20 Home Office Ideas (That Style Your Working Place)

In a way to accomplish their work, people require a conducive atmosphere that possibly supports them in producing more creative work. It means you inevitably need a super comfort space in your office.

However, if you are a workaholic person and decide to work as a self-employed, it is definitely possible to create your house as a productive space to work!

Here these top 20 home office ideas will help you to create an inspirational corner that totally boosts your working energy and represents your working style!

1. Get the Plants Inside

home office paint colors

Your eyes might get tired easily if you stare intensely for long period on your computer.

Thus surrounding yourself with some plants stuffs that artificially enliven your room and relieve your vision.

Here some tips to incorporate these outdoor elements into a massive workspace:

  • Since the plants will stay permanently, choose indoor plants which able to survive inside your room, such as cactus, bird of paradise, snake plants.
  • Spreading them on the strategic area where you can catch them directly every time. Place them on your custom floating shelves or let the plants standing on the floor.
  • To leave an airy vibe, choose a neutral wall color to let the room super light and natural. Let the shelves area as a focal point through the plants’ display.
  • Create a simple and thin floating desk to avoid visual clutter. It brings a super light sense and fresh interior’ look.
  • Play around with wooden shades to your room palette, such as the green, brown, and artificial touch of rattan’s material. Balance the simple look with a beautiful vintage chair with the aligned color scheme.

Having greenery around you is such a fresh beginning to your super hectic day. It totally teases people to work inside!

2. Chalkboard Wall Ideas

home office setup ideas

When writing manually your ideas is more interesting than typing on your laptop, express your unlimited thoughts through chalkboard wall idea on your corner working space.

Creating huge wall cupboard will help you to release your spontaneous ideas on the wall directly.

Implement the big note on the particular site of working wall, such as head on the desk and the tableside.

To keep the room always bright, dress it in the white color palette to your floating shelves and working desk, combine it with wooden material for a natural look. Let the wall and ceiling white to get a vast look yet clean.

Now your chalkboard artwork is totally chic to produce more masterpieces. An easy implementation of home office ideas you can try!

3. Small Home Office Ideas

Small Home Office Ideas

Don’t worry about limited space in your home office!

If you have just only 2 meters square of space in a transitional room, it is definitely possible to create an inspirational working space on a budget.

Since you will spend a significant amount time of your life here, sometimes you need a relaxing space to calm your feeling down.

Light color for the overall workspace elements may be a good answer to get a spacious room and tranquility.

Choose a fitted desk with the room dimension. Don’t forget t consider the traffic flow.

Complement it with reading light with the same color nuance for a lighter ambiance.

Place your wall corner with favorite artworks or photographs to evoke your spirit and inspiration (don’t forget to keep overall simple).

The last, to minimize room distraction, keep all the working stuff simply. Now, your tiny corner is super calm look and inviting.


4. Home Office in Versatile Cabinet

home office ideas for small spaces

With a pretty tight of working activities now, you start thinking to maximize a workspace with the versatile cabinet that accommodates your working and living stuff.

Start it by building a built-in multifunctional wardrobe which also utilizes as a workspace area. So you can also do multi activities in the same areas in parallel.

Modify the workspace with a folded door, so you can close the area after you finish your work to get a different nuance and airy vibes.

Choose neutral palette such as grey and white combination to keep it elegant yet able to alleviate stress.

Don’t forget to invest an ergonomist chair since you will stay like forever here. Home office ideas with versatile cabinet are the best choice!

5. Mood Board Workspace

home office decor ideas

One of the best home office idea for a creative one: Mood board concept to your home office wall will accompany your hectic day with full of ideas, crazy thoughts, and favorite illustrations.

Let the mood board oversize and apply it to the whole wall. Use a plywood wall features so you can easily pin your stuff up there.

Choose an oversize mood board with abundant ideas so it can be seen anywhere in the room as your everywhere reminder.

Since the room is already too much detail, choose a neutral color scheme and wooden material to your working element to keep it harmony and good looking.

Now your mood board at your home is the best counterpart ever!

6. Minimalist Home Office Ideas

Minimalist Home Office ideas

Dream a simple workspace atmosphere yet has a strong character? Play with the basic concept of the black and white room.

Dress your lovely space with the overall white scheme for a relaxing therapy and vast look.

You can easily keep the room elegant yet cheap by creating affordable workspace furniture to space.

Decor your own floating shelves and desks with the black color to the room accent. Keep your consistency in the black and white scheme for overall room elements.

Sometimes, you need a black stool to get a relaxing feeling. The stool really fits you to accompany you in a short time working.

Complement it with a piece of framed art with a very simple detail to state your room character.

Your black and white workspace is ready to rock your day!

7. Little Library in Home Office

small home office ideas

If the reading book is your favorite thing to do, you can incorporate your home office with a little library.

Place your favorite books on three asymmetries’ floating desks to get the books off the desks and looks super tidy.

Play with wooden material and neutral color for a great room combination and gentle look.

White color on the wall give a sense of neutral, get “the little and tidy library” as a center of room attention.

To enhance your greater attentiveness while working inside contains the room with greenery stuff. Complement it with an artificial standing lamp that accompanies you for the entire hectic time. Now working and reading will be super demanding!

8. Home Office Under the Stairs

home office design ideas

When optimizing a space is imperative, stairs area may be a great space solution for your home office.

Start it by decorating the room vertically with the versatile floating shelves, connected to working desks.

Create a thin shelves design for a chic and light look, paint the wall with pastel color for a fresh charm.

Align the theme with stairs’ color scheme to get a room harmony and smooth the room transition. Play with homey decoration and get a rattan basket to tame your paper roll.

Give a small industrial touch through chair and lamp design, to strengthen room’s character and balance the visual look. The last, hang your favorite plants as a greenery accent to enliven your working space. A fresh look at restarting your mind!

Need more ideas about optimizing office space? Read home office desk to a perfect storage solution.

9. Working on the Floor

home office furniture

When you feel bored spending the whole day by sitting on the chair, change another working style by sitting on the floor.

To make your working activities more enjoyable, set comfortable floor material such as wooden floor to keep the room warm and comfy. Complement it with beautiful rugs to set a pleasant feeling.

Optimizing your corner area with wooden racks and fill them with your favorite stuff.

Keep the wall white to stress the wooden nuance that amazingly will hold you to stay longer inside. Now your working time will be super relaxing.

10. Hidden Home Office Ideas

Hidden Home Office ideas

If you love your privacy and prefer to divide a room clearly based on its activities, home office ideas with the hidden home office will be a right solution.

To a fast movement, choose a sliding door to finite the working space so you can easily close this area after you finish your work and vice versa.

It helps you to keep the transitional room well organize and tidy, so you don’t need to think about your work and feeling distracted in your family time.

To make a room illusion, let the sliding door color aligned with the wall shade, so it leaves the sense of flat without no room inside.

Maximizing working space area with multifunctional floating desks so you can put working stuff inside your secret home office. Choose an artificial stool that fits your office desks.

The contemporary home office style you must try! Curious about how to decorate a small home office? Check office decor ideas to state the room character!

11. Narrow Home Office Ideas

Narrow Home Office Ideas

If you designate a room as your private home office yet narrow, you still possibly arrange the room with some particular zone.

To get a spacious illusion, start it by choosing a neutral color scheme for overall wall and floor element. Use wooden and fur material to get a warm feeling.

Place a hanging desk with glass material and attach it to the wall to minimize space usage and keep it simple.

Consider your workflow and divide them accordingly to your needs; relaxing zone and working zone.

Maximize the room storage in the sitting area as your hidden cabinet. Don’t forget to optimize the wall corner space to allocate your bookshelves.

To maximize natural lighting inside the room, place an open square footage window in the center of space, making the room feel open and airy.

12. Optimizing Windows Area

home office design ideas

Sometimes you also need a dynamic view where you can glance up from your computer.

Optimizing windows area may be a brilliant idea to fresh your soul instead of crowded and cramped situation.

Take a look at one of your prospect windows corner, and let’s start to make it over!

  • Create versatile cabinets that fit into windows area, design it as your mini working studio.
  • Maximizing floating shelves as a storage solution and place your book collections there.
  • Since it focuses on the outdoor view, play with wooden material and neutral color scheme, spread them into the wall, chair, and working desk to get a natural charm and less distraction view.
  • Set a little space for a relaxing corner with a comfy sofa, where you can escape from your hectic day for a while.

What a really relaxing space for a sooner working accomplishment!

13. Scandinavian Home Office

Scandinavian Home Office ideas

If you love something light, soft, and super calm look of working space, the Scandinavian home office style is a must try! Activate your room energy through some Scandinavian style with tips below:

  • Since Scandinavian style always relates to quite simple furniture with a clean look, creating a long working desk without many storages so it can accommodate your working partner to stay together.
  • For a narrow space solution, place the desk against the longest wall. Use the wooden material with stripes pattern and bright tone. It aligns with the overall bright room theme and gives a more spacious look.
  • Choose the variant size of wall arts and display them into a super playful wall display. Let them in black and white theme
  • Give the room accent through plants element for a fresh feeling.

14. Inspiring Quotes Ideas

home office desk ideas

Quotation wall in your home office is the greatest idea for you who just want a minor room change but spreading huge energy.

You just need to create your favorite quotes on your wall to burn your working spirit and being a reason to get the work done sooner.

Create it oversize so you can see it from anywhere. Avoid too much wall accessories to emphasize the room message.

To create it more futuristic and artistic, use billboard materials so the quote can be used as additional lighting. What a strong home office statement!

15. Home Office in Nightstand

home office ideas in small spaces

Who says it is impossible to create a home office in your bedroom?

We believe that every single space will bring great things. A corner such as a nightstand can become the place you use to get work done.

You just need to dress it up with attractive arrangement and playful ideas with some tips below:

  • Even though space is limited, shelves, desk, and chair should serve you. Make sure the stuff should be functional and beautiful.
  • Choose a proper nightstand with an adequate capacity to accommodate your working activity
  • Let the nightstand’s leg area is open, so it will make your feet a bit comfy to sit for a long time.

16. She-shed Home Office Ideas

She-shed Home Office Ideas

If you have a wide range of project and having adequate space in your backyard, it is super worth to dedicate a workspace that able encourages your productivity.

The room is also such bliss stuff with a type of people who dream a tranquil space and need more concentration. Here some tips we can follow to modify the she-shed:

  • Since arranging a home office should be conducive and aim at working activities, position the working desk area in the most comfortable zone. It is preferable to place the desk that aimed at the window, where you can look at something more interesting.
  • For the room organization, put every single stuff respectively according to your working steps. It eases you to work and move effectively.
  • Optimize roof and windows area as the artificial storage and minimize space usage.
  • Choose a comfortable chair that accompanies you to work for the whole day. It is preferable to opt rattan chair for long-stay activities

17. Industrial Co-working Space

home office decor ideas

Bring another home office excitement through the implementation of industrial style.

If the room is for 2 and you work regularly with your partner, the industrial concept may be a super effective concept with affordable stuff, smart looking, bold, and energetic.

Play with textural elements, such as raw materials, wood, metals, leather, and fur. Be bold to modify old metal cabinet for your document storage.

The appearance of strong texture emerges a masculine vibe and firm. Strengthen the overall room theme with industrial hanging lamp.

Don’t forget to set the proper intensity with the right distance for your working needs.

To the space optimization, modify your old suitcases as your self-storage. Arrange them vertically to an artificial look. Dress your desk with comfortable chairs with different materials.

Bring homey stuff such as utilitarian stairs as your display desk. Place it in the room corner to add more aesthetic value.

18. Wall Décor Ideas

home office desk

Working will be your favorite activity when you inspire yourself with artificial wall art to your home office.

Paint the wall with asymmetric pattern and fill it with your favorite color for a playful look and pleasant feeling. Let the wall as a center of attention.

Choose industrial furniture with minimal detail to build a strong room character, modern, and simple.

Let the room stay with fewer room accessories to emphasize the wall existence. If you want to decorate the wall with another piece of framed art, you can do it by creating a simple artwork with a neutral color and hang it in a proper position.

It is also interesting to incorporate this modern room with old school stuff. Place your grandma typewriter to accompany your hectic day.

Let the floor with minimal detail and adjustable color scheme to keep the room harmony yet still leaving a calm nuance.

By implementing the playful wall art, it seems like your motor work feels humming forever.

19. Luxury Home Office Ideas

modern home office ideas

Dress our home office with the luxury theme to get a professional look yet elegant.

If you allocate space as your home office, we can arrange the room easily since there is no limited space to explore.

  • Set the working desk in the center of the room. To get a luxury look and modern, choose extraordinary glass working desk, let the desk clean to withstand distraction, so it aims you to focus on your working activities.
  • Dress the floor with wood and fur material to get a comfortable feeling and relaxing. White rug gives a sense of clean to the overall look.
  • Hang classic chandelier lamp as the main room lighting with red accent. It makes the room super classy.
  • Luxury themes emphasize through the implementation of working stuff as an attractive accent. So choose white color for the basic palette and don’t use too much color scheme. Be bold with a red accent to enliven the room nuance.
  • Create a multifunctional closet as your working storage. Use a vintage design with a white scheme to get a simple look yet luxury.
  • Place your relaxing corner with a pleasant single sofa with soft floral ornament yet still leaving an elegant sense. Balance the wall with aligned painting theme to enliven room dynamic

20. Mini Closet Home Office Ideas

home office setup

This mini closet style fits people who dream a compact room yet super fun. Optimizing your transitional room and make it over now!

For smart tips, some instructions listed below:

  • Create a compact closet with storage optimization that fully accommodates your working stuff. Add hanging storage on the door site to place your additional books and accessories.
  • Don’t you like a light and simple desk, create a folding desk with hanging style so you can fold it after you finish your work and load the chair inside. It is such a super brief time element to transform.
  • With a compact arrangement, choose standing lamp for your room lighting to space efficiency.
  • If you want the room appearance looks different when the working is off, you can easily close the closet and look without a functional room there. Choose the desk color similar to the wall to get a room illusion and looks flat.
  • Be bold to put yellow touch for room accent when the closet is open. It is definitely fresh our vision!

So, are you ready to rock your home office?

There is no doubt deciding a proper home office style is super exciting, but don’t forget to think carefully about the right home office ideas that able to accommodate your needs.

The foremost, decide the interior style in a right manner and it is quite to make you feel comfortable. Great room for a great people!

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