21 Mesmerizing Centerpiece Ideas (Totally Complete Your Lovely Space)

There are a lot of ornaments you can apply as your centerpiece. This table decoration usually appears in a formal occasion like wedding or family dinner.

However, the centerpiece is also a fantastic decorative feature for your home. Therefore, it’s important to know that all of this centerpiece ideas to enhance your home-decor style.

Also, you can always adjust the material selection of your centerpiece to the whole theme of your design.

Specific materials indeed speak for the particular characteristic, but a twist is that makes your design extraordinary.

With this, our noteworthy centerpiece ideas for you that will impress your every guest on your every occasion.

1. Scenic Floral Ideas

floral centerpiece ideas

Beautiful flowers are the most common and beautiful ornaments as centerpiece ideas. Instead of its subtle feelings, it also brings in a romantic atmosphere in a classy way.


Make your soft colored flowers has its gallant moment in the room by putting it in an oversized vase.

Seemingly unbalance mass of the table, and the vas will get you an unusual yet attractive look for your centerpiece ideas.

Make sure you pick the right material for the vase so that although it stands tall, it won’t bothering the visual ambiance of the room.

Artsy Display

Think out of the box for your flower arrangements! Although balance and natural arrangements always look beautiful, artsy arrangements will give your home different vibe from the same elegant flowers.

Besides, you can create a line by arranging a set of flowers to get more geometrical arrangements. Or, instead of making your flowers stand straight, you can twist it into an elegant curve and put it in a glass vase.

2. Non-flower Greenery Cactus

dining room centerpiece ideas

Cactus is another option for your centerpiece ideas to bring the natural green into your home. Compared to flowers, cactus is more long-lasting and easy to handle. It gives cooler a modern sense into the design.

Small Singular Pots

Cactus has varied in type and also sizes. Plant it in the singular size-matched vase and arrange it on your table.

This size composition will be perfect for your coffee table that might come in an unusual size.

The extraordinary pots also give you a chance to arrange it in organic arrangements.

Big Pot for Them All

For your bigger table, let say dining table, the bigger pot that contains a bunch of cactus at once is more appropriate.

This way, you create a mass balance between the two objects and also not hijacking the functionality of the table.

You can choose a basket like a vase for your round table and rectangular vase for your long table.

3. Colorful Quartz Ideas

colorful centerpiece ideas

This natural stone that many believes can be stunning ornaments to create colorful centerpiece ideas. The colored of quartz often has whitewashed look that makes it soft yet still colorful.

This material surely not only gives colors to your home but also a magical atmosphere into your style.

Pick your healing quarts according to your color palette and arrange it to the balanced size composition on your table.

This colorful quartz centerpiece ideas will be perfect for your lively spring home décor. Also, you can also incorporate this fresh look and place it as another window treatment ideas.

4. Luxurious Crystal Decoration

colorful centerpiece ideas

For your minimalist and timeless home-décor style, a clear crystal will give you a simple yet luxurious look on your table.

The sophisticated pattern that embossed to the crystal’s surface makes it a perfect container for your candle.

To complete the crystal, light up the candles and you’ll get a beautiful dim sparkle in your home.

You can make the look more interesting by creating a composition of the series of the crystals for your centerpiece ideas.

This easy apply yet beautiful centerpiece ideas will give you dreamy atmosphere which perfects for your intimate living room.

5. Beautiful Candles Centerpiece Ideas

candle centerpiece ideas

Create your subtle lighting by using a candle as your centerpiece ideas. Making the candle as the source of lighting décor instead of lamps will bring vintage feelings to your home.

Statement Candlestick

Give nearby thrift shop a visit, and you might find what you’re looking for. Detailed carving on a rustic metal surface with a slip and high figure will give you a perfect vintage look. It will be a perfect choice to match the 50s classic look interiors of your formal dining table.

Candles Arrangements

The candle also gives you a warm and comfy ambiance. You can combine the candle with some greenery from your garden or maybe a pine cone and put it in a tray. It is what you need to have a warm fall ambiance in your home.


You can create a more minimalist and simple look by doing a DIY project for your candle holder centerpiece. You can use cheap everyday stuff like mason jars or wine glass. Or you can also recycle a light bulb as your candle holder.

6. Authentic Ceramic Chinese Vase

diy centerpiece ideas

The elegance of the Chinese vase comes from the bold white and blue colors in a very antique pattern.

Having Chinese ceramic vase for your centerpiece ideas will be perfect for your fancy occasion, like a party or banquet.

The color combination gives you more cooling ambiance and will still entirely go with your modern décor.

It will be a very gallant twist to add such a traditional look into the overall modern design.

This elegant if the Chinese vase arrangement is perfectly combined with your wall decor ideas to strengthen the room character.

7. Floating Flower of Centerpiece Ideas

outdoor table centerpiece ideas

Combining water and flower will set up a refreshing ambiance for the table.

This especially perfect for your outdoor table because the natural light will make the water and the flower more vibrant.

The outdoor wind will make the flower moving on the water. It will create a beautiful scenic movement of the centerpiece.

You can arrange some different flowers in big large bowls. Pick the type of flowers that complement each other and match the color with your design palette.

You can also use the bold ceramic bowl instead of the clear vase to make the look seems more organized.

8. Amazing Fire and Water Combination

glass centerpiece ideas

You can create an interesting display by combining two contrast elements.

Contrast elements centerpiece ideas will give you an unusual look and make your table a beautiful setting in your home.

This centerpiece idea is undoubtedly easy and affordable to do for your special occasion at home.

One contrast elements combination that is very easy and cool to do is combining water and fire.

Two of them have opposite characters that actually well-put-together.

The fire that creates dim light and the water can beautifully refract it and make the ambiance more romantic.

9. Feathery Glam Ideas

wonderful centerpiece ideas

Recycling old craft material will be your Pinterest weekend project at home!

Turning old artsy stuff into a beautiful handmade craft can be the first step in creating wonderful centerpiece ideas.

Feather is one of art material that is absolutely inexpensive but will make your centerpiece looks fancy.

You can combine the feather with pearls or dip it in glitter to make the glam girly look. Put it in a clean white vase.

You can also add a colored pearl in bright colors, like yellow or red, to make them look more cheerful.

10. Attractive Coral Display

nautical centerpiece ideas

For you who loves to dive, you might want to put a little bit of something from the sea up to the table.

Collect your decorations from your every journey underwater.

Not only it speaks specific memory to you, but it also helps you create a fantastic look on a low budget.

Also, coral centerpiece ideas will give you the nautical atmosphere in your home.

So the corals are only arranged as room divider ideas, The natural color of the coral will compliment your home décor beautifully as a center of attention with just only putting them on the table.

11. Decorative Wine Bottles

affordable centerpiece ideas

The classiness of wine bottle can be an advantage for your affordable centerpiece ideas. Instead of throwing it away after it’s empty, you can transform it into an elegant table centerpiece.

You can paint it to give a completely new look or put beautiful ornament inside and use it as a unique vase.

12. Smart Antique Tins

centerpiece decorating with red yellow and turquoise

Vibrant color and vintage picture on old rusty metal will bring a chic look to your centerpiece ideas.

You might find some of these antique tins in your parents’ storage room or maybe in your nearby thrift store.

Using this instead of the regular vase will give your centerpiece an extraordinary look.

The vibrant and bold colors will definitely be a good match for your beautiful flowers arrangements. What a perfect centerpiece to bring in the 80s set in the house.

13. Mason Jars Ideas

Mason Jars centerpiece ideas

Another attractive alternative for your regular vase is mason jars.

This clear bulky jars also give your centerpiece ideas a chic oldie looks.

The transparency of the jars can be a good opportunity for you to select beautiful ornaments inside along with your elegant flower arrangements or candles.

14. Monochromatic Halloween Theme

black painted pumpkin centerpiece ideas

If warm fall colors don’t go well with your black and white décor, there’s always a twist you can do to make the Halloween look works for your centerpiece ideas.

You can tune your Halloween decor by painting it in black and white colors. This way, your centerpiece is still in with the current event without escaping your palette.

15. Rustic Gold Centerpiece

centerpiece terrarium centerpiece ideas

A touch of gold can turn your simple ordinary display into extravagance and luxurious looks in your home. Gold also a perfect added touch for your rustic theme centerpiece ideas.

The gold will balance the warmth of the rustic design with a classy ambiance.

Furthermore, Rustic gold will create your flowers arrangements or candles centerpiece stand out with sophisticated mood.

16. Copper and Plantation

copper plant pots centerpiece ideas

Splash of light copper in your palette will give your centerpiece a cute girly vibe. If gold has more neutral classiness, there’s a hint of feminine mood in light clear copper.

An interesting contrast about copper that the darker one gives more masculine and industrial looks to the design.

Combine the light copper with pretty decorations like white flowers, pearls or lace. This way, your table is ready for your girls’ squad night.

You can also get fresh, unique design by combining copper with non-flower greenery so that your centerpiece ideas more gender-neutral.

Moreover, this is also an excellent decor for your kitchen table.

17. Pop of Pattern

table centerpiece ideas

Bring the comfort vibe on the sleek wooden table by popping a pattern through detailed crochet.

This vintage needlework gives the pattern for your centerpiece ideas subtly and elegantly.

Not only giving you a vintage look, but this also can be a fun ornament if you pick vibrant colors for your crochet.

18. Graceful All-white

artificial orchid arrangements centerpiece ideas

Pearls, lace, ceramic, and so many more. You can arrange your display with many different ornaments.

The all-white looks will never go wrong for your centerpiece ideas. A lot of beautiful flowers also has white colors.

19. Play with Aquatic Ecosystem

small fish aquarium centerpiece ideas

Get both calming ambiance and dynamic display by creating a small aquatic ecosystem as your centerpiece.

You can put stone, sands, some water plantation, and even small colorful fishes. The little colors swimming around in a sophisticated look container in the middle of your living room. Isn’t it just perfect?

Additionally, go subtle and tasteful with ceramic and white orchid will give your modern house a touch of nature in a very classy way.

20. Edible Ornament in a Basket

beautiful centerpiece ideas

Hosting an event at home and want to flood the home with food sometimes make your table is just where to put the food and become undecorated. Thus, you can actually make your food as your centerpiece.

It indeed takes more works, but the fancy décor that impresses all your guest will make everything worth the hard works.

You can create a beautiful fruit basket or, for the sweet tooth friends, a cupcakes basket.

Match your food arrangements color with other décor elements such as flowers or the table runner.

21. Double Duty Cake Stand

elegant centerpiece ideas

Another pretty food display you can do for your centerpiece ideas is by utilizing your cake stand.

The elegance structure of the cake stand will display your food beautifully and also décor-up your table. You can put not only cakes but also candy or even fruit.

One of the smart tips: when the event is done you can keep the cake stand and fill it with pretty ornaments and you’ll have a cute centerpiece at home.

From all of these centerpiece ideas, we can conclude that even the simplest ornaments can bring a significant impact to your home setting.

Noting the famous ‘less is more,’ the simple centerpiece is more practical regarding maintenance and also friendly on the budget.

To step up the look, you can always play with the ornaments so that you get the magnificent look without bringing much hassle.

It’s all about how you let your creativity pour into your centerpiece ideas and bring it to perfection.

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