18 Inspirational Living Room Paint Ideas (Find Perfect Colour)

Sometimes, your living room can be boring and uninteresting. But to decide the best living room paint colors is the real challenge for most people.

Especially the living room is the focal point of your house that gets all eyes as it’s a social place where you meet and entertain the guests.

The paint colors for living rooms have a big impact on the overall mood of your home. It depends on your personality and characters that you want to appeal through your room color.

Opt for colors that can maximize the size of the space while making it feel more comfortable and inviting.

Whatever your style, these inspirational living room paint ideas are the top choices for your living room.

1. Calming Mint and Beige Living Room

beige living room paint ideas

When you come home after a tough work to earn some money, you will look for a peaceful and soothing space to chill and meet your loved one.

As I said before, the paint color of the transitional living room can change and cool down your stress away. Look at one of inspirational living room paint ideas below!

We suggest for you – worker, to have a calming paint color and natural color furniture for your living room.

Paint your room with the softest mint color and add beige corner sofa.

Place some plain, stripes and floral print cushions on the sofa. Hang rattan pendant lights to create a natural ambiance.

Place your white coffee table and plants around them. Do not forget to put some aromatherapy candles on it to swipe your stress away.

2. Classic Beige Living Room

classic living room

Classic interior is timeless. So do the beige color interior. Wainscoting the wall and paint it with beige color.

Add white classy – decorative ceiling.

Place the various type of beige tone sofa into a u-shaped layout.

Put the side table on the two corners with a table lamp on both sides. That’s how you transform your room into a classic living room.

By adding a leather ottoman that can be used as a coffee table, the aesthetic is instantly made more luxurious.

3. White Maximal Living Room

tropical living room

As one of the inspirational living room paint ideas, the white living room never disappoints us. It’s clean, simple, bright, airy and also elegance at the same time.

If you are a picky person or a newbie in the decorating world, consider to have white paint color will help you through your dilemma.

The white paint color will help to maximize your space. As the picture is shown below, it’s better to have white tone furniture to match the style of the white maximal modern living room.

4. Minimal White Living Room

fun vibe living room

For this white minimal living room idea, we also suggest you paint your living room with white color.

It’s plausible that you purchase any popular items on social media by online and later you realize that you just purchased the unmatched color tone items.

In this case, you can mix and match your desired colored furniture and stunning wall decor ideas.

The purpose is to liven up the room and create a fresh and fun vibe.

5. Pink Living Room Inspiration

Pink Living paint Room ideas

Do you ever think to have a vibrant wall color for your contemporary living room? How about pink? Is it too girly?

I bet your answers is no.

I have some references of inspirational living room paint ideas and It’s the pink living room. Here they are:

Vibrant Peachy Pink and Blue Living Room

A classic interior never be this bright before. Instead of beige, grey or brown paint color, we have a peachy-pink wall with classic wainscoting.

By using the deep blue corner sofa and gold coffee and side tables, it deepening the vibrant-classic ambiance of this living room.

I bet your living room will be a hot talk in the town if you try this idea!

Mid Century Style with Classic Pink Velvet Sofa

Another inspirational living room paint idea that uses pink paint color. This time, it includes a pink curtain along with white sheer curtain.

A pink-colored velvet sofa is definitely a statement piece in this room. The vibrant velvet sofa will be the main accent color in the palette, so you’ll want to add neutral accessories.

We love the look of bold artwork that picks up the color of a statement-piece sofa for a curated look.

Modern White, Pink and Teal Living Room

A modern living room is shown by this color palette that uses pink accent and blue sofa in it. Even though it has white paint color, but the combination of pink and blue are great.

You can try this idea to get a fresh and modern vibe in your living room.

6. Monochromatic Yellow Living Room

Monochromatic Yellow Living Room

For the highlight of the inspirational living room paint ideas, the monochromatic yellow living room is getting in the list!

As you might know, the monochromatic scheme is always shown with black and white.

But it was in the past. Nowadays, people often go bold with one color and it turns out amazing.

From the picture below, you can see the yellow color is dominating the room.

Yellow wall, yellow sofa, and yellow chair and also yellow accents on some accessories. Beautiful isn’t it?

7. Orange Living Room Inspiration

Orange Living Room paint ideas

Let’s go bold! Try this fresh idea using orange paint color for your apartment living room.

Orange color is so vibrant and fresh, and will instantly liven up the mood of the room. Do not hesitate to use this color.

If you think it’s too bright to get all over the room, you can use it as an accent.

Paint it on one side that will be the highlight of the room. A bright orange accent wall is a great way to add a burst of energy to a living room.

Place beige color sofa along with beige side table and hang the pendant lights to make it balance.

Place the natural colored rug and at last, put plants next to the furniture to create a fresh vibe.

8. Brown Living Room Inspiration

Brown Living Room paint ideas

Brown paint color will turn out your room into a neutral living room. Every neutral room, no matter whether it’s light or dark, needs a little warmth. There are a few ways to accomplish this.

One is through the use of soft textures that feel nice to the touch. On this picture, you can see a velvet armchair, microsuede sofa, and chenilles stool. Another is through using neutrals with warm undertones color.

For example, if beige is your neutral of choice consider something with brown undertones instead of blue undertones.

And at last, to add warmth, you want to include some wood tones. Wood adds depth to any space so pop in some wood tables or side table plus parquet flooring and Bokhara rugs idea with the brown palette and woody atmosphere.

However, if the wood isn’t your style warm metals such as brass and bronze can also help add warmth. The rich color complements the shades of brown in the furniture and rugs.

9. Grey Living Room Inspiration

Grey Living Room

Gray walls make your living room feel more spacious. Elegant and serene, a gray room suits modernist décor as well as vintage ensembles.

Gray is a popular neutral for any room in the house, but it looks particularly sophisticated in the small living room. It is among the most popular living room colors.

You can add yellow accent as the pop-up color in this room, it will liven up the mood.

10. Pastel Color Living Room

pastel living room paint ideas

We might get boring for having bold paint color for the living room. This is one of inspirational living room paint idea that you can try, that is pastel color.

Pastel colors with its softness and neutrality will rest your eyes and give the space a light and shine.

Believe that the pastel colors do not always result with monotonous and very bright, toneless interior, because if they are properly combined, will be enough for the living room to become attractive and comfortable space.

Like the picture below, you can use a light gray color as the wall paint and styling it with Scandinavian style décor.

Combine light grey, grey and pink gradient for accessories with the wood element that represent by the sideboard, ladder, and sofa legs. In addition, put some plants to liven up the mood of the room.

11. Green Living Room Inspiration

Green Living Room

Green is one of the easiest colors to decorate with. Why? Because despite the fact that it lives on the color wheel, green can act as a neutral.

Try pairing various shades of green with just about any other color, and you’ll find the combination can work beautifully.

Green is also a relaxing color that is associated with nature and wellness, meaning that green rooms tend to make us feel good.

Like the picture below, the accented green wall combined beautifully with darker shades of green armchairs and teal sofa.

12. Deep Blue, Grey and Gold Living Room

blue living room

This modern living room using a deep blue color which is an all-encompassing color.

This inspirational living room paint idea uses a dark but vibrant shade as the primary color and then accented it with a hint of velvet green and grey armchair, and a white sofa.

The light grey floor incorporates the deep blue wall beautifully.

You can also incorporate shades of the deep blue via living room accessories such as throw pillows, rugs, and decorative cellular blinds window treatment.

When combined with the neutral colors of the furniture and the rich gold accents the result is both striking and sophisticated.

13. Grey and Brown Living Room

Grey and Brown Living Room paint ideas

Feeling a bit classic but modern at the same time? Consider this as one of inspirational living room paint ideas.

This living room uses a light grey color for the wall and brown leather sofa.

It balances both cool and warm shades of white with brown leather tones. In addition, place a nice wood coffee table and a brighter shade of grey as the rug.

The result is a sophisticated space that does not feel overdone or fussy.

14. White and Beige Natural Living Room

White and Beige Natural Living Room

We’ve been waiting to present you this as the top of inspirational living room paint ideas.

Look at how beautiful is that! This living room proves that a beige and white color scheme is anything but boring.

Corner fireplaces idea offer myriad benefits to folks with gathering rooms great or small. Taking advantage of underused areas.

From the wall art, beige corner sofa to the rattan ottoman, pattern and texture are the ingredients that add visual interest to a space filled with soft neutral hues.

On the other hand, wood flooring makes it perfect. The natural ambiance but bright and cozy are the vibe that they want the most.

15. Grey and White Modern Living Room

Grey and White Modern Living Room

Another spacious living room that people love is this. The white and grey living room.

The overall look of the room is not flat anymore. It is because of the grey sofa with a black accent of the coffee table.

Plus, a patterned rug and natural rattan pendant decorations complete the look. Definitely, it goes toward the modern living room.

16. Navy Blue and Grey Living Room

Navy Blue and Grey Living Room

Another reference for you who looking for navy blue living room ideas.

This time it combines with a grey colored set of sofas. The patterned sofa makes it just perfect, not too much.

The glossy granite floor shines from the entire room. You can use white accessories such as plant pots, vases, and standing lamp.

The modern yet classic touch coordinates beautifully in this living room.

17. Creative Living Room Inspiration

abstract paint living room

The previous ideas mostly about one, two, or three-color schemes for your living room. What about refreshment and creative ideas that are not mainstream?

The best of our inspirational living room paint ideas is the wall mural for your living room.

It’s affordable and doable by yourself. No need to get a professional painter for this. Easy right?

Here are a few ideas for you to browse and get inspired!

DIY Abstract Wall

This unique living room is very great. Look at the green sofa combined with wooden coffee table and yellow armchairs, such a go-to bohemian interior.

You can choose one wall and paint with any pattern that you desired.

In this room, they choose to make the drawing with the same tone as the living room ambiance.

But the pop color of orange and yellow are the focal point in this room.

DIY Mountain Wall Art

The pastel color represented by soft grey and shades of minty green color.

The proportion is perfect and It balanced the sofa beautifully.

You can try to use a soft grey as the base and create different shades of grey and green color with different shapes over it.

DIY Geometric Wall

This pattern must be famous all over Pinterest! The DIY Geometric Wall is the easiest one to follow.

You can draw lines or put painters’ tape as the border when you color it.

You can either use soft color like the picture below or mix it with bold colors.

It depends on the style that you choose to decorate the room.

18. Earthy Living Room Inspiration

Earthy Living Room

For the last reference of inspirational living room paint ideas, we choose this earthy-modern living room.

How beautiful is that! The green atmosphere, colorful centerpiece ideas bring the natural green into your home and leaf pattern on the wall is not too much on one side of the room.

The white color balances the room perfectly. The texture of the sofa is another thing to highlight.

The black accents as the pillow and cushions on the sofa plus black coffee table are harmonious with one another.

The hanging rattan pendant is also a star in this living room. Hope you get inspired!

Those 18 inspirational living room paint ideas are the compilation that we make especially for you.

Whatever your room style is, choosing the right color of the living room are the important thing to do.

It can be healing or stressing depends on your choice. We hope you already impressed and inspired by reading this.

Also, you get what you’re looking for! Do not hesitate to comment and contacts us for any thoughts.

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