can make the ambiance becomes modern and refreshing. You can apply green accent to the wall and bedding set.

Since the main idea is to give an accent to the room, you should just pick one color and combine it with a neutral color like grey or white. This design idea can be suitable for little boys and older boys.

Green accent is a cool idea to refresh your children’s mind to start their new day!

13. Spacious Study Bedroom

black and white bedroom

While theme bedroom can work on your lovely one space, a functional bedroom design with spacious study area can also be fit for boys from kids age to the older boys. In some bedroom, most of the floor plans are occupied by the bed and cupboard leaving not so many spaces for working area.

This is another design idea where the boy’s bedroom can have a spacious working corner. To separate the working and sleeping area, you can use raised floors by putting the bed on the upper level while the working corner in the lower level. The overall interior can be done in modern style with simple decorations on the wall.

Play with the wooden scheme for a natural look yet modern. Combine with white color to get a calm feeling and clean. This kind of bedroom can work better for the older boys in high school or start college who is doing more works to do. Even the cool boys can also get used to this kind of style.

14. Bed Against The Wall

small boys bedroom

Most bedrooms will have a bed in the center point of the room. However, if you are working with narrow floor plans, putting the bed against the wall can be helpful boys bedroom ideas you should try!

The key to small rooms designs is the layout efficiency. By putting the bed against the wall and the working table on the other side of the room, you can have one spacious alley in between.

  • To enhance the room ambiance, you can always add some hanging decorations or bedroom wallpaper on the wall next to the bed. Then, you can paint colors on the central wall and put a carpet in the alley to make the room warmer.
  • Play with yellow and white combination may be a great idea to a cheerful nuance. Give some furniture with more yellow accent and incorporate it with natural color. Accentuate the wall by painting it with black color to attract the room attention.
  • Complement it with some artworks with similar color scheme to balance the room visualization,

This layout is best for the older boys, with simple furniture and decorations. Also, you can extend the bed for a cozy seating area and put the working space facing the window for the greatest view.

15. Basic Industrial Bedroom

industrial boys bedroom

Industrial style is the most basic design ideas for the boys bedroom. This style is suitable for some range of boys ages from kids to the older boys. The red brick wall combines with dark wood creates a masculine ambiance throughout the room.

  • You can put an industrial blind in front of the window to enhance the room character.
  • Exposed ceiling with beams or concrete will work best in this kind of style.
  • The furniture and bedroom accessories can be shaped by the combination of black steel and wood.

Even though this style can be used for the various age of boys, we suggest you to give a brighter tone for 5-year-old to 10-year- old. You can use brighter wood color like white oak wood or change the red brick with white brick. Industrial style is basically a style that works best for design on a budget.

16. Cozy Beanbag Ideas

boys bedroom furniture

Need another fresh design ideas to improve your bedroom style? Using bean bag as the main bedroom accessories to build the cozy ambiance. Aside from the ordinary bench or sofa, bean bag can be an alternative for seating corner inside the bedroom.

A beanbag is a very flexible furniture that you can put anywhere inside the room. Due to its flexibility, it can also work nicely for small rooms. To lighten up the mood, you can choose them with colors like red, blue or yellow.

Decorating the floor, a carpet can be a perfect match for the beanbag. Their colors can be mixed with blue and red. This bedroom accessories can match any kind of style like modern or industrial. Also, bean bag can always work for kids to older boys.

The beanbag idea will totally boost your kids’ energy while playing inside!

17. Playing With Masculine Patterns

kids bedroom furniture

Boys bedroom ideas for kids can still use more decorations than the older boys. It does not always have to use a theme for the decorations. But you can also play with some masculine patterns to decorate the room.

The patterns can contain any shape that’s simple yet casual, for example, hexagonal or asymmetry patterns. It can be applied to your bedroom wallpaper and leave the sense of cool. But don’t overuse the pattern on every wall. It is better to just put it on the wall behind the bed.

Balance the pattern with the wooden scheme to overall room material. Let the wall as the point of interest. To stress the bedding area as a center of room activities, accommodate this area with cool rug design. Choose the blue color for a calm look yet unique.

You can add another decoration like pictures on the other wall. Floor treatment can be done in a simple way by using wood materials. This design idea suits your lovely toddler to enjoy spending all day long inside the room!

18. World Maps on the Wall

toddler boy bedroom sets

If you are probably not really into patterns, there is another way to decorate the wall. World maps can be his bedroom accessories by putting them full on the wall. It suits your children who are in school age to learn about the country’ geography!

You can put the world map on the wall in front of the working table to boost their creative inspiration. It may be installed by pinning it or you can frame it. Since it will be big enough covering the wall, you can keep the rest of the wall basically simple to get a balanced look.

Splash of red color on the bed and other stuff can match too. A wooden floor will also work best to enhance the atmosphere and keep your kids safe while playing on the floor. This style can be used for little boys from 3-year-old to 10-year-old.

19. Outer Space Bedroom 

space bedroom themed

Aside from Star Wars, most boys are so much into space theme and stuff. So, it is quite safe to say that space bedroom is very likely suitable for boys bedroom ideas. These design ideas can be applied to your toddler’s bedroom too.

Space theme is identic with rockets and blue color. Therefore, you can paint the wall with blue and combine it with the rocket’s mural. You can also use another space’s stuff as decorations, like stars or planets.

The blue color can also be spread on other bedroom accessories like bed and pillow sheet, table lamp or carpet. Putting some planet’s installation and hanging them on the ceiling may be a great room decoration. It definitely attracts his lovely friends to play inside!

20. Bedroom with Unique Lighting Fixture

boys bedroom lighting

Aside from colors, you can also add an accent to boys bedroom by using unique lighting fixtures decorating the room. A nice ambiance of the room often cannot be separated from its lighting selection.

You can put a big hanging lamp in the middle of the room to attract people. This position will fit best to a child if you also have your bed centered. Then you can pick the suitable lamp for your room based on style like modern, industrial or even classic. This is the example of the industrial hanging lamp that will work for most of the styles.

To build even more nice ambiances, you can also add a carpet decorating the space under the lamp. This design idea can fit an 8-year-old to older boys. At night, this lighting fixture will give a warm atmosphere bringing the boys some inspirations.

To balance the lighting design with a super sophisticated, dress the room with more applicative elements, such as unique nightstand and floating shelves design with industrial style. Complement it with chalkboard wallpaper to get more playful vibes!

So, these are 20 fresh boys bedroom ideas that can help you to improve your room or your boy’s room. You can always develop these design ideas by adding other themes of the bedroom, decorations or furniture that you like.

Boys bedroom ideas can vary based on their age and preference. Also, you can choose or combine these design ideas based on your needs. After all, a bedroom is like a sanctuary for its inhabitants, so the best design is a must.

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  1. Wanted to get the interior for my son’s bedroom, your post helped me a lot. He love the window in his room. So, the window one is my pick for sure. Thanks a ton for posting this. As you have the great sense of interior, I wanna ask you something. Recently I’ve got the interior of my entire house. Reds, strong blues and vibrant greens in particular. Please suggest me the best Area Rug, as I have a wooden Dining table in my dining room with vintage cutlery set and blue color painted walls, Suggest me something which goes absolute fabulous with this combination. I’ve been purchasing the rugs from https://www.therugmall.com/8-x-10-area-rugs-best-rugs-to-buy-in-usa/ they have the great collection of rugs.

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