17+ Master Bedroom Ideas (You Can’t Live Without)

Master bedroom is one of the leading features of the house. As a place to start your new day, relax for the weekend, recharge your body and soul, and reflect your daily routines before going to rest, looking for master bedroom ideas should be prioritized on your interior wish list.

It seems like there is a lot to consider on how you fulfill these functions above into one space.

But don’t worry, we have compiled inspiring 18 master bedroom ideas to make it the place you will always miss.

1. Five Star Hotel Ambience

modern master bedroom

Some of us perhaps lucky enough to experience the luxury of five-star hotel’s bedroom: simple, smooth, and everything was in one theme. Don’t worry! There are also some way on how to bring this five-star hotel feeling into our own bedroom.

The very first important point in this type of décor is how the hotels promote comfort as the very first thing to be done. Spend it on high-quality sheets with higher thread count, softer pillow, and high-quality mattress.

Also, for the maximum ambiance, use a darker color on the wall to trigger calm feeling and peace, such as dark grey or dark blue. The mix of darker color and lighter color can be applied to the pattern on the beddings.

The other thing is keeping the simplicity, by having less furniture and keep your décor stand out and spend less on accessories because what you are looking for is the comfort, not only the aesthetic.

2. Navy Master Bedroom Ideas

Blue master bedroom

Although navy blue relates to rigidness and conservative, choosing this particular color as the primary scheme to your wall and bedding can bring the sense of calm and peace.

This type of master bedroom ideas would be a perfect fit for your after-work escape, towards a calming effect that can lead you to serenity.

This color also can be matched with a brighter color to balance the bedroom tone with some recommendations below:

  • Blue navy can be the primary color, and you can apply it on the wall. Meanwhile, you can apply white color on furniture and ceilings. Use the mix of both such as navy blue bed cover, white bedsheet, and unique pattern consists of both color for the pillows.
  • Brown and White are pretty much the same as above, but this brown color can be highlighted by its furniture to show its rustic flair to this usually modern style.

3. Attractive Attic of Master Bedroom Ideas

master bedroom decor

Using attic to your master bedroom can improve the privacy value of this room. The unique shape of it can show the identity due to its distinctiveness to the ordinary bedroom. Also, there are plenty of ways to decorate the attic into a perfect place to start or end your day:

  • Show its distinctive texture. Let the attic structure as it is: mainly brown and woody texture for a natural look. You can apply the distinct color such as grey or dark blue for bedding, rug and floor. For furniture, it’s best to assimilate it with main color, creating a perfect farmhouse style attic.
  • You can also dress the room with white color on your beddings and leave its original brown color on headboard’s wall and furniture to create some accentuation.

4. Personalise Yours!

lighting master bedroom

Give some identity to your bedroom by adding some crafts suitable to your bedroom’s theme. Accessories are usually easily accessible at furniture stores, some salvages from the attic, or flea market. But it would be more exciting to make it by yourself.

DIY accessories can be put as the lighting appliances for your ceilings, handmade lampshade, your picture collections, or even your original painting for your wall.

There are a lot of examples and instructions on how to make the DIY accessories on Tumblr and Pinterest you should check out. By creating it, you will have a lively and fantastic bedroom.

5. Grey Master Bedroom Ideas

grey master bedroom

Recently, grey is starting to be popular for bedroom painting because of its versatility. Although looks bland and ordinary, using the right mix of grey gradation and another color will make it such a beautiful and interesting image.

Applying shades of grey in your bedroom will bring a relaxing charm, cozy, and modern feeling.

There are some colors will strike new theme when mixed with grey:

  •  White and black: It purposes to balance the “gloomy” side to brighten it up. When you paint the wall with grey, use the black for bedside furniture. Use darker grey to match it with black color. For beddings, the mix of grey and white can be applied. White can be used for the ceiling too.
  • White and brown: Using brown that derives from woody-textures furniture can bring rustic flares to the room. Apply grey color for the wall and use brown on furniture and flooring. Implement white and grey color to your bedding area.
  • Blue-grey and white: Apply grey and white on linens and blue-grey as the wall, meanwhile, use white on the ceiling. Complement it with grey furniture to a perfect combination.

6. Accentuate Color Ideas

master bedroom colors

Improve the neutral, classic, and paster color with some bright colors as an accent to lighten up the mood, to be alive and colorful.

It can be achieved by applying contrast color for each theme such as grey, white, and dark blue with an accent of gold, lime green, or even bright pink.

This application of bright color should not obstruct the main theme and add too much intensity, so its appearance should be on additional items of furniture such as lampshade, accessories, or one of the blankets or another part that did not have significant effects such as wall or ceiling.

7. Interesting Rustic Style

rustic master bedroom

If you’re looking for a more natural theme, love adventure, and outdoor environment and would like to apply it in your bedroom, then this rustic style is the most suitable for you.

This style uses material that was distressed, handcrafted, and constructed of natural materials or used industrial materials.

Most materials usually came from wood or stone such as used timber, but other materials that also suitable to complement are bamboo, rattan, clay, paper, metal, et cetera. This rustic material also can be available at the flea market or even come as a DIY on Pinterest or Tumblr.

Application of rustic theme can be varied. You can expose your bricks to show the natural side of the room, or build a wall made of natural stones on your existing wall.

You can also expose the structure by polishing wooden roof structure (if your room is right under the roof). It will bring coziness, warmth, and organic feel to your bedroom.

8. Vintage Style to your Master Bedroom

vintage master bedroom

This type of decor is pretty much similar with the rustic ones, but this vintage style bedroom is mainly formed by reusing old furniture and bring it back to recent ages, making it as a nostalgic and igniting old memories.

Materials usually come from repurposed furnishings, old (and sometimes imperfect) patinas, and architectural salvages. It can create a pleasant old-fashioned but invigorating feeling.

Even you can easily obtain these materials at the flea market, create it yourself, even just sitting right in the corner of your attic!

It’s as simple as using the old patinas to frame your photo or just collect some and make some art on your wall or cover your bedside table or another surface with a vintage tablecloth.

You can also use the old wallpaper to decorate your wall, or just go with plain white paint. For beddings, go with a blanket made of quilt and lace pillow.

9. Natural Green Ideas

natural master bedroom

Just as blue, green gives a cool, calm, and relax feeling to your bedroom. But green also adds refreshing and a bit exciting feelings because of its closeness to natural color. In a bedroom, there is some approach to applying this color to you:

  • Bohemian Green: Using this type of green in your room can invigorate the calm and refreshing feeling as it makes us closer to nature with its color’s similarity. Apply it to the wall and mix it with the white scheme to your bedding set.
  • Mixed Dark Green and Grey: It will create calmer and peace side of the green, rather than refreshing.
  • Aside from the usage of green paint, a beautiful natural element such as live or fake plants can be a great option to support the environment that has been brought by the green itself.

10. Design the Headboard Ideas

headboard master bedroom

Headboard usually comes together with the beddings packages. But for you who are on a budget, or wish to create out-of-the-box decor, perhaps designing a headboard for your bed can be the way to give your master bedroom some sort of identities.

Here are some headboards style for your master bedroom ideas:

  • You can salvage on some remaining timber or old unused furniture to make it your headboard. For example, you can stack up some old timber floorings and nail it on headboard’s frame. Other materials that also works are salvaged wood slats, bamboo poles, even old doors!
  • Create a wood panel that fits your size of headboard-to-be and wraps it nicely in your fabric. Don’t forget to stick it to your panel with staples.
  • Artistic headboards. You also can use the artistic craft to make it your headboard. Anything would do such as stacking pillows or place some paintings.

11. Neutral Master Bedroom Colors

neutral master bedroom

How about neutral master bedroom ideas? These shades of black, grey, brown, and white can create a feeling of safety and spacious.

Perhaps most of us seen these palettes relates to unexciting or too safe. But, if you do it correctly, the results can be beautiful, dramatic, and elegant.

These are the ideas to play with your beige.

  • Create some natural textures in your bedroom. Accentuate the headboards with flower decoration to a playful nuance.
  • You can also play it with textured wallpaper to create some visual interests.
  • Accentuate your neutral-themed bedroom by adding a bit of energy from bright colors. Implement it in the paintings, images, frames, or handcrafted artwork. For a beige-themed bedroom, you can give some accent of woody texture on your furniture.

12. Small Master Bedroom Ideas

small master bedroom

For those who live in small houses or flats with a restricted layout, having a large master bedroom might be a challenge. It doesn’t mean that your tiny master bedroom needs to be short on style.

There are the things to consider in small master bedroom ideas:

  • Use brighter color palette. Lighter colors such as beige or pale pastels can make the room feel bright and look more spacious.
  • Apply light colors such as white or paster to the ceiling and walls or using striped wallpaper to build an attractive look. Dress bedding area with white and grey color combination.
  • Optimize the vertical opportunities may be a solution. Vertical wardrobe or even making your own storage above the bed can be great options to maximize the available space. Also, use a high curtain to give the impression of taller to the room.

Instead of giving a more significant look, the bright color scheme is also such an inspiring master bedroom idea to set a convenient room. Check more inspirations on small bedroom ideas to he your exploration!

13. What to do with my spacious ones?

small bedroom decorating

If you already designated a super large master bedroom but having a problem with what should you do with your spacious bedroom, there are some ideas to help you in addressing this issue.

  • You can create a sitting room by using the sofa and a small table in front of the bed to directly watch television or looking at the scenery outside by the window. You can make the furniture as partition such as bookshelf if you still have some space to spare, separating two areas in your master bedroom.
  • Also, you can spare some space at least two meters for a walk-in closet purpose. You can build it behind your bed, makes the back of the closet as your headboard. This style totally fits your character that loves a lousy space yet be more functional. Check more closet organization ideas to help you in finding the best closet arrangement and style.
  • To keep the room simple and super elegant, play with the soft color scheme to the overall look. Strengthen the room with the black color to each furniture accent into your bed, sofa, mirror, and window frame.

14. The Power of Purple Bedroom

purple master bedroom

Choosing the purple color to your master bedroom ideas may be quite a bit unpopular. Sometimes it brings strong emotions, looks childish or too feminine. But if you did it right, it will bring a sophisticated and contemporary look.

There are some shades of purple you need to consider applying it to your own master bedroom:

  • Be brave with the darker shade. You can apply the dark purple on the wall and keep the ceiling white for the contrast scheme. For beddings, get it with a mixed pattern from dark grey, grey, white, and dark purple.
  •  Use the lighter palette of purple to create a softer, soothing feeling. Apply it on pillows and curtain. Meanwhile, use the light grey for wall, headboard, and rug. Use white color for most of the beddings.

15. Minimalist Flare Ideas

contemporary master bedroom

If you want to keep the room simple and less sophisticated, minimalist master bedroom ideas are getting common recently. Despite being called cold and boring, this style makes impressive sets by its simplicity. Due to its popularity, there are many minimalist style furniture and accessories in stores.

“Less is more” principles used in this style, by using less sophisticated furniture or accessories. Also, it usually comes in rigid shape and tends to come from the grey color shade.

One of the most popular colors for this style is dark grey and black with some mix of white. Apply black shade on the room’s furniture, including the bedding’s frame and headboard. Use grey shade as wall’s paint, bed cover, and flooring. Apply white color to your bed and pillow.

Complement it with the wooden material applied to the floor with the horizontal pattern to get a spacious look and simple. Incorporate the minimalist design with fantastic room lighting by placing it on the headboard and desk area.

Now your minimalist room is totally relaxing!

16. Masculine Master Bedroom ideas

masculine master bedroom ideas

A masculine space is mainly classified as a space with fewer accessories, no bright, exciting colors, and tends to use the darker shade of the color palette.

The masculine space tends to relate to guy’s bedroom, but it varies and not only applies to one specific style. It can be enigmatic, minimalist, rustic, or industrial.

Masculine vibe showed by painting wall with the dark color such as dark grey, or want to be a little bit rustic by dark-colored textured wallpaper. Implement darker color to types of furniture such as bedside table, headboard, and wardrobe. For beddings, you can use white as sheet and pillow color, with the dark grey bed cover.

If you want to give a bit of contrast in the room, you can use wood flooring to give some brown color to the room. Complement the room with a super comfy and warm blanket with the same color shade.

Masculine style of master bedroom ideas definitely states your character!

17. Paint it White

victorian master bedroom

A white bedroom may be one of your favorite master bedroom ideas. This type of décor encourages people to feel relaxed and comfortable, moreover after your hectic workday to recharge your mind and body for tomorrow.

This choice of palette is maybe creating some dull perspective, but when you compile it with another color to balance it, it will be a bit livelier but still give you the comfortable feeling.

Applying the play of texture can generate some vibe in the room. For example, the using of the rug. To liven up a bit, choose the color that fit the main theme, such as light beige. You can also add colors to a bit darker shade, such as light grey. Implement it to your cushion’s pattern.

18. Brave in Red

red master bedroom

Red is one of the great alternative master bedroom ideas. It brings strong energy and a romantic feeling. It can elevate the mood from being dull to lively. Connecting red color with another brighter color or even darker to balance the room ambiance.

Incorporate red scheme by combining black and white. This balance can be used to the usage of red on headboard walls and bed cover, while the remaining walls can be painted white. Applying black can be done on furniture and bed’s frame.

These eighteen ways and styles of decorating your master bedroom should’ve helped you on how to make your dream master bedroom as a place to relax, reflect, and recharge yourself.

It doesn’t matter if it’s about making it from scratch or makeover the existing bedroom, it is back to you on how you will adopt one of those styles, or perhaps, combine it here and there to make a new style of living.

Dream another best inspiration for your lovely baby girl, check baby girl room ideas.

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