19 Cozy Country Kitchen Ideas (Modern and Eclectic Touch)

Country kitchens are an obvious choice for those who love comfort. Who wouldn’t enjoy sitting down to a meal and feeling as though they’ve been transported to a charming farmhouse?

In these types of spaces, balance is key. The best spaces incorporate rustic touches without feeling too over-the-top. Luckily, we have researched plenty of country kitchen ideas that will go a long way toward creating a space that’s equally cozy and chic.

Designing a country-style kitchen means opting for traditional surfaces – such as wood or stone –and pairing them with classic kitchen cabinet door fronts that will never age.

Don’t forget to add some antique crockery, silverware and a vase of freshly picked flowers to complete the look! But, for you, millennials. You can explore this style with a modern and eclectic touch. So, it won’t be less updated.

With that said, here are some of our favorite country kitchen ideas that will blow your mind. Get inspired and apply it for your future kitchen décor.

1. Bright and Airy Country Kitchen

Airy Country Kitchen Ideas

One defining feature of country-inspired spaces is that they typically have a bright, open, airy feel. For anyone who favors a neutral look, white is the obvious choice for the dominant color in the room.

The white country kitchen idea is one of the best recommendations that we could offer. Look at the picture, the white color livens up the room and tone down your stress away.

In fact, there are a few things you need to know about the country kitchen style. They are:

Choose Your Color Carefully

When designing a country kitchen, homeowners will often opt for white as the main color. This can make the room look more spacious, but if you want to add some real style and personality to your kitchen, use brighter colors — but just make sure you’re restrained. Consider livening up your cabinets, walls (or consider colored tiles or wallpaper).

Use Pattern to Add Interest

Plaid blankets and tweed might come to mind at the mention of country style, but there are far more patterns that can be included in the design of your new kitchen.

Stripes, florals, and woodland and farm animal prints will all look delightful against a rustic backdrop. Also think about your choice of cookware and tableware, which, depending on the style and color, can help to create a cohesive scheme in your kitchen, especially when it’s left on display.

Add Antique Details

If you don’t want your country kitchen to have too much of a modern look, adding some antique details will give it a more traditional and lived-in feel.

You could go all out and replace your dining table and chairs with a pre-owned set, or pick out some small ornaments to dot around the space.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

A country kitchen doesn’t have to look perfect — in fact, they tend to look better and homier when things are mixed and matched.

For example, you might choose to have four different chairs around your dining table, or want to choose different handles for all of your cabinets. This will add to the charm of your kitchen, and give it a carefree, effortless feel.

Use Scents to Create a Homey Feel

If you want to ensure that your kitchen is as homely and inviting as can be, you need to think about more than just the look — the scent of the room is just as important.

We all have our preferences when it comes to smells, but you can’t go wrong with baking scents when you’re shopping for your kitchen.

2. Country Kitchen Island

Country Kitchen Island

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and in no style of design does that feel truer than with this country kitchens.

For those who looking to create an inviting space and entertain plenty of family and friends should consider adding a kitchen island.

Even though you don’t have a traditional kitchen style. You can set your modern country kitchen with an island set on the parquet floor.

Before you settle on a final choice, consider whether your island should have extra storage, details, or multiple functions like a breakfast bar.

The countertop material is an essential part. Consider using wood material than granite or marble to make it cozier.

3. Classic Country Kitchen

Classic Country Kitchen Ideas

White and painted cabinets are still common, but wood finishes are re-surging in popularity and add warmth to an earthy kitchen.

The classic country kitchen ideas are using all wood material in the whole kitchen area. Unpainted wood features are a big part of country kitchen style.

Gorgeous thick floorboards, an authentic farmhouse dining set, and natural wood cabinetry are all hallmarks of the country look.

Nowadays, people often put a coating on the wood. To make it more everlasting and as termite repellent.

4. Modern Country Kitchen

Modern Country Kitchen Ideas

You might be stunning with this country kitchen ideas. In the picture, shows that country style is able to combine with a modern concept.

The wood cabinetry looks gorgeous pairing with marble countertop and hardwood flooring. The silver accents on the range hood and cabinet handle blending in beautifully.

This is a great idea for you who have a spacious kitchen like this.

5. Eclectic Country Design

Eclectic Country Design

One of the details that set the rustic design apart from other styles is that the approach to decor is a little more flexible — and there’s often more of it.

Feel free to amass a collection of various pieces that you love in order to create an eclectic design.

In designing eclectic country kitchen ideas, there are few tips for you:

  • Consider items that feature chickens or roosters to drive home that country feel.
  • Look for textiles with gingham or patchwork patterns for towels and tablecloths.
  • Installed a stunning backsplash using subway tiles or herringbone pattern in white or black color.
  • Use glossy material for the kitchen countertop.
  • Hang one or more vintage pendant lightings above the kitchen island.

6. Fusion Style

fusion style kitchen

Another country kitchen idea is fusion style kitchen. Cottage style pairing with country style in this kitchen to create a light and airy look. White tiles installed as the backsplash.

Burnished silver knobs and pulls elevate simple white cabinets, and dark, warm flooring grounds space. The wood flooring creates a strong accent in this kitchen. The color and pattern bring this kitchen into a stylish country kitchen.

7. White Country Style

white country kitchen ideas

White kitchen is irresistible. It never goes wrong with any kitchen style. This white country kitchen idea feature shiplap elements.

This kitchen looks so comfortable and cozy with all the kitchen features. Especially the wood countertop is chosen instead of granite or marble top. Don’t forget the smallest detail to make it more homey.

8. Industrial meet Modern Country Style

Industrial Modern Country Style

A brighter color represents a modern concept. Meanwhile, the darker shade represents the traditional one.

To pairing both styles, you can set a hardwood flooring in a darker shade with an authentic wood dining table.

Next, you can choose a warmer shade for the kitchen island and at last, set white cabinetry.

The important thing in this style is the black accents for the pendant lights. The black accents feature the industrial style of the kitchen.

9. Wooden Fixtures is Everlasting

Wooden Fixtures Country Kitchen

When it comes to furniture for your country kitchen, wood is the obvious choice.

However, rather than use pre-stained, mass-produced cabinetry and dining chairs that can be found just about anywhere, country kitchens often feature pieces with a little bit of personality.

There are several ways to go about sourcing these finds. Look for local artisans who hand-make their wares; scope out stores that sell unfinished pieces so you can add your own spin; scour vintage shops for furniture with a history; or, if possible, commission a one-of-a-kind piece to be made from reclaimed natural materials.

10. Country Kitchen Flooring

Country Kitchen Flooring

Many homeowners prefer to have a vibrant backsplash and neutral flooring, but this painted blue kitchen switches things around.

The ambiance of this country kitchen is so airy and stylish. The kitchen island with granite countertop also bring an elegance ambiance.

The floor tiles are the eye-catching piece in the room, and they are the perfect complement to the cabinetry. It’s classic yet stylish.

11. The Exposed Beams Ceiling

Ceiling Country Kitchen

To make your country kitchen look more amazing. You can opt for this ceiling idea. The exposed beam ceiling for country kitchen style.

The ceiling beams in your kitchen can make your kitchen look bigger, and can help to keep the eye at furniture level. You can explore more about the kitchen ceiling by reading this article ( kitchen ceiling ideas ).

12. Blue Country Kitchen Cabinet

Blue Country Kitchen Cabinet

The blue color is vibrant and elegance. Get inspired by this blue country kitchen ideas. The blue cabinet creates a vibrant vibe in the kitchen.

Beautifully combined with the pattern of the kitchen floor. The doorknobs and handle in gold accent create a luxurious ambiance to this country kitchen.

13. Old meet New

Rustic Country Kitchen Ideas

Feeling a bit rustic? Also, want to boast the modern side of the room? steal this country kitchen idea. This idea is perfect for a smaller area. You can place the red bricks on the backsplash area up to the ceiling.

Highlight the kitchen range hood pipes with silver accents. The important tip is to use white cabinetry and white wall to make it more spacious. Place your favorite farmhouse dining table and voila! Look at how beautiful is it.

14. Subway Tile is Timeless

Tile Country Kitchen

As you may know, wood is an essential material for country kitchen ideas. But there is another material that commonly used by many homeowners. That is the subway tiles.

The old vibe of the cabinetry combines with subway tile and silver cooking fixtures. So stylish and super chic!

15. Luxurious Vibes

Luxurious Country Kitchen

The country kitchen idea is not limited to an old, rustic and vintage look. It can elegance and luxury. It might be a bit tricky. But it’s doable. Set your wood kitchen ready.

Choose granite countertop and vintage stool chairs. Hang three glass pendant lights on the top. Instantly transform your kitchen into a luxurious country kitchen.

16. Cottage Mood

Cottage Country Kitchen

This country kitchen idea will make you feel the warmth and coziness. Want to pretend that you live in a cottage?

Why pretend when you can bring the cottage-feel home, thanks to this country-cottage kitchen. The grey kitchen plays a big role to balance the room.

Wall and floor made with white-colored shiplap and pairing with wooden kitchen ceiling. It feels less cramped and airy.

17. Grey Country Kitchen

Grey Country Kitchen Ideas

Grey is another color that works well with this country kitchen style. More pale color creates a cooling effect on a room and makes it more elegance and spacious.

The wood floor balanced the cooling effect of the room. Even though it is a bit monotone, but there is an elegance nuance in it.

18. Vintage Pendant Lights

Vintage Pendant Lights Country KItchen

Lighting might be easy to overlook, but it helps this country kitchen stand out. Oversize pendants above the island draw attention to the charm of the ceiling and feature antiqued industrial shades.

The more diminutive reproduction fixture above the sink allows the island lighting to take center stage while still providing ample task lighting and nostalgic character.

19. French Style Range Hood

French Style Kitchen

A country kitchen is incomplete without the classic range hood that is more or less the showstopper of the kitchen.

Here, the stunning wood range hood takes up an entire wall. It makes a statement and how! The wooden shelves, along with white cabinetry, give a delightfully rustic accent.

Today, kitchen vent hoods are available in all shapes, sizes, and materials (hello, copper!) that can either draw the eye or blend right in with the surroundings.

And you don’t have to spend a fortune on them, either: Some of these are just basic metal underneath a clever DIY job. Here another names and type of kitchen range hood:

  • Barn Wood-Covered Kitchen Range Hood
  • Copper Kitchen Vent
  • White and Gold Kitchen Range Hood
  • Brass Kitchen Range Hood
  • Copper Kitchen Range Hood
  • Brick Range Hood

The warmth of the country kitchen ideas is irresistible. With their cozy look, homely feel, and rustic style, they’re timeless, so it’s no wonder homeowners are rushing to transform their kitchens into country-inspired spaces that their entire families can enjoy.

Because of the main material is the wood, those ideas drive your mind into a peaceful place. We hope these country kitchen ideas will inspire you to create a cozy space your whole family will love. Which features do you want in your kitchen? Let us know in the comments below.

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