20 Crazy Fireplace Ideas (Recommended to Change Your Mood!)

Nowadays, fireplace ideas come in a vent free gas or propane and electric fireplace. Modern fireplaces are built no more just with stone and brick. Now they are being built by marble and even glass.

And, there is a time-honored traditional open fire.

Whether coal or log fueled, there are few things as comforting as gathering around an open fire; the sight, sound, and aroma plays on all your senses and creates the perfect place to hunker down in comfort and never leave.

Thus, for you who are waiting, here are 20 fireplace ideas that you might consider with!

The ideas below are gathered specially for you who might have a real or faux fireplace in your house.

1. Play with Simplicity

fireplace white marble surround

Talking about simple and clean fireplace idea, you could choose a bright color with an accent features such as black, gold, or go with a pop color. And the best color to embrace a simple look for your living room and fireplace is white.

The combination of white and marble will never go wrong to get a smooth sense yet beautiful.

As quoted by the famous architect about “less is more”, simple design will make a clean and neutral ambiance for your room.

By adding a touch of green leaves above the mantel will create a fresh look for your fireplace ideas.

The last, you can give a final touch with the minimalist wall frame and chandeliers on the fireplace to emphasize the simplicity and modern look.

This idea of simplicity fits also with modern living room ideas. Back to basic will never go wrong!

2. Fireplace in Modern Living Room Ideas

modern fireplace wall

One thing is for sure: fireplaces are no longer limited to stones and bricks! We live in a time where almost every material could be used for the purpose (glass and marble included).

Thanks to the creativity of today’s designers! Fireplace designs come in all inspirational and intriguing shapes, and they are easily integrative in every environment.

There’s no shortage of fireplace ideas. Like the picture below there’s no way to say that the fireplace doesn’t look any better than the room itself.

What a brilliant idea for a major change!

3. Freestanding Fireplace Ideas

log fireplace

The more family members you have, the more spaces you’ll need. A fireplace is normally set in front of your favorite’s 3-seater sofa or sofa bed.

However, what will you do if they do not fit in? Break out the wall partition to create a bigger space and create your open-plan living area.

If you’re planning to knock down a wall to create an open-plan living area, keep the existing chimney breast frame and install a log burning stove. So, it will create cozy center-piece and will heat the whole area.

But, if you are making a new one, try to use this fireplace idea. Opt a freestanding fireplace using the wood-burning stove with no chimney.

It will unite your entire room and you will not feel cramped. Also, get more inspiration from room divider ideas to create another amazing stuff yet still give the sense of spacious to your living room.

wood burning fireplace insert

4. Portable Outdoor Fireplace

outdoor fireplace

The first consideration when planning to build an outdoor fireplace is the location. Your backyard is going to be a popular and heavily trafficked area.

Will you locate it adjacent to your home, on a deck or patio, or set it further into the backyard, in a separate seating area?

There are some factors that might influence your decision:

  • The size of your outdoor living space
  • The outdoor fireplace is going to be wood burning or powered by propane or natural gas.
  • The design for your outdoor fireplace.

Many homeowners choose a “built-in” style. Others prefer a freestanding fireplace, possibly even one that’s portable. For either a built-in or freestanding style of an outdoor fireplace, you can choose to purchase a prefabricated exterior or one that’s a blank slate, so that you can decide which materials to adorn your fireplace with.

5. Cool Rustic Fireplace

white fireplace

A rustic living room may just be the coziest, most welcoming design style you’ll find.

The modern rustic decor brings warmth to monochromatic spaces, adds timeless profiles to contemporary designs, and allows homeowners to create eclectic spaces that reflect their personality.

This is completely perfect by bringing in the rustic fireplace in it.

Like this fireplace idea, the white painted wall and white brick chimney show how simple life can be!

Bring in wood elements into the mantel and a minimalist poster to perfect it.

Also, you can create a bench in front of the hearth. A brown leather sofa or upholstered sofa also will complete the design.

6. Maximizing the Corner Area

corner fireplace

Corner fireplaces offer myriad benefits to folks with gathering rooms great or small.

Taking advantage of underused areas, corner fireplaces maximize more space by leaving longer walls open for furniture placement.

Corner fireplaces can be tricky to design around, but in the end, comfort should rule:

  • Consider how you and your family want to use the space and how often you’ll be firing up the hearth before you move in your furniture.
  • Orient furniture pieces that you plan to utilize most often (be it bedstead, sectional sofa, or kitchen banquette) to face the fireplace whenever possible.
  • To give the fireplace presence in the space, orient the furniture arrangement to accommodate the fireplace’s location.
  • Lay an area pattern rug style to define floating furniture groupings that mirror the angle of a corner fireplace. Do not forget to make sure you leave ample aisles for traffic to move around and through the arrangement.
  • When placing furniture in the center of the room, remember to flush out the room’s perimeter with corner cabinets, bookcases, console tables, or a cozy seating or work area.

Then, with comforts rightly in place, light the fire, kick back, and enjoy the cozy fire in the corner!

7. Exploring Unvented/Ventless Fireplace

fireplace glass

One of the most fireplace ideas that you can try is the unvented/ventless fireplace.

Unvented gas logs are designed to produce a very hot flame that results in nearly complete fuel combustion, decreasing the levels of carbon monoxide and soot that are produced by other gas logs.

Unvented gas logs can be housed in a masonry fireplace or in special fireboxes made to resemble a heart.

Most vent-free gas logs are housed in a firebox, but they can also be mobile fireplaces, which you can move around in your home.

Thus, it is also such an artsy inspiration not only to fireplace ideas but also to complete your wall decor ideas!

8. Instant ambiance by the Electric Fireplace

electric fireplace

Looking for a way to warm up your house but don’t want an unsightly traditional space heater?

If so, you might be interested in an electric fireplace, which is designed to provide supplementary heat to a given room.

Many the electric fireplace is portable, meaning that you can bring around anywhere you want.

They plug into the wall and can run on a “flame only” setting, or can be used as a heater.

9. Creative Mantel Décor Ideas

mantel decor

If you already find a perfect fireplace idea for your room, do not forget about how to style the mantel.

The important thing is how to make your fireplace stand out the most in your room. There are a lot of mantel styles you should try!

If you are feeling a bit modern yet playful, you can add a pop-up color behind the mantel. Play with objects of different heights and you can go symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Think of it as an extra-special showcase for collectibles, artwork, and even the TV.

10. Glass Fireplace Doors

glass fireplace

As one of the fireplace ideas, equipping your fireplace with glass doors offers both form and function.

Glass fireplace doors are an economical upgrade available in many forms and finishes that can be easily installed to give your new or existing fireplace an updated look.

Consider your personal decorating style, your home’s architecture, and your budget when selecting glass fireplace doors for your hearth.

Door frames are crafted in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and brass, in popular finishes that include gold, gray, black, brass, bronze, copper, white, polished, brushed, hammered, and antiqued.

11. Gas Fireplace Inserts Ideas

gas fireplace

Gas fireplace inserts are heat-efficient options for homeowners wishing to add an easy-care hearth and for those weary of the log-stacking and ash-hauling chores associated with wood-burning fireplaces.

Essentially, a gas fireplace inserts consist of a firebox equipped with a steel or cast-iron surround, a log and burner set, and a decorative faceplate that fills the gap between the insert’s surround and the sides of a fireplace opening.

The fireplace ideas with the gas inserts might be varied according to the way you decorate your room. You can have a freestanding fireplace, portable or It can be recessed into a wall.

12. New Idea for an Old Heart

white fireplace

Every warmth of the fireplace is coming from the hearth. If your fireplace might get a little older than you, try to makeover it!

Whether you like to be the classic, modern, or contemporary living room, you can mix the style as you want. There are no boundaries in the art of design.

Play along with color, decorating stuff, painting, poster or even family photo. If you feel bored by maintaining the traditional stove, you can use the gas to light up your cozy living room.

13. Living Room with Fireplace Bookshelf

fireplace bookshelf

A fireplace needn’t be in use to become a stylish focal point of a room. The decorators of this open plan living room have utilized its disused fireplace and chimney breast by using the open hearth for book storage and mounting a flat-screen TV above.

It creates a cozy space perfectly practical for a modern family living. Painting the breast, a soothing blue give it even more presence in this comfortable space.

14. Combine with Built-in Shelving

classic fireplace

There are two types of fireplace ideas that are commonly used.

A fireplace with mantel and without mantel but with shelving. Give a classic/modern look with a bespoke shelving unit mounted above a traditional fireplace.

It will create a stylish and unique focal point.

However, if you are much more into symmetrical and clean-look of design, then put the fireplace in the center and on the left & right side put built-in cabinets to make it balance the picture below.

modern fireplace with bookshelves

15. Placing a TV Over a Fireplace

tv over fireplace

When you put a fireplace in the room, you might wonder how to maximize the space within the sofas, coffee table, TV stand and also the fireplace itself.

The TV generally will be placed together with the fireplace on a spot. Here is one of the fireplace ideas that might inspire you.

stone fireplace

Take your TV and mounting it on the fireplace breast. If you have an unvented electric/gas fireplace, consider the fireplace as the TV stand and put it on the mantel plus other decorations to perfect the look.

Alternatively, the other option has built-in cabinets and shelving on both sides of the fireplace.

16. Choose your own Tiles!

fireplace design

A fireplace is supposed to be an attractive focal point. But if yours is grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons, consider giving it a face-lift with beautiful tile, and you might want to give a try to this fireplace idea.

You can use tiles in every way into your fireplace design.

In addition to select your desired tiles, match your design by adding the color to the wall and other decorations.

Like the picture below, the patterned tiles combined with Mediterranean flairs and using the pop-up yellow and classy window treatment idea to liven up the room.

17. Exposed Brick Chimney Breast Inspiration

white brick fireplace

An exposed brick chimney breast is a popular decorative fireplace style right now.

It demands attention, adds texture and lends itself well to not only rustic but modern schemes as it gives the nod to the industrial trend.

Like in this room, an exposed white painted brick fireplace and wood wall combo bring on the cozy.

Just be sure when painting brick that you’re certain you want to do! It is because once you have painted the bricks. So it’s very difficult to restore it to its natural look.

18. Wood Burning Fireplace Screen

fireplace screen

An important thing when you make a fireplace is by keeping its safety to the family member especially kids.

A fireplace screen is a must without exception for a wood-burning fireplace, but do not be so stilted.

Explore the fireplace ideas you like and do not forget to match the style of the screen.

19. Faux Fireplace Ideas in Mid-Century Living Room

fireplace mantel

The mid-century modern living room gives you a chic nuance with vivid colors and beautiful decorations. Usually reflects chill and give nonchalant energy.

It’s kind of vintage but not really. Also, it’s perfect if you have a small living room since it will let you accommodate your dining table as well as sofas in the same area.

If you don’t have enough space for your fireplace, just make a fake one.

Make your wall into the fireplace shape and decorate it as you wish.

Moreover, you can make it as simple as the picture below or you can add any style of fireplace mantel that you like.

20. Fireplace in your Neutral Elegant Living Room

propane fireplace

Nothing makes a room feel cozier than a fireplace. Whether it’s modern, traditional, farmhouse or something altogether different, a living room that has a fireplace just feels more welcoming than one that doesn’t.

For this fireplace idea, bring your fireplace into the center as the focal point to create a conversation area.

Additionally, make space feel more intimate by pulling the furniture away from the walls if space allows.

Make sure the furniture has some curved lines and isn’t too severe.

There’s nothing better than coming home after a long day and settling down into a comfy, cozy living room.

Particularly if you live in a cold climate with a fireplace inside your home.

Moreover, to create that comfy, cozy living room is all easy. It’s all about warm colors, soft fabrics and surrounding yourself with things that make you happy.

So, have you found your favorite one?

Before you start to create one, do not forget to light up your fireplace and enjoy the warmth and cozy living room throughout your chilliest day.

Enjoy exploring more!

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