20 Amazing Closet Door Ideas for Your Instant Bedroom Upgrade!

As a place to put your clothes and other stuff, storage space such as your closet is an essential element but often neglected in the part of interior design. Also perhaps people tend to choose the regular and manufactured settings.

Thus, it is totally not wrong to think about that. However, the closet door ideas also have great potential to be part of the interior upgrade.

So how to upgrade that? Don’t worry! We have ranges of outstanding ideas to inspire you on creating, or upgrading, your closet door dream. Put away those boring feature and bring in the fresh and new feeling for your bedroom!

1. Under the Stairs Closet Door Ideas

Custom Closet Door Under the Stairs

Have an unused space under the stairs but don’t know what to do? don’t panic! Make it a great closet to occupy the space. The result may be unusual because of its shape, but this will make your closet area becomes a custom closet door of your own.

Measure and estimate on what kind of shape you want to make. If you have a small space on its surroundings, then we recommend to make it sliding (or folding style if there’s ample space), use a brighter palette, and put a mirror to visually enlarging the space. You may call a professional or DIY, depends on what kind of materials and style you want.

2. Half and Half

Modern closet door with double side spaces
Kuprynenko Andrii

Just like the illustration, but this one’s for a closet door ideas. This can show your two sides: a side that wants to be shown or side you want to prepare for a big occasion so you want to make sure it’s there, and the enclosed side for daily clothes and organizers you don’t want to show.

For this one, make two separate rooms in your closet space and create a door for both spaces, or just simply use two different kinds of the door for a more affordable budget. The choices are various such as wood and glass, transparent and frosted glass, or wood and no glass. It’s your choice!

3. Attic Closet Door Ideas

cool attic closet door

Being an attic room has its own uniqueness and challenges. For instance, storing your linens and shoes. If a usual wardrobe you usually found at Lowes is too tall for your room, but you want to feel a bit elegance by installing a closet in it, you can do it with our ideas:

  • Measure how large and where the closet will take place the build it. You may need professional help here.
  • What style do you want to bring in here? Make it unity with your own bedroom’s theme. If you want a more classical approach, French style tri-fold closet seems great. How much space left is another decision to choose whether sliding, folding, or hinges.
  • Color is the latest. Make it the main color since it’s quite wide. If you’re going with beige or pastels, you can use white all over to define the space.

4. Full Expose of You! (Mirror Closet Door Ideas)

mirror closet door

Maximize the closet door’s potential to be a showcase for your clothing options. The mirror material we introduce here would be perfect for people with a very stylish life, making sure everything is perfect from top to bottom.

Using this material as the closet door can be a very easy solution if you grab clothing or dress and directly apply it on you then if you don’t feel like it, you can just put it back without having to walk here and there just to look at yourself and bringing it back. It can be just as far as one slide away!

5. The Honest of White

Simple White Rolling Closet Door
Dariusz Jarzabek

Simplicity. Don’t put anything too much, don’t color anything too much. Give them a neutral color with a bit of spark and then you’re set. If you’re really into this type of style, you can extend it towards your closet door ideas. All white kind of closet doors is a great choice if you choose to go for a more Scandinavian approach.

But before doing it, remember to watch the surroundings. The balance between white and other contrasting colors should be perfect. Otherwise, it would be a dull room, since the closet will be the biggest object in it. If you’re not sure, you can give a pinch of color on your closet door or your room to “neutralize it”.

6. Feeling a Little Rustic? (DIY Tips!)

Amazing DIY Closet Ideas

This project is one of the most DIY things you can do to your closet door. Its style and material can bring a new feeling or enhancing the feeling, depending on your existing style. The rustic flair from the material can bring a more outdoor-y sense to your room. Here are our options on this barn-door-like closet door ideas:

  • You can use some salvaged planks, usually from used wood pallets, and transform it into a door. You can use any pattern you like.
  • Existing door? Why not? Either new or used, this can be another alternative for you. We recommend a French style door if you’re going to go with a more classical theme.
  • After deciding which doors you’re going to choose, the install the track, roll, and the handle and then voila!

7. Where Two Materials Meet: Wood and Mirror Closet Door Ideas

wood closet ideas with small room
Alex Gorins

If you have a small room with woody flair in it, then this will be a perfect fit for you. Use wood and mirror for your closet door. If you don’t want to waste some space, choose the sliding style. For a 3 panels closet with the middle being the static one, use the mirror on the middle and wood panels on both sides.

Installing the mirror can be a stark contrast, material wise, being different with all natural, outdoor and rustic styles in your room. Also, you can visually enlarge the space if you enhance the wall with white paint.

8. Give it a Bit of Surprise

Creative white and orange closet door ideas

The texture here, texture there, the plain color here, pastels there, seems a little bit boring, isn’t it? Then don’t be afraid to give your room splash of joy and a vibrant feeling! Choose the color that bright and contrasting. Besides its characteristic of attention-grabbing, orange can be a good companion to show yourself as a strong and energetic individual.

The color itself also give some warmth yet it can show the refreshing color, just like lemonade in summer! The material for the installation can be a glass or acrylic panel. Remember, don’t go too much as it perhaps will turn too bright and overwhelming. You can mix them with a wood panel and give some plays by creating frames and install the panels in it.

9. Light and Dark

Modern black and white closet door ideas
Marko Poplasen

Mixing dark and light elements in a bedroom should be a great combination and balancing theme to be in it. Because, once again, it will be a bit boring to place only one tone color or one material textures. Add the darker elements if your bedroom feels too bright and, vice versa, give them lighter elements if it’s too gloomy.

In this case, bedroom, or room itself in general terms used to be colored in a neutral color such as white or beige. Having a darker closet door can balance them. And it may “neutralize” texture between the finished hardwood floor and smooth white-painted wall. Using the dark painted wood door is a bridge between the natural and fabricated textures.

10. Too Thick to Build a Closet Wall?

Glass closet door ideas
Pavel L Photo and Video

For some people, it will be a great experience to install a closet corner in their bedroom and make it like a room that they can use. But what if the room is a bit smaller and you think installing the wall is too think and costly? Then you can utilize thinner material. Yep, we’re talking about glass!

Installing glass is relatively easier for your own closet room experience. For more privacy reasons, go for a frosted glass for the “wall” and the door of your closet room. Therefore, this will really define the space and making it more private for you!

11. Wood with Geometrics Closet Door Ideas

Wood closet door panel to get a warm nuance
Rade Kovac

Since wood is the most used materials for the door (we mean, almost any door), we’ll take a bit of slowing things down here, on how to upgrade the wood door for your closet. This should broaden your knowledge of processing the wood. Rather using a plain wood panel, enhance your skills and create an awesome closet door of yours!

Either you want to make some shortcut and just buy it, or you want to get crafty, it’s not a problem. You can play some geometrical to the door panel, and the possibility is limitless! Create some vertical or horizontal notch on it, and define the space by coloring the notch, it’s such a great thing to do.

12. “The Great Wall”

Hidden wood closet door ideas

Unlimited to just door, but you can merge it with the wall it’s standing on, creating a unique wall of wood panels and making your closet almost invisible. And this will leads to the main theme for your bedroom, so it will be a bit easier to fit it with the theme of the bedroom itself.

If you’re the one really fond of wood and really loves the simplistic and minimalist style of bedroom, then this type of closet door ideas would be a perfect fit. Expand the wood panel towards the wall and defines its function with a similar type of door handle. Even the door to your bathroom can be utilized as well and becomes a unity.

13. Be Clear!

Frame and Glass Concept of closet door ideas
Beyond Time

If you’re someone who likes to tidiness and wants to show it to the world, then why you hide your piece of work behind the door? Show it by installing a glass panel to your closet door. The concept of transparency and clarity will create unity between your closet and the bedroom. Also, it will be easier to look for your clothes!

Furthermore, the glass panel is easy to get and relatively easy to handle, but if you’re uncertain, seek professional help to install one in your bedroom. Sliding doors would be fit for a small room, you can have the hinged one for large openings.

14. Bold Red Closet Door Ideas

Red closet door ideas
Kalakutskiy Mikhail

Talking about choosing the right door for your closet, there is some consideration for the bedroom decorating as well. Using the right color at the right amount can deliver a great atmosphere. Here we recommend doing a red tone for your closet door. But also, along with the recommendation, there are also some considerations below:

  • You can use the red on all of the parts of the door panels, as long as the surrounding have a warm and vibrant theme, such as wood materials.
  • Red can be an accentuation if you want some sparks on your bedroom
  • Red can be used as a complimentary, but not all part of the door, if your room already has some red themed furniture in it.

15. Framed Mirror Closet Door Ideas

Framed Mirror closet door ideas
Dariusz Jarzabek

Quite similar with mirror panel, this style more explores the possibility of arranging a mirror in a certain pattern to create a play of material that makes your room more interesting, just from your once neglected closet door! This also works even if you have a small room and loves a darker tone, which will visually enlarge the space.

Moreover, for a simpler approach, you can divide the big mirror and place it again with the frame. Or you want to get artsy and get the mirror divided into smaller parts and arrange it again like a puzzle. Not only for a reflection of you, but this mirror closet door ideas can be great artwork for your master bedroom.

16. Your Own Room, with Style

Closet door in a narrow alley

Despite opens outward, make it inward! This will create a whole new room for your clothing only. The inward opening makes it possible to be installed in a room with a narrow alley. Moreover, it can be a great option if you installed a mirror on it, so you have your own closet room with a reflection on your side!

We recommend this as an option for having a room large enough to be a closet but doesn’t have a large alley for the outward opening. For the door style, you can adjust them with your surrounding style to blend in, or, have some sparks to get that vibrant feeling out!

17. Artwork Time!

Creative closet door ideas with artwork touch

It’s show time! Get creative for your closet door and create artwork for your own closet door and becomes an identity of your room and yourself as well!

  • The easiest thing to do is to create an artwork from the opaque sticker and put it on the door. Additionally, the floral theme can be used as it’s a contrast for your geometric themed bedroom.
  • You also can have some painting activity on the panel. Just simply take it off and bring to your painting room and treat it just like a canvas.
  • Last but not least, paint your closet door with chalkboard paint and you can draw anything you like for it (this also works for your kids!).

18. White with Accent

white closet door with black accent

Having a room with a large closet is a crucial thing to consider since its playing quite an important role in the theme of your room so it’s something to be carefully planned. If you’re playing with a more neutral color palette, make sure to insert some bits of the darker palette or you can play with the texture.

Having a white color for your closet door might seem a bit dull. But if you’re really into the minimalist, Scandinavian type of room, this should be no problem for you, but to make sure on how to avoid the dullness, you can have some accentuation on it, such as the door’s framing and/or the handle.

19. Classic in Classic Closet Door Ideas

Classic closet door ideas

In an old house, everything should be in a perfect and balanced combination, including the closet door itself. Classic doors of suburb houses usually come with a lot of wood material, mainly on the doors, window frames, and furniture. But how to fit it into the 20th century without compromising its style?

The design on these old houses should be followed by your closet door design, no matter if you’re constructing new or having it to be revamped. So, usually, it comes with the French style door with red oak wood for the material. But you can have to be modernly stylized with longer notch and round handle and make it sliding style.

20. “Fake” Mirror

Fake Mirror Closet Ideas

Create a balance of dark and light in another new way. If you got a closet that quite different with its surroundings, mainly on its tone, then give it a revamp to blend them, or maybe you want the closet to be the center of the room using the contrast on the material that surely gives a great look.

We’ve already discussed wood and mirror, but if you want the mirror to be placed in another corner and but want to have some glassy and reflecting material on it, then you can utilize the “fake” mirror by combining wood plank and black colored mirror panel as the ornament for your home to give some surprised on the textures, colors, and patterns!

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