17+ Smart Kitchen Decorating Ideas to Change the Space Vibes!

Modern touch, eclectic, earthy, and back to 50’s are maybe tons of ideal kitchen inspiration you dream of. However, if you have a limited time to remodel, there are currently so many tips provided to decorate your lovely kitchen through work-less touch but still giving a major change and looks super impressive. So, do not worry about limited inspiration to makeover your space, here are kitchen decorating ideas will help you to find the great one!

1. Natural Shelves and Simple Tile Backsplash

Natural Shelves Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Natural shelves with basic backsplash are never failed to give a kitchen design with a timeless look. Start by decorating your kitchen by creating natural shelves with a simple tile backsplash. The symmetry modular backsplash will leave a simple nuance and easy to collaborate with other color and pattern due to its basic look.

In addition, choose a glossy surface to your backsplash material since it is durable and easy to clean. Complement it with natural wooden tone through floating open shelves, hang your utensils and glass as the focal point. What do you think about the kitchen decorating ideas above?

2. Spreading the Pattern

Spreading the Pattern for Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Dreaming an interesting eat-in spot in your kitchen? Spreading the kitchen and spotting some color to your dinner table area. Play with some bold colors such as yellow, red, and blue, complement it with artsy and ethnic patterns to your dining chairs, and stools. This perfect combination of kitchen decorating ideas through pattern and color will leave the sense of eclectic, by the combination of ethnic and artsy theme into a room.

It echoes the cheerful style through the bold colors and artificial patterns pulling up into the room. However, be cautious when dressing up your kitchen with the pattern as a focal point! It is not to be dominant. Now our casual kitchen is ready to be occupied by your big family!

3. Climbing Kitchen Utensil as a Room Star

Climbing Kitchen Utensil

Rather than stashing your kitchen stuff inside the cabinet, it is the right time to show them by adding some layers on the wall: open shelf will be a great solution for this. Moreover, it leads you to have a compositional stuff arrangement and good looking stuff displays. So, keep it artistically, and avoid mismatched stuff tone with great color coordinated that is super instagrammable!

For a bigger change, do some steps below:

  • Assign one bulky spot as your kitchen set display and install the wall with hanging rack and utensils spot.
    The easy distance will make the spot reachable, hang them and arrange it beautifully.
  • Opt similar utensil color tone and you can accentuate them with a little touch of bold color. Actually, there are no actual rules to get a boring space more interesting.
  • The last but not least, playing with an aligned color coordination and same material will be great tips to keep it harmony.
  • Also, this kitchen decorating ideas will create a worthy-kitchen decoration and steal the show so much! Have fun!

4. Multi-function Island to Add More Counter Space

Multi-function Island for Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Nowadays, people demand a super versatile space to put your kitchen stuff more efficient. Also, with a large size of the kitchen, people dream to have more counter space in this area. So for this case, you just need to enhance your kitchen more valuable spot looks more multi-function and efficient. Start by modifying your custom island with a lot of storage and providing more space to do many activities.

The existence of island also can add more counter space to beneficially adding prep and eating area. So, let’s create a contrast by using different color materials. Dark stained wood is a great option to stress the room nuance. Combine it with maple wood to the countertops and stools. To get a contrast look, dress the rest of the room with the overall white tone so it will emphasize the most used activity’s area in the kitchen.

This is such a recommended kitchen decorating ideas to add more kitchen value!

5. Bicycle and Something Blue

Something Blue Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Adding a distinctive element and personality to your kitchen may be a great choice to make your kitchen as an enjoyable space. So, start the room by placing your favorite kitchen spot with your stylish bike for an instant update yet super attractive.

To strengthen the room vibes, give the cabinets more color with fresh blue, spreading them to the island to get a continuous look. This is a very recommended way to the sleek white kitchen look. 

People who pass the kitchen and glimpse the room will be automatically pulled to know more about this cool space. Now your kitchen is not only as a cooking space, rather you can transform it into an additional artificial-home space.

6. Yellow Zone

Yellow Zone Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Do you have a limited time but dreaming for a major remodel? For the kitchen decorating ideas, you just need to focus on your cabinets transformation for a creative brief planning. Play with a yellow tone for the overall center cabinet to get a noticeable change in your kitchen. It totally creates a burst of charm. Make it as a solo yellow stuff so it will be a center of attraction.

The yellow chimney and hanging lamp are another supper attractive installations that create a strong cheerful nuance to your kitchen. The last touch, embrace the bold color with neutral color tone to show off the yellow mood and avoid the visual commotion. It also helps your tiny kitchen space to be more spacious and clean.

7. Pastel Mood for Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Pastel Mood for Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Nowadays, kitchen decorating ideas with pastel touch is super popular. Instead of creating a calm and cheerful nuance, it also shows a different way of breaking a monotonous through pastel vibes. A calm look will freshen your mind while cooking, it is super enhancing your mood.

If you dream an effortless decor but looks like a new kitchen, just focusing on one spot kitchen:

  • Create an artistic pattern on the wall, such as an abstract pattern with concrete touch to get an earthy look yet artistic.
  • The combination of metallic, gold and marble pattern are suggested to accentuate the kitchen appearance, spreading them into your kitchenware and storage handle.
  • The last, keep your furniture simply natural without a pattern to get a harmony appearance. Play more with pastel mood to get a different nuance.  
  • Dress the floor with marble tiles with pastel color to get a continuous look and optically larger.

8. Play with Aquarium

Aquarium for Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Need a little bit refreshment and love underwater? Why not have a mini aquarium in your kitchen! To get an effortless decor yet a big decorating impact, install a digital aquarium on your kitchen wall. Play with basic room tone, such as plain white, wood, and iron touch to make the aquarium as the larger impactor and the center of attraction.

9. Add Comfort Underfoot with a Beautiful Rug

Rug Kitchen Decorating Ideas

If you just loving a simple touch to get your kitchen apartment homey, spread a little warmth by adding a comfortable rug and put it on your favorite kitchen spot. You can opt for a fur rug surface with an ethnic ornament for a big kitchen statement. If you have a U-shaped kitchen, put it in the middle area with a quite big size rug so it will make the whole activity in your kitchen be more comfortable. Now your hearth of the house is more welcoming!

10. Stripes Cool Kitchen Wallpaper

Kitchen Wallpaper for Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Dreaming a tasteful kitchen decoration? Start by changing your kitchen wall decor with sophisticated black and white stripes. Complement it with a super basic cabinet style so it will balance and melt away from the backdrops. To get a bold accent, add yellow stools and some decorative element to enliven the room vibes. Now this banded beauty is totally inspiring!

11. Green Stuff for Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Green Stuff for Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Create a fresh kitchen look by dedicating the area as a green and earthy space. Choose the right area to put some plants for activating the green mood. Place them in the window area so they can get enough light to grow up. To get a maximum advantage, planting some type of herbs so you not only get a perfect greenery space to your kitchen but rather you also you can get fresh leaves handily for your food preparation in your kitchen.

So, is it super worthy and brilliant kitchen decorating ideas, isn’t it?

12. Unique DIY Lamp

Diy Kitchen Decorating Ideas

This is the crazy simply amazing idea you must try! Having a new lighting look with a low budget spent: the kitchen warm lighting is coming out from lamps inside beautiful utensils kitchen equipment, ropes, and wood.

This creation is not only being just your extra lighting in your kitchen, rather the reflection from the caps are super beautiful and will pull people coming inside and adore your beautiful artwork. So, you wanna try?

13. Amazing Country Kitchen with Mezzanine

Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas

If you dream a warm and efficient kitchen space but having a limited area to do, transform your kitchen area with country mezzanine kitchen. Instead of having traditional vibes, you will get a warmer and spacious look through the mezzanine area.

To get a super effective kitchen zone, divide the mezzanine into two primary zones: you can assign the cooking area in the base area and make the mezzanine as your additional storage area.

The warm ambiance showed by the wood installation into the most kitchen elements. The counter bar and raw wood ornaments on the ceiling area also emphasize the sense of country and homey. If you want a balanced look of country and modern finishing, get a wall and floor finishing with a concrete element and let it unfinished.

Now your kitchen is ready to rock your day!

14. Cutting Board Artworks

Cutting Board Artworks Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Who says you cannot explore more your cutting board? Now you can pick a timeless accent in your kitchen by transforming the uniqueness of cutting board as a decorative element. Make your cutting boards all out from the shelf and display them on your favorite kitchen spot. Take some different size of cutting boards to get dynamic wall displays. To get a durability displays, look for like bamboo, maple, cherry that also will develop over time.

Now your cutting board just not only stuck on your pantry. They can be more than you think!

15. Bracketed Shelves

Bracketed Shelves Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Install bracketed shelves in you adjoining room and let it be as your extra kitchen divider. They are less bulky than cabinets but they will provide you with extra storage for your attractive glassware. The open cabinet leaves an industrial look and the organized pieces of stuff inside the cabinet will be an additional kitchen decoration. Gorgeous!

16. Chalkboard Wall Painted

Chalkboard Wall Painted Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Personalized your kitchen with chalkboard wall painted. Instead of its inexpensive budget, it is also the easiest way to dress up your kitchen. With the black tone of the chalkboard, it will match the wall with the ever-changing chalk art. And the most, you finally have your artificial own journal to show!

To get a perfect remodel, pulling everything together with adjusting color combination with a darker tone, such as navy, black, and earthy tone like unfinished concrete and wooden tone to get neutral vibes and fresh. The present of hanging lamps successfully accentuates another attractive point in the kitchen so every space in your kitchen is good looking. The last touch, add more plants to always relieve your mood. 

What a perfect kitchen combination to start your amazing day!

17. Cohesive Room Decoration

Cohesive Room Decoration

Carry over your kitchen into the adjoining spaces. Due to kitchen position connected to other room, you can create some cohesive room decoration to pull everything together. Add multi-function bracket shelf to put your favorite displays. Importantly, you can put a dining table as a communal area so people will constantly come and make it as a meeting point. 

The use of recycling stuff is suggested to add more value to your kitchen. Transform the box palettes as your additional kitchen storage and room partition as well.

18. Basic Industrial Decoration of Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Industrial Decoration of Kitchen Decorating Ideas

If you already have an everlasting kitchen decoration with the minimalist look but still dreaming something new in your kitchen, you just need to follow this idea: add the room with the extraordinary industrial hanging lamps! Put them in the center of activities, such as island and dining table.

The unorganized wire lamp even gives a sense of artistic and attract more people to look closer. Let the room with a basic tone so you can easily mix and match your new hanging lamp with various style. So, what do you think?

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