17+ Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Makeover (Recommended Style)

Kitchen, as one of the most important spaces and the most used room in the house, should be a space to enjoy and becomes a comfortable space to cook, dine, or even entertain your guest!

If you are thinking about remodeling it but you don’t know where to go, no need to worry!

Here we have assortments of the kitchen remodel ideas to help you through! Either you want to make it cheap or going all out, minor or major remodeling, and make it be more simple and modern, 70s style, Victorian, or even combine them, you can! Let us help on how you can do it.

1. Minimalist with Victorian Spices Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Minimalist Victorian Kitchen Remodel Ideas

You are impressed with Victorian style chandelier or furniture and saw it as too many details, but you also want to give some flair for your simple geometry kitchen? You can try this type of transitional style remodeling that can befit your appetite!

The key of integrating Victorian furniture into modern time is how to present it on its simplest form without losing all of its beauty. Here are our recommendations you can try:

  • Instead of usual hanging individual lamps, use a chandelier with simple style. Show the curve!
  • The chair also should be in the simplest form of using the round or oval seat back, but keep it modern to use a modern pad
  • To spice up the floor, use tiles with geometrical play and adjust the color with the somber natural color of sleek modern types of furniture, such as brown, gray teal, and black.

2. The Purity and Honesty of White Kitchen Remodel Ideas

White Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Classic, bright, and clean. This timeless palette of color is fit on all of the styles of your kitchen remodel ideas, no matter small or big the size of your kitchen. Surely perhaps too much white will be too mundane and boring. So here are our tips to deal with this all-white kitchen:

  • Add wood to warm the room and give some texture through countertops, stools, chairs, or even floor!
  • Give small green plants for it, either put it on your countertops or your dining island
  • Go for a bit industrial with some marble or wood and iron island, if you don’t have an island to mix the ambiance
  • Give bright color to enhance the vibe through space by furniture, accessories, or even utensils!

3. Table for Two Kitchen Remodel Ideas

u-shaped kitchen remodel ideas

Either you prefer vintage, modern, or any style of your dream kitchen, if you live in a small condo or old house and have this galley or U-shaped style kitchen, but you have a very limited space so that having a table would be space consuming, then it’s time to have some ingenuity on designing!

For you who lives by yourself or lives with a friend or your couple, having a countertop with stools facing the window at the end of the galley is worth installing. Besides faster food preparation, it is also faster to install, which is quite cost-effective, and you can enjoy the world outside when having a good time in the kitchen.

4. Old Style Rambler Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Remodel Ideas with Old Style Rambler

The rambler style in the kitchen is one of the most distinct styles that has been around since its famous era on the 1950s. There are two main options of creating or even remodel it to be more updated with the recent century.

  • Wants to create it from zero? You can, but, as expected, this won’t be cheap. There are a lot of samples you can purchase on Home Depot, but you can also find some DIY tutorials on how to make the set.
  • Already in rambler and wants to modernize it? The most inexpensive method is to paint them! Use the modern tone such as gray or mix it with another color. You can also mix the ramble modern theme with existing old style furniture to create a unique atmosphere in it!

5. Two Dominant Colors

Easy Kitchen Remodel Ideas with Tile Backsplash

Want to have a bit of natural feeling like one of your kitchen remodeling ideas? Integrate it with your kitchen by showing the true nature of materials and some accessories to support. You will have the new feeling on your cooking and dining experiences.

We recommend putting two main materials: wood and green plant to merge in your kitchen. Use wood for the cabinet and most of the kitchen furniture and show the texture of wood to get a strong neutral nuance. Have some small plants to accompany your cooking process to give some splash of natural texture or color on it.

Besides, give more green to your backsplash, but don’t make the wood being overwhelmed. Just have some mosaic pattern on it and you are all set!

6. Backsplash as the Mood Booster

Minor Change of Kitchen Decor with Red Backsplash

Being a backsplash is not merely just being a part to protect the wall from the spills and splatters. Using a wide range of materials for your backsplash can make it the main feature of your kitchen! The approach on how to remodel this part the kitchen can be different depends on some aspects:

  • Color: use the contrasting color for dull surroundings, such as fiery red around the dominantly white to gray cabinets and utensils
  • Texture: this can be by using tile as the backsplash that surrounded by wood cabinets
  • Order: Break the rigid order of the furniture with a lively and more fluid style on the backsplash, such as the usage of mosaic tiles.

 7. Simply Victorian Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Best Victorian Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The sense of elegance and luxurious from the Victorian style always can level up the cooking and dining experience in your house with its main features of luxurious materials, calm and soothing color palette choices, antique and minuscule details.

There are still a lot of furniture stores that sell Victorian or their similar style. For the main lighting, use a chandelier. Meanwhile, use the round table and chairs for the ultimate Victorian dining experience.

For the main aspect, there are also still many Victorian style cabinets and kitchen tables, or if you want to do the cost-effective DIY project, then you may do so. For color, use calming pastel color palette for all of the kitchen space, including walls and floors.

8. Sleek and Modern Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Grey and Modern Kitchen Remode Ideas

Go for more gloom and minimalist style with this one of our kitchens remodel ideas. This surely brings a content feeling and modern style for your kitchen.

  • Color: apply mostly gray color on cabinets, walls, and even furniture! To avoid plain sight, make sure you play with the color palette or the texture. You can go for a slick and smooth gray cabinet with unfinished concrete or granite as the backsplash or the wall.
  • Furniture: a lot of furniture on this type of style can be purchased on home improvement stores such as IKEA or Home Depot. Choose the one that fits the color palette of your house and goes with a minimal style with stools instead of the chair.
  • Fixture: using indirect lighting can help defines the space in it and brighten the room that previously dominated by gloomy gray color.

9. Feeling Citrus-y?

Orange Kitchen Cabinet to Accentuate the Room Nuance
Gubin Yury

How about the color of orange for your kitchen remodel ideas to upgrade your cooking and dining experience?

The mix of boldness you get from red color meets joy of yellow can result in a versatile and chic orange! Orange color radiates success, health, and happiness. Whether you want to go for amber, creamy orange, or even bright citrus colors, this color is really a good match for your kitchen.

You can apply this to your cabinet or backsplash as the main headlines for the room, or give them just as a touch of contrast on furniture, utensils, or accessories.

10. White with a Bit of Wood Kitchen Remodel Ideas

White Kitchen Design with Wooden Accent
Anna Andersson

Combine the purity of whiteness and nature feeling that brought by the wood elements in your kitchen. This can be a mix of modern style meets the natural atmosphere to keep you in touch with the outside. To apply it (and emphasize the wood texture), you can create a wood countertop and shelf!

The main elements here, the wood, is budget-friendly, easy to install, and can be refinished as well if it’s properly maintained. This will bring many benefits, mainly if you’re on a budget. The installment of countertops and shelf along with the white flair in the kitchen from walls, cabinets, and tiled backsplash will bring a new comfort feeling for you.

11. More than Just a Kitchen

Extraordinary Kitchen Makeovers

Try to be out of the box and rethink your kitchen space and have a new perspective for your kitchen remodel ideas. Being a place for cooking and dining, the kitchen should also be the center of your activities in the house so it should broaden the border that says the kitchen is only exclusively used for cooking and dining. Bring another room to your kitchen space so the area becomes more alive and vibrant!

This style also goes with the problem of having too small space in your house so you need to redesign the room.

If you a person with high interests on books, you can go with having a reading space at your dining table and install the bookshelf close to the kitchen. Sure this can bring the vibrant feeling of the cooking and dining space and adds values in it.

12. Rustic Time!

Country Kitchen Remodel Ideas

There’s no style to bring you closer to the country feeling other than rustic style. This style, with its casual style, will bring warmth and cozy look to your kitchen and generates an inviting feeling to your home, in general. This style is even great to be installed in any size of your kitchen, from small to 12×12 plans.

The key in this style is the basic elements, natural materials, and the most important, weathered feeling. The combination of stone materials on exposed brick walls, woods on cabinets, island, cupboard, and countertops, and steel from furniture’s frame and fixtures will surely bring the rustic feeling into your kitchen.

13. Spread the Red!

Red and White Kitchen Cabinets Style

Bored with color dullness? Try red for your kitchen remodel ideas. The color that always associated with food, from tomatoes, strawberries, until the building with red such as McD or many Asian restaurants. So why don’t apply it to your kitchen? Red as the color of warmth and boldness can give us bold identity on space.

Too afraid to go overboard with red, or being constrained by your wallet? You can start by applying the main wall with red color, where the most cabinet and backsplash at, and let the remaining furniture in contrasting white color. Other things you can try apply it on the cabinets, or even only on the furniture. You have the options open!

14. Scandinavian Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Scandinavian Kitchen Remodel Ideas

As the mix of form, functionality, and beauty, the Scandinavian style has been always the talk of interior design on every room in the house. Explore this style of inviting ambiance and minimalist style that everyone can afford. Yes, we’re talking about the inexpensive remodel!

  • Use white color as the main color of the Scandinavian kitchen, apply it on the walls and cabinets
  • Apply the minimalist and unique shape of lighting fixture for your kitchen, either for your dining space or the countertop lights
  • If you still have some left on your wallet, install the wood-like floor
  • Furniture should be on its minimalist simple shape as well with a bright color to enhance the light in the room
  • Hang some artistic pictures or artwork from the gallery to sweeten the room

15. Scandinavian Meets Rambler

White Kitchen Decor Meets Rambler

Once again, explore it, combine it, and create the beautiful kitchen of your own. Here we have the mix of the timeless styles: Scandinavian and rambler. These two can create dynamic and great cooking and dining experience with its styles combined in this space.

  • If you already had a rambler style kitchen, keep it! And paint the upper cabinet as well as the wall white to show its modern and simple Scandinavian side.
  • White with the pattern for your backsplash a.k.a. install tiling for the backsplash to generate some pattern to enrich the style
  • Go for a bit of brown for your countertops and lower cabinet. Use wood countertops can enrich the texture of the overall space
  • Use the accentuation on the dining tables with plants and tablecloth. Give the tablecloth a darker color as a contrast

16. Dark Kitchen with a View

Outstanding Dark Kitchen Remodel Ideas with a Exposed View

In a mansion with a large court, or in a house with a great view of the backyard, applying white color seems too bright if you install it that way. Okay, this is a bit not mainstream, but try to apply dark color instead as one of the best way to balance the bright light that enters the room. Besides the unique contrast, it also screams modernity.

For this type of room, apply black on the wall or give some unfinished concrete pattern and texture. Encourage the darkness with applying black also on the upper cabinet and your utensils.

Being too dark can be not good for the impression, so give the room more texture and flavor. Insert woody textures on the floor, the island, or the lower cabinet to enrich the dark and modern flair.

17. Farmhouse and Vintage Merge!

Farmhouse and Vintage Kitchen Style

Blend the natural feeling of farmhouse style and warm and calm feeling of vintage into your kitchen. Aided by great natural lighting, this will add some value to your cooking, dining, and entertaining space!

Moreover, vintage flair can be gathered from the beige color of walls, shelf, cabinets, and backsplash. Combine them with white color of the furniture or utensils available.

Meanwhile, the farmhouse and rustic feeling can be derived from the wood material of island and countertop. Make sure to expose the wood texture to give it a stronger flair. And then, apply stone as the flooring aspects. Also, use steel rod on the backsplash on the top of the countertops to hang your cooking ware or utensils!

As the final touch, enrich both of the styles with one common element: plants!

18. Ditch the Upper Cabinet, Perhaps?

Upper Cabinets of Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Okay, this is a bit radical step for your kitchen remodel ideas, but bear with us. It will give you a different perspective on the kitchen arrangement.

Having your upper cabinet removed can be an option if you feel too limited with the available space between the cabinet to make a recipe. Also if you live alone or with your friend so you don’t need much space for storing the spices.

On the negative side, sure you will lose quite a lot of space for storage so if you need a lot of space of storage, you don’t have to remove it. On the positive side, you got a lot of space where you can hang the cooking ware or the utensils and goes creative on your backsplash, such as making mosaics or simply arranging tiles!

Well, there you have it! All of our ideas on how to make a great kitchen by applying any styles you want on any budget possible.

The wide range of styles we’ve offered hopefully can help you to decide on which kind of kitchen you want to be, sleek and modern with bright color, Scandinavian but dark, the combination of worn and unfinished textures, or just go with the luxurious and beige with Victorian style.

Of course, you can create a combination of our recommendations, combining a lot of style into your kitchen to build your dreamed kitchen. One last message from us: don’t forget to take a picture before and after remodeling to show how different space can be. Happy designing and stay creative!

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