20 Secret Home Office Desk (Optimize Your Working Activities)

Recently, the ideas of having a home office and have your own home office desk are being a trend. This may be caused by more people that are working from home, or just want to update the information through e-mail or internet before starting the day.

As for the bedroom, the design for your home office desk should be fit for your activities. At least, a home office should be comfortable and functional so it can encourage your mood for working and creates a great atmosphere.

It must be puzzling on how to choose a great home office desk for you. But no worries! Here we gathered twenty ideas for any home office desk’s shape or size that may fit your taste.

1.  White Home Office Desk

 home office desk

Applying simple white color for your home office desk and the room surrounding it can bring you the feeling of comfortable and relaxing, so it will encourage you to work more efficiently.

Here are some steps to decorate your lovely home office:

  • Main furniture and room: Apply dominantly white color to the wall, table, and chairs. Get the floor to be painted white, but keep its texture to be visible for a natural look.
  • Balance the color: Use some balancing-color accessories such as dark blue painting, black vase, grey rug, or some green plants to accentuate. This will keep your working space comfortable and give some energy to you.

2. Cabinet Home Office Desk

home office desk

If the sight of the constant wall tends to bore you, then you can try to have your table right on the window. Sights of dynamic natural elements outside such as trees, birds, even rain itself can be an object for inspiration, so this type of desk organization may be more suitable to people who looking for ideas and creativity.

Applying this can be done by moving the table heading to the window. If there are some spaces left on your left and/or right-hand side, you can add a storage or vertical shelf.

Accentuate the atmosphere with your personal items. To maximize the sunlight, apply bright colored furniture with some accent such as darker color on your tabletop.

3. Outstanding Nook’s Usefulness

home office desk modern

For those who have lack of space in their house and only spare some nook that used to be a wardrobe, don’t worry! You can maximize this tiny space and make it as your working place.

Use a plank of wood that fits the nook and place it there (a cherry wood would be a great idea) and secure it with brackets on the wall side. Use the vertical space above you for the bookshelf or to place your files or give some accessories to it.

For coloring, we recommend you using some contrast color on the wall as the focal point. If the wall is dark, you can choose the lighter color such as brown from the table and shelves to enliven the room.

If it’s lighter, you can paint the nook dark to give some accent to space. Incorporate the room with greenery element to make you more breath inside. Check home office ideas to get more space exploration!

4. Make it more Personal

 home office desk

If you have a flat or house with built-in furniture and it’s too costly to you to rearrange it, you can use the accessories that really reflect your personality and beautify your home office desk. This will enhance your sense of belonging in the working space since you’re the one who organizes it.

Moreover, accessories are variable and can be found online or offline. Use Tumblr or Pinterest to look for the idea of DIY accessories.

Then give some sentimental things such as photos of your parents, friends, or colleagues and frame it with a reused frame you can get from flea markets or IKEA. Add some small plants to freshening up your tabletop. Or for more decoration, check it out: office decor ideas for an attractive home office look!

5. Feels too much fuss?

small home office desk

If you feel that your house is too small, however, another idea is too sophisticated, but you still want to give some flavor to your room? Use the simple theme that wouldn’t be too much fuss and quite cheap. Just buy or optimize your existing furniture for your desk.

Simplistic furniture and accessories can be found in IKEA, as the simplistic and contemporary styles are in common today.

One thing that should not miss is on how the palette should be fit into your room’s atmosphere. Using a contrast color for the furniture can balance the overall room nuance. For example, it would be great to match the dominantly white room with the touch of the beige chair, or with the black table top and black chair.

6. Too many Files to Store?

home office desk white

If you run your business from home, collects books, or if you’re a student who needs a lot of books, then this style would be more suitable for you. But you will need a bit more space to accommodate your home office desk and also your files or books.

You can do it with a long table top and also a long shelf for your file or book storage (although it requires a good amount of horizontal space, you need to maximize your vertical space as well!).

Also, don’t forget to always make your desk more exciting with your personal decorations and accessories to boost your working activity.

7. Exclusive Contemporary Home Office

modern home office room

If you’re the one who puts comfort and quality over everything, this style may suit you so much! A large room can be assigned to your new home office, especially if you have some frequent clients. Here are some steps we recommend:

  • Furniture: For the main desk, use oak plank wood and bend it, so it can be the table as well as the foot on one of its side. On the other side, install the storage. For the background hutch, use the same material and style. You can use leather or linen for chair’s upholstery. The placement of these main furnitures should be in the center of the room.
  • Ambiance: Use dark brown color for your room with direct light for each seat. Use table lamp and indirect roof lighting to create a dimming and focused activities.

8. Traditional-classic Tune

wooden home office desk

If you have a traditional style house and have a particular room with hutch that standing bottom to the top, then it’s your chance to reuse the space around it as your home office!

  • Color: We recommend you some woody dark brown color and a bit splash of light yellow from the lighting. Its luminescence can bring some a bit of elegance in the room.
  • Furniture: Place the office desk in the center of the room, as the core of activity with the same material as the hutch. The desk should be provided with short legs with the closed front with storages and drawers. Use a leather chair as your main chair.

9. Dark and Dynamic Flavor

masculine home decor

So, you have decorated your room with darker, masculine style. Now, try to get the furniture as the same style of the room. The key is in the texture and color.

This style tends to use the darker color palette for walls and furniture and tends to show the rigidness of a texture if any.

For the home office desk, use a bit dark wood type, such as polished cherry wood to show its texture and identity. Try to keep the shape to be simplistic and geometric.

For the side storage or filing cabinet, you can use the grey metallic color and black chair with the metallic frame to match with the storage or the cabinet.

10. Maximize your Corner

l shaped home office

For those who have not much space but the corner, this idea may be helpful for you. Using the corner of the room for your L-shaped home office desk makes you more concentrate on your own workspace and have more control to organize it than the long desk.

Right on the corner, place your main working tools, such as computer or laptop and fill both sides of it with the supplement tools such as stationery, printer, or speaker for those who love to listen to the music.

Storage can be installed under the table on the left and right-hand side. For the chair, we highly recommend using the swivel type, which will give you efficiency to work in such space.

11. Hideaway Ideas

office desk ikea

This idea may suitable for much smaller available space. You can usually buy this type of desk in IKEA under the name of “folded desk”, but why not creating a DIY type? Beside it can personalize you, this DIY “hideaway” home office desk can have more value than just an office desk.

Use the main furniture as the storage and make folding tables with the hinges on the top of your storage and use folding support to keep the table level. If you got a bit of extra room on the side, you can use it for another folding storage or extension for your table. What an extraordinary idea you should try soon!

12. Repurposing Wood

home office desks

For those who want to create a great and personal home office desk yet you want to keep it affordable so it won’t strain the budget too much, then this option of salvaging woods and make it yourself can be the suitable choice. Just remember, the salvaged wood should be at least be sanded to smoothen the surface.

For the furniture, it’s really various and you can get it anywhere. But we recommend using wood pallets or crates since it’s quite versatile to modify.

We recommend to create the crates as the storage, and salvage some used planks or rearrange the pallets to be a table top.

13. Mid-century Time!

home office desk chairs

Favors the contemporary design, but on the other side wants to show the wood texture? Try mid-century themed desk! It’s renowned for its simplicity yet it stands out by the natural texture of the furniture.

Mid-century desk usually comes with the set of rigidly-shaped unit, made from thin yet solid woods and well-polished, available with the drawers and small storages on each side. It supported with small rounded legs

Another supporting furniture such as chair also varies, from the fully wood or available with some cushion, with small rounded legs. For lighting, you can enhance the theme by using mid-century desk lamps such as the arch or Luxo lamp.

14. How about a bit Rustic?

industrial home office desk

Ideas of industrial-themed home office desk should be related to this rustic type. These are our recommendations to bring this atmosphere to your home office desk.

  • Furniture: Use steel pipes as the frame for your set of desk and storages. Then use the salvaged wood for the table top, drawer, and storage level. Use the spare steel pipe to make your own lamp frame with metallic lamp shade. For chairs, you can use your own available chair, but it’s best to match it with the woody color of the furniture.
  • Your surroundings: It’s best to show the texture of the surroundings to blend with your office desk. Things such as exposed brick wall and exposed wood floor can really bring the industrial flair to it. To minimize the mundane effect that may come, add some natural furniture, such as plants et cetera.

15. Whatever Floats your Boat

home office desk modern

Regular space, carved space, or corner space, sleek and stylish floating style options for your home office desk is always on board! It can reflect the functional and simplistic interior décor.

Another benefit of this style is it doesn’t take too much space, so it would suitable alternative for smaller space.

Use brackets to hold the main desk and its drawers, as well as the floating shelves. For rustic lovers, use a steel pipe to support your plank! For the bottom space, we recommend this space to be as less furniture as possible.

This design will make this particular space looks airy yet still functioned very well.

16. Under the Stairs

home office desk white

Your bedroom is too small and a bit hard to look for other space? Try to free some space under the stairs! The boundary of it, horizontally and vertically, can be enhanced to be a great environment to do your work in focus. These are some of our recommendations on how to make your under-the-stairs home office desks exciting and interesting!

  • Space: since it’s a bit small, maximize your floor space to be a storage and filing cabinet. If it still not enough, you can try to install the shelves. But remember, don’t install too many shelves.
  • Color palette: use the bright color palette to make the room visually more spacious (we recommends white, but beige and pastel color are great as well!).
  • Lighting: Using a lamp on the ceiling of your space, helped by the bright color of the paint around, it will enhance the brightness of your desk!

17. Enhance your Creativity!

white home office desk

For those who work in visual fields, the pinboard is one of the essential things to consider. On this occasions, we recommend to design your home office desk to be more minimalist and the same color gradient, so it won’t attract the attention to another thing but your pinboard!

You may buy the general pinboard, or try our choices to make your pinboard more interesting!

  • Colors and thread. For those who don’t want too much hassle, so you can paint your pin board with chalkboard paint. And then, you can use nails and thread to clip photos, files, or notifications for a deadline. Draw the calendar to the wall so you can stick to your agenda!
  • Use wire mesh as your media for pinboard. Nail every corner of it, but left some space for binder clip to clip your photos, et cetera. You can also use the S-shaped hanger to hang some light tools.

18. Going Vintage

vintage home office

Tired of watching some furniture sitting unused in your attic? Try to reuse some of them for your vintage home office desk! Here are our recommendations on this vintage style:

  • Desk: Use any table that suitable with your chair. Color doesn’t matter, but they usually come in the woody brown shade. Another tip you may want to try: Make a table from old sewing table by removing all the equipment until only left the steel frame for the foot. And create your own table from it!
  • Another furniture: You can use the old hutch or old metallic storage for your storage. For shelves, you can use the wall-mounted coat hanger that has some shelves on it.

19. Stand Up!

home office standing desk

Using your laptop only at home at just need to check notifications only, or just don’t want to sit too long? Options for ordinary desk maybe a bit unsuitable for you. That’s why we also recommend this style of desk and chairs.

It has no much differences compared to the other styles, but this high types would be fit for active people. Use the wood plank for the desk and shelves and support them with brackets to make it like floating high.

Use a metal high chair that matches the table. If you just use the table for a short time, you don’t have to get the chairs back. Otherwise, get the chair with the back.

20. Try a Plank of Glass

home office desk glass

Tired of old-style wood plank for your desk, try to install glass on as your home office desk material. A glass material is a perfect fit to show its timeless, modern, and minimalist flares to your working space. Due to its transparency, they can blend with any atmosphere of the space.

There are a lot of options for this particular table material in stores such as IKEA, but you can personalize it to a more exciting desk since it comes in various shape and size.

We recommend either glass only desk or woody table with glass on top and spare some space for them to store your important files.

So, there were our recommendations for your home office desk that may be suitable for you to make your home office space more comfortable yet functional and supports any of your activities.

Whatever your activities are, it can’t be separated with your sense of designing the space to do one. We hope these home office desk styles can give you some ideas to start with!

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