19 Headboard Ideas to Jazz up Your Amazing Bedroom!

As a space for a peaceful retreat, a bedroom should be at the top consideration for designing. Also as a focal point for your bedroom, the bed, especially the headboard, must have more attention to get the right choice for headboard ideas since it can change the vibe of your bedroom in an instant.

It’s okay if you choose to go with the simple, store-bought upholstered and tufted kind of headboard. But nothing can stop you to improvise and create a new vibe, a new feeling for your bedroom with your sense of creativity and style.

Sure there are unlimited options you can choose. Feel puzzled and overwhelmed? Don’t be! We’re here to recommend you some headboard ideas to help you in designing one.

1. From Salvaging to Something Amazing

rustic headboard ideas

If you’re looking for cheap options for your headboard, try a little DIY on it! Create a rustic feeling from the used materials. This time, we will focus a little more on how unused plank of wood could transform your bedroom into something unique and level up your originality level through your own headboard style.

There are unlimited options on what the salvaged material should be. Usually, it comes from the leftover wood flooring pieces, wood pallets, wood log, even bamboo!

You can start it by forming your headboard frame, then you can arrange the wood based on your own style! There are a lot of online articles detailed on this type of headboard ideas. You also can install a bedside lamp on the headboard to save some space for another furniture in the room.

2. Bookshelf as Your Headrest

bookshelf headboard ideas

This will be a great headboard idea for those who love to read, and/or have to maximize its small space in the bedroom. Here we have two options for installing this bookshelf as your headboard. Just make sure that your bookshelf is wider than your own bed.

  • Existing: you can just put the wall mounted bookshelf on where your headboard would be, and then attach it to your bed using brackets. Make sure to put some thick pillow so the wood of the bookshelf won’t have direct contact with your head
  • A bit of work: move the wood of the bookshelf from your designated headboard space and attach the bed and bookshelf to the wall. This will create a nook for your headspace and unite the bed and the bookshelf.

Explore more the double duty headboard not only as a bookshelf? Check closet organization ideas to explore more headboard function and its combination as a closet.

3. From Your Floor to Your Wall

hanging rug headboard ideas

Hanging your rugs or another type of tapestry can drastically change the room’s vibe through the detail of the cloth. It’s also a great way to display it if you want to preserve the rug’s condition!

Before starting, keep in mind of the size of your rug and the size of the wall you’re going to attach to. Also, don’t use nails to hang it, as it will slowly damage your rug. On the other hand, make sure you regularly clean it.

Here are our recommendations on how you should hang your rug for your headboard:

  • Stitch your upper side of the rug for the Velcro. We recommend about at least two-inch wide. Don’t use sticky back Velcro as it will harder to remove.
  • Casing and rod. Stitch a fabric on the backside of the rug to accommodate the size of the rod, the slide rod through the fabric and hang the rod on the wall.
  • Use the store-bought Carpet Clamps and hang your rug on it
  • Tackless Carpet Strips can be an easier way than Velcro. But be careful because it’s a bit risky as it will pull the fiber of your rug and damaged it.

4. Femininity and Flowers

teenage girl headboard ideas

This pattern for your headboard will be very suitable for girl bedroom ideas or your bachelorette bedroom! Bring the femininity to your bedroom by installing cute floral pattern on your headboard. Don’t be afraid to personalize it and make your bedroom very personal and exciting with the splash of color and texture.

Here are our recommendations on how to create one!

  • If you want a cheaper solution, you can buy a floral-patterned fabric and install it on your headboard. Beside the fabric-made pattern, you can also install floral artwork as your headboard
  • You also can use a fake flower on your existing headboard to boost up your feminine side.
  • Like neutral shades, but yet want some floral vibe in your room? Try to install flower applique on your headboard as it will have a texture play in your bedroom.

5. The Double Agent

wainscoting headboard ideas

Wainscoting can be one of your options of the headboard ideas as well. This can bring the stronger classical vibe to your bedroom. On the other hand, the usage of wainscoting for your bedroom can be a symbol of modernity as it has no traditional headboard and it will thoroughly unite the bedroom by the wainscoting itself.

You can keep the existing wainscoting if you have one. But on a more modern house, you can build your own wainscoting, either if you want it to be installed on your overall wall or just specifically install it on your bedside.

There is a lot of online tutorial on how to build your own wainscoting. Try them and add some bit of your personal flavor to personalize it!

6. More Comfortable Headboard Ideas

pillow headboard ideas

Don’t get us wrong, but a pillow can be an interesting alternative for your headboard ideas. We believe that pillow has more offered values rather than just becoming the place where you lay your head. Pillow can bring the coziness, safety, and softness and always associates with rest and sleep.

Pillow being a headboard is sure will bring an interesting focal point of your bedroom. As they come in many shapes colors and sizes, the design ideas are unlimited!

The most basic method is creating a pillow stacks, by stick the pillow by Velcro. If the pillow comes in the same size, use shades of color matching with your bedroom ambiance or give some splash of bright color by having it painted or make a pattern to personalize your bedroom.

7. Headboards of Memories

black frame headboard ideas

This style would be suitable for people who work in photography or just simply loves to collect images. Installing this styles can level up your personalization level in your bedroom, since it has limitless options on how you hang the frame on your bed, making it a great decorative headboard.

One of the popular styles of this headboard art is to make a collage. If you want to create some collage with certain shape layout from it, then the main attention should be on the shape. For the frame and the photo inside, you can use black frame and black and white photo.

8. From Warming to Comforting

vintage headboard ideas

Give a classic or vintage flair to your bedroom by bringing fireplace mantel as your headboard! This particular furniture will amp up your bedroom, as it will be a significant object for the room.

You can explore what kind of finishing you’ll apply depending on what style of bedroom you wish to be. It can be usual and all white-painted classic or go with rustic and show its material’s character.

A fireplace mantel can be built or you can take advantage of the unused one in your room. There are a lot of guidance on how built one and make a padded headboard in the middle. If it’s the existing one, make sure the size fits your bed’s wide and seal off the fireplace and a padded headboard.

9. A Gate to Nowhere

antique headboard ideas

Do you think the queen-size bed frame available is really expensive? Then you should consider this really cheap salvaged door as one of your headboard ideas. Another thing to consider is that this door is usually coming from an old style door built of solid wood so it still has good quality.

You can get this particular door on antique shops, salvage yards, even in your attic!

When building one for your headboard, make sure to fit it with your bed size. If your door is too long or too big, you can resize it by a power saw.

Afterward, remove all hinges, hardware, and locking mechanisms (especially if you’re using an old interior door!). Scrub the door, leave it overnight, and then coat it with paints. Afterward, install the sconces for lighting fixtures and you’re set!

You can use this material for the footboard as well!

10. Screen Headboard Ideas

Screen headboard ideas

Another budget-friendly alternative for your headboard ideas is using the folding screen that should give a character to your bedroom through the striking design.

Some steps to follow when installing this furniture are beginning from choosing the right size for your bed width to deciding which style you’re going with. If your screens are a bit wider than your bed, it may make the bed looks bigger. There are some styles you need to match your bedroom and your screen:

  • Going with basic? Use the simple style with the louvered panels
  • Using the upholstered screen and some decorative details would be fit for a more sophisticated style
  • For classical style, use the wrought iron screens!

Another thing to consider is to attach the screen to the wall using appropriate screws and brackets. Don’t forget to personalize it by applying a certain color that matched your bedroom’s style.

11. Something Smooth for your Headboard Ideas

textile headboard ideas

We believe that quilts and curtains do not only belong to beds or window cover, as they’re versatile, they can have a possibility to be a textile headboard, too. So, try to consider this exciting headboard idea as well.

From a lot of possibilities, we compile some exciting ways of designing one:

  • You can go with the traditional shape of the curtain by hanging it on the wall, installing the curtain rod just below the ceiling.
  • To give you a more romantic and feminine ambiance, you can have your curtain rod hanging on your ceiling, parallel with your end or middle of your bed and have the additional rod on the wall, just below the ceiling to hang it and creates some canopy
  • For more dramatic and dreamy night, use the translucent material for your curtain and install some scattered small lamps and create a starry night!

12. Waving Your Identity!

national identity headboard ideas

Using a certain national identity as your headboard is quite a new exciting way of decorating your bedroom in general. By installing flag of your country origin or any country you interested in, this type of décor will strongly carry symbolism and visual impact as well. This headboard is also great for your boys bedroom ideas.

You can choose to plainly go with hanging it on your headboard as usual, but we have some recommendation on installing the flag headboard ideas, such as:

  • Painting it on a rustic material, such as reused wood plank.
  • Paint your own wall with the massive vertical flag to create the illusion of high ceiling.
  • Make it from unusual materials, such as used poles, et cetera.
  • Create the flag as the upholstery for your existing padded headboard.

13. Going Classic and Modern

modern headboard ideas

If you want to set back a little bit and go with a more traditional yet modern headboard, you can try the diamond tufted headboard. Through the design itself, it varieties bring comfort, elegance, and casual flair.

You can explore this headboard by applying warm color on it to bring a calmness and welcoming ambiance, matching the color with the walls or bedroom shades, or playing with the proportion, color, and texture.

There are a lot of options on the upholstery’s material, from linen, velvet, or maybe you’d like some experiment on leather.

No matter queen or king size, small or big bedroom, an addition of wingback can boost the elegance and timelessness of the room. Use it in a small room, you’ll get the character of the space. Since it’s versatile and adaptable, you can apply it in the big room as well. What a beautiful combination of your master bedroom ideas as well!

14. French-style Headboard Ideas

french-style headboard ideas

Transform your bedroom into traditional French country bedroom by applying your headboard first. There are some of our recommended French style headboard you should try!

  • Using brass headboard, you can give your bedroom a big flair of antiquity, yet also bring simplicity through its thin cast iron material on its headboard and the footboard as well
  • Maximize the glamorous French country’s classicism by having a padded plain or tufted headboard combined with rococo-styled crested headboard frame.
  • For more natural options, you can use rattan for your headboard’s main material. It can bring the result of being antiquely French, simple, and traditional at the same time.

15. Unlimited Creativity!

artwork headboard ideas

If you think the idea of having physical headboard is too mainstream, then you can make a “headboard” by creating some artwork on your headboard wall. The possibilities are unlimited and it all depends on how you want your wall to be.

You can paint a mural or paintings of everything on your wall. Show to people that the headboard doesn’t have to be physical. It can be the wall as well, with a lamp attached to them.

Another thing that may interest you is to use patchwork as your headboard. It may go the same with curtain headboard, but this will send a great vibe to it by a splash of your patchwork’s bright shades of color.

16. Into Something Sporty?

sport headboard ideas

If you or your boys really into sport, then why not transform the bedroom (and also the headboard) into this exciting theme? Any sport can be implemented as your headboard, from the physical sports gear to the bed-to-wall artwork.

For physical headboard ideas, unused sports gears of your favorite type of sports can be a great potential for you to design the headboard. You can arrange the headboard by using baseball sticks, hockey sticks, even paddles!

For improving the vibe that has spread by the headboard, you can choose exciting and lively color for your beddings or another furniture in the room.

17. Changing Mood?

headboard paint wall ideas

Headboard here and headboard there. Surely everything is great and exciting ideas. But for you who loves to constantly change the vibe of your room, then this “always changing” headboard can be your alternatives, so you can design this and replacing with another new design to freshen up your bedroom ambiance.

Here are some of our recommendations on headboard material to consider!

  • Chalkboard paint wall with dustless chalk, so you can draw everything and can erase it to draw something new!
  • Wire mesh. This may be a bit unusual, but on the wire mesh, you can clamp some photos as a good memory to personalize your headboard!
  • Use the large pegboard, which you can usually get at IKEA, as the pinning place of everything: it can be small shelves, frames, posters, photos, even small plants!

18. Detailed Traditional Ideas

traditional headboard ideas

Bring some exceptional warmth to your room by giving a natural, closer to the environment, the hand-woven texture on your headboard. Here are our two recommendations of texture play on your bedroom!

  • The rattan cane webbing as the headboard can be an exciting alternative. It can be delivered in mahogany wood headboard frame. This webbing can deliver traditional and natural feeling to the bedroom.
  • Another amazing craftsmanship you can consider is the seagrass. It’s astonishingly aesthetic and can bring some charm to your room. Combined with blue shades, this bed is really suitable for a bedroom with beach or nautical theme. Wrap them on a mahogany frame then you’re set!

19. Playing with Geometrics

geometrical headboard ideas

If you like more simple implementation for your headboard ideas, try the geometrical headboard design. Although it’s simple, it can boldly define the space of your bed. Additionally, there are a lot of brilliant ideas on how you express this geometrical shapes on your headboard:

  • The cheapest option: Paint it. You can draw any geometric shapes on your headboard area to define the space of your bed on the blank wall. We recommend keeping the color in sync with the wall.
  • Reused materials: You can repurposed wood planks to shape any shape you wish to create, or make a frame of plain wood and paint the geometrical shape itself.
  • Sophisticated option: Moroccan geometric is always an exception for those who want a bit more complicated shape. There are a lot of geometrical ideas you can try on the internet!

A headboard should be a reflection. The reflection of who you are, what kind of style you like, what your hobbies are, and what kind of color shades you really adore.

On many bedrooms, the presence of a headboard for your bed is really important, as it’s the main point of your bedroom, beside the bed itself. From these 19 headboard ideas, we sure that you should have any idea on how you will design your bedroom.

You can apply a simple design or more sophisticated one, a rigid geometrical or a more fluid and floral pattern, a brand new or salvaged headboard, it’s all up to you!

After all of these headboard ideas we offer, now it’s time for you to design an amazing and eye-catching headboard. Have a great designing experience!

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