37 Catchy Kitchen Cabinet Ideas Make Everything Traceable!

In designing your house, you need considering everything in a super detail way. Like the kitchen and its cabinet, it is definitely being an essential spot in your home where you mostly spend your time preparing meals and put everything in your cabinet. It is not surprisingly finding the best kitchen cabinet ideas may be a great reference for your kitchen solution!

Additionally, kitchen cabinet will affect 50% of the kitchen design. Then, it must be functional and yet still looks beautiful. There are many options you can get in your favorite brand, but you need to know what’s best to fit in your housing style.

Here is the selection of 37 kitchen cabinet ideas for your kitchen that we pick based on the configurations and materials to answer your needs.

Whether you starting from the scratch or doing a renovation, the kitchen cabinets can cost up to half of your budget. Enjoy!

1. White Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

modern kitchen cabinets

White is actually the safest ambiance for your kitchen. Applying white kitchen cabinet will amazingly go well with any kind of house style since it makes your kitchen looks clean and calm. Maximize the wall area as the fixed kitchen cabinet is also one of the storage solutions!

Then, complete the kitchen with a nice freestanding kitchen island with a wooden material. You can also optimize the upper area of freestanding as the additional storage area. Balance it with the black hanging lamp for an artistic look.

This kitchen cabinet idea will create a modern ambiance by using a minimalist style of cabinetry without knobs or handles. To get the same nuance without too much point of interest, use tiles material to the backsplash area and let it white.

Moreover, to enhance more a warm charm, add some wood accent in the white kitchen mood. Combine with the wooden tall shelf for the refrigerators, directly next to the fixed cabinet.

Dream warmer yet brighter room? Why not adopt the references from kitchen lighting ideas? It may totally enliven up your room nuance!

This basic white kitchen cabinet idea may be a great idea for you who dream calm vibes with a brighter look!

2. Scandinavian Mood Cabinet

kitchen cabinet knobs

A Scandinavian kitchen will show by applying a simple and soft color like grey and white combined with the white oak.

If you have enough space in your house, design a custom the kitchen cabinet with U-Shaped configuration to maximize your space and movement.

With U-shaped configuration, you will have the three walls of cabinets. Shaker style cabinet doors with light grey staining will look good in this kitchen style. Next, you can install organizers inside the cabinet.

For the third wall, place a kitchen island with drawers below the counter top. You can also put drawers with simple knobs above the cabinet. For the upper cabinet, you can just add open shelves for extra storage.

3. Multiple Storage Ideas

kitchen cabinet drawers

If you want to remodel your kitchen cabinet, it is very important to consider that the kitchen must be so functional. Since you need more efficiency in the kitchen, having a multifunctional storage will be a priority.

As the solution, install the custom kitchen island into your old kitchen with the extra cabinet. While the top island can be a dining space and garnish area, you can also install drawers with various sizes under the kitchen island.

Adding some organizers inside the drawers can put the kitchen sets neatly and well organized. Dream an inspiring kitchen island ideas? Don’t hesitate to click here!

You can use marble finish on the countertop and wood like cherry or oak for the drawers. This kitchen cabinet idea will work best to give you more storage spaces particularly for your small kitchen.

4. Contemporary Hanging Open Cabinet

wood kitchen cabinet ideas

Sometimes, installing a kitchen cabinet may make the room feels so crowded. This is the case that often happens for a small living and you only got a limited space for the kitchen. If this is your problem, open hanging kitchen cabinet may be a perfect solution!

  • Apply an open kitchen with freestanding kitchen island.
  • Aside from the ordinary kitchen cabinet with doors, knobs and other hardware, place an open shelving hanging above the kitchen island as the cabinet. This open cabinet can use wood like cherry or walnut with metal hardware hanging to the ceiling.
  • Add stainless steel hook below the shelf to hang your cooking ware.

Hanging open cabinet is not only to solve the space issue, rather it adds more aesthetic look for your kitchen decoration!

5. Kid-friendly Kitchen Cabinet

diy kitchen cabinets

When you have children in your home, they will likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen while you’re preparing meals. Then, it’ll be nice to have a kid-friendly kitchen cabinet ideas as their great companion!

To have an efficient space layout, set a walk-through kitchen by putting a tall shelving fix to the wall and a freestanding kitchen island on the opposite side.

The freestanding island will be the waiting area for your children while they playing around in the kitchen. Between the drawers and cabinet doors, you can provide them a sitting area.

For the fixed shelving attached to the other wall, it is suggested to install an open kitchen storage. The open storage may ease you to place the ingredients and find what you’re looking for.

The last, add some stools for a more kid-friendly kitchen. Now the time that they spend to wait for you in the kitchen will be super fun!

6. White with Greenery

white kitchen cabinet ideas

Installing a white kitchen cabinet will give your kitchen a bright and clean ambiance. But it can probably get a little boring with just white, isn’t it? Why not incorporate your white kitchen with some greenery touch!

For the cabinet arrangement, apply the U-shaped layout to the kitchen cabinet arrangement, by dividing into three walls of the cabinet. The simple white cabinet liquidators perfectly fit the contemporary style.

For the countertop, use the light color with wood materials such as maple or white oak. The greenery decorations can be placed above the drawer and on the open upper shelf.

With some greenery accent, this kitchen cabinet ideas can bring the outdoor feeling into your indoor kitchen mood!

7. Sunken Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

contemporary kitchen cabinet ideas

If you live in the modern contemporary house, try something new for your kitchen cabinet ideas. Instead of installing your kitchen cabinet in an ordinary way, you can make a unique one by putting all the cabinet sunken to the ground.

You can do this by putting the kitchen area on a semi-basement level of your house but keep it open.

The kitchen cabinet can be arranged with the U-shape layout, making three walls of the cabinet on the lower area.

And since you have enough storage already, leave the upper area to optimize the outdoor view. This outdoor feel will make the kitchen brighter with a super fresh ambiance.

If this is a renovation project, you just need to repaint the used cabinet doors with grey staining and the other hardware with stainless steel finishing.

This kitchen cabinet idea can save more space by putting the kitchen sunken to the ground.

8. The Corner Kitchen Cabinet

small kitchen cabinet ideas

Having a corner space in your kitchen can sometimes be a problem since it will make an awkward spot. As the solution, implement the L-shape layout to maximize the corner space. This can also be a smart kitchen cabinet ideas for your small area.

In the corner area, put a tall cupboard to give more storage. Use wood doors by using cherry or oak with simple pull handle to your cabinet. Then, leave some area of the cabinet as an open shelf for decorative display of antique tableware.

The legs of the L-shaped can be longer with the countertop by using marble finish like white Carrara. Below the island, install drawers along with organizers inside.

To enhance the modern ambiance, make a color block wall surroundings the kitchen sets with dark blue painting.

9. Under the Stairs

oak kitchen cabinet ideas

Living in a small home with limited space can be a problem to decide where you should assign the kitchen area.

Modern houses nowadays are two or three storey house with small floor plans.

But don’t worry, because this kind of living will always have stairs which allow you to have more space by putting the kitchen under the stairs:

  • Use the space under the stair as the open kitchen and integrate the kitchen cabinet with the stairs area.
  • Let the cabinet along with drawers and organizers installed fixed to the wall under the stairs. Align the kitchen cabinet with the same tone of stairs to get a harmony look.
  • Next, a freestanding kitchen island with wheels can be put on the other side giving a walkway in between.

10. Dreamy Blue Kitchen Cabinet

blue kitchen cabinet ideas

Most of the modern house nowadays use an open kitchen that gives them a flexible layout and make the room feels more spacious.

The L-shaped layout works best for an open kitchen may be a great idea!

In this configuration, you put the tall cupboard on the corner space and a freestanding kitchen island on the perpendicular side.

Since it is an open kitchen, the color selection will also affect the overall ambiance of the living area. So, you need to choose a chic color for your kitchen.

Blue can be a dreamy color that makes your home calm and warm. Read also: kitchen backsplash ideas to complete your amazing kitchen cabinet look!

In addition, the tall cupboard can be divided into 3 areas, the lower and upper area for cabinet with blue staining while the middle area will be the working space with black mosaic tiles covering the backsplash area.

You can also use black mosaic tiles refinishing the top counter and the front side of the freestanding island, while the back side works as drawers.

11. Two-tone Cabinet Ideas

green kitchen cabinet ideas

Dreaming something different with more color explorations? why not go with two-tone color scheme!

An accent color may be a great choice for refinishing your kitchen cabinet and green may be the fresh color for the new painting ideas.

Apply two-tone accent with the darker tone of the upper cabinet and conversely play with brighter green to the hanging cabinet. What a fresh look with a super harmony combination!

Use brass knobs to match with the green accent. Some area in the lower cabinet can be divided into drawers. Remember to always give skirting below and above the cabinet.

Next, add some pendant lamp for the ceiling fixture. If you are on a renovation, you just need repainting or refacing the used cabinet doors. You can buy wholesale at IKEA, lowes or home depot with good prices.

12. Open Wall Storage

stainless steel kitchen cabinet ideas

Having a problem with a small house with no more enough space? Here are another kitchen cabinet ideas for your little family.

Instead of a tall cupboard or a big integrated cabinet, installing an open wall storage can work best to optimize your limited space.

With the open storage, you can easily store and find things since everything is kept visible. It will also help you to cook easier when all the ingredients are in your sight.

In this wall storage, you can make various type of storage systems like shelves, rails, and grids.

You can also add some decorations like pictures or plants on this open wall storage. Play with stainless steel staining with the wood shelf to create an industrial look.

You can get this kind of open storage in Ikea with many styles and models. Get the more interesting reference from small kitchen ideas. It absolutely helps you in finding the best kitchen solution.

13. Galley Kitchen Ideas

best kitchen cabinet ideas

Another way to arrange your kitchen cabinet is by applying galley layout. A galley kitchen shape two walls of the cabinet with the central walkway in between. Galley kitchen layout will work best for any kind of style.

If you happen to have a long and closed area in your house, then you can use it for the kitchen using this arrangement.

  • Put the cabinets facing each other shaping a symmetrical galley kitchen.
  • Add a tall cupboard fix to the wall on one side.
  • Then, place a lower cabinet with the open shelving on the other side of the room to create an asymmetrical face and avoid the monotonous.

Usually, this kitchen cabinet ideas is not for an open kitchen. But, there are some galley kitchens that use the other side to put a freestanding kitchen island.

Also, you must remember that the distance between these two walls of the cabinet cannot be too far, or it will lose its efficiency.

14. Grey-ish Kitchen

grey kitchen cabinet ideas

If you happen to be bored with white kitchen cabinet ideas, here is the outstanding grey-ish kitchen cabinet ideas for you. Grey is the new white to repaint your used cabinet doors.

Grey kitchen cabinet is actually quite popular since this color is perfect for the kitchen with its relaxing and neutral tone.

These grey kitchen cabinet ideas are definitely perfect for your kitchen-refinishing project. By using grey color, you can let the other area of the countertop or the backsplash area to stand out more.

Instead of a standard handle or knob, use a stained leather pulls for the cabinet doors. This unique pulls will make the kitchen looks contemporary.

Implement unstained finish to the floor by exposing the rawness of the wood for a natural ambiance. Complete the backsplash area and the kitchen wall with overall white tone to get a balanced look.

15. The Minimalist Cabinet

cheap kitchen cabinets ideas

Some people love to have a minimalist design for their kitchen cabinet because of its simplicity, cheap, and easy to maintain.

Minimalist kitchen cabinet can also make the room visually spacious. The sleek design contains neutral color palette like white is perfect with the combination of grey and wood.

Apply white staining door with simple knobs to the cabinet and use marble like Travertine or Carrara to the countertop.

The backsplash area can simply use stainless steel for a modern look. Also, you can add a higher skirting below the cabinet, so that it will look like floating and feeling lighter.

You can make a new model of galley kitchen by using the other wall as the dining area with wood dining table. What an everlasting design to your kitchen cabinet ideas!

16. Industrial Looks Cabinet 

kitchen cabinet refacing

Still dreaming to have an industrial kitchen? Start by applying industrial kitchen cabinet materials! Use old wooden tones like red oak or dark walnut as the main cover or doors.

You can create an open kitchen with tall cupboard fixed to one wall and add a freestanding kitchen island in front of it with a walkway between them.

The cabinet can also be an integrated refrigerator hardware so that your kitchen will look like a unified whole. This kitchen cabinet idea is cheap and best for your kitchen-refacing project.

17. Round Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

corner kitchen cabinet ideas

If you want to break through from a normal and ordinary kitchen style, create a unique one! Aside from a basic cabinet shape, design your kitchen cabinet forming a rounded corner in your house.

This kitchen cabinet idea will need a custom design or you can make it as a DIY project to save cost. Since it will be a custom design, you can also make an integrated refrigerator hardware by using the same panel face with the overall of the kitchen cabinet.

The light color of wood like maple and white oak can be the best material for the cabinet doors to create a contemporary ambiance to your kitchen. Above the cabinet, you can also put a window that will give a great outdoor view to your unique kitchen.

18. Straight Line Kitchen Cabinet

modern kitchen cabinets

Considering what kind of layout that will work best for your kitchen? There are four basic layouts that you can adapt to remodel your kitchens such as straight-line, galley, L-shape and U-shape.

We already talk about these three layouts except the straight-line.

In the straight-line kitchen, put the kitchen cabinet to the one side of the wall, without any addition of island or another cupboard.

The cabinet can be fixed cupboard or free standing island. In the picture is the Ikea cabinet with concrete countertop. This cabinet has plenty deep drawers to store your things. Then you can add open shelving for the upper area.

The storage can also be the decorations, so you can also fill the open shelving with beautiful accessories like antique kitchen utensils, plates, and glasses.

Adding some planters can also enhance the natural ambiance. This kitchen cabinet ideas also works best for small apartments with an open floor plan.

19. Concrete Accent

minimalist kitchen cabinet ideas

Other than black and white or just plain white, you can also have a minimalist kitchen cabinet ideas by using the concrete material to fill up your home.

The concrete looks can be applied to the cabinet doors, drawers, and the kitchen island body. This concrete accent will give your kitchen area with a little rustic ambiance.

You can design an integrated kitchen cabinet for all the kitchen sets, then you can leave a cooking area is open in the middle.

For the countertop finishing, you can use wood like maple or cherry for a neutral look. To balance the room nuance, play with stainless material to the countertop area.

This kitchen cabinet idea will simply give your kitchen a sleek and modern ambiance.

20. Blue Kitchen Cabinet, Let’s get It!

Neutral Blue Cabinets

Want to add character to your kitchen? Let’s bring in a splash of color with this blue kitchen cabinet ideas. Colored cabinets — in particular, bright blues — are an emerging kitchen design trend.

Here are some ways any of you can use vibrant, colored cabinets to transform your kitchen.

Break from the Ordinary with Blue Cabinets

For a long time, conventional wisdom was that cabinets should be kept natural or a neutral tone. Most designers recommended using accent pieces — drapes, throw rugs or furniture — to introduce brighter colors.

However, like stainless steel, glass and other alternate cabinetry materials grew in popularity, that thinking changed. Incorporating painted cabinetry into the mix is the natural next step.

Going all-in with bright blue cabinets creates a well-defined color palette and instantly adds personality to your kitchen. This is the reason why we recommended blue kitchen cabinet ideas for you.

Design Options

There are many ways to incorporate blue cabinets into your kitchen. If you feel like all blue cabinetry would be too much — and sometimes, in a smaller or busier kitchen, it is — consider limiting the color to specific areas, as you would an accent wall in a bedroom or living room.

If you have an island, adding blue cabinets — and finding chairs in a matching color — is an excellent option for adding visual interest.

Alternately, consider using blue for the lower portion of your cabinets and leaving the rest a more neutral shade, or vice versa.

Choosing a Shade

How you incorporate blue into your cabinetry will depend on the shade of blue you choose. Darker blues will add a touch of elegance to a room, but in some cases, these stronger colors will need to be used sparingly to prevent the space from seeming too busy or crowded.

Lighter blues, on the other hand, are a great way to add warmth, especially in a smaller kitchen. Choosing a shade with bright undertones can work in a room that has lots of natural sunlight, though you may want to stick to cooler colors if you rely heavily on artificial lighting.

Lastly, none of these rules are set in stone. Every kitchen and every homeowner is different. Be sure to view samples of several different colored cabinets so you can fully visualize how your kitchen design will look before deciding.

21. White and Blue Kitchen

classic blue kitchen cabinet

White is a very versatile color and also gives a neat and clean look. White and blue kitchen cabinet is a great pair because their contrast can be seen clearly and match perfectly.

Classic Blue and white are incredible combination to have for a minimalist kitchen. Minimalist kitchen set in blue color is simple yet stunning to be seen. This is one of our top recommendation as blue kitchen cabinet ideas.

You will not need much to décor a minimalist kitchen, a combination of great color and simple kitchen set are able to deliver a minimalist look as you can see on the picture.

22. Scandinavian Style Kitchen

Scandinavian Style Kitchen

As one of our recommendation for blue kitchen cabinet ideas is Scandinavian Kitchen. This style is very chic. It is great for any of you who looking for simple but still has the charm of Scandinavian style.

The pairing of blue and wood cabinet turns out perfectly. Clean and bright ambiances reflected by the white cabinets that make all the element blend beautifully. Look at how great is the blue color in the kitchen.

23. Modern Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Blue shade makes a kitchen look modern? The answer is…Yes, absolutely! A dark shade of blue mixed with granite countertop will make your kitchen extremely modern.

Especially added with a unique hanging lamp above the counter or island, it is just classy! Another top recommendation for your blue kitchen cabinet ideas.

24. Elegant Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Elegant Kitchen Cabinet

Perhaps the word elegant is never closely associated with a kitchen. But, if you do want an elegant kitchen, say no more!

Elegant blue kitchen cabinet with sink is here to help you realize the dream. This color is perfect because it gives you a subtle atmosphere and also looks luxurious. The marble backsplash also makes it more beautiful.

25. Luxurious Kitchen with Blue Island

Luxurious Kitchen with Blue Island

For the highlight of blue kitchen cabinet ideas, a luxurious blue kitchen cabinet is getting in the list. If you want to create a luxurious vibe in the kitchen, you can set the white tone and gold element to match up the vibe.

Don’t forget to add gold accents. Then, transform the kitchen island into a blue color. Lastly, hang mini pendants. Voila!

26. Sophisticated Navy-Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Sophisticated Navy-Blue Kitchen Cabinet

When you have a spacious kitchen, you must want it to be cozy, warmth and welcoming. Therefore, the navy-blue kitchen cabinet is the perfect shade to have in a large kitchen because you will be able to see that this color stands out.

Moreover, navy blue helps to balance out the heat and light. Navy blue cabinets pair with worn brick, wood, and metal finishes creating a sophisticated look in this kitchen.

27. Light Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Light Kitchen Cabinet

If you seek for something that looks fun and playful, you can definitely check this one out. Light blue kitchen cabinet idea serves a playful, calm and chic vibe for the kitchen.

Moreover, you can have a unique pattern for the floor or simply lay the wood parquet, also in light colors to make your kitchen look jolly. Last, hang some plants to complete the look.

28. Feeling Fresh with Blue Kitchen Cabinet

earthy kitchen cabinet

Modern, minimalist, classic, luxury and elegant. You’ve been looking at it all. Maybe you still trying to get the style that you desire. What about this earthy kitchen?

Set your kitchen with all wood material, even the handles! Create some pattern to make it fancier. Add terracotta tile for backsplash to match up the mood. Now, get your bottom cabinet set in blue color and wood handle.

Add some decorations and of course don’t ever forget the plants. Pick a bright color for flooring. Wow! It’s brightened up your mood instantly.

29. Country Kitchen with Blue Kitchen Cabinet

country kitchen cabinet ideas

Missing the good old days? Country style kitchen has never failed to create a classic and cozy kitchen. With the addition of the blue cabinet, it gives a contrast look for the kitchen.

Country style is usually filled with the brown color or wooden pattern, so, if you would like to add more color, blue cabinet, both dark and light can be your best pick!

30. Modern Rustic Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Modern Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

Rustic blue kitchen cabinet idea is a perfect choice if you want to have a classic, simple and cozy kitchen. Rustic blue kitchen set also gives a decent and stunning look for the kitchen.

When you choose a rustic style with light wooden color, you can combine it with a darker shade of blue. This color is very calm and doesn’t overshadow other colors. Moreover, it is also able to be combined with other great colors.

Rustic style kitchen is always closely associated with the color of white or grey, meanwhile, you can always explore with more color such as blue.

As you can see in the picture, the herringbone tiles give a perfect combination to a rustic kitchen style.

31. Subtle Grey and Blue Kitchen

Subtle Grey and Blue Kitchen

For you who don’t like to be bold. You can go more natural with the subtle grey and blue color. This two will make a unique vibe in the kitchen.

Adding wooden tiles for backsplash is also a great idea. It matches with wooden top of the kitchen island. Set up the light to create more intimate nuances. Here you go! Your natural kitchen with grey and blue is already set.

32. Monochrome Blue Kitchen

Monochrome Blue Kitchen

When done right, a monochromatic palette can make any room in your home impossibly chic. This blue kitchen cabinet idea is using a monochrome blue palette.

It is an elegant shade of blue in the whole room including the cabinetry. The accessories are even matched using hanging gold pendant and other gold’s acc on the wall.

33. Greenish-Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Greenish-Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Don’t want to overwhelm your kitchen with color? Consider a pale shade. As for your reference for blue kitchen cabinet ideas.

Here, refreshingly greenish-blue cabinets and island look harmonious with wood elements. The minty blue cabinets give the cooking space a fresh and modern twist.

34. Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet

Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinet

Quirky, cozy, and cool best describes this two-tone blue kitchen spotted on the picture. The wall colors unify the space that’s divided into separate areas by the glossy elements and the turquoise kitchen. It’s very chic!

The open kitchen layout goes very well with the turquoise color and definitely, this will be our best pick for blue kitchen cabinet ideas.

35. Navy Blue Kitchen

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Another reference for you who looking for navy blue kitchen cabinet ideas. For a small kitchen, as you can see in the picture, navy blue gives a character to the kitchen.

Here are a few tips that you can try to maximize your space with blue kitchen cabinet.

  • Set the wall in white. Why? Because it will brighten up your space and feel less cramped. For the best result, you need to paint the shelves white too. The open kitchen with the white wall is the best ideas that you can try if you have a problem with size.
  • Pick the right color and material for the countertop. Choose white granite or marble top. It transforms the kitchen into another class.
  • Use navy blue on the bottom cabinet and the kitchen island.

36. Baby Blue Kitchen

Baby Blue Kitchen

This soft blue is great for a traditional home where you want to introduce some uplifting color while still conveying an old-fashioned vibe.

As you can see on the picture, the unique floor tile matches up with the baby blue kitchen cabinet and island. Use white color for the combination.

37. Matte Finish Cabinetry

Matte Finish Cabinetry

Don’t forget this, matte finish furniture is still on-trend. From fittings to surfaces, matte blue is definitely still being embraced by the many designers.

You can try this if you look for something different. A bit curvy yet stylish kitchen with matte blue color definitely one of our top recommendation.

These 37 kitchen cabinet ideas with various configurations and materials should be enough for you to start designing or remodeling your kitchen. You can apply those ideas based on your own preferences and requirements. You are also free to mix and match these tips, as long as it will enhancing the warm ambiance of your kitchen. Enjoy!

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