21 Artistic Kitchen Floor Ideas (Fresh New Look Cooking Space)

Kitchen floor faces the strongest exposure of heat and oil which are sometimes destructive for its design. When decorating your kitchen floor, keep the function and durability on top of your priority list.

Although many practical aspects like whether it’s waterproof, stain-proof, scratchproof are absolutely important, this does not mean it has to be dull.

Many floorings nowadays offer a low-maintenance and durability without eliminating the gorgeous visual that will boost the look of your kitchen. Here are the kitchen floor ideas for your practical, hard-wearing, and fashionable kitchen.

1. Light Mood Polished Concrete

Polished Kitchen Flooring Ideas

With modernity and simplicity emerged as a popular style in design, concrete kitchen floor ideas gain a reputation as the go-to choice to complete the look.

The polished concrete floor gives a sleek and clean looking floor which harmonious with modern design style.

The natural greyish colour of concrete also compliments the neutral colour palette that commonly used in modern style interior.

Concrete flooring can also be a budget-cutting choice since it created from the existing structural slab.

2. Warm Wooden Floor

Wooden Kitchen Floor

As we all know, the kitchen floor demands a heavy-duty like quality. That is why solid wood is never a recommendation for your warm kitchen floor ideas.

However, you can still have wood flooring in your kitchen by using engineered wood. Engineered wood has good durability that can withstand pretty much anything that exposed it.

This way, you can have the natural wood look to create a warmer ambience in your kitchen without worry it’ll be damaged in a short time.

3. Cosy Simple Tile

Tile Kitchen Floor

Most people treat tiles like the step-child of flooring just because it’s not as fancy as wood and not as edgy as stone.

Tiles often correlated as low-quality and tacky, when in fact it could be a modest complement to your cosy kitchen.

The countless selection of tiles gives you an endless option for your kitchen floor ideas. Many tiles also a good affordable alternative from natural material since it offers a similar finishing look. Know your way around and even with cheap tiles, you can create a fancy-looking kitchen.

4. Fun Style for the Tile

Terracotta Kitchen Flooring Ideas

With the various design of tiles, it gives you a lot of room to play with your creativity in creating fun kitchen floor ideas. Although its endless variation, all tiles have the same installation method, which makes it easy for you to combine two or more tiles for your kitchen floor.

Most of the tiles have a rectangular shape, but it is not hard for you to find unusual shape tiles to embody your unique kitchen floor ideas. You can also cut the tile according to your desired shape. Treat your unique shaped tiles like a puzzle and you can create a customized kitchen floor design.

If you want to create a puzzle looking floor but you don’t feel like to do the hassle of cutting your tiles, you can always play with colours. Homogenous shape tiles can look lively with smart colour play.

5. Get the Look in a Budget

Oak Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Many of us are big fans of solid wood, but maybe only some of us can afford it. But stylish kitchen floor ideas are for everyone.

This idea is inspired by the catchy phare ‘fake it until you make it.’ There are more affordable options to get the fanciness of wood without draining your money for it.

One of my personal favourites is laminates! The selection of laminates is available to mimic almost every type of your preferred wood. From the light coloured oak to the warm and classy cherry, you can find the laminate version.

6. Glamorous Marble

Marble Kitchen Floor

Nothing more fitting than marble to create luxurious kitchen floor ideas. The beauty of natural colour and texture of marbles undoubtedly bring the atmosphere of your kitchen to another level.

The shiny polished surface of marble flooring will give you magnificent ambience as it’s reflecting the lighting in your kitchen space.

You can match the marble floor with your kitchen countertop and the shade of your kitchen cabinets. Select a subtle colour palette to gives your glam kitchen a breathtaking elegance.

7. Outdoorsy Terracotta

Terracotta Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Bring an outdoor vibe into your home with terracotta tiles. The burnt orange colour of this tiles freshen up the kitchen ambience with its colour and also gives a rustic touch to the look.

This tile might be the most suitable kitchen flooring ideas if your home is a Spanish house. The curvy lines and the vivid colour complete each other and emphasize the Spanish design of the overall home in the kitchen.

Terracotta tiles go really well with dark wood cabinets and make a good accent to a light-coloured kitchen.

8. Harmonious with the Cabinet

Monochromatic Kitchen Floor

Having a harmonious material in terms of texture or colour helps to pull off the overall finishing look as a whole.

Your flooring ideas can be extracted from the kitchen cabinet design that you applied in your kitchen. Although, you need to be extra careful on choosing your harmonious look because it can look too much or too cramped easily.

Pick a more neutral colour so that the ambience of the space is not overwhelmed by the repetition of the colour or texture. You can also add a subtle pattern on some surface to keep it feels too monochromatic.

9. Define the Surface with Contrast

Bold Kitchen Floor

Bring the contrast to your kitchen floor ideas will be the perfect way to showcase your kitchen design. The contrast will create a bold statement of the coherence of the two surfaces.

Contrast flooring will make your cabinets and your floorings have the same amount of presence in your kitchen. The in-harmonious of the two surfaces will give you an interesting overall look in your kitchen.

10. Rustic Vibe with Stone

Porcelain Tile Kitchen Floor

Not only it makes your kitchen looks amazing, but stone tiles for your kitchen floor ideas are also an investment to increase your house’s resale value.

Although it needs more frequent maintenance rather than porcelain tile, nothing beats the classiness of stone tiles especially to match your rustic kitchen.

  • Granite is a great option especially when the kitchen countertop is also granite. The material repetition of granite will be perfect for rustic kitchen ideas. Granite also has excellent durability as long as it is properly maintained.
  • Travertine is perfect if you want to have a bare-finished look kitchen floor. Its light colour makes it a perfect pair to other natural stone for a rustic theme kitchen.
  • Limestone has the most unique look amongst other natural stones. It has a splash of pastel colour ranges from blues to greys that make it naturally aesthetically pleasing.

11. Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Bamboo kitchen floor ideas are here for you who put ecological factor on the list of your requirements. Bamboo also is resistant to water damage and stains compared to other hardwood material.

In terms of looks, bamboo has a beautiful yellowish to reddish light brown colour with dark strains that make your kitchen look fresh and comfy.

12. Vintage Vinyl


Vintage 70’s Kitchen Floor

Bring back the vintage 70’s kitchen with bright vinyl that compliments the colour palette of your kitchen. The material is durable and family proof which is perfect for your kitchen.

Vinyl floorings come in various solid colours and sizes, this make is even more perfect for your fun and exciting kitchen floor ideas.

13. Glam Linings

Fancy Kitchen Flooring

Instead of make the gap between the tiles seamless, glam it up with gold to make your luxury kitchen floor ideas look more magnificent. Usually, the gap between tiles is filled with grout in the colour that matches the tile.

But to give a twist on your kitchen floor, you can cover the grout with gold metal plates. The shiny gold plates combined with the glossy marble. This idea brings luxury kitchen design to a new level.

14. Decorate with Carpet

Carpet Kitchen Flooring

Have an extra comfort and fluffy texture when you’re going barefoot in the kitchen is the dream. Also, it gives your kid a cosy surface to play while you’re cooking.

A decorative carpet will make your kitchen feels warmer and more inviting. Carpet also a great way to put an ethnic vibe to your kitchen without you being too committed to it since you can replace it anytime.

15. Repeat the Backsplash

Carpet Kitchen Flooring

The simplicity of modern designed kitchen cabinets needs a push to prevent it from looking boring. Since the modern and contemporary design does not encourage a lot of accessories, you need to be more creative to give it a remarkable look.

In the kitchen, you can choose simple yet colourful backsplash and apply the same exact material on the floor. The repetition of the material will make the pattern stand out in a sophisticated way without clashing the whole design.

16. Mix the Flooring Material

Mix the Flooring Material

You can’t decide between two material for your kitchen floor? Why not combine it and turn it into a dual-texture kitchen floor ideas?

Not only it gives you the chance to use both materials that you love, but it will also help you mark the space configuration in your kitchen. This will be extra beneficial if your kitchen and your dining room are in the same big room or have an open plan design.

Put extra consideration on how the two materials meet. You can create a meeting point to enhance the shape of your flooring material. Also, it does need to be a straight line, it could be a curvy line along the kitchen counter.

17. Dynamic Pattern

Dynamic Pattern for Kitchen Floor

The patterned kitchen floor is my personal favourite to jazz up the look of the kitchen space. This is such a fun and artistic kitchen floor ideas that will give you a satisfying final finished look.

The pattern helps your kitchen space atmosphere more lively and joyful. It’ll easily transform the most important space in your house to be the most stylish. The pattern can be something that goes along with the whole kitchen design or it can be a contrast to it.

You can always create your own pattern. Many companies nowadays accommodate us to print our own design on porcelain tiles. This will help to create a unique and personalized design.

If you want to get your patterned kitchen floor ideas in a cheaper budget you can create it from the montage of used tiles. Combine solid coloured tiles with used pattern tiles and arrange it to your liking.

18. Old School Checkboard

Checkboard Pattern for Kitchen Floor

Checkboard pattern is the most classic kitchen floor ideas ever. It’s popularity never fade and has its own admirer. Just like stripes, checkboard pattern has been modified and fashion in various ways.

The classic colour combination is black and white but in today’s design, the colours can be any colours that you preferred.

Although it’s correlated to more traditional kitchen design, checkboard pattern tiles look amazing in the modern and contemporary kitchen as well.

19. Painted Wood

Painted Wood Kitchen Flooring Ideas

It is not a secret that replacing your kitchen floor can cost you a lot of money. But don’t feel discouraged yet, there is an affordable way to refresh the look.

Upgrade the look of your worn out wood with a touch of colour under your feet. From deep solid colours, patterns, to interesting stencils; it’ll resurrect your old flooring and gives it a new life.

And, it also a very affordable way to bring in patterns into your floorings without spending a lot on patterned tiles.

20. Monochrome Geometric

Classic Flooring Ideas

The monochromatic pattern on your flooring can make a bold statement for classic flooring ideas. The pattern on your kitchen floor gives a boost of dynamic mood that will beautifully complement your simple kitchen design.

The pattern can be consists of geometric shape to keep the visual edgy and contemporary. Choose the colour of the pattern from the colours that already applied in your kitchen so that the colour continuity wrap the look as a whole.

21. Chevron and Herringbone

Herringbone Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Many people take chevron and herringbone pattern as the same pattern. But there is actually one significant difference between the two, which is chevron meets like an arrowhead, while herringbone slightly staggered. Both of these patterns can give an extra something to your ordinary plank floorings.

It gives your kitchen a subtle elegance that will match both your contemporary and traditional kitchen design. Even when the colour and the texture of your kitchen isn’t diverse, chevron or herringbone pattern will add a uniqueness to it that makes the finishing look extraordinary.

At first, you may think that flooring is just a practical element you need for your kitchen. But it is proved that you also can be adventurous for kitchen floor ideas.

Many people underestimate the power of flooring design when it actually can stir the whole mood and look of the entire space.

With all the practical requirements it needs as kitchen floor, you sure still have a lot of room to explore and express your creative design mind. Patterns, finishing styles, colours, textures; the combination will create its own look and has its own mood.

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