18 Most Relaxing Coastal Living Room Ideas You Must Try!

Coastal design can be said as one of interior style that has been successfully made a comeback. A few years ago, this style had a reputation as tacky and not quite tasteful. But nowadays, as the minimalist and simplicity of modern interior design has become more and more popular, the coastal living room ideas are becoming in demand decor style in the market.

Since the home is a place where we’re all finishing our day, having a heaven-like place where we can just pace out from all the stress is definitely everybody’s dream. Therefore, these coastal living room ideas offer you nothing but peaceful place to come home.

1. Beach Vibe Style

coastal living room

Many people think that coastal decor is the same as nautical decor. Although the two have pretty similar characteristics, they’re two different things.

Nautical is about the ocean, while the coastal is about the beach. It’s not necessarily constructed by the physical elements of the beach, like sand and seashells, it’s more about the breezy beach atmosphere.

Coastal living room ideas has been more popular than ever since it offers calming and soothing ambiance even your home is in the middle of the city.

2. Embrace the Natural Material

Natural Material for Living Room

The relaxing ambiance of the natural space of the beach is actually a good start to create your coastal living room ideas. Incorporate your coastal living room ideas by presenting the natural materials to enhance the relaxing and calming mood.

Then, choose natural materials that remind you the most of your sunny day on the sand. The rawness of natural material enhances the beach-like finishing look you want to have. Also, it decorates your room in a modest yet gorgeous way.

3. Let the Openness of the Space be the ‘It’ Element

Open Space Coastal Living Room

Beach feels peaceful because of the open space that relaxes our mind from our crowded life. So, keep the spaciousness stands out amongst other decor elements is the key to relaxing coastal living room ideas.

The last thing you want is cluttering the room with a way to much or too big pieces of furniture. To achieve this easily, We suggest applying an open layout for your coastal apartment living room. This way, the space boundary you created will be more flexible and the living area will feel less surrounded.

4. Get As Many As Natural Light You Can Get

Natural Light Living Room

Another key element of the beach that is important for your coastal living room ideas is natural light. The relaxing quality of coastal decor speaks more about open nature rather than the dim enclosed space.

So it’ll work best if you set up your coastal living room by the large windows or glass doors. Make sure the room is absorbing a good amount of sunlight.

Maximize the opening and make sure your windows or doors aren’t covered. The use of heavy styling draperies is not suggested for coastal living room ideas.

5. Go Bright or Go White!

White Coastal Living Room Ideas

When you feel like you don’t get enough bright sunlight showering into the room, white is the key to make your coastal living room ideas work.

As we know, white absorbs the most lights than any other colors, so it’ll definitely tone-up the brightness of the space.

White also is the most neutral color, it’ll help you building the balance and relaxing for your beautiful beach sanctuary at home.

Additionally, the neutrality of color white also opens up the possibility of pairing it with almost any other color. So, it’s easy for you to create a color palette that works well.

6. Color Palette

Although we said white is the key for coastal living room ideas, it does not necessarily mean that you can’t explore other color range for your palette. But personally, we think you might want to wander inside the calm and subtle colors rather than vivid and bright ones.

Color of the Sea

Blue Sea Coastal Living Room

Relieving your vacation moment on the beach by spreading various tones of blue as the main color in your palette. Blue is known as a color that represents peacefulness. This means it is a perfect palette to set the mood to tranquillity.

Subtle Sandy


Small Coastal Living Room Ideas

No one has ever gone to a beach without feeling the smooth sand against their feet. As the sand is the most part of the beach, cream to light brown colors can also be an ideal choice of your palette.

With an Accent

Bright Coastal Living Room


If you like bright colors, soft color palette might not be appealing enough for you. If you want to present a touch of bold colors, you can, but in an appropriate amount.

Bold colors have more strong present, therefore you need to apply it carefully so that it won’t overthrow the subtle concept of your coastal living room ideas.

7. Choosing Layout

The spaciousness is essential for a successful relaxing coastal living room ideas. Therefore, your selection of layout plays an important role. The layout will also determine the type and size of the furniture you need to fill up your living room space.


Symmetrical Layout Living Room

Symmetry layout is the easiest layout to read. It brings balance to the design and makes the finishing look feels harmonious.

This window treatment ideas sophisticated folded look. This style is perfect not to get outshined by your modern décor living room

Symmetry is also aesthetically pleasing for almost everyone. This makes it a good layout for your coastal living room ideas if your beach house is also open for business.

Open Plan

luxury coastal living rooms

Embrace the open plan of your house and make the best of it for your coastal living room ideas. The absence of physical barriers between the two rooms will make your living room space looks bigger than it actually is.

Open flow also encourages more lighting to be able to penetrate inside which is a plus for coastal style living room.

8. Sophisticated American Coastal

American Coastal

American coastal style embodies a sleek and clean look that encourages the use of a lot of natural textures. Compared to other coastal styles, American coastal has the largest influence of modern interior decor.

If you’re interested in American coastal sunroom ideas, it means you need to dial down the small accessories and floral decoration. Although the design of the furniture looks a lot like modern style decor, the materials used still are a representative of natural elements.

9. Tropical Island Coastal

Tropical Island Coastal

Tropical coastal style main characteristic is the generous amount of plantation that become its accessorizing style. The green color of the plantation is put as a resemblance to the tropical forest by the sea mood.

In this modern coastal living room ideas, the plantations are encouraged to be the dominant decor elements of the space. The atmosphere created by this style is leaning toward more active and joyful vibes.

10. Mediterranean Coastal

Mediterranean Coastal

Mediterranean coastal has stong architecture elements that differentiate it from the other coastal style. One that stands out the most is arched profile and curved decorative elements. In terms of furniture, it has a tendency to be low and most likely a custom-made.

Non rarely, you will find the seating furniture is made entirely of cushions. This style is all about simple relaxation. Although still dominated with white, a splash of bright color and bold ethnical pattern are welcome.

in addition, a unique fireplace design becomes a stylish focal point of a living room and make space feel more intimate.

11. Greek-Style Coastal

Greek-Style Coastal

The coastal decor has very similar traits with coastal. Both of them clean looking, uncluttered, and have a simple finishing touch.

The distinctive visual between the two is that Greek-style coastal living room ideas have a bold presence of blue in the palette along with white. The combination of the two is influenced by Greek national colors.

12. Colorful Carribean Coastal

Carribean Coastal

Totally different from other coastal styles, Carribean coastal living room ideas use a combination of bright colors in the palette. You will have a more vibrant and energetic mood with this style.

A generous amount of ethnic decor accessories are also encouraged to be part of this style. The finishing visual will have a messy yet comforting look. So, what do you think?

13. Statement Twist

A twist is a way of showing people your edge on design. Here’s some you can do for your unique coastal living room ideas.

Striking Pattern

Pattern Theme Coastal Living Room Ideas

Turn the table around and bring in the bold pattern into the mood-board. Combine the relaxing ambiance with an appropriate amount of bold pattern rug ideas and make sure it stands out.

The balance between the two will not overthrow your coastal theme. Place the pattern on the floor surface so that it won’t be too much, but select a  small coffee chair to make sure the pattern shows.

Hanging Chair

Hanging Chair

If your coastal living room ideas are to make a small personal sanctuary for yourself, selecting a hanging rattan chair can be a simple and interesting twist.

Instead of numerous seatings, enhance the intimate mood by hanging a chair in the space. The swing of the chair will be a relaxing experience, especially with the breeze of outdoor air from the window.

14. Shiplap and Leather Accent

Farmhouse Coastal

You can add a farmhouse influence into your coastal living room ideas to make a warmer and more intimate nuance to the living room space.

Adding leather, although it has a totally different characteristic can still totally go well with the entire decor. Balance leather accent with shiplap profile on the wall so that the leather does not overthrow the coastal theme.

15. Rattan and Jutte Overflow

Small Coastal Living Room Ideas

The essential character of coastal living room ideas is the light feeling in the room. Rattan furniture ideas that give warm color splash yet still being a light to put into your coastal living room is the rattan. You can match it with jute rugs, and banana leaves woven baskets to create a harmonious look.

16. Two-Tone Contrast Coastal Living Room Ideas

Traditional Coastal Living Room

Even though the color selection of coastal living room ideas leaning towards a lighter and cooler tone, you can still add a warmer or even dark color into your palette. My suggestion is to bring in the color through natural material or texture.

For example, dark rattan chairs or a dark wood door frame. This way it will not clash the coastal theme. In fact, it brings a touch of classiness to the finishing look.

17. Infuse Contemporary Touch

Contemporary Style

For you who has the contemporary living room style as your main decor style in your home, you can absolutely still have a coastal theme living room. Be creative and merge the two style and create your own coastal living room ideas.

The clean and sleek contemporary furniture in light colors meet the white background with a huge opening will create a mesmerizing living room space. In fact, a little touch of shiny materials will look even better under the bright showering sunlight.

18. Exposed Ceiling

Ceiling Coastal Living Room

Exposed structural ceiling sometimes is a turndown for some people. Not rarely, the exposed ceiling is covered and make the space height even lower.

Actually, decorating an exposed ceiling and make it stands out in your coastal living room ideas is an easy and clever way to create an interesting design. You can enhance the structure by painting the beam and mimics the look of a ship’s frame.

Present the fun and relaxing mood of summer vacation in your home by creating your own coastal living room ideas.

The touch of modernity meets the celebration of natural elements of coastal design will surely liven the atmosphere in your home. It can be subtle and soothing or it can be bright and joyful. Personalized your coastal decor because it has endless design possibilities.

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