21 Crafty Closet Organization Ideas that We Have Ever Seen!

A messy closet can be the reason why you always wear the same outfit every week or keep buying things that you already have. That’s why this list of closet organization ideas is essentials for you. Organizing a closet can seem like a handful task that no one ever sees. But, organizing your closet will totally make your everyday morning routine much easier.

Even though this project will not as bold as your other home décor projects, but closet organizing is just as important.

You can also create a fancy look for your organization ideas to make your closet related routine more fun!

1. Big Closet Means A Room

large closet organization ideas

Master bedroom tends to have a big space closet. If you have a large closet, you should treat your closet as a room. Bring in design elements that make your closet as the extension of your room. Your closet organization ideas will expand as well as the bigger space you work with.


The important thing to make a big closet looks amazing is the lighting. Not only it makes your display looks better, it also gives certain ambiance for your closet that helps your design theme stands out.


If the room is spacious, you can also add seating to your closet. Your closet can be your other private nook in the house. Besides, it’ll be more comfortable for you next time you need more time to choose your outfit.

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2. Double Duty Closet

DIY closet organization ideas

Closet mainly is a storage space, but it can also be a transformative space. Other than store your stuff inside, you can make your closet as a portable space for your other beloved activities. Also, make a double duty closet can be a big home DIY project for you.

Closet to the Working Space

Transform the shelves into a desk complete with the filing cabinet you need. Choose a comfortable chair that will fit into your tiny space apartment closet. It’s a closet when it’s closed. But when you open it, it’s your mini home office.

Closet to the Powder Room

If you don’t have much stuff to store and it’s all fit in your wardrobe cabinet, you can accommodate your closet as your powder room. You can have a more glamorous vibe for your powder room in your simple bedroom without clashing the two ambiances.

3. Keep It Bright

small closet organization ideas

Whether your closet is big or small you always want to make it bright. Either with natural light, designed lighting, or soft colored background, a bright closet is the first step in your organization closet ideas.

Bright closet helps you have a good visual access to your closet that will help you to reach in whatever you store inside. It also gives you a more upbeat mood that will be perfect for you to start your day.

4. Categorize Your Stuff

linen closet organization ideas

After you set the right mood for your closet, you want to start working with what you put inside.

Long time to finally find what you’re looking for is probably what makes your closet experience is not the best. Moreover, by the end you find it, your organized closet might already turn into a mess. Although closet mostly stores stuff in one big category, you have to make a small category of it. This is a system you need for your closet organization ideas.

For example, for your linen closet. You can put them together in a basket in order when you need them. So by the time you need it, you can just take out one basket out. You may also want to clear container like wire basket. This way you can always see what’s inside besides its chic looks.

5. Box ‘Em Up

best closet organization ideas

This step is to emphasize what’s just mentioned earlier in order to make a tidy closet organization ideas for you. Make sure you put your ‘mess’ inside a cutesy container. Not only helps you categorized, it also makes the look of your closet. You can also combine few types of containers you used for your organization closet ideas.

Different type of containers for each shelf level will make your closet not only neat but also diverse. You can combine wire, wicker, or fabric basket to create interesting look inside your closet.

6. Label to Remember

closet organization ideas on a budget

Labeling is essential for you to make your organization closet ideas works like magic, especially if you have a lot of different things to store. You can always make your label as part of your decorative elements in your closet. This easy step will help you remember where you put your stuff in.

Using cute fonts also helps to create an interesting look you’re your closet. Or, if you feel like you want to go artsier, you can use pictures as your label. Not only useful to classify your clothes, it also perfects to categorize your kitchen products.

7. Color Coordinated

child closet organization ideas

If you want to classify your stuff in a non-obvious way, here’s a tip: use color!

Color coordinate your stuff is a fun way for your closet organization ideas. Not only you get your things organized, you also get some colors inside your closet. Use neutral soft colors that complement each other. Too many contrast colors will make your closet looks stuffed and you don’t want that.

This color coordinate closet organization idea is a good solution for child sharing closet. If your kids still share their bedrooms, this will be the best way to divide the storage space without an additional divider. The colors also suitable to match the colorfulness of toddler bedroom. Thus, it would also be the best combination of your boys bedroom ideas!

8. Additional Portable Drawers

deep closet organization ideas

Utilize as much space you can because space is the most luxurious thing these days. For the deep closet, sometimes you waste much space because you don’t layer your storage area. The great way to maximize your storage for your closet organization ideas is portable drawers.

You can put stuff that you rarely use in the back of the closet, then layer it with additional portable drawers. It gives you another space to organize your stuff. It usually comes with wheels or light material that makes it easy for you to reach what’s in the back of the drawers and also for the cleaning. This inexpensive item will profit you much more space for your stuff.

9. Re-Think Your Hanger Bracket Orientation

narrow closet organization ideas

Some closets have a very deep depth, but in contrary, some have a very narrow one. If the narrow closets are located in the living room, we can use it as medicine box. Or if it’s in the back of the house, we can use it as broom cabinet. But, what if it’s in the bedroom and the depth is not even enough for standard size hangers?

One cheap hack for utilizing narrow closet is to use wall bracket as your hanger bracket to create narrow closet organization ideas. You can get it from your nearby home depot. This DIY hanger bracket will make your hanger face upfront. This way, you can store your clothes inside your narrow closet.

10. Hide Some and Display Some

closet organization ideas for shoes

The key to making your closet look interesting for your closet organization ideas is to play with what you display. You want to display some of the items out of its box or out of the container. This way, when you open your closet, containers and boxes aren’t all you see.

Pick pretty and preferably small items to display. It also works best if this item has similarity in sizes so that your closet looks neat. You can display your accessories, purses, or shoes. Displaying these items not only give you interesting look to your closet but also helps you find this small stuff easier.

11. Sort of Gradation

amazing closet organization ideas

One extra step you want to do for your amazing closet organization ideas is to sort your displayed items in graduation. This means you divide them by colors and sort each section from the lightest to the brightest.

This will helps you find your item in a shorter time and also gives your closet fun organized looks. This color sorting will help you use your items more frequently since they’re all well displayed. It also saves you much time in building your look for your everyday outfit. This idea of sort of graduation is also perfect to complete your girl bedroom ideas.

12. Attic Space Closet Organization Ideas

attic space closet organization ideas

Instead of waste the space in your attic, you can turn it into your own boutique walk-in closet. Embrace the slanted ceiling to make your closet one of a kind. Treat your lighting placement as the complementary of the natural lighting you get from your attic window. This way, you’ll get mostly natural lighting which best for your closet.

Attic space will come in handy as the extension of your teenage room. When the kids turn into teenagers, they usually need bigger space, this attic closet can be a perfect solution for you. Although customize furniture is harder to work on a budget, but the extra space will totally worth the splurge.

13. Under the Stair Closet

coat closet organization ideas

Wondering what to do with space under your stair? Turn it into a sliding closet is the most suitable closet organization ideas for you. Entry hallway sometimes has narrow dimension so that you can’t put a coat hanger without blocking the circulation.

You can use the space under your stair as the coat closet and also for shoes. You can install sliding rail so that it’ll be easy to put the coat and the shoes. This way your entry hallway will stay spacious.

14. Stair Steps Closet

closet organization ideas cheap

Another space that you can utilize for the additional closet is below the stair step. This space is perfect for your shoe closet organization ideas. You can turn each step into a shoe drawer for all of your shoes.

You may want to classify each step for each type of shoes. This way, you’ll only need to open one or two drawers each time you need shoes for certain occasion.

15. Time Saver Laundry Closet Organization

laundry closet organization ideas

Categorizing your dirty laundry closet for your closet organization ideas will help you with your everyday chores. Designated some extra space closet for your dirty laundry in your laundry room. Or, you can put it under the clean towel shelf or the toiletries supply in the bathroom.

Not only by putting one laundry basket, but several for each category, like whites, colors, and the delicate. This way all family member will help you to categorize the laundry. Soon, the laundry day, you just dump it into the washing machine.

16. Open Closet

clothes closet organization ideas

When you’re living in a dorm, closet sometimes is not something that’s provided. This means you have to store your stuff out in the open. These are options for your open closet organizations ideas so that you can have the storage space you need.

Wood Frame Open Closet

This wood frame you can find at home décor stores like Ikea or Lowes. This usually comes in modules, so that you can combine some of it to the preferable storage space. The key to the open closet is that you display your stuff neatly.

Steel Pipe Open Closet

Another open closet you can use is ones from steel pipe. It also comes with a module that you can easily buy, but you can also customize it. The other thing you can do for your open closet is combining it with drawers. This way, you still have some enclosure for your private items.

17. Nursery Closet Organization Ideas

nursery closet organization ideas

You might think that you can use smaller space for the baby’s room. But this is far from the fact. The fact is you need space just as much as an adult closet, or even bigger. Although babies have smaller size clothes, it comes with a lot of additional, like toys, bottles, blanket, and many more.

You want to use as much as the container inside the closet. This is because when it comes to nursery closet organization ideas, you need everything to be easy to organize and quick to reach in.

18. Don’t Undermine the Hanger

hanger organization ideas

For clothing closet, the hanger is essentials. Unifying the hanger will transform your closet look into a brand new face. You can use the different color on hangers for each clothing categories. This way you can categorize your clothes without additional partition. You can also transform your hanger to store your other fashion items, like scarfs or accessories.

19. Choose the Cutesy Container

great closet organization ideas

Other things that you can explore to make interesting look for your closet organization ideas is the containers. Containers can be a bold statement for your closet. You can also combine the material or pattern of your containers to make your closet more fun.

The plus point of cute containers is that you can display it on an open shelf and become an additional décor for your home décor interiors.

20. Explore Closet Organization Options

hanging closet storage organization ideas

In terms of closet organizations ideas, you want to explore how to store as much stuff in provided space in an interesting way. This means you can always explore closet organization tools, ones that you can buy and ones that you can create. You can always find inspirations in crafty websites, like Pinterest.

21. Cleaning Closet

cleaning closet organization ideas

Last but not least, one closet that necessary in every household, cleaning closet. Most people just forget how important cleaning closet actually is. The items stored in the cleaning closet are essentials in the house, but sometimes it’s just laying around in the garage or the backyard.

Cleaning closet makes your home neater. You can just utilize a dead space and build custom size shelf inside. You can adjust the dimension according to your house cleaning tools.

While it seems challenging at first, organizing your closet is not an impossible thing to do. Even in a small space closet, you can always find a way to utilize every inch of it. All above closet organization ideas shows you different ways to work with your closet. You can make it simple and tidy or make it fancy and fun. But one main same point, it makes your closet more functional and mess-free.

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