18 Awesome Kitchen Ceiling Ideas (for Perfect Upgrade!)

Your kitchen is the soul of your home, the place where friends and family gather, feast, and admire the homeowner’s hectic situation.

For years of bustle and activity, the smoking dish can leave one’s kitchen ceiling looking decidedly worse for the wear, which may be motivation enough for an upgrade.

There are a number of kitchen ceiling designs and materials to choose from beyond the more luxurious coffered and trey, with state-of-the-art components to serve your kitchen’s needs.

We already set out everything that you need to know about kitchen ceiling ideas.

Get some ideas and inspiration while reading this article. Adopt the ideas and combine them with your kitchen style. Let’s get inspired!

1. Simple Yet Stylish, Regular Kitchen Ceiling

Regular Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

This kitchen ceiling idea is commonly used by a lot of homeowners. It is a regular kitchen ceiling. It’s flat, usually comes along with recessed light and pendants.

The most important thing is, it’s not expensive at all. You can simply lay it on and put some lights. Voila, your kitchen look will transform drastically.

Here are a few things that you need to know before you upgrade your kitchen ceiling:

  • Material that can be used to make a kitchen ceiling include drywall, ceiling tiles, wood boards, wood beams, drop ceiling, and glass.
  • White is one of the widely used colors for the kitchen ceiling to make it works with any color combination you pick for the kitchen.
  • Avoid installing cabinets that touch the ceiling if you have a high ceiling. These become inaccessible unless you use a ladder to place or fetch something.

2. Drop Ceiling

Drop Ceiling

As you can see in the picture, the ceiling has two layers. People called it a two-tier ceiling, but let me call it The Drop Ceiling.

It’s commonly used by many homeowners because of the hidden lights that will make your kitchen look so stunning.

But often people get bored with this kind of ceiling due to the maintenance. Kinda hard to clean up the space between those layers.

3. Tray Ceiling

Tray Ceiling

Another common kitchen ceiling idea id the tray ceiling. Tray ceilings frame a room and give an impression of a higher ceiling with the two layers.

On the outer side of the ceiling, you can put some recessed lights and, in the middle, you can hang pendant lights over the kitchen island.

4. Vaulted Ceiling

Vaulted Ceiling

If you’re having problem with your kitchen size. You can try this kitchen ceiling idea to maximize your kitchen space.

Yes, it is Vaulted Kitchen Ceiling. Assuming you don’t have an upper floor above your kitchen you can create this vaulted kitchen ceiling like this picture.

It definitely creates a look more spacious. You can get some skylights to get the sun shines through the kitchen, it’ll make it more sustainable and less electricity.

5. Beams Ceiling

Beams Ceiling

Want to have an anti-mainstream idea for your kitchen apartment? Consider this kitchen ceiling idea. To match the industrial-modern style of the kitchen, exposed the concrete beams for the ceiling.

Paint the beams the same color as the ceiling. Like in the picture, it has an unfinished concrete look. So chic and stylish.

6. Coffered Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

The luxurious kitchen goes well with this kind of ceiling. The coffered kitchen ceiling. This kitchen ceiling ideas definitely needs more than 8 feet clearance.

It’ll create a lot of texture and you need to put some recessed light to fulfill the light needs of the kitchen. Usually, the coffered ceiling comes in white color.

7. Curved Ceiling

Curved Ceiling

For you who have a spacious kitchen, this style is our best pick for you. Your Victorian kitchen style absolutely a match with this kitchen ceiling ideas.

Curved ceiling, it can make the kitchen look more spacious as well as luxurious. Paint your kitchen with white and also the cabinetry.

The white kitchen coupled with white curved ceiling makes the kitchen look big, bright, airy yet luxurious.

8. Wood Vaulted Ceiling

Wood Vaulted Ceiling

This white kitchen is super stylish. The all-white kitchen combines with silver accent turns this kitchen into a modern kitchen. This kitchen boasts a vaulted wood ceiling with exposed wood beams lighted by a stylish pendant lighting.

There’s also a center island with granite countertop set on the hardwood flooring. This kitchen looks airier because of the large window that brings the sunshine in. What a beautiful kitchen!

9. Small Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

Small Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

For a small kitchen, we suggest that you have your kitchen cabinetry in white. It’s because to make it less cramped and brighter. Choose natural elements such as wood wall and parquet floor. Combine with small kitchen island placing on one side of your kitchen.

Don’t put it in the middle because you will have less space to circulate around the kitchen. It will bother you a lot.

Our recommendation for kitchen ceiling ideas is the regular ceiling. It’s easy to maintain and simple. Put recessed lighting as its need and create a downlight or upper cabinet light for the final touch.

10. Solid Wood with Exposed Beams Ceiling

Solid Wood with Exposed Beams Ceiling

A traditional yet modern kitchen can be your best pick. With all modern kitchen fixtures, you can simply use this kitchen ceiling ideas as your reference. Solid wood for exposed ceiling beams.

This style choice of ceiling beams in your kitchen can trick the eye into thinking space is larger than it is, and can help to keep the eye at furniture level, which allows the pieces in your kitchen to be the star of the room.

11. Glass Kitchen Ceiling

Glass Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

Feeling a bit tricky with your kitchen shape? Don’t worry. We might have a solution for you. Even though you can’t have a normal shaped ceiling, you can try to make a glass angled ceiling.

This kitchen ceiling ideas is super stylish and sophisticated. You can change the recessed light with shaped led light. It will highlight the area of your kitchen.

12. Exposed Wood Ceilings

Exposed Wood Ceilings

Every beach house usually comes in the wood roof structure. They don’t make a proper ceiling like the common townhouse. They use the wood beams as the ceiling. It’s also worked for the kitchen.

The kitchen will have a higher space with the exposed beam as the ceiling. You can try to make a skylight to brighten up the room.

13. Modern Kitchen with Wood Ceiling

Modern Kitchen with Wood Ceiling

Feeling a bit classic but modern at the same time? Consider this kitchen ceiling ideas to make your dream come true. Usually, the wood beam is naturally being exposed because of the roof structure. But you can make the wood beam into coffered ceiling style. As you can see in the picture, the kitchen looks so chic with the wood ceiling and wood kitchen island set on the wood flooring.

14. Kitchen Ceiling Light

Kitchen Ceiling Light

If we talk about the kitchen ceiling ideas, often we forget about the lighting. Choosing the kitchen ceiling light fixtures is an important decision that you need to make because this is what will add beauty to your kitchen.

You may be faced with a lot of choices and so carefully choosing what would suit in your kitchens design would not be an easy decision for you to make.

Here are some ideas that may guide you in choosing the ceiling light fixtures for your kitchen to make it shine.

Consider the Different Types of Kitchen Ceiling Light Fixtures

This will give you an idea of what you can have in your kitchen. You have the lights that provide the ambient, the task and the mood lighting.

You can apply one or a combination of these lighting ideas in your kitchen depending on the purpose your kitchen has.

The ambient fixtures may just give you the light that will spread throughout the kitchen area. The task light is focused on a certain part of the kitchen to illuminate a specific area of the kitchen while the mood or accent lights are the lights that would help in setting the mood in your kitchen.

Applying these three in your kitchen may give you kitchen the illumination that it needs but also the ambiance that you would want to have in your kitchen.

Choose the Design

In whatever decor or fixtures that you will have in your kitchen, it should always match or complement the existing colors and designs that you have in your kitchen.

Fixtures are just additional decors with functions that you can place in any room, however, it is important to note that it may also add beauty to a certain room thus careful selection of the kitchen ceiling light fixtures should be done.

Think About the Cost

There are a lot of inexpensive kitchen ceiling light fixtures that you can purchase and you can start from there. Ask the help of an interior decorator on how you can have a cost-effective design in your kitchen with the use of cheaper materials and you will just have the kitchen that you need.

Or you can search over the Internet for how a certain fixture can add beauty to your kitchen. It is just a matter of knowing where to place the lights aesthetically and still serving its function that would help you in making your kitchen ceiling light fixtures shine.

This is one way of planning in how you can have a beautiful kitchen lighting fixtures without having to spend much on the fixtures.

15. Industrial Kitchen Ceiling

Industrial Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

This picture may seem a bit dirty, but stylish. This industrial kitchen ceiling ideas might be your best pick for you who has a lot of kitchen work. The industrial kitchen ceiling is using steels that arranged beautifully on the top.

To make the room brighter and airier, consider painting the wall with white color. Get the kitchen set also in white and black granite top over the kitchen island.

16. Explore Lighting with Regular Ceiling

Explore Lighting with Regular Ceiling

There are 3 types of lights for a kitchen that commonly used. They are:

  • Recessed lights, usually the main ceiling area are using this recessed light and it’s also can be dimmed.
    Pendant lights, usually placed above peninsulas and kitchen counter/island.
  • Cabinet lights, usually used in cabinets with built-in lights, especially glass-faced cabinets, cabinet tops and/or below upper cabinets shedding light on the counter space.
  • With a regular ceiling, you can explore more how the kitchen light will set in the kitchen. As you can see on the picture, there are four pendant lights hanging above the kitchen sink and counter. There is also a drop light placed above the stove. It comes along with the exhaust. Lastly, put some recessed lights to fill up the room.

17. Futuristic Kitchen Ceiling

Futuristic Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

Let’s look on another path this time. This kitchen ceiling ideas is rarely found in a common house. It’s curvy, organic shaped, sometimes layered, sleek, futuristic yet stylish and modern.

It’s designed beautifully by professional for a homeowner who dreams of the futuristic interior. Even though it has organic shape, the kitchen still works like the usual kitchen. You can do your daily activities in this kitchen.

18. Asymmetrical Kitchen Ceiling

Asymmetrical Kitchen Ceiling

Another unusual kitchen ceiling idea. The modern villa boasts a natural interior concept with a lot of wood material combines with black fixtures.

As you can see in the picture, the ceiling is a bit unusual. Its asymmetrical shape is the focal point in this room. It’s blending in with the whole concept.

In the end, you’ll notice by far the most common ceiling color is white. White is best. Why is it so great? Because it works with any color scheme.

That said, natural wood and in some cases, colors can work well, but generally white is best. Even though it all come in different shapes and fixtures, but the white ceiling is the best pick.

You can adopt one, two or more ideas from these awesome kitchen ceiling ideas and apply it in your kitchen. Hope you get inspired!

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