18 Home Coffee Bar Ideas (for Coffee Lovers Only!)

For most coffee lovers, we can never start the day without a cup of coffee. Many of us even walk to get our coffee earlier in the morning.

Imagine how comfortable it is if we can just make our own coffee in our own house without having to walk to a coffee shop? It saves time and money for sure!

So, is it easy to make your own coffee bar? The answer is totally yes!

These coffee bar ideas can be very easy for your DIY project, flexible to put wherever you have available space, and it can also be a fun corner inside your house.

Ready to make your own coffee? Here goes 18 Home Coffee Bar Ideas for you all coffee lovers.

1. Eclectic Home Coffee Corner

Rack Coffe Corner

Coffee bar ideas are very useful to create a unique spot inside your house. If you do not have enough space in your kitchen, don’t worry. You can put your coffee bar anywhere available.

Easy to reach the spot

Even though the coffee bar can be placed anywhere, you should consider placing it in the area that can easily be reached. This location is important to make sure your morning coffee routine can go smoothly.

Pastel color

The coffee bar area can also be different with the rest of your house. For example, apply new color scheme to make it stand out but not too much. Pastel colors are soft and tend to stand out as an eclectic corner in your house.

Open racks with brass accent

When you have your coffee bar outside the kitchen, it is better to use an open rack that can easily organize all of your coffee appliances.

2. Stacking Coffee Station

Stacking Coffee Station

Another coffee bar ideas to save space and optimize the little spot that you have is stacking.

Creating a stacking open shelf to store your cups, sugar and coffee capsules can help you to place the coffee bar inside the kitchen.

This stacking coffee station works really well for small spaces, like a studio apartment. It is best to optimize the pantry area to put the coffee machine and the stacking shelf beside it.

This is can also be easily done as a DIY project using recycled woods. Later, you can paint the woods with another color like white as a combination.

3. Making the Most of the Wall

mug hanging shelf

This coffee bar idea is the best way to making the most of your wall, especially such a narrow one or a column.

This little space of a wall can be where you build your coffee bar starting from putting up a hanging open shelf for your mugs.

This hanging shelf can be done in such a creative way by adding decorations like greenery and boards of quote.

Below the hanging shelf, you can put a low cabinet to store other appliances. Use recycle woods and paint them in white to make it looks bright.

To make it easy to reach, you can place the coffee machine above the cabinet. Add more decorations using quote boards and cute mugs which have wording printed on them.

4. Rustic Home Coffee Bar

Rustic Home Coffee Bar Ideas

Coffee is a mood booster for your day and for your brain to get the work done. It is important to make a dedicated coffee bar in your house and this is one of the easiest ways to do it.

Rustic coffee bar ideas using recycled woods and other tools that you can find in your garage.

If you do not have too many coffee appliances, you can just place the coffee bar above your kitchen table or dining table using a piece of wood for the open rack.

Use the top area to store your coffee machine, French press, coffee beans, and sugar, while the bottom area to store your mugs.

5. Fancy Home Coffee Bar

Fancy Home Coffee Bar Ideas

Some of us do love fancy interior style to give a glamorous ambience into the house. This fancy coffee bar ideas are the best for you who love luxury.

Dedicated counter

Allocated a counter dedicated for your coffee machine and all of the other appliances. Make it stand out by using fancy material like white marble. Adding some brass accent can also enhance the glam.

Insert greenery

In addition to the dedicated counter, insert some greenery as decorations around it. Greenery can also make you feel fresh during your morning coffee.

Serve your guest

After creating such a fancy coffee bar, this area will be a very good spot to invite your guests and serve them coffee.

6. Homie Coffee Bar in the Corner

Coffee Bar in the Corner

This coffee bar idea is intended to fill up the corner somewhere in your kitchen. Do not worry if you have only a little space, as long as it still allows you to put the coffee machine.

On the wall, hang hooks to store your clean mugs. This is always the best way to be effective in saving space.

Another way to make the corner seems more intended and designed for the coffee bar is by putting a signboard.

You can easily make this signboard yourself. Then, you can also use cute themed mugs.

7. Built-in Home Coffee Bar

Built-in Home Coffee Bar

Do you happen to have a lot of coffee tools and actually have enough space to store it? Then, this built-in coffee bar idea is for you.

Make it different from your kitchen cabinets and create a built-in coffee bar only for your coffee machine, mugs, and other stuff that you need for your coffee routine.

If you are a serious coffee lover, you probably love to store different kinds of coffee beans at the same time. So, the lower cabinet can be used for three stacks of the drawer to store the coffee beans, sugar, and other stuff.

Your mugs can be stored in the open shelf above the coffee machine. To make it have a special touch, apply a white marble finish for the backsplash behind the coffee machine.

8. Subway Tile Coffee Bar

Subway Tile Coffee Bar

Ideally, you will want your coffee bar to be inside your kitchen or pantry. It is easier to wash and store the stuff. And it is actually easy to find a place in your kitchen counter that can be made for the coffee bar.

The mug can be stored in an open shelf hanging below the upper cabinet. The coffee machine can be placed in the counter together with the toaster to complete your morning routine.

Apply white subway tile finish for the backsplash to make the coffee bar area stand out.

9. Making the Most of the Kitchen

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas

Coffee bar ideas are not about fancy stuff or complicated DIY projects. The most prominent purpose of having a coffee bar is functionality in giving you the ease of access to coffee every morning.

So, even a very simple treatment by making the most of your kitchen space for a coffee bar is also a good idea as long as it works.

You can just add steel hooks attached to the backsplash area below the upper cabinet to store sugar, cream, and mugs.

10. Aesthetically Cluttered

coffe bar decorations

Coffee bar ideas allow you to be a little bit cluttered, in such an aesthetic way. You can use your kitchen space as a coffee corner which also a place for other stuff that you need to store, for example, herbs and spices, baking ingredients and of course your coffee stuff.

The coffee bar area can be a multi-functional spot inside your kitchen using wooden drawers and some greenery decorations.

11. Coffee Bar In Open Kitchen

Coffee Bar In Open Kitchen

If you live in an apartment, you will usually have an open kitchen that is aligned with the dining area. In this type of kitchen, you can easily insert the coffee bar in some empty space.

This is one of the examples when you can decorate your back wall using recycle blackboard and draw some doodling showing the coffee area. To store your coffee machine and its appliances, you can use a little credenza.

12. Scandinavian Coffee Corner

Scandinavian Coffee Corner

Scandinavian house is a trend nowadays and this house will need a Scandinavian coffee bar idea to maintain the vibes.

First, you start with placing a simple designed white credenza with wood accent next to a planter. Keep it very simple but add some decorations like sign board showing that area is a coffee bar.

You can also use the open shelf to store your daily magazine for morning reading when you have your coffee.

13. Home Coffee Corner in Autumn

DIY signage board

Well, it is definitely autumn now and you can use seasonal coffee bar ideas inside your house. You can start by adding DIY signage board to show that autumn is here using a recycle blackboard.

You can also change the board anytime you want, maybe when the season is changing.

Then, you can add some autumn decorations like pumpkins and red leaves all around the places, like in the hanging open shelf and next to the coffee machine.

This autumn coffee bar ideas can also turn into winter, summer and spring coloring your house with different themes every season.

14. Bohemian Coffee Bar

Bohemian Coffee Bar Ideas

Another way to use coffee bar ideas to make a unique spot inside your house is to apply a unique style for it. Like bohemian style for example. It can be very different than the rest of your house.

Open cart for storage

The most prominent problem in creating a home coffee bar is the limited space in the kitchen. To solve this problem, using an open cart to store coffee machine and other appliances is a good idea. It saves space and easy to organize.

Greenery as a point of interest

Add up decorations around the cart to make it more lively and vibrant. To achieve the real vibe of bohemian, put greenery decorations as the point of interest in your coffee bar areas.

Emphasize the wall

Lastly, wherever you decide to place your coffee bar, do not leave the wall behind it empty. Instead, you should emphasize the wall with decorations like pictures and artworks.

15. Coffee Bar with Greenery

Blacksplash Coffe Bar Ideas

It will also be nice to have a big dedicated coffee bar surrounded by greens. This coffee bar idea will work best for you who have advanced coffee maker tools or even open a coffee shop in your house.

Dedicate a counter especially for your coffee makers and place it next to the window. Use wood finish for the countertop and combine it with white tiles for the backsplash area.

16. Coffee Bar Corner in the Kitchen Counter

coffee bar sign board

If you happen to have enough space in your kitchen counter, this carved-out counter space coffee bar ideas are the best fit for you.

It is recommended to put the coffee bar area in the corner to separate it with other kitchen activities. Then, you can install simple hooks below the upper cabinet to hang clean mugs there. This way you can use the space effectively and still organized.

Next, place a stacking open rack to store sugar, cream, and other stuff next to your coffee machine. Also, to make this corner a little bit different from the rest of your space, you can also add a cute signboard or quote boards.

This way the coffee bar corner in your kitchen counter can feel more intentional.

17. Floating Shelf Filling Up the Corner

white coffee bar Ideas

Another coffee bar ideas that can optimize any space that you have available are using a floating shelf. Make the floating shelf from recycle wood and paint it with any color that you desire.

Then, hang it in the corner wall. Make sure that the shelf is thick enough to store your stuff.

Next, you can place an open credenza below the floating shelf to put your coffee machine and French press.

Do not forget to add some decorations like flowers and greenery.

18. Simple and Easy Coffee Bar DIY

Simple and Easy Coffee Bar

Coffee bar ideas do not have to be a lot of work and effort. Such a simple and easy DIY can also create a nice coffee bar in your house.

This picture below shows an example of it. A simple white wooden cart that can easily be placed anywhere in the house.

You can actually bring it to the kitchen when you need to wash the cups and back to the living room when you have some guests. Also, a little touch of flower can enlighten up the mood.

So, what do you think of these 18 home coffee bar ideas?

They are pretty easy to be done as one of your DIY projects during the weekend right?

Try them out and enjoy your morning coffee easily from home!

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