21 Exciting Style of Office Decor Ideas (Upgrading Your Working Mood!)

Recently, the idea of creating an exciting space for working starting to take place and spread extensively. The corporate business now inserting more lively and open layouts from office decor ideas and replacing the confined cubicle that always portrayed as claustrophobic.

The idea of going to work itself maybe is not a quite enjoyable task. So by designing (or redesigning) the workplace, it can create a more exciting environment, either it will be sophisticated and contemporary, or merely simple and pretty.

By choosing the right set of office decor ideas, it may stimulate efficiency and creativity in the workplace, making the employees more enthusiastically stay in the office every day. Here are the 21 extraordinary inspiration for office decor as it can trigger the workplace into a more unique, relaxing, and invigorating place!

1. More Transparent!

work office decorating ideas

Less wall office layout is now starting to be a trend. Although it’s quite mainstream, it’s a very great step from the office decor ideas to transform (or construct) the office into more open and transparent to each other.

This lowered privacy can bond the employees and their leaders by eliminating border, yet still defining the space to identify who is inside.

This type of decor at work can be achieved by installing full glass as the room partition, floor to ceiling. Also, the usage of transparent material is one of the ways to visually enlarge an existing small space, enhanced with bright color shades for the ceiling, floor, and furniture.

If you feel a bit too open for installing fully transparent partition, there are other options:

  • Install full glass with thick stripes of opaque in the middle;
  • Going fully opaque partition, or;
  • Set the opaque level manually with the latest Smart Glass technology.

2. Less Dividing, More Opening

cool office decor ideas

Recently, cubicle theme is not trending anymore. Instead of inserting people in a confined box shape, you can install a space that is free flowing as it can boost creativity and productivity, mainly in the business that based on knowledge, service, and creativity that put collaborative work first.

Define the working space by the installment of the furniture such as desk and chairs. To emphasize it, you can use some different flooring finishing (carpets, for example) to get a more comfy look.

If the workplace does require some privacy on working, you can add some low panel as the partition, about 10 inches high from the desk, so even if it has a “semi-cubicle” concept, it still maintains a good interaction and still increasing productivity.

3. One Color to Unite

business office decorating ideas

Already got the concept of the office and considering the materials and furniture of it? Great! You can go to the next level, which is giving your office decor ideas some splash of bright color. This idea can level up the mood on working, either for the employee or the manager can improve their productivity in the workplace!

There is no limit on what color you can choose, but choosing a single color for the whole workplace can give it some identities. It’s not necessary to paint all over the available wall with your chosen color, but you can give the color accent on items of furniture such as chairs or even desk divider to state the room nuance.

4. A Wavy Way

unique office decor ideas

A parametric office decor ideas is surely a bit uncommon, but if you want to give a new sleek, such as a touch of classy look for your office, you can try this type of decor.

It can work with almost every type of business, but it would be more suitable if the business is related to high-tech corporations, or the one that operates in the graphic design and architect firms.

Additionally, this style usually comes with edge less, unusual, and experimental decoration with spotless furniture and finishing.

Please take notes: this type of decor require to be consulted with architect or interior expert since the settings of furniture and even the ceiling would be mostly customized. Therefore, the construction cost would be really pricey.

5. Enlighten Your Space!

modern office decor ideas

Natural lights are one of the essential element for almost any building, especially office. The availability of working place may be different, depends on location and the budget. Some office gets an old place and some of them get the big one.

Want to increase the brightness of your room? Here are some of our recommendation based on your state of space:

  • Old building with small windows: apply white paint all over the wall to maximize the natural light. Apply the bright shades of color to the furniture available as well. Use the energy-saving lamps as it’s can brighten the room very well without costing too much.
  • Modern glass tower: Use transparent partition for the workspace, so the light from the window will freely go into the room so you’ll need less lighting assistance on a bright day.

6. A Bit of Natural Touch

professional office decor ideas

If rigidness of the workplace furniture makes the place a bit boring, you can try to bring some natural elements in the office. This can make some spot in your office to be a place for relaxation therapy. There are some ways that we recommend to install these natural elements to refresh your mind.

  • Cheap option: Put small potted plants on the working desk, or create a special shelf from wood frame for them.
  • Advanced: You can create a desk divider from the long strip of potted plants.
  • More advanced: Create a corner in your workplace to create a wall of vegetation or a tiny zen garden. Use wood plank as the flooring and it becomes a refreshing spot!

Notes: picking what plant should be in your office is quite important. You can look at Pinterest for ideas for what kind of plant would be fit for your office decor ideas.

7. Masculinity Flair

mens office decor ideas

Using masculinity flair for your office can be one of a great office decor ideas. Using the dark shade and a bit playing rustic on the material can give the office a bold identity and a bit of simplicity in terms of material, as it is honest and straightforward in shape and color. Here are our tips on how your office should look “masculine”

  • You can use the natural elements such as wood planks or just go with exposed concrete to show the rough texture.
  • Expose the wood texture by finishing it with polish, and create a darker color of the wood.
  • For walls and curtains, you can give it dark grey with the help of indirect lighting so the aim of giving bold identity is reached without sacrificing the lighting.

Simple furniture such as a chair with grey or black shade color.

8. Yin and Yang Office Decor Ideas

modern office decor ideas

This type of office décor ideas mainly based on how we can balance our “informal” and “formal” side at work. The contrast of the color of black and white can also shape our behavior, depends on which side are you on. This décor doesn’t have any intention to divide but to balance our working space.

The brighter shade of color, such as white, can be used for more creative and collaborating work, to look for creativity and ideas for a project. This can be implemented by placing bright colored furniture on sofas, pantry, and working desk.

For the darker shade, it can be a place to be professional, to connect with the client, to show the boldness and straightforwardness of your company. You can apply it in places such as meeting room or receptionist area.

9. Ex-industrial to Commercial Office Decor Ideas

diy office decor ideas

In old industrial part of the city, the property rate is usually lower than the fast-growing economic center. Recently, there are a lot of projects to revitalize this old industrial area. And this can be an opportunity to open the commercial area and create the corporate hub in the revitalizing area.

The building that often transformed into this commercial area is the warehouse or indoor shipyard, so the available space would be very massive. Sure it would be a bit overwhelming, but we have some tips on changing it into an exciting workspace.

Regarding the existing frames, you can paint it in the same tone to unite the appearance. To really show off your great furniture, you can just paint the whole structure white.

In this industrial building, any style is acceptable. In this case, you can even still explore the futurism, thought-provoking office décor ideas your company wants to show.

10. Create a Visually Larger Room

fun office decor ideas

Having a small space for your workplace can be a bit challenging. But using the right decision and design, your workplace can look more spacious, so the workers can move more freely throughout the space. Here are our tips on how to create a (visually) large workspace.

  • Use a metal frame furniture, such as on table or chair, so it would visually save some space. Besides, it can also be applied to the lighting, if you have a high ceiling, by installing lamp with long and thin hanging vertical rod.
  • Make the layout as minimalist as possible, so the floor won’t have too many obstacles. You can have some additional elements to beautify the room, such as potted plants.
  • To give a more spacious feeling, apply white color on the wall and have big patterns as the wallpaper or on the flooring.

11. Into Texture?

small office decor ideas

Using the various amount of texture in your workplace by applying various materials can influence wellness and productivity and creating a lively and personalized work environment. You can play with the color shades, proportion, and size to create a great workplace for all.

Here are our recommendations on how each side of the space should be treated, to great a beautifully harmonized chaos:

  • Ceiling: You can just let it be shown naked, exposing the structure, fixtures, and plumbing aspect of the room.
  • Wall: To divide the room, you can install the transparent partition.
  • Flooring: To avoid the repetition, you can use light grey granite flooring. But you can also define some particular spaces with carpet.
  • Window: construct it to be wall-to-ceiling, as it will receive the great amount of natural lighting

Furniture: You can use the wood material on tables and chair to show the more natural texture on it.

12. Create and Collaborate!

inspirational office decor

Beside the main working space, to ignite the creativity and strengthening the bond between the employees and manager, a certain space must be allocated as the common working space, where everyone is treated as equal and can do the brainstorming in a supported atmosphere.

Some people prefer to work in a group, but some people also would like to do the work in a quiet place, alone or with one-two friends. You can divide the room into three parts: Main central space for large group discussion, a booth for 4 to 6 people as smaller group discussion and one stretch of space to do the solo activities.

This solo working activity will be more exciting if it placed on the window side, as the outdoor scenery can be a platform to look for inspiration.

13. An Exciting Modern Rustic Office Decor Ideas

best office decoration ideas

Being popular in recent years, the interior style of rustic can show what a repurposed material can be. So, why don’t try it as your office décor ideas?

This flair, although a bit less futuristic, can be a country yet modern style of your office. The boldness and the honesty become the main value of this style, which you should consider!

To show the contemporary flair of rustic style, you can repurpose the wood into a precisely measured furniture and combine it with the modern tools, such as computers or the web chair. The repurposed wood itself can be a wood plank that switched with the concrete as the wall.

You can also use transparent materials as the room divider, to keep the contemporary face in your office.

14. A Harmony in Color

cool office decor ideas

For a lot of people, the idea of sitting all day long in the office can be a dreary experience. By adding a splash of color palette into the room, it can make the office less dreary and more excited.

This colorful office décor ideas can make every day of work become more exciting and can trigger your sense creativity, encourage new ideas, and increase productivity.

Choose an exact color palette for your office if you want to apply ranges of color into a room. A lot of online articles (some of them are on Pinterest) can help you through that.

On creative-collaborative space, you can play a brighter color on it, as it is the place to look for inspiration. And being a chic and colorful space, it will create more ideas than a bland and dull color scheme. You can also apply single color for discussion room, to give it some identity.

15. A Great Art in Your Workplace!

cute office decorating ideas

No matter that this is a large corporation or just small start-up business, having an artwork can be a great office décor ideas! This style can also on how to show the creativity and a great impression, both for employees or the clients!

The ideas of coloring and making an artwork are limitless, moreover for the companies that trying to brand themselves and showing its character. Here is our list of how this idea can be implemented:

  • Wall paintings: Create a mural of everything on the wall. No matter if it’s just random signs or inspirational quotes that inspire you to do the work.
  • On a budget: Use small paintings or images in a frame and arrange it the way you like it. With the right choice of painting for the right room, these paintings will have a great effect to shape the ambiance.
  • Three-dimensional work: Explore with 3D art made of various materials. Either you want to make it united with the room’s color scheme or a bright and bold color scheme, the possibilities are limitless!

16. Hexagonally Exciting Office Decor Ideas

executive office decor ideas

Take away the boring flat office decor with something new and exciting ideas. You can set a great ambiance, even by a simple shape: hexagonal!

The shape, as another kind of shapes, is versatile and can be applied on every side of the office: ceilings, walls, floor, windows, signs, you name it! Design one and you’ll have the futuristic flair for it!

Apply the shape of three-dimensional materials from wood to vinyl to show the play of texture, or simply go with two dimensional, created from stickers and paintings to play shapes. You can also go with ranges of color palettes to give the décor more vibrant and alive.

17. Indoor and Outdoor in One Space

indoor and outdoor office decor ideas

Aside from maximizing natural light going straight into the workplace, the view from the window can be one of the ways to look for ideas and inspirations. The view also can be a retreat session to refresh the mind after long hours of staring at the computer screen.

Whether it’s a skyline view, roadside view, or the row of trees in the park, it’s already a plus value if the office space has an exciting large outdoor view. But what if the view is usually from a small window? How to arrange the room? Here are our suggestions for it:

  • Arrangement: Either you use all the outdoor view for working space or clearly make it as retreat only, it is alright! Working space with the outdoor view can give some time to look at the scenery, and using the place as a retreat can give you some inspirations and ideas to restart your work!
  • Small windows: Use it as a retreat place only, as not everyone may won’t have the “outdoor view” spot so everyone can enjoy it as a break time from working.

18. Lighting Elements for Office Decor Ideas

simple office decor ideas

In recent years, layout for office space on many corporate businesses becoming more open and borderless in an effort to enhance creativity and productivity as well. Installing lighting elements in the office also a big factor in creating a space with great aesthetics and proper illumination.

Lighting can affect emotions and influence productivity. For the futuristic flair on lighting, we have some ideas for you to start with:

  • Recessed lighting design can be applied to walls and ceiling, to elongate space and making a small room feel more open and airy.
  • The oversized lighting fixture is very suitable, mainly for open office layout with the high ceiling that required a sizeable object to fill the void. With the right size, this fixture can give the employees working cozily in a proper enlightened environment
  • Try using Pop-of-Color Pendants to spice up the area, mostly on the collaborating space. Besides bringing a well-lit condition, the appearance of a large size bright colored pendant can bring a fun vibe to the room.

19. Introducing Your Own Brand!

creative office decor ideas

One of a great way for your office decor ideas is to show your company off, inside and outside! The branding effort can be carried inside as well to gain a certain identity for the employee, and also, if you’re doing it right, it will have a unique personalization of the brand in aesthetic wise.

How to design a proper office with the good branding, it all depends on yours! But we have some general tips for you on how to design one:

  • Color shades on working space should be in line with your brand main color (or colors). It can be filled with motivational words, or the achievements to boost the spirit and productivity.
  • Create furniture based on your logo. You can apply it to create a stool, table, or even front desk! Perhaps you also can put some additional items from your physical product (if you have one). or check more about desk installation on home office desk ideas. Enjoy!

20. Playing with Shapes

office shape decor ideas

Tired with only one shape on all of the workspace? You can try to combine a lot of shapes into the office. This can be a way to cheer up the available space. Not only wall, you can explore the possibilities of putting shapes into the window frame, lighting fixture, floor, until the shape of the workplace’s furniture.

Some shapes ideas that you might find exciting:

  • Despite the boring usual carpeting, try to be more playful with more edgeless shapes, such as shapes of the multi-colored circle.
  • The window frame as the room divider doesn’t need to be rigidly rectangle. Try to tilt it a bit here and there and you’ll get the exciting and lively shape.
  • Using artwork also can be another way to décor the wall. Try to use basic different geometric shapes to give a play of design, or use the single continuous shapes to generate some identity on the space.

21. A Recreational Space Office Decor Ideas

trendy office decor ideas

Try to upgrade the collaborating area into a much more comfortable retreat! In some offices that require a lot of creativity and expecting a really hard work, designing a unique and personalized collaborating area is a must to keep the work environment great and boosting productivity.

By the term comfortable, we mean, really install some furniture such as sofas, large carpeted area, even hammock (some offices also provides a gaming space)! You can apply shades of bright colors to give the employees a positive vibe in the room to encourage them.

And above all else, make sure to design the wall and ceiling as well to support the vibe! Read home office ideas to incorporate more brilliant office inspiration!

An office should be a reflection of your business, your people, and your company’s values. Try to choose what kind of office decor that will be fit for your working space.

The presence of the workspace itself is really important, so that’s why we choose over 21 decor styles, from color placement, lighting accents, the wall’s artwork, shuffling shapes. And even creating a new vibrant office space that grows from an old industrial warehouse.

And by those ideas we offer for your office, we sure that all of these options can create an amazing work environment, increasing productivity, and never stop to construct something creative.

But in the end, the decision is all yours. We hope all of the ways we suggest can be one (or some!) of your ideas to start with!

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