18 Best Rattan Furniture Living Room Ideas (Stylish Design)

Before that, you need to know about the rattan. It’s not the same as wicker. Wicker is a type of weave, whereas rattan refers to the actual material itself, a flexible, fibrous plant.

Today, not all rattan-style furniture uses actual rattan because the whole point of synthetic rattan is to protect the natural environment in which rattan grows.

This beautiful piece you can easily find around Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. Everyone loves the natural yet stylized feel of it.

Have you considered having rattan furniture inside the house? Most of us use it mainly for the outside of our homes as a terrace, gardens and on the balconies.

They have a nice finish and aesthetically they look great no matter what their shape is, whether the furniture has curves or just straight lines.

You can find any furniture made in rattan is big as tables, chairs, sofas, beds, chaise lounge, hanging chairs, and even lamps.

Let me show you some ideas on how they give harmony to these beautiful living room ideas. Get inspired by this rattan furniture living room ideas and apply it for your future living room décor.

1. Luxury Rattan Living Room

Luxury Rattan Funiture

Natural elements never disappoint us. It fresh, organic and create unique vibes to a room. Because of its vintage roots and natural feel, it works in a wide variety of living spaces, especially in a living room.

Marble floor combined with various rattan furniture turn your room into the boho-luxe living room.

As you can see at this picture. The important thing here is choosing the right color for the pad. Go with white, cream or any nude color that you love. Add various plants with different sizes. So classy!

2. Coastal Living Room

Coastal Living Room

This rattan furniture living room idea is for anyone who loves the beach so much. The coastal living room gives you enough windows and door for you to experience the sun and the view of the outside. White walls already set.

Now, get your rattan chair set and don’t forget the rattan coffee table. Do not forget to add a natural colored rug and voila! You have the best sunroom ever to chill.

3. Vintage Rattan Sofa

Vintage Rattan Sofa

A sofa is the main role in a living room. I want to share the material that is trending now. This material creates such perfect harmony with any room design, that is the rattan.

It’s natural, earthy, aesthetic and vintage ambiance is a perfect choice for your living room. Adorn it with colorful printed pillows and you’re on your way to creating a bohemian haven. Best rattan furniture living room idea ever!

4. Rattan Coffee Table

Rattan Coffee Table

If there’s one piece of furniture guaranteed to give your living room the ‘wow’ factor, it’s a beautiful coffee table. This woven coffee table is hand-crafted rattan and effortlessly blends strong with modern proportions.

A good idea to replace your solid wood coffee table. Get inspired by this rattan furniture living room idea and try to mix and match this coffee table with another furniture.

5. Rattan Ottoman ideas

Rattan Ottoman Funiture Ideas

This round rattan ottoman adds a splash of tropical charm to any space. Its concave sides can provide a nice contrast to a room filled with boxy modern furniture, and its natural wood coloring can offset darker tones. Consider this ottoman as a coffee table replacement to liven up your apartment living room interior.

6. Boho Décor Living Room

Boho Décor Living Room

Who doesn’t love bohemian décor ideas? Everyone does, either men or woman. This time, I would love to inspire you with one of the best rattan furniture living room idea. That is boho décor with a lot of plants and colors.

YouObviously, you need playful patterns and color to complete the look. But from this picture, you can see the white rattan screen is the focal point. Beautifully combined with hanging planters. At last, is the rattan stool with earthy color make this room is perfection!

7. The Famous — Rattan Peacock Chair

Rattan Peacock Chair

As the top list of our best rattan furniture for rustic living room ideas, we simply cannot deny the dramatic appeal of the iconic peacock chair.

Whether you go for natural color or a pop of color, this piece will become the focal point of any room. It fits in the bedroom, terraces, balcony, your favorite corner and especially in the living room. It has a big shape with a unique woven pattern and natural color.

But if you confuse how to style this rattan peacock chair, let me give you some tips.

  • First, get a corner in your living room which has enough light. Do not ever put it in a dark corner. Make sure the angle is right, so people will be looking at it as they enter the room. Add a rug and some plants with various height next to the chair to liven up the corner area.
  • Second, if you want to put it in your bedroom you need to find enough space in the corner of the room. Place it next to the nightstand along with some earthy planter and small round rug. Make sure to put a chair cushion to make it comfier.
  • Last, Rattan peacock chair in the dining room? Why Not? You can steal the idea from the picture below by placing two peacock chair face to face at the end of the dining table. It won’t less aesthetic and natural even you combined it with such a vibrant dining room. Look at how beautiful is that!

8. Rattan Plant Stands

Rattan Funiture for Plant Stands

Add a touch of desert-inspired or West Coast cool to your home with these stylish rattan plant stands. Whether you fill them with cacti or falling vines, they’re sure to add a touch of natural, slightly retro charm to your home.

There are many kinds of plant stands made from rattan with various shapes. You can style it using the various height of the plant stands to make it more fun and don’t forget about exotic rug style that makes a dramatic atmosphere.

Place it around the corner of your living room or put it next to the sofa and on the side table if the size is not too big.

9. Rattan for White Contemporary Living Room

Rattan for White Minimal Living Room

Creating an insanely chic small space is a cinch if you stick to a monochromatic palette as shown in this white contemporary living room. A few tricks keep this space from feeling cold and stark. The greenery enlivens the space with color.

This can be a reference as rattan furniture living room ideas.

The highlight from this living room is the natural wood and wicker accents from the pendant add a dash of cozy yet minimal style.

10. Rattan Pendant Light

Rattan Pendant Light

Rattan doesn’t just work for boho spaces. It can be ideal when you’re looking for modern paint living room. Here is one of rattan furniture living room ideas for your inspiration. the rattan pendant light.

This pendant is one of the famous rattan pendant shapes around the world. You might see this while you browse on Pinterest or Instagram. This beautiful rattan pendant light combines with grey sofa and white coffee table won’t make it less modern and stylish.

11. Rattan Fallon Cocoon Chair for another big statement

Rattan Fallon Cocoon Chair

If you’re looking to bring a tropical feel to your living room instead, a hanging chair – complete with comfy cushion and blanket – is the perfect retort to sweater weather season, and is great year-round for kicking back.

You can place this chair in the corner of your living room or you can place it around with other chairs and sofa.

12. Rattan Wall Décor Essentials

Rattan Funiture Wall Décor

There are other ways to make an impact without making huge commitments like a rattan bed or sofa. Unique pieces like a wall shelf decor or even nifty mounted rattan baskets on the wall and screens will definitely perk up your living room area with a vintage-meets-tropical vibe.

This approach makes rattan an interesting focal point, without coming across as overly conspicuous. Surely you must look at this rattan furniture living room ideas below.

  • Small accessories like baskets are great examples of how practical rattan can be while doubling as subtle, cute ways to organize your space. Rattan baskets and dishes look great both filled and empty or placed on the floor or even mounted on a wall.
  • Using rattan as wall art instantly creates a breezy, calm interior that can swing towards modern or rustic, depending on your taste. Try this round shelf made from rattan. Put some greens along with vintage paint and old-rustic stuff. How aesthetic is that!
  • The unique rattan screens make a big impact to this living room. it’s balanced and blend very well with its surrounding. Please consider using this screen if you don’t really want your sofa getting away.

13. Get Cozy with Rattan Chair

Rattan Chair Living Room Ideas

Feeling a bit casual? This rattan furniture living room idea is for you. With plain white paint, you can maximize the concept by using the terracotta sofa and ottoman with rattans chair and rattan buffet.

Brighten up the room by adding some plants and its neutral décor scheme that’s crying out for a little texture is made for you. The room doesn’t fill cramped. It’s because of the seating style play a big role in this living room.

14. Lanterns Made from Rattan

Lanterns made from rattan

Another rattan made accessories that we should have. We can imagine these rattan lantern holders looking perfectly at home on an outdoor tablescape this summer, but this can be placed indoor too. Surround them with fresh flowers and plenty of small rattan decoration on a side table and you’re set!

15. Rattan Statement Mirror

Rattan Funiture Living Room Ideas

This beautiful piece is obviously made from rattan. Another unique piece that you can’t throw it away. The statement mirror usually made from glass or brass with gold, silver or black coated.

But this one is made from natural material and natural color came with it. Get this as one of rattan furniture most-wanted list!

16. Tropical Living Room

Tropical Living Room

When you talking about the tropical living room, you must be remembered how colorful is it. The key is to mix the color with pattern and textures, not to match it with one another.

For your references as one of the best rattan furniture living room idea, these colored rattan chairs and cushions are the stars in this picture. Those color are well mixed together and create a good vibe. Very nice!

17. Rattan Bar Carts

Rattan Bar Carts

Bar carts are one of the most popular home accessories right now, and we love the beachy and bohemian look of this cart.

Decorate it with everything from cocktail napkins and glasses to bottles and even plants! The nice thing from this cart is you can carry it away to any room. It’s very convenient and stylish furniture.

18. Hanging Rattan Chair for a playful touch

Hanging Rattan Chair

At last, another most wanted furniture! It is a Hanging rattan chair. If you want to make your living room a bit playful and fun, try to hang this rattan chair plus the fur blanket or cushion.

Place it at the end of the room with enough space to swing by. Do not forget to put some plants to liven the corner.

We give you our best compilation of 18 Rattan Furniture Living Room Ideas. You may gasp while you see those ideas above. As you can see the rattan furniture is everyone favorite.

It’s natural material with natural color. Make you feel fresh, earthier and aesthetic. It never failed in any schemes and concepts.

It can be placed outdoors and indoor, very convenient. Hope you get what you’re looking for! And do not hesitate to comment and contacts us for any thoughts.

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