19 Creative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas (Totally Boost Your Cooking Mood)

Whether your kitchen is modern or traditional look, there is an endless option for your kitchen backsplash ideas to match it. The kitchen backsplash is a must, functionally and aesthetically.

Now take your time to explore more!

These creative kitchen backsplash ideas will guide you through all the consideration you need before choosing one. The material, color, pattern or plain, or whatever you need! Enjoy!

1. Mirror Backsplash Ideas

Mirror Kitchen Backspash Ideas

The mirror is exceptionally cool kitchen backsplash material. The reflective characteristic of the mirror gives your kitchen a fashionable vibe besides make the room feels bigger, as one of a great solution to your small kitchen ideas. Moreover, the full surface mirror will enhance the reflective characteristic, but you can always play with the tiling of your material.

To create a more extraordinary look, you can have your mirror in brick style application. Alternatively, you can choose stained glass to give more antique feeling to your kitchen. The stained mirror comes in many different colors so you can easily match it to your kitchen cabinets.

2. Stainless Steel Backsplash Ideas

Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Although it’s more common to use as the countertop, stainless steel is also a great option for your kitchen backsplash ideas. Stainless steel brings in sophisticated and professional look into your kitchen.

There are a lot of ways to make your stainless steel backsplash more interesting. Stainless steel comes in various finish type and you can always overlay it with a cool pattern to make it more fun.

3. Glam Bronze Style

Glam Bronze Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Another metal material you can use is bronze. Bronze gives a totally different ambiance than stainless steel. It gives a more luxurious and glam vibe rather than professional look like stainless does. Bronze also good match to give the different mood to your classic style kitchen.

Moreover, bronze backsplash goes along with classic style since it has a warm undertone, but the metal materials bring a futuristic ambiance. You can also emboss a pattern on it to extend your kitchen backsplash ideas to a new level.

4. A Pattern in Fabric Backsplash

Fabric Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

The best pattern often comes in fabric, not tiles. But, the fabric is absorbent and won’t be able to protect your walls. That is a way the fabric is not popular for backsplash material. But can we use fabric as the kitchen backsplash? Of course, we can. All you need to do is just sandwich it with a glass surface.

This way you have endless pattern options for your kitchen backsplash ideas. One creative way to bring the best out of these ideas is to make a quilt look backsplash. You’ll have numerous wonderful pattern at once and gives your kitchen colorful ambiance.

5. Wood Backsplash Inspiration

Wood Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Wood is a material with a warm and natural characteristic. If you have a simple and sleek modern design kitchen, wood is perfect for your kitchen backsplash ideas. Wood can balance the ambiance and make your modern kitchen cozier.

One thing you want to do is select the right type of wood. Only processed wood will be good for your kitchen backsplash. Once it’s coated it’ll be able to protect your walls and it lasts much longer. Processed wood comes with a natural look and also plain colored ones. This way, you can perfectly match your backsplash with your kitchen cabinets ideas.

6. Marble Material to Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Marble Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Marble is a very long lasting material. It has a beautiful natural and organic pattern that gives you luxurious and sleek look for your kitchen. Having a marble backsplash makes you able to create a continuous look from your countertop to your backsplash. You can also create a waterfall style kitchen counters and match it with your backsplash. Apply the marble to the island to create a sense of connection, as another inspiration for your kitchen island ideas.

7. Basic Brick-Style

Brick Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

There is no more perfect match for your country style kitchen other than brick backsplash. Natural looking brick with browned orange color with light-colored grout will complete your white cabinet in your country kitchen.

The texture, the color, and the arrangement of brick backsplash give your kitchen a hint of traditional looks. This can be something you use for your kitchen backsplash ideas. To complete your country style kitchen or to twist the look on you modern kitchen designs.

8. Style the Tile!

Kitchen Backsplash Tile

There are a lot of tile types you can choose for your backsplash. Ceramic tile, homogeneous tile, porcelain tile, quarry tile, granite tile, travertine, and the list could go on and on. Although the variation is endless, it can be turn out just okay. You can have an extraordinary look if you know how to arrange the tiles for your kitchen backsplash ideas.

  • Diagonal Square

Most of the tiles come in square shape. Rather than arrange it in a conventional square pattern, you can rotate it 45° and create a diagonal square pattern. This gives more dynamic to your backsplash pattern

  • Hexagon

Cut a little triangle on each corner of your tile and you will have hexagonal tile. This way, you’ll have an extraordinary shape to make your beautiful tiles more stand out.

  • Chevron Style

This braid-like pattern will definitely bring a unique look to your kitchen. You can apply this pattern diagonally or vertically and get a totally different effect.

9. Checker Board Pattern

Checker Board Pattern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

A fun way to create a vintage look for your kitchen backsplash ideas is to create a checkerboard pattern. It’s easy and really brings in the old-time vibe into your kitchen. You can choose a fun color combination of your checkerboard pattern. It can be classic black and white, or even bright color like cream and red, cream and green, or maybe retro yellow and pink.

10. Contoured Tile Design

Contoured Tile Design

Choosing contoured tiles will add another mood to your kitchen. This is a cool thing to do for your kitchen backsplash ideas, especially if you want to play with lighting. Lighting will enhance the contoured tiles depth.

The shadow and highlight on your kitchen backsplash bring elegant mood and complete your classic kitchen design. Place the lighting in the right place or maybe put more than one lighting from different directions. This way, you might end up with a cool shadow pattern on your kitchen backsplash.

11. Picturesque Image Ideas

Picturesque Image Backsplash Ideas

Thanks to today’s technology, so we can easily customize what’s on our tile. Whether it’s a logo, pattern, or even self-made pictures. This gives us more options to put something creative into our design. Having a customized picture printed on tiles is a cool and creative thing to do with your kitchen backsplash ideas.

Customized pictures will make your kitchen looks unusual and surely draw the attention to your kitchen backsplash. You can create an organic colorful pattern to complete your contemporary kitchen. Alternatively, you can print out iconic old pictures to finish your retro style kitchen.

12. Creative Recycled CDs

Creative Recycled CDs Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

You can always get creative to create a beautiful backsplash, even from a cheap everyday stuff. This is a clever idea to save your budget for your kitchen backsplash ideas. One interesting material that will turn into beautiful kitchen backsplash is the back of your unused CD’s.

Firstly, cut it randomly and make a mosaic CDs surface. Or, you can cut it into squares and rectangles and create line pattern. The wonderful thing about the back of CDs that besides it’s reflective, it has holographic look that gives you nautical vibe. This is actually can be a good cheap alternative to a sea glass tiles.

13. Exploring Arabesque Pattern

Arabesque Pattern Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Bring the touch of elegance into your kitchen by putting arabesque pattern on your kitchen backsplash. You can create this trendy pattern on so many surfaces. Also, the easiest way is to find an arabesque shaped tiles. Or you can make the pattern on a sticker and put in on the mirror surface.

14. Vibrant Moroccan Look

Vibrant Moroccan Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Moroccan pattern surely will bring an eclectic and chic atmosphere into your kitchen. Its pattern has vibrant color, giving it a stand out quality. But even without the colors, you can still get the middle-east look by enhancing the pattern itself.

Additionally, monochromatic lines may be one perfect ‘theme’ for your backsplash if you’re creating a simple and minimalist kitchen. You can convert the Moroccan pattern into single lines to complete your kitchen looks.

15. Painted Brick Ideas

Painted Brick Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

If you’re after the brick look but tight on a budget, this is a great alternative for your kitchen backsplash ideas. You can create an embossed brick pattern on your wall’s plaster. This trick will totally save the splurge.

To make the look interesting, paint the wall with the color of your choice. White will be perfect to compliment natural material. But if you’re playing with vibrant colors, any color will make this embossed pattern works.

16. Actual Chalkboard Backsplash

Actual Chalkboard Backsplash Ideas

Unique, Fun, and Interactive. Those three things are what you get if you use chalkboard as your kitchen backsplash ideas. It also easy to install and can save you a huge amount of money comparing to the tile backsplash.

The fun thing about a chalkboard is you can actually draw something on it. Your backsplash can be your to-do list board and also your creative canvas. You can draw new things and have new look for your kitchen every day.

17. Oceanic Vibe Ideas

Oceanic Vibe Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Gloss finish blue tile is all you need to create this look. Stack the colors randomly on top of your kitchen. When the sunshine touch on it, the reflective and the combination of the colors will as beautiful as the sea.

As sometimes the kitchen mood can be too warm and enclosed. This oceanic backsplash is a smart way to freshen up the room. Not only it’s pleasing your eye, the gloss finish also an easy surface for you to clean.

  • Popped Colors

Simple and minimalist designed kitchen is the easiest and the safest way to create a wonderful kitchen. But you always need a focal point to make the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Popping tile colors is a great kitchen backsplash ideas to make the simple kitchen looks fabulous.

  • Yellow On Grey

Grey is calming and cool color. While yellow is cheerful and bold color. Combine the two, you’ll get a cheerful vibe in your kitchen without ruining the calming of the grey color.

  • Teal On White

The all-white kitchen can look boring without the right decorative elements. Bringing the unique freshness of teal as the backsplash will make your neutral white kitchen’s ambiance more alive.

18. Halfway Tiled

Halfway Kitchen BacksplashTiled

The idea of backsplash is mainly to protect your kitchen walls. You don’t need to have your backsplash all the way up, as long as the potentially damaged surfaced is protected. This way is enough if you have a combination of two materials on one surface.

Additionally, the combination of tile and wall can be playful. By having the tile staggered and ended in dynamic lines, you create a pattern with the existence of the two materials. Thus, this is a smart way to have an eye-catching kitchen backsplash ideas.

19. Creative Line

Creative Line Kitchen Backsplash Kitchen Ideas

Having tiles for your backsplash material means you have lines on your backsplash surface. The most common thing to do is make the line as invisible as possible to enhance the tiling design. But, you can always play in reverse to get the unusual look for your kitchen backsplash ideas. Enhance the lines, and you will make the tile arrangement stand out more.

  • Bold Grout

Grouting usually used in the most similar colors to the tiles. But to get the line to stand out you have to use the contrast colors. For example, you can use black grout for your white tile or if you want to be bold and colorful, you can use red to get the attention.

  • Gold Stripe

Beside grout, you can add metal to enhance the lines. This metal plat is used to cover the grout and lining the tiles at the same time. Isn’t it fun to have gold stripes framing your backsplash tile?

Along with its functionality, the backsplash is a wonderful element, either to complete or to be the main star in your kitchen design. There are a lot of ways to play and create your own kitchen backsplash ideas. Furthermore, play with your palette to find the right color and material. The last, get creative on your tile arrangements and you will end up with a fabulous backsplash completing your cool looking kitchen.

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