21 Refreshing Modern Living Room Ideas (Super Stylish Look)

Modern is the title of today’s clean and sleek design. It emphasizes warm ambiance, neutrality, and balance.

Modernity also put shape as the bearer of the function.

It makes modern style design has simple and sharp lines as its characteristic. Therefore, these are the basics you need to know to build your modern living room ideas.

Moreover, some might think because of its simplicity, the modern living room won’t be a comfy place for family.

But, there are ways that you can do to make it comfortable yet still look amazingly stylish.

Here are some amazing modern living room ideas to inspire you create a chic living room.

1. Basic Modernity

Basic Modern Living Room Ideas

The core of the modern design is how the space created from functional elements and arrange it to make the best look out of it.

The living room is a place where the family gathered and have quality time together.

Therefore, pick your furniture and décor elements that make space the most comfortable and inviting your family to get together.

Simple yet cozy couches will be as beautiful as the center of the space.

Then, choose neutral ruffle rug ideas that easily fit in any modern setting and find a matching crisp lined table to complete the sets of your seating.

Lastly, Put your favorite book in clean order display it as your décor and the all-white looks will never go wrong for your centerpiece ideas.

All of this will be framed in the neutral color as your wall paint palette to finish the look.

2. Shape Composited Space

Shape Composited Space Modern Living Room

The cool thing about modern designed furniture that it often comes in modular type.

It has a simple shape that you can arrange and explore. It also gives you the possibility to let a piece of furniture stands alone or merged into the others.

This modular furniture let you explore the design you want for your modern living room ideas.

You can treat the furniture as your décor elements and compose it to create a fascinating layout for your living room.

3. Spacious with Limited Space

simplicity of modern living room ideas

The simplicity of modern living room ideas makes it perfect for your tiny space. Not only you can create this look in easy ways, but also you’ll make the best out of your space by having a modern look living room.

You can choose slim furniture to fill in your small living room. Add some reflective materials décor to make it interesting and to finish it, you can always choose a see-through coffee table. This way, you’ll get the table but it won’t fill the space visually. Now, your tiny living room is totally amazing!

4. Orderly Sleek

Orderly Sleek Modern Living Room Ideas

Crisp lines with gloss finish surfaces are two beautiful characteristics of modern living room ideas. Make these two stands out by minimizing your accessories or carefully pick one that speaks the same characters.

Embrace the geometrical shape and bring it to your modern living room layout. Geometrical shapes help you to create most efficient and space-saving plans for your modern living room ideas.

5. Monochromatic Look for Modern Living Room Ideas

Monochromatic Modern Living Room Ideas

The monochromatic palette will speak the most modest ambiance for your modern living room ideas.

It’s also easier to create balance color scheme with a monochromatic palette. The unique yet beautiful contrast from black and white combination brings in the sophisticated mood of your modern living room ideas.

Gold, silver, and glass can be your options for your additional decorative elements.

But you need to do this carefully because sometimes this could make your monochromatic palette stands low.

This color palette is beautiful for your home because it has a nice subtle mood beside its bold characteristic.

Lastly, grommet panels are the best window treatments ideas for your modern living room

6. Green from Nature

Green from Nature Modern Living Room Ideas

Your modern living room ideas can be refreshed with a touch of nature. You can add traditional craftsmanship décor like wicker or bamboo into your neutral living room.

You can also add plantation to give a notch of green to make your modern living room has a lively mood.

This is also perfect to combine your knitted rugs into your modern living room ideas.

Pick the geometrical and simple pattern so it’ll go with the modern style you want.

Match it with your color palette so all the furniture has the same color schemes.

7. Modern Past Ideas

Modern Past Living Room Ideas

Get the old and traditional looks into a modernized interiors style. Play with natural materials and décor elements like wooden chairs and bamboo mat. This will be perfect for your tropical home with a lot of natural lighting.

Pick simple and slim structured furniture to keep the modern living room ideas stand out. Get lively mood colors like yellow, red and green. This is perfect to tune your modern style into the classic tropical look.

8. Play with Attractive Lighting

Attractive Lighting Modern Living Room Ideas

Lighting is the most important thing to set your living room ambiance. The great thing about lighting that it also comes with a very interesting design. Choose a bold design for your lighting fixture and let it be the statement of your modern living room ideas.

Complete your well-lit living room with leather couches. Besides it speaks for the modernity, leather reflects the light on its surface and makes a dramatic display to decorate your apartment living room.

9. Playful Eclectic

Playful Eclectic Modern Living Room Ideas

Creating a new look by playing with the base of the modern style. Add up a little something to make it extraordinary is the first step for your modern sunroom ideas. Create a modern living room by combining sleek and unique shape furniture with an interesting color combination.

This will turn your ordinary modern living room into a chic and eclectic modern living room. This kind of themes gives your living room a more youthful and energetic mood. Bright colors like yellow and blue will be perfect to match your eclectic cabinets to complete the looks.

10. Up to the Top of the Wall

Modern Living Room Layout

Simple furniture and layouts can be a good way to make your wall décor stands out more. Even the simplest wall décor can be interesting if you know how to arrange. Pick a neutral color to create a cool and subtle ambiance. Or if you want it to be luxury wall décor, pick your elements in gold, silver or bronze.

Pick simple images with neutral color tone or even a monochromatic to blend with the rest of your modern living room.  Neat and organized arrangement of the pictures will give you a classic yet modern living room style.

11. Overflowing Arts

Overflowing Arts Modern Living Room Ideas

Bring the continuous color schemes from your center art piece to the other elements to create playful modern transitional living room ideas. Your art piece can be stand out alone. But make the art piece a continuous color scheme in your living room sure will bring you mode dynamic look.

Also, you can put contemporary art painting on your wall and create a similar palette for your couch’s pillows, top table décor. Or even to your colorful rugs.

12. Opened and Continuous Space

Luxurious Modern Living Room Ideas

The window wall is a luxurious element for your modern living room ideas. The outside space is captured through the clear looking window glass brings the spaciousness inside.  You can connect this to your backyard, courtyard, or balcony.

Keep the arrangement and the design of your furniture simple. An additional modern fireplace will add the natural outdoorsy element to your indoor living room. Choose the color combination that complements the outdoor scenery to make the best out of your window.

13. Outdoor Breeze

Outdoor Breeze Modern Living Room Ideas

Put your living room outside! Use the bright sunshine and the breeze of fresh air as your utmost design elements. Keep all the furniture simple, slim, and playful. Pick materials that will survive extreme weather change but comfortable for you and your family.

Use the plantation as your décor and maybe your floorings. You can make your classic marble looks sophisticated with a touch of glass.

14. Playful Color

Playful Color Modern Living Room Ideas

Monochrome and neutrals indeed stand out for modern style design. But this doesn’t mean that your modern style living room can’t be bright with vibrant and beautiful color. Here are the how to play and tune in bold colors for your modern living room ideas.

  • Popping One Colored Element

If you want your bold color stands out but keep the rest of the room subtle, you can always pop one color as the center of the mood in your living room. You might as well use this color to be the focal interest of your design like into a statement fixture or eclectic chair.

  • The spread of Bright Color

If you want more cheerful and loud ambiance you can spread one or a palette of bold colors that contrast to your basic living room palette. The contrast of the colors creates a unique visual design for your modern living room ideas.

15. Circular Orientation

Circular Orientation Modern Living Room Ideas

If you want to create an enclosed living room but your space is limited, the circular layout can be great for your modern living room ideas. Pick center oriented table like circle or hexagon shape table. Pick bold but simple centerpiece and arrange your seating accordingly.

The circular layout like this is perfect to create a semi-formal living room, like where you meet your guests. It’s comfortable, but the individual seating draws a clear boundary. You can make the design into a small but luxurious modern room by adding a beautiful chandelier in the middle.

16. Formal Seating

Formal Seating Modern Living Room Ideas

Bring the formal mood into your modern living room by playing with the scale of your furniture and overall layout. Simple but big couch gives a more formal ambiance than the small and cozy one. Arrange your seating with larger in-between space to create bold boundaries.

Choose a cool tone color palette to enlighten the formal ambiance of your modern living room ideas. Dark blue or maroon will be perfect to be the center color of the room.

17. Selection of Seating

Modern Living Room Ideas on a Budget

You want to create a modern look living room but the couch set is costing you a fortune? Here’s some tip for you to bring your modern living room ideas to life.

Go the sale section of your home depot and find sleek and slim chairs that are in your budget. Sort them and match them to each other. This way you can save a lot of money and have the creative set of seating arrangement for your modern living room.

18. Stand Out Texture

Modern Living Room Furniture

You love your furniture simple. You’re not a big fan of wall décor. And you’re wondering how to make your modern living room looks more trendy and sophisticated. Here’s what you can do.

  • Brick

Make your natural wall material as your wall décor. Embrace the brick pattern in your living room to boost your modern living room ideas into more warm tone ambiance

  • Wood

Another wall material that will be perfect to frame your modern living room and add an extraordinary finish look is wood. Dark wood especially gives warm ambiance but goes perfectly with your cool tone palette.

19. Clean Storage

Clean Storage Modern Living Room Ideas

As the dwellers of the living room will be the entire family, the living room sometimes also worked as communal everyday stuff storage. This also sometimes makes your modern living room looks like nothing like you wanted to be. Having several big shelving cabinets not really helps you to make the look works either.

One thing you can do is turn your storage as the focal aesthetic in the room and let other things as its complement. The easiest thing is to color unifying your living room. White will be a perfect choice to keep the neutral tone of the room and let your storage stands out as décor element.

20. Mirror as The Décor

Mirror Modern Living Room Ideas

It’s sleek, reflect the lights from your beautiful lamps. It also gives you the most beautiful sight when you stand in front of it. Isn’t it?

The mirror is a smart and beautiful wall décor element to add to your modern living room ideas.  It gives you dynamic and always moving an image. Mirror also can be cut into interesting and organic shape and it also can be framed and arranged like images.

21. Modern +

Minimalistic Modern Living Room Ideas

The simplicity and minimalistic of modern style makes it easier to mash it with another design style. This fusion modern living room idea is your field to play and combine two or more looks together.

  • +Country Style

Mash your modern living room with country style by adding natural textured wood. Pick unfinished looks for your wooden table to complete your simple couch is one way to do it.

  • +Classic Style

Modern surely can be classy at the same time. Set your tone on the warmer side of the palette. Then, tune the classy mood by velvet material infused into the room.

All these modern living room ideas show you how modernity can be comforting, cozy, and also bring warming mood into your home. There are many things you can do to expand the basic modern living room ideas to get your own style modern living room. The simplicity sure is going to be the perfect frame for the most important thing, which is your family’s quality time in the house.

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