11 Must See Kitchen Design Ideas (that Kitchen Lovers will Dream of)

It is undeniable spending mostly our entire day in the kitchen might not be impossible, thus the kitchen is a common renovated space in our home. Whether dreaming of a major change or an effortless renovation, nowadays we will get easy to find tons of references about kitchen design ideas suggested by media, IKEA displays, and Pinterest.  

Feeling bored with your latest kitchen display or design? This is the right time to spice up your lovely kitchen with the best kitchen design ideas.

Need a special touch of simplicity, everlasting, family-friendly, and be able to incorporate with other’s kitchen styles? Take a look at the upcoming article below!

1. Be Bright, Be Outstanding!

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Some people believe playing safe with basic color is the best option. Instead of getting a neutral nuance, white kitchen is super everlasting look and clean. Want a perfect bright kitchen? So go down at the tips below!

To get a luxury nuance, opt for the versatile wall cabinet with continuous cabinet design to the ceiling. Choose the overall white color tone as the wall to keep sparse and clean. Create a modular kitchen cabinet door and let everything close to getting a tidy look and beautifully plain.

For a backsplash style, play with dimension through wooden material to catch the natural nuance and overwhelming. Place the hanging lamps over the island with wooden tone to make people lingering while coming inside. Wooden material will add balance and calming. 

Center the kitchen island with wooden tone and white frame cabinet. Repeat the wooden style to the counter stools to get a balanced look. Be bright, definitely be outstanding!

2. 1950 Retro Feeling in Modern Kitchen

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If you do love modern style but dreaming to keep your grandma retro vibes in 1950, this contemporary style of kitchen design ideas might be a brilliant one! To enliven both nuances, play with neutral color like white or cream to the overall kitchen wall.

The retro feeling showed by the implementation of kitchen cabinet accent with vintage handle style. Choose the cabinet style with a conventional kitchen set arrangement to get a retro look. But use a light material with soft color to get a simple and modern look.

To complement the modern simple retro look and family-friendly, create a valuable living space by dressing the kitchen with simple dining table with wooden tone and white color. Modify your grandma chair and repaint it with fresh color like light blue to create cheerful nuance. So your family can enjoy their conversation while cooking. .

3. Refreshing Colorful Pastel Kitchen

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Are you a cheerful person and need something bold in your kitchen? Play with this lovely theme! A bold combination of some pastel tone definitely will activate your cooking mood so much!

For the first step, consider the proper color palette and choose the same color tone to get a cohesive look. An oblique pattern may be a great option to your wall to avoid the boredom. Paint with maximum three optional color tone to get a chaotical room pattern.

To support the colorful theme, modify the old kitchen cabinet with colorful mood. Let the marble white to balance the look. Display wall with kitchen set like the pan, and kitchen utensils for adding the room aesthetically.

Display the kitchen cabinet with kitchen with your cooking tools with aligned color to a perfect kitchen combination. Nice combination to start!

4. Framing With Black

modern kitchen design ideas

If you think your white modern kitchen is a bit plain and simple, adding a black framing accent to your bright room is a great kitchen design ideas to wipe out the monotonous. Choose a furniture that possibly being a center of attention, such as stools, the epic vertical racks, and ethnic rug. So what do you think? It is such an effortless design! A small touch for a big change!

5. Living in a Grey Box must be Super Fun!

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If you think living in a grey space is totally dull, now you can explore gray concept to be a calming and cool kitchen.

The key is exploring different materials with grey color and blend them into a room to get a cohesive. If you are little bit worried they will make a distraction, choose aligned color material of  grey color to get neutral vibes. If you dream an affordable kitchen background without to much spending cost of backsplash, set the bricks arrangement with overall grey color tone to get a spacious look. Then choose a brighter bricks material.

Additionally, to get a continuous look, dress the floor up with wooden material and complement it with modern rug pattern in the room center. Indirectly, let everything flat grey and attract the mood with the color combination of kitchen tools, such as pan, mug, herbs, and utensils to get an attractive look. 

6. Pop Kitchen Island To Liven up your Mood

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Create a simple yet bold kitchen look by stressing the room vibes with turquoise kitchen island. If you dream of an effortless kitchen modification and press on a budget, it is a brilliant idea for you! This style successfully accentuates the modern plain look. Play with overall aligned color to your kitchen set. To get an on-point kitchen look, state the island bold and contrast color tone, such as turquoise. A little touch with a big impact, isn’t it?

7. Concrete Backsplash will always be Right!

kitchen interior design ideas

Love a rough design and a bit industrial but prioritizing an affordable budget spending to your kitchen renovation? Here are the simple tips to get a maximum result!

If you love a simplicity and avoid to look cluttered, you just need some square open shelving to change your storage function. Strengthen the room character with the element of concrete to the background wall. Repeat it on your kitchen floor to get a neutral look and cool. 

The strong industrial nuance emphasized by the kitchen cabinet design with strong vertical section. Also, the unique of modular drawer with perforated handle will keep the owner easily to take off everything inside.

The last, add an industrial lamp to give a sense of futuristic. The perfect neutral combination of wood, green, grey, and black will never go wrong for an earthy kitchen look.

8. Small, but Lovely

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Have a limited cooking space in your apartments? No worries! Now you can transform it into a very nice kitchen. For the layouts tips, we consider choosing U-shape to optimize your tiny space. To compact the space, start by costuming your kitchen cabinets based on your needs. If you are a detail person, you will know, this inspiration just plays with three color palette that successfully states the room vibrant.

The key to manipulating narrow space is just to be consistent with the room color palette, and choose the overall neutral color as the room base. Play with overall white and wood. The last, take green, red and black as the accent. The bright and neutral palette are addressed to activate the continuous look and brighten up your tiny space. We suggest you to put the greenery touch on your corner space to get a sense of fresh and relieving.

9. Open Plan Kitchen Windows Overlooking Trees

white kitchen design ideas

If you would love to do a major kitchen renovation to your house, and loving to attach continuously with nature while cooking, this is the right decision to get an open plan kitchen window with overlooking trees. The lovely skylight applied for an energy efficiency that provides you with an amount of daylight. 

For gaining much of neutral impression, let everything rough inside. Since kitchen cabinet play a significant role to generate the overall room accent, play with wooden tone and let everything bright to get enough light reflection.This kitchen design ideas also will help you to safe the electricity and pressing your household budget. 

10. Organized Cabinet with Scandinavian Mood

kitchen island design ideas

Voila! Who doesn’t agree that this is the organized modular cabinet you have ever seen? Having a great option to your kitchen cabinets model will bring a high impact to your room nuance. Playing with a super basic model and the neutral color combination will be a great alternative.

So how to break up the monotonous? You can explore the open kitchen cabinet arrangement with a range of cooking materials and set them with aligned color tone for a perfect harmony. Complement the cabinet with greenery element to get a fresh look. Let the cabinet open so it encourages you to keep the tools tidy and organized.

Moreover, the nice display of mug, bottles, champagne bottles, plates give a major change to your kitchen look. Goes with Scandinavian and damnly simple kitchen will never get wrong to you as an organized person.

11. Dark, but Spacious

galley kitchen design ideas

Who says you will never get a spacious modern kitchen with dark tone? This idea may be adopted to your lovely space! To get a wider look, play with overall dark color. Furthermore, place it as the kitchen background and just leave it darker only on the background wall.

To have a continuous look that optically treat the space larger, play with aligned color to the floor and strengthen with dark kitchen accessories, such as hanging lamp and exhaust fan. Yet too much black nuance will make the room a little bit sleek, so combine it with neutral wood material to get it more homey.

Balance it with modern white kitchen set to get a contrast look yet super clean. Then, strengthen the room with greenery element to make it basically natural. Green color through the leaves touch is quite refreshing to enliven the strong character of your kitchen.

So, have you found the best one? To get a perfect kitchen design ideas, do not forget to consider the room design based on you character and needs. So the right choice will help you in creating the best cooking space.

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