17 Stunning Room Divider Ideas (Best Compilation to Enliven Your Space!)

Clear boundary sometimes needed in a large open plan. Either to provide privacy or to create better zoning. However, sometimes, building a regular wall make the room plain and constricted. If this is the case, room divider ideas are perfect for you. Flexible room divider gives you a lot of options and conveniences in changing your layout, while the permanent ones can be a bold statement of each area.

You can use a lot of, not only functional but also beautiful things for your room divider ideas.

The dividing room also gives you the chance to create different or transitioning ambiance in your design. Check out this fabulous room divider ideas before you start decorating your space

1. Cool Staggered Box Ideas

Staggered Box Room Divider Ideas

Voila! You can create your room divider by stacking inexpensive or even used items into a surface. This modular concept is perfectly great for your room divider ideas as well as to your centerpiece ideas to create the unique and more organic look. Also, you can use a wood crate, plastic crate, or wicker crate.

Boxes are a smart choice to use because of its balance shape and firm structure. Boxes also easy to find and have a lot of material selections. You can create the staggered surface from same material boxes, or random varies material to make your room divider more colorful.

2. Bookshelf Inspiration

Bookshelf Room Divider Ideas

If you need more storage as well as you need a room divider, the bookshelf is the best item for your room divider ideas! It gives you more valuable space to store your belongings and also as a great place to display your favorite accessories.

Full-Size Bookshelf

If you want your space fully divided, full-size tall bookshelf should be your choice. Full-size bookshelf has the bold existence just as much as a wall. It covers fully from floor to ceiling, but you can still move it around when you want to change your layout.

Half- Size Bookshelf

Half size bookshelf is for you who wants to create clear boundary but you want the visual flows to continue. Pick the bookshelf that the height is below the eye-level and has accessibility from both sides. This way, you create a more loose boundary between the space. Or, if you want a little twist, you can turn it upside down to make it a statement décor in your room.

Double Duty Bookshelf

You can combine your bookshelf with something else to make the good use of the space. Put desk by the end of the bookshelf gives you extra working space beside the storage area. The smart way to save space with room divider!

3. Play with Sliding Partition!

Sliding Partition Room Divider Ideas

Sliding partition is great for your room divider ideas to create flexible boundaries in your space. The rail installation gives you chance to open up space anytime you need it. You can put the rail hanging on the ceiling or plant on your floor. This also will be a cool replacement for your doors.

This sliding partition can be a perfect match for your country style home if you use barn style door leaf as the partition. Embrace the hanging rail as the décor and painted it black. Your rustic and matched to your country style room divider is done.

4. Pole Shelving

Pole Shelving Room Divider Ideas

Pole shelving can be a beautiful complement to your industrial designed space. The black metal pole combined with rustic wood give a bold statement for industrial style interiors. You can easily get a modular wooden box in your nearest home depot like IKEA.

Additionally, you can have this pole shelving as your bold yet see-through room divider ideas. The shelving can be casually displaying your accessories or books. Adding some small plantation to the shelves will make the room fresh and balanced the coldness of the pole metal.

5. Foldable Partition

Foldable Partition Room Divider Ideas

Folding partition is the most basic of a room divider. It’s easy to use and it’s portable. It gives you clear boundary and its flexibility makes it convenient to move or to keep in narrow place. Foldable accordion partition gives you classic Asian vibe into your space even when you use cheap material to make it.

There is a lot of option to make your foldable partition more stylish and interesting. You can always customize the surface that you put into the folding structure, It can be a beautiful patterned fabric, knitted yarn, or maybe a sparkling lights. Play with basic stuff to get a perfect look? Why not!

6. Mirror Screen as Room Divider

Mirror Screen Room Divider Ideas

Another customized item that will be amazingly gorgeous for your room divider ideas is mirror screen. You can combine it with a pole or cut it into creative shapes and arrange it into a divider surface. Sleek design mirror screen will be perfect room divider ideas to complete your modern style house.

You can adjust each individual panel to create the visibility you want in between your space. The mirror will create a reflective light in the randomized pattern in all over the room. This will create subtle and calming ambiance within the modern design interior. This also perfect as a divider between bed area and dressing area in the bedroom.

7. Decorative Perforated Screen

Decorative Perforated Screen Room Divider Ideas

Creating custom and a detailed perforated pattern is no longer a dream now. With laser cut technology, you can apply any pattern on almost any surface for your room divider ideas. Even though it may cost you more money, the sophistication of clean-cut pattern is totally worth the splurge.

To match the modern style you might want to use glass or metal as the surface of the divider. If you want warmer and more natural ambiance, wood is what you’re looking for. You can also build it on wheels and make it a rolling partition for the movable and temporary room divider. This undoubtedly will be a stunning decorative room divider ideas.

8. Vertical Lines Divider

Vertical Lines Room Divider Ideas

A series of lines stand from the floor up to the ceiling is what you need to create a surface. Play with simple lines to create your room divider ideas. It can be small and sleek or large and bold. You can play with the material, the color or the rhythm of you line placement creating its own artistic room divider.

Wood plank gives you more natural vibe. You can match this to your wooden flooring and create a continuous look. Or to create more futuristic design, you can use glass panel and compose it into a surface. This gives you amazing modern look with an almost transparent room divider.

9. Attractive Aquatic View

Aquatic View Room Divider Ideas

If you have an extra budget and willingness to maintain a living creature, having an aquarium can be a marvelous room divider ideas for you. The colorful of the fish and the corals combine with the lighting, it’s undoubtedly gorgeous.

An aquarium as room divider gives you cool refreshing ambiance, as well as a dynamic view. In addition, this also great to teach kids to interact with animals.

10. Composed Windows Design

Composed Windows Room Divider Ideas

Create a bold design for your room divider ideas to make your space has lively ambiance. One way to do it is by recycling old windows. You can collect old different windows and paint it with bright vibrant colors to make cheerful ambiance.

If you want it to be neutral and subtle, you can look for same size window and paint it white. This gives you unique room dividers and won’t cost you a lot of money.

11. Beautiful Curtain Style

Curtain Style Room Divider Ideas

When you heard curtain maybe you think that it’ll be regular blinds ur simple plain fabric that usually frames your window. Yes, curtain as a room divider is basically a shutter that splits two rooms. that But there is always a room for creativity to make amazing room divider ideas. Curtain style is suitable for more casual room divider, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be fabulous, does it?


Macramé is a very beautiful handcraft, especially for wall hanging décor. It’s even more beautiful when a large piece of macramé used as curtain room divider surface. It gives handmade craft touch and will be a perfect balance for your modern space.


Another extraordinary material you can tune in into your curtain style room divider is chainmail. It’s basically metal, but its flexible as thick fabric. Interesting material to create even more interesting style.

12. Mosaic Style Colorful Glass

Mosaic Style Colorful Glass Room Divider Ideas

If the space you’re trying to divide is facing the windows with a lot of sunlight, like in the studio apartment. Having colorful glass is such a great one of room divider ideas to enhance the quality of the natural lighting.

You can choose the colors of the glass you want to use a match it to your overall room ambiance. This can be a beautiful focal point in your small studio and also space saving room divider. The transparency of the glass won’t block natural lighting but provide clear space boundary.

13. Color Glass Wall

Color Glass Wall Room Divider Ideas

For more modern look, colored glass wall can be a cool substitute for a cubicle or regular drywall. Colored glass gives more bold boundary rather than clear glass. It also makes the room more vibrant by having a color filter into interior views.

This type of room divider is suitable if you want to create more formal ambiance within the room. This will fit perfectly if you put in in your working space where you meet your clients or important people. If you need more inspiration regarding wall ideas, visit wall decor ideas to get the more outstanding look for your living room.

14. The Statement of Steel

Statement Steel Room Divider Ideas

The room divider is a transition between two spaces. It means that it ends one and start the other. Moreover, the room divider can be a statement décor of an area. If you have enough space to play, be bold to dress your room divider with the eye-catching element of your room!

Firstly, bulky steel panel can be a great room divider. The metal has a heavy characteristic that can draw people attention. Furthermore, it is also a good panel to display an artwork or be your hidden storage. Design your steel panel into an interesting shape to make it stand out even more.

Having a green wall as your room divider ideas is a clever way to bring nature into your indoor space. Not only refreshing your indoor air, the bright green colors also freshen up your color palette.

You can create a permanent green wall or you can make it portable by putting it on wheeled metal pot. This way, you can have the flexibility to change your layout. Also, you can easily bring it outside when it needs to be taken care of that might make your flooring wet or dirty.

15. Green Wall

Green Wall Room Divider Ideas

Having a green wall as your room divider ideas is a clever way to bring nature into your indoor space. Not only refreshing your indoor air, the bright green colors also freshen up your color palette.

You can create a permanent green wall or you can make it portable by putting it on wheeled metal pot. This way, you can have the flexibility to change your layout. Also, you can easily bring it outside when it needs to be taken care of that might make your flooring wet or dirty.

16. Sleek Stacking Plantation

Sleek Stacking Plantation Room Divider Ideas

If you want to have plantation but in more clean and organized look, this stacking plantation is a wonderful room divider ideas for you. You get the green, but also a sleek design that goes along with your overall style.

You can stack your plantation in steel structure shelf with wooden boxes to have the organized industrial look. Or, if you want it to be more simple and sleek, you can also use customized glass stacking pot.

17. DIY for Room Divider Ideas

DIY Room Divider Ideas

Decorating home means an open chance for DIY projects, either to save your expenses or to explore your creativity. Recycling old stuff and turn it into something beautiful is the start of amazing room divider ideas.

Wood Panel

Cheap, easy to get, and easy to install. Wood panel is the right material to create a rustic room divider. You can use it as your message panel or add some dreamy lighting to make your room sparkle like the night sky.


Other easy to find material that you can turn into an interesting room divider is fiber string. You can install it from the floor to the ceiling or leave it hanging just like a curtain. More string you use, it’ll provide you with a more dense surface. You can always adjust things to your taste.

Above incredible room divider ideas are for your inspiration to create smaller space in your open plan. The flexible and mobile of room dividers give your space conveniences to constantly changing without significant hurdle.

While the permanent ones can be decor statement that speaks to your design style. It can be bold or subtle, it can be movable or easily planted on your floor and ceiling. Thus, the room divider ideas are endless for you to explore!

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