18 Living Room Rugs Ideas (Expert Advice for Vibrant Space!)

Talking about how to spice up your space, placing a rug in your living room can bring a huge impact on your living room experience.

Perhaps there are already a lot of suggestions before buying (or making your own) the rugs for your living room, but let us remind you some aspects; how big your rug is going to be?

Will your rug be the main show or just the interval act of your living room? What color palette that fits your space? How soft (or rough) your rug is going to be? And how to maintain them?

So, with those things in your mind, here are our advice living room rugs ideas to scale up your living room!

1. Persian Living Room Rugs Ideas

Persian living room rugs ideas

Spark some joy into your living room through the pattern uniqueness. Persian rug can be a great companion if you’d like to give a room color, identity of space, and antiquity.

This type of rug can be fit in any style of your living room. But we recommend some tips on installing this beauty:

  • You should put it in a room that still lacks texture and pattern play if you want to create it as the main identity of your room.
  • Review the color of the rugs. Most Persian rugs come in dominantly red color. It is great to be the main actor in your living room if your main room palette is beige and neutral.
  • To be a complimentary item, your rug should blend in with the surroundings, mainly shown by natural colors and elements from the floors, sofas, paintings, and pillow cover.

2. Dull for Colorful!

old rug ideas

Okay, this is going to be a bit disappointing, but if you’re someone who really likes paintings, awesome furniture, and another amazing art installation, but you still want to install some rugs on your living room and looking for a fit living room rugs ideas here, we recommend you to tone down a little bit.

Being in a room full of textures and pattern is certainly a great experience, but perhaps on the other side, some people may find them overwhelming.

So we recommend installing a more comfortable and softer approach. The beige palette may help to bring the Ying and Yang to your living room, make it more balanced.

3. The Shaggy Ones

ruffle rug ideas
Jodie Johnson

Ruffles here, ruffles there, ruffles everywhere! Let’s play the texture and bring them all to your living room and bring a grander atmosphere and mix of styles.

Here are some of our recommendations to bring that shaggy rug as the main theme of your living room:

  • As we said with the Persian one, choose a simpler and neutral texture for your living room since this rug will drastically change the texture play.
  • This type of rug comes in the various color palette. Make sure that can be well placed in your existing living room.
  • Shag rug choice for your living room rugs ideas can be fit into any style of the room, but placing in a mid-century or rustic style will create a great contrast and eye-catching sight!

Then, break out the wall partition to create a bigger space and create your open-plan living area. Keep the existing chimney breast frame and install a log burning stove or you want to find another fireplace design style.

4. Smoothness Overload! (Faux for Living Room Rugs Ideas)

faux rug for living room
Alena Ozerova

For those who want to spoil their feet, faux fur can be a great companion for your living room! This accentuation can bring timelessness and luxury feelings.

It usually made of acrylic or polyester, but if you touch it you can really feel the plushness and that’s why this included in our living room rugs ideas.

Color can be varied, but you can purchase them in a lot of stores, in various prices, and in a various type of color (or palette).

If you’re looking for a sense of purity and modernity, you can look for rugs with a single color. But if you want to complement the outdoor-y feelings, more animal fur lookalikes can be your choice!

5. Driving Down the Silk Road

Bokhara rugs ideas
Rehan Qureshi

We offer you an exotic style once again. And now, it comes from Central Asia. Bokhara rugs are one of the styles you can refer to spice up your living room.

Its colors and shapes can bring a brand new exotic and timelessness vibe out of the calmness of gray and beige shades.

Bokhara rugs usually come in red or dark blue with its symmetrical patterns and repeated oval or diamond shapes on the geometrical play. Besides red, they complemented by green, rose, ivory, or grey hues.

Then, grommet panels with beige curtains are the best window treatments ideas to scale up a warm atmosphere.

It will be the main role in a room full of the gray and beige palette and great complementary items for the living room with the brown palette and woody atmosphere.

6. For Your Art Deco Vibe (Flatweave Living Room Rugs Ideas)

Pattern Rug For Living Room

Looking for a perfect accessory (or the main theme) for your modern and state-of-the-art apartment living room? Try to adapt the flatweave type and create a play of colors.

Using this type for your living room with the play of colors and shapes can bring a new flair for your space. Other benefits of considering the flat weave rug:

  • Flatweave is usually easy to remove and replace. It will be perfect for a constantly changing space so you can adjust the space whatever you like.
  • Flatweave is on a more affordable scale, so even the highest quality of this rug is arguably cheaper than the conventional or traditional rugs
  • As we’ve said above, this type of rug comes in various colors, types, and shapes! There’s a lot to choose what is best to be installed in your living room.

7. Blue Living Room Rugs Ideas

Blue living room rug ideas

The sincerity of blue for living room gives you the boldness and a clear identity. But of course, you should consider everything before making everything blue. To look for something missing in your room, a.k.a. what kind of rug you should install, well, blend some material in it.

On the blue-ish living room, you can choose which style you want to install, either from the modernity of flatweave and shaggy or giving a more traditional approach from Bokhara.

To push down the budget a bit, your rug should also unite all of the color aspects of your living room like monochromatic wall decor and give the blue more space as the dominant palette you want to show.

8. Bring the Beach In!

Coastal Rug Ideas

White sand and the blue of the ocean is the perfect chemistry for a more coastal approach for your living room. Bring the sand to your living room even though you’re far from it to create a more lively and fresh feeling, mostly after spending a day of activities outside.

Using the modern carpet and use the gradation between dark blue and white on a random pattern can be a great approach. But yeah, it is obviously okay to switch the palette into a more bright blue and light brown of the sand.

Whatever floats your boat! One last advice: make sure the furniture in your living room balances your rug as well.

9. Let the Nature Sparks! (Floral Living Room Rugs Ideas + DIY Tips!)

worn floral rugs ideas

For those who crave for more naturally bright colors, shown by the pattern and color choice on the wallpaper, sofas, table, lampshades, even on the cushion, then start to apply them as well on your rug.

This type of rugs will be guaranteed to, as Marie Kondo says, sparks joy. Here are some of our recommendations for installing them.

  • It is okay to put them in a dull environment as this will sparks colors and texture. Simply purchase one of those floral and bright rugs and install them on your living room. Besides coloring your space, this will also a more affordable option!
  • It’s DIY time! You can also gather some worn floral rugs and make a patch of floral rugs. This also will push down your budget, it’s flexible on size, and boost your creativity! One advice: make sure the knot won’t scatter once you cut the part.
  • Last but not least, and will always be our advice: Balance is the key.

10. Ikat Living Room Rugs Ideas

white-blue accent rug ideas

Time to explore other traditional methods of knotting rugs. But this one would easily fit in any modern setting.

Ikat rugs have been recently recognized as a unique, bold, and trendy choice to giving a great vibe for almost any room in the house. But today we’ll focus more on the living room.

Ikat rugs come from the method of bundling yarn and dyed it. Afterward, it comes to the knotting process.

There are a lot of color options for this type of rug. But usually comes with blue, gold, and black. The pattern can bring a unique feeling for your space and become an accent for your living room as well!

11. Being Beige

neutral beige living room rugs ideas

Any design is subjective. It all comes back to your flavor. Including this one. Some people may view it as a dull choice. But some people see it as just perfect and calming.

For this one, the rugs do not necessarily have to spark. It should just blend in with its surroundings and let the flowers create enough accentuation.

Being beige choice for your rug can be the right choice to bring a more neutral and relaxing without too many disturbing elements or pattern. If you want some playing, look for rugs with simple fixed geometrical elements. Keep it simple and comfortable.

12. From the Mountains to Your Living Room

traditional pattern rug ideas

Another traditional approach of our rugs now goes to the high mountains of Tibet, which recently a favorite traditional pattern. The Tibetan rug perhaps seems a bit like a Persian rug, but actually, it is quite different.

Although both rugs praise red and blue, Tibetan rug also gives yellow and grey, making it a bit plainer, yet their pattern is more modern.

Even though this rug is on a more expensive spectrum, the fabric that comes from Tibetan sheep ensures the very soft texture and sure this will spoil your feet.

To give a perfect ambience, match the materials on the living room with your chosen color palette of the rug. For a more woody and rustic, choose the red and yellow. And choose blue and grey for a more modern approach.

13. (Another) DIY time! (Braided Living Room Rugs Ideas)

Braided living room rugs ideas

This living room rugs ideas will be very fit with you who really likes braiding and hand-sewing. You can choose what kind of fabric, how big the shape, what color palette you want to sew, or even how many circles you want to make!

The obvious fabric choice is, of course, your recycled clothing or other fabrics such as bedsheets and even drapes that you can get on a garage sales, or even behind the storage doors.

There are a lot of methods on the internet regarding how to create a perfect braided rug. The methods, the colors, and the fabric are fully yours!

14. Seagrass Living Room Rugs Ideas

Seagrass living room rugs ideas

The natural-fiber rug has always been a great choice to give your contemporary living room a great texture playing and, obviously, a more natural vibe. There is some variety of natural-fiber rugs such as jute, sisal, seagrass, and hemp. On this article, we will focus more on seagrass.

Seagrass is a perfect fit for your living room if you want to bring some tropical theme with trees and polished wood flooring.

It will show the organic and rustic charm on it. It also comes with a more neutral color, blends of light brown and tinge of green.

Even though it looks rough, it is one of the smoothest natural-fiber rugs, so you can consider this as a favorite!

15. Shapes on the Rug!

modern living room rug ideas

Feels like your living room need some more drama, but the pattern of traditional rugs we’ve offered feels too overwhelming and want to keep in touch with modernity?

Then geometrical pattern can do that for you. It is stylish and can adapt to most of the style, from midcentury to contemporary, bringing an enhanced drama and visual pleasure.

Many choices of geometry and colors you can choose, either you want it on triangle-based chevron, honeycomb, or the advanced circles.

Using the perfect color will make it bold and beautiful. But be careful with your color or pattern choice when applying it to your living room. It is not that hard to do it, but you might need to consult it.

16. In contrast

monochrome rug ideas
Jodie Johnson

Make a bold statement on your modern sunroom with an exciting monochromatic look. Black and white are both neutral colors but when they merged into one rug it can produce a strong identity of your space.

Due to its very contrasting color, this rug color will stand out boldly and comes in numerous possibilities, such as in chevron, stripes, et cetera.

On a more classical type of living room, a black and white rug can bring the classical and glamorous atmosphere.

Because of its bold appearance, this color palette should update a neutral-colored room, rather than placed in more color or texture crowded living room.

17. Calming Modern Living Room Rugs Ideas

neutral grey rug ideas

Being grey is, rather than sitting on two feet and can’t choose a side, a more versatile. It suits pretty much in lots of rooms in your house and also brings a more neutral side of your modern living room. Apply them with a bit of play such as color play with a white line to give it a bit of retro feeling.

Applying a large flat light grey, perhaps the size of at least 8×10 can tone down the party of colors and textures existed in the room, such as the black and white atmosphere. But it perhaps will be a bit less worked in non-natural colored spaces.

18. Hang them up!

traditional pattern rug

Out of all of our options above, how about to make it vertical? A vertical rug should be a great option to spark the texture play of the room, not just from the floor.

Most of types and styles of the rug are all fit with the hanging walls, depends on your living room’s atmosphere. Still confused? Here are our recommendations:

  • Technically, you can hang it by using a steel rod as the main support and sew the carpet. Alternatively, you can use the hanging clip
  • For a more rug that sparks, you can hang the oriental type of rugs, but give a little attention on the carpet’s weight, mainly on traditional rugs such as Persian or Bokhara.
  • Using a more modern approach, you can hang the Ikat or any geometrical rugs.

A lot of types of rugs have been shared here by us, from a mere beige to a more colorful rugs with bright colors, from a simple and geometrical to a more sophisticated Persian and Bokhara rugs, fixed and purchased options to a creative DIY method, and eventually, we also give you recommendations on hanging carpet.

This means a lot of options can grow out of this article itself.

Now, it goes back to you. How do you want your carpet to be? A showstopper, the main character, the main player on your living room, or just simply blended with the surrounding, being the supporting element of your living room’s theme?

Knowing that you have got some inspiration, now go there and decide on your dream living room. Happy designing!

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