17 Charming Kitchen Lighting Ideas (to State Your Room Nuance)

Not only the lighting will be a perfect complement to your existing kitchen, nowadays the lighting fixtures will also be a gorgeous decorative element to state your room character. So, don’t be afraid to go bold with the fixture design cause it’ll be so much fun to have an attractive one. Thus, kitchen lighting ideas may be a great reference to find out the lighting character that suits your room!

Upgrading the design of your kitchen lighting can make your kitchen have a brand new face without costing you a fortune. Lighting can easily change the whole ambiance, as a perfect element to be a focal point. So take a look to explore more!

Now we provide you numerous cool kitchen lighting ideas that will show you every kitchen deserves a well-designed lighting. Enjoy!

1. Recessed Lighting

recessed kitchen lighting ideas

Your newly designed kitchen deserves time to shine. Recessed lighting will enhance the existence of your kitchen and won’t steal the spotlight. Set the down-lights into the ceiling and create a seamless surface with the flush mount fixtures. This simple kitchen lighting idea is perfect for your modern design kitchen.

With subtle kitchen lighting ideas like recessed lighting, you want to focus on the color of the lighting produced. Therefore, white or blue will be a perfect choice to create cool ambiance, while yellow is what you go for if you want to create warmer ambiance.

2. Up-Ceiling Lighting

LED kitchen lighting ideas

Another subtle kitchen lighting ideas for you is hidden lighting in the kitchen up-ceiling. You can do this, by simply install LED strip lighting inside the hidden part of the kitchen up-ceiling. This way, you’ll get a well-lit kitchen without adding many visual elements in the room. This can also use to brighten up the overhead space above the kitchen cabinets.

But, you can also make this look into a bold visual lighting by enhancing the recessed surface of the ceiling. Add one lighting fixture in the center of the recessed ceiling or painted the surface in a bold color to make it stand out. What an extraordinary idea you should try!

3. Pendant Lighting

Pendant kitchen lighting ideas

Pendant lighting is one of the modest kitchen lighting ideas that mostly fit every kitchen design. Select your preference pendant lighting style that embraces your kitchen design. This hanging type lighting is a perfect match for farmhouse kitchen but also goes beautifully with modern or traditional kitchen.

Moreover, pendant lights produced more focused lighting, therefore you might need more than one to lit your entire kitchen. Additionally, adjust the length of the supporting rod to create your preference lighting. The bigger gap between the light and the below surface will create a wider area of light but more subtle ambiance.

4. Under the Cabinet

under cabinet kitchen lighting ideas

Not only give you a better visual access to your kitchen table, under the cabinet of the kitchen lighting ideas are also a perfect tool to embrace your beautiful kitchen backsplash.


Continuous hidden lighting will match your modern kitchen beautifully. You can have it by installing a hidden space below your kitchen cabinet as the ‘home’ of the lighting fixture. LED strip is a perfect choice for this type of lighting since it’s easy to install and you can adjust the color of the light accordingly.


If you’re into more dramatic effect, you will love down-lights under your kitchen cabinets. The short gap between the cabinet and the kitchen counter create sharp line and bold lighting in your working space. Play with the dark-light area to create a unique ambiance.

Read also kitchen backsplash ideas to find out more amazing kitchen backsplash inspiration to your lovely space!

5. Track Lighting

Track kitchen lighting ideas

Give your kitchen with a professional look by choosing track lighting as your kitchen lighting ideas. The rail and the headlight can be mounted on the ceiling and the wall give a kitchen studio vibe to your kitchen. This can be a suitable complement to your modern design kitchen and also can be an interesting twist in your rustic theme kitchen.

Create more excitement by choosing an unusual design for the head of the lamp. This way the professional look also can be fun decorative elements in your kitchen.

6. Exposed Wire

unique kitchen lighting ideas

Most people always try their best to hide the wire in to make their home decor looks clean and sophisticated. Turns out, the wire can be an extraordinary decorative element that gives a unique character to your kitchen decor. Exposed wire kitchen lighting ideas can be a modest yet stand out focal point in your kitchen.

You can work out the wire as part of your decorative elements. You actually can make this lighting looks on a very low budget because you don’t need to budge your ceiling for this look. This can be another cool DIY project for you on the weekend!

7. Singular Bulb Kitchen Lighting Ideas

inexpensive kitchen lighting ideas

Other inexpensive kitchen lighting ideas that you can do to cut your budget is to expose the bulb. This way you don’t need to bother to buy expensive fixtures. This idea also gives your kitchen an industrial vibe that will be perfect to create manly ambiance.

Treat your singular bulbs like pendant lighting and arrange it accordingly, or you can also turn it into your DIY chandelier. Customize the pipe as the alternative chandelier. Support or just arrange them together in a circular arrangement. Little change to a big impact, isn’t it?

8. Gleaming Chandelier

Chandelier kitchen lighting ideas

What’s better item to steal the attention rather than a chandelier? It can be classy and glamorous and it also can be artsy and extraordinary. Size wise, the chandelier will easily be the focal points in the kitchen. But other than that the set of lights in chandeliers will overflow your kitchen with the whole new ambiance.

Subtle yellow lights bring warm and romantic ambiance, while white fluorescent lights contribute to a cool and professional vibe. This will work best to put over your dining room table or the bar area in your country style kitchen. Also, want to get more kitchen cabinet ideas to support the lighting nuance? Click here to find out!

9. Painted Fixture Ideas

decorative kitchen lighting fixtures

Turn your cheap pendant light into photo-worthy items in your kitchen by painting it in a bold color. Updating the looks of your home décor item can be a clever and inexpensive step to create mesmerizing kitchen lighting ideas.

Match the Fixture

Rusty metal doesn’t really work best with your theme color? Paint it! Match the pendant to your overall kitchen color palette to create a continuous look. Check small kitchen ideas for more exploration to your tiny one!

Pop the Color

Or, be brave to go bold by picking a bright vibrant color like red, yellow, or even green. This step will contrast your overall color palette to build another room ambiance with a more lively and fresh look kitchen.

10. Spherical Lantern Inspiration

Lantern kitchen lighting ideas

Basic geometrical shapes are always a fun start to create the ordinary look for your kitchen lighting ideas, in this case, circle, or in three-dimensional form, sphere. The perfectly rounded lantern will surely steal the attention in your kitchen!

Furthermore, this type of lamps will look even better in a glass. When you switch the lights on, the lantern will shine similar to bubbles refracting sunshine. The simplicity of spherical lantern isn’t too much so that it’ll be suitable to put in a small kitchen. What a beautiful ambiance to have in the kitchen!

11. Bulb ‘Cage’

modern kitchen lighting ideas

Adding metal ‘cage’ to your light bulb instead of the pendant will give you a more modern and masculine look to your kitchen. Since this metal cage comes in numerous design collections, you can have it for single bulbs, or for multiple ones to visually more emphasize the room character.

The multiple ones will be suitable for more formal interior and also can be a unique finishing touch to your classic kitchen. Since the bulb is exposed, you might want to carefully adjust the brightness of your lamps so that it creates comfortable visual ambiance.

12. Double Duty Fixtures

unique kitchen lighting fixtures

Dream to have an interesting lighting fixture, but also need some storage space? No worries! Having ‘fusion’ kitchen lighting ideas might be the right inspiration for you! This pot racks and pendant lighting is designed to complement each other and display as one item in the kitchen.

The same material is used both for the pot racks and the pendant rod makes the two items blends beautifully over the kitchen sink and bar style dining table. The lighting not only brightens the room but also reflected on the pot surfaces creating an extraordinary view. This creative innovation will totally work best to state your unique room character!

13. Natural Rattan Pendant

rattan pendant kitchen lighting ideas

If glass and metal are already too much for your simple and tropical kitchen, look for pendant lamp made from natural earthy elements! The most popular one is rattan. The beautiful yellowish brown with a rough texture woven into a simple shape will be a beautiful finishing touch to your kitchen.

Having natural element as your lighting fixtures is also perfect for your outdoor kitchen. Since the natural elements, especially rattan has incredible endurance. Also, the natural texture of rattan will be a beautiful match to the greeneries outside and the bright natural lighting of sunshine.

14. Arranged Singular Pendants

wonderful kitchen lighting ideas

Arrangements of your lighting fixtures are essential to get a wonderful kitchen lighting ideas. You need to adjust the placement of your lighting accordingly to your kitchen layout.


If you dream to create general lighting that spreads equally, square arrangements will work best for U-shape and L-shape. Set the gap between lights based on your entire kitchen dimension.


If you have a long kitchen island or long dining table, arrange it in linear arrangements for the best lighting ambiance. Hang the lamps in a low position to the table so that the light focused on the table surface.


If your kitchen layout has a round kitchen island or table as the center, complete it with triangular arrangements above it. This will make the center of the kitchen more stand out.

15. Recycled Antiques

antique kitchen lighting ideas

Recycling is an inexpensive and brilliant way to create a classic and stand out fixtures for your kitchen lighting ideas. Classy fixtures mostly come at a very high price, this inspiration is a tip for you to complete your classic kitchen in an inexpensive way.

Asian Fish Trap

Browse your flea market items and if you’re lucky, you’ll find an Asian fish trap that will be perfect for your lantern. This type of lighting will complete your classic Asian kitchen on a low budget.

Liquor Bottle

If you want more shine for your fixtures, you can reuse your liquor bottles as the ‘cage of your bulbs’ and arrange it as the chandelier in the center of your kitchen.

16. “Candle” Bar Chandelier

bar kitchen lighting ideas

If you happen to have a medieval theme kitchen design or want a touch of the medieval era in your modern kitchen, you might be considering this one as the perfect kitchen lighting ideas for you. The main elements to create the look are the dark wood plank, black chain or metal cage, and fake candles.

The wood plank and the chain or the metal cage are for the bar and the support, while the fake candle will be the light bulbs. This way you can have the old look but in modern installation. What super extraordinary lighting ideas that totally state your room uniqueness!

17. Artsy Shape Chandelier

Artsy Shape Chandelier Kitchen Lighting

Most of the time chandelier speaks for luxury and classic vibe. But you can always go further in your design and find a modern look chandelier. This modern ones often come in a unique artsy shape with similar complexity to the classic one.

If you want a chandelier to steal your kitchen look without a notch of old classiness, you might find this one a very suitable option for your kitchen.


From the inspiration above, your choice of lighting surely can turn the look of your kitchen. It can make your kitchen design more stand out or subtle down. The fixtures also have an endless selection that you can install in your kitchen. Above lustrous kitchen lighting ideas will help you find your own lighting inspiration to brighten your kitchen. So take your time to find out your favorite one, good luck with trying!

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