21 Attractive Girl Bedroom Ideas (Amazing Tips and Inspirations)

If you’re searching for girl bedroom ideas, think about what your daughter loves and see their bedroom from their perspective. Do not forget to remember your daughter’s age!

The 8 years old girl, they’re a delight. They’re no longer an infant or toddler, but not yet a teen with a corresponding attitude. For her, a bedroom is a place that reflects her status as “not baby anymore”. But a teenager has a different view of a bedroom than little girls — beyond a place to sleep, it’s where a teen escapes from the world of demands and rules.

Need a little inspiration? These 21 girl bedroom ideas will help you make your daughter’s space as special as she is.

1. Yes! Pink Bedroom

girl bedroom makeover ideas

Who doesn’t love pink? I think most of the people will be attracted by this color. The most lovable color in the world. Especially loved by little girls – babies, toddler, teens and even the adult.

These are simple ways to decorate your daughter’s bedroom with this color.

  • Paint the wall with all-pink or choose few sides of the bedroom.
  • If you don’t like the color block, combine it with the patterned wallpaper that you love.
  • Go Bold or Go Soft. Pink has many schemes that you can try and blend. Choose the right color that perfectly reflects your character.
  •  Decorate the bedroom with pinkish furniture. For you who don’t like too much pink, you can try this tip: Bring in your pink furniture, for example, the bed and headboard, the drawers, chairs and so on. I’m sure it will pop-out the most.
  • Do not forget to add the rugs to complete the look.

For baby room stuff, check baby girl room ideas to get the more inspiring decoration.

2. Born to be a Unicorn (Too Cute!)

unique teenage girl bedroom ideas

It’s always special for little girls to stay magical and when unicorns are involved, it’s even easier. If your daughter loves and adores unicorn so much, this is one of the girl bedroom ideas that will bring all her fantasy into the real world!

The first thing that you should do is color up her room and change her usual bedding sheet into unicorn pattern. It’s not just the bedding sheet, the unicorn wallpaper and unicorn head also will work too. At last, do not forget to put any rainbow accessories to complete the look, ex: the rug, cushion, led light, and so on.

3. Disney Princess Themed bedroom? Why Not!

little girl bedroom themes

What a dreamy bedroom for your little girls. You can bring all her favorites into one themed bedroom. The important thing is by changing the wallpaper. Hanging up the chandelier and some wall lamps. Do not forget the princess-daybed with cushions and the canopy indeed. Another girl bedroom ideas you must try!

4. Colorful Bedroom

wall decor ideas for girl bedroom

Lots of kids want a colorful-bright kinda bedroom, and why not? If your daughter loves the various color, but not necessarily all pink, keep the floors, the furniture and the walls (other than perhaps one accent wall) neutral, and then go wild on the bed, small furnishings and accessories.

A crazy-bright accent wall mural is another fun touch that works in a child’s space but is too much for the master bedroom. This girl bedroom ideas will be perfect for your cheerful girl.

5. House Bed Canopy

simple girl bedroom ideas

Wood-bed frame was a hit lately. It’s one of a good idea to decorate your girl bedroom. Sheer fabric and gold lights create a simple canopy when draped over a charming house-frame floor bed for this Nordic-inspired girl’s room as seen on the popular children’s design blog, Oh Eight Oh Nine.

6. Playful Girl Bedroom

Playful Girl Bedroom ideas

Every girl wanted a bedroom with a playing area in it. From the picture of girl bedroom idea below, you can steal the idea for your lovely daughter.

Furthermore, decorate the bed as their playground. If you want to make it like a bunk bed with the stair to climb, try to make it fun and playful. Create the bed as the sleep pot and do not forget to put the accessories that they can play with. But, do not forget to create the study area!

7. Floral for Your Girl

girl bedroom ideas painting

Firstly, go with the floral wallpaper. It’s best if you put it only on a side of the room. Paint any pastel or bold color that you like for the others side. Or if you don’t want to paste any floral on your wall, just put the floral painting instead.

Use metal bed frame, this will create a vintage-shabby chic look to the room. It could be white/silver/gold frame and use the floral bedding sheet. Don’t forget to bring in classic-vintage-rustic furniture, white fur rugs, accessories and the last is the pendant light. Then, look at the pictures of girl bedroom ideas below!

8. Purple Puff Girl

purple girl bedroom ideas

Same as pink, purple is the second favorite color for the girl. They love it because it has elegant feeling in it. The purple girl bedroom idea is also the best choice if you are still looking for any inspiration.

9. Boho Vintage Teenager’s Bedroom

Boho Vintage Teenager Girl Bedroom

Want to create a truly dreamy space for the little lady in your life? Go with Boho!

Bohemian-inspired décor is back and boasting a fresh and modern vibe. Put the touch of pastel color because it never goes wrong. Also, create the vibe of natural wood from the floor and the bed and it’s blend beautifully. The crochet and the fur rugs also work well with the theme.

Another thing to do is, create a reading nook with the white canopy and the dream catcher as the accent. Last but not least, do not forget the light! Hang a chandelier and the light bulbs up on ceilings. Thus, your lovey-dovey bohemian bedroom is ready to go now.

10. Shared Bedroom Tips

baby girl bedroom design ideas

To design a shared bedroom for 2 girls is not an easy task. Look at the girl bedroom ideas below. And here are some helpful tips to overcome common design challenges and create a happy and functional room for your young roommates.

  • Your first step is to select an underlying color palette for the main elements of the room (walls, rug, furniture) that is their favorite of course.
  • To complement your underlying palette, layer complementary colors and patterns on top of that. For example, in a pink and white room, try accenting with pop-color accessories. For patterns, lean towards stripes, chevron or solids with large geometric shape(s).
  • When selecting furniture, opt for furniture with clean lines and that’s non-themed (steer clear of the race car or sleeping beauty beds) and pair with neutral colored essentials such as bed and window treatments.
  • The exciting part of creating a super fun bedroom for your girls is accessorizing and customizing design elements to match their budding personalities. Select design elements that make the room feel like it belongs to both of them. Personalize accessories throughout the room such as wall art or coat hooks. Reading lamps with turquoise color adds a pop of energy and excitement to any space.

11. Create Her own Study Space

pretty girl bedroom ideas

Every child needs a perfect education. Besides our capability to pay a high tuition fee, we should make she enjoys studying first. The way to make it happen is by providing her own study area. Here is girl bedroom idea with study area in it.

The most important thing in here is by making it comfortable, applicable and attractive as much as it can. Choosing a right furniture is a key. Then, place her most needed stuff on the table, choose her favorite colored chair, hang some photos and her best works to keep her motivated.

12. Pretty Girl Bedroom in Small Space

girl bedroom ideas pink

Who doesn’t love the luxury design, even the adult is still dreaming of having a luxury bedroom with good lighting and luxe furniture? Here is a girl bedroom idea to inspire with.

Choose marble or granite tiles that will show off the most luxury ambiance. Let the room color being a bit pale but on side of the wall put 3D textured wavy wallpaper. Use open spaces furniture and wall mounted it. Use a pale scheme color as the wall. Get in a pinkish chair and round bean bag into the room. Last but not least is hang a decorative pendant light.

Need more inspiration for closet organization ideas to your girl smart bedroom, klick here to find more!

13. Grown-Up Color Bedroom

little girl bedroom accessories

When your little girl starting to grow up and wanting a different touch to her bedroom. Ask her what she wants as her favorites. Let’s look at the girl bedroom idea below.

I recommend if you want to redecorate her room, use a grown-up color instead colorful one. For a neutral color, it’s better to use the white color and combined it with dots pattern and gold typography for the accent. Use queen size bed instead of a single bed.

Choose grey headboard and put white bedding sheet with colorful bedcover and cushions. Add the white furry rug and pink-pastel color for the nightstands. To liven up the room, try to put some artificial plants and gold fixtures accessories.

14. Multi-Purpose Bedroom as They Become Teenage

teen girl bedroom decor

Work with your teen to creatively address the following areas in their room:

  • A sleeping area
  • A study area
  • A place to lounge with friends

Looking for more girl bedroom ideas? If small space is an issue, use creative approaches to meet their multi-purpose room goal. Here some ideas for creating a versatile, small space include:

  • A vertically oriented study area. Create a small surface for writing and make use of vertical space above and below the table surface for storage and other items.
  • Cork boards or magnetic dry erase boards can clear the small desk surface.
  • A small bench against the bed’s footboard could be a good, versatile lounge.
  • Add a few throw pillows and a rug in a corner for a lounge area if space is a challenge.
  • Place the bed lengthwise against a wall, daybed style. Add mosquito netting or fabric to create an exotic lounge and sleeping combination.
  • Nix the bed frame and add a headboard decal on the wall to save space.
  • A sofa table is narrow enough to work on and makes a great desk for small spaces.

Also, don’t forget to Incorporate this multi-purpose concept with master bedroom ideas to get a perfect room combination.

15. Explore Color with the Wall Pattern

best girl bedroom ideas

To explore more designs about girl bedroom ideas, look for any DIY’s wallpaper ideas, mural paintings, and stencil wallpaper. You can use the idea to create a fresh ambiance into the room.

Try with geometrical, circular or dots, lines, herringbone, chevron pattern or just go abstract and mystical. Next is, choose the perfect color as you desire with. Better with few colors instead single color. You can create it pops up instead blending it with the room. Lastly, enjoy the room!

16. Bold Design for the Wall

little girl bedroom design ideas

While adults prefer a space that’s calm and understated, teens appreciate vibrantly colored, high energy rooms. The wall is the biggest area you can work in a bedroom. Some of the best girl bedroom ideas involve the walls. Here are the options; Bright color, A custom printed wall décor, mural paint or a graffiti wall, Favorite words in neon or light marquis signs.

17. Super Cool Teen Bedrooms

cool girl bedroom ideas

Teenager prefers a bedroom that’s fun and a signature of who they are. The number one response to what personality aspect a teen wants to express through their room was “creative”.

Bold, imaginative elements will excite a teen like nothing else. Add a swing or hanging chair into her room. Don’t forget to play with white fur rug and colorful cushions.

18. Small Room, Big Dreams

teenage girl bedroom decorating ideas

A loft bed offers the perfect style for your small space. One of recommended girl bedroom ideas. Just install a customize bed as and some adorable curtains, add some comfy cushions and some twinkling fairy lights, and you’ve got one happy little lady!

Under the bed, make it as her lounge. Install book storages and cabinets. Place two comfy floor sofa and floor cushion with colorful accents. Don’t forget to put some vintage rug and place it under round wood-coffee table to match the concept. Lastly, let some plants grow in the room as she’s pursuing her dreams.

19. A Comfy Reading Nook

girl bedroom ideas for small rooms

If your girl adores books so much. Get her own reading nook inside the bedroom. For your girl bedroom ideas, place the nook next to the window as the sun comes into the room. Better if it is also near the study table and shelves. It will make it easier to reach the books.

Place colorful cushions over the bench and hang up colored-roman blinds for the window. The underdrawers is also a good idea to come with as a place to store the books and kinds of stuff. Besides it is used as the reading area, it also could be a place to hang with her friends. What a fun!

20. Add More Storage

girl bedroom storage ideas

Messy rooms seem to be a teenager’s rite of passage. Good storage options will be the best feature they didn’t think they needed but will appreciate. Necessary storage items in a room include:

  • Dressers
  • Shelving
  • Under-the-bed storage
  • Storage benches or storage ottomans
  • A cabinet wall around the bed

Make storage fun for her, just like you would for all girl bedroom ideas.

21. Decorative Ceilings

girl bedroom decorating ideas

If you fill bored with the mainstream design. I recommend this girl bedroom ideas, that is the decorative ceiling. Using pattern is a good choice. Any pattern will work unless it must be matched to your design concept.

The most important thing to remember is not to worry to talk to your girls. Find out what she wants and what she needs. It’s best if she wants to cooperate with you. Hope you find a lot of inspiration from the ideas above and do not hesitate to check back the website if you are looking any other design ideas. Good luck!

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