23 Stylish Small Bathroom Ideas to the Big Room Statement!

Small bathrooms are tough to design. On the one hand, because they are compact, you save money as you are using fewer materials. On the other hand, small bathrooms are limited space, and no one likes being cramped. Undeniably, people try to find the best small bathroom ideas for their tiny bathroom solution!

Many people wondering is it possible to put bathtubs, walk-in shower, jacuzzi (maybe) into the small bathroom. Or is it possible to decorate a small bathroom beautifully elegant and contemporarily?

That’s why we have gathered 20+ small bathroom ideas to give you inspirations on how best to design, redesign/remodel and ideas for small spaces of your bathroom renovations.

1. Clear Shower Enclosure

small bathroom ideas with bath

Here is one of the best recommendation for small bathroom ideas. Get a clear shower enclosure to emphasize visual pass-through. This idea will make your room less cramped, look bigger and so modern.

Use white paint to emphasize the complete looks as the picture. So, can you wait to try?

2. Glass Door’s Shower

small bathroom ideas with walk in shower

We bet every bathroom with showers will have shower curtains. Don’t you think it’s a bit too old? Let us give an extra idea to transform your small bathroom into an updated look.  Use glass as the walk-in shower door. It will make the room less cramped and bring natural lighting beautifully into the room. What do you think?

3. Wall Mounted Toilet? Why Not!

elegant small bathroom ideas

The best way to maximize a small bathroom is by using wall hung sets of cabinetry and toilets with oversized floor tile. The other thing is the ambiance that was created by using white fixture, clear glass shower, and large-glossy marble tiles. That was one of the best and elegant small bathrooms idea. Or, go check the bathroom wall decor. It will totally inspire you to find the best way to maximize your toilet space through wall decoration.

4. Mirrored Recessed Medicine Cabinet

small bathroom ideas black and white

You can try this small bathroom idea which is a combination of using white tiles and wood floor-ceilings. White is the neutral color for a small bathroom that will give a big impact. But glass is another thing that important for a small bathroom. Go with this great space saver, that is a fully mirrored recessed medicine cabinet

5. Diagonally Floor Tiles Look Super to Your Small Space

small bathroom design ideas

Here is another best decor suggestion for small bathrooms ideas, place floor tiles on a diagonal! This will give the room an illusion of being larger. Diagonally laid tile adds a kind of controlled chaotic nature that lends spark and vibrancy to your small bathroom.

Look at the picture, how big tiles look super to your small space. To complete the look, do not forget to glass shower door and bring in some plants to give fresh vibes and super relaxing look.

6. Big Tiles, Big Impact!

small bathroom remodel

Even if you have a small bathroom, it doesn’t mean that you can’t install big floor tiles. Because big tiles will bring big impact to your small bathroom. This is the crucial thing that you should consider as one of the best small bathrooms ideas.

Even in the picture using dark tiles, it still gives a nice and pretty look the room. Place a pot of monstera plants over the corner. Install a small-hanging vanity over a wall. Voila! And your small bathroom is all set!

7. Mosaic Tile for Floor Tile?

small bathroom ideas modern

A smart way to disguise a cramped bathroom is by using the right tiles. Big tiles and diagonal tiles are the options. Have you ever considered to use small tiles like mosaic tile as the floor tile? Well, actually it works! Look at the small bathroom ideas using black and white mosaic tiles with a vintage rug over it.

Don’t you think it’s nice? Look at bathroom tile ideas for the more outstanding combination. Hope it will inspire you!

8. Same Tiles on The Walls and The Floor

small bathroom designs with shower

A clever trick to make a small bathroom look bigger is to choose the same tiles on the walls and the floor. Not only does the natural stone in this family bathroom add a spa-style touch, but the continuous run of tiles creates a spacious feel, along with the wall-hung fixtures that save on floor area.

If natural stone feels too neutral, you can easily pep it up with strong color pops with your towels, storage, and accessories, such as unique round lamp. Indeed, it is an on a budget way to add personality to your bathroom.

9. Only Use Two Color Combos

small bathroom ideas white

If you are wondering what’s the best color you should use in a small bathroom. You can steal the look from small bathroom ideas. Two colors combos will work great in a small bath. One for wall color and another for accessories.

The most recommended color is white and others light color. Because it will brighten up the room. If you wanted to use the darker color, try to combine it with bright furniture and fixtures.

10. Emphasize Texture Over Color

small bathroom ideas colors

You can find almost on Pinterest, Houzz, or Hgtv website that small bathrooms ideas were dominated by the white and modern bathroom. Think it seems a little bit bored? Don’t worry! To overcome it, we suggest you bring in texture, not color, to add interest without it getting too busy.

Try to add one unique element: a cool mirror, a unique piece of art, a funky sink, or a single bench as an relaxing area. It will transform a small and boring bathroom into cute and chic. Like the small bathroom ideas using dotted black and white terrazzo. It creates a non-mainstream ambiance for a small bathroom.

11. Do Not Let Anything Sticks Out from Walls

best small bathroom designs

The best we could suggest for small bathroom ideas is to avoid anything that sticks out from the walls, especially if you are having a super narrow bathroom. Do not ever try to put decorative shelves on it. Go with built-in shower cabinetry and towel ladders. It will make a simple and clean look bathroom, also make it look bigger but successfully presses only your half budget. Simple solution for a big impact!

12. Bright Light Can Make a Small Bathroom feel Bigger

bathtubs for small bathrooms

Many small bathroom ideas just toss out the whole idea of windows and go with the window-less look. We recommend to go full bore ahead and let the long/tall window take the number one spot–with everything else working around it. So, the light will get into the room directly. Also, you can accentuate the room with accessories, such as small chairs to place your towels or simple rug to cover the floor around the wet area.

13. Choose the Right Kind of Door

small bathroom wall ideas

Most of the time, when you decorate a small bathroom you will get a problem of choosing a right door. You also need a perfect layout and furniture to fit in the room. If there isn’t much space, you can use the sliding door. If you are using swing door, make sure the door doesn’t open in front of the toilet. It’s better to open towards a wall.

14. Compact Bathroom Layout

beautiful small bathroom ideas

The small bathroom is fitted with compact bathroom layout. The first thing that you should understand the basic floor plans of your bathroom so you can easily arrange the compact style. Secondly, do is listing what you need and what you want to put in your bathroom. To be noted, place important things in it and combined with built-in cabinetry and use small vanity as a smart shelving solution. As the reference, you can look at the picture of small bathroom ideas.

15. A Classic Look for Your Small Bathroom

small bathroom ideas paint

Feeling bored with modern-contemporary and minimalism bathroom looks? Try to use rich yellow paint and combined it with classic toiletry to get more formal and luxury bathroom. Apply it to your bathtubs, toilet, and sink. Place a small glass table to accommodate your toiletries. It looks really great in a small bathroom. You will see a classic ambiance in a small bathroom.

16. Bring in Nature to the Bathroom

small bathroom renovations

If you have a small bathroom and you feel bored with the interior looks. You may consider this best of small bathroom ideas with nature elements accessories. Bright nature accessories and natural tones make this bathroom feel new, fresh and warm at the same time. All the textures and shapes work very harmoniously to create a sense of crisp freshness in this bathroom.

17. Makeover Your Small Bathroom with Gold Fixtures

small bathroom ideas with tub

Looking for an idea to makeover your small bathroom? Try to transform the fixture into a gold color. It will give a new vibe and lighten up the room. You can start with the sink, shower, and the tubs or even the shower curtain rod.

18. Design Tips for Remodeling Small Bathroom

Here are the tips that we suggest in case remodeling your small bathroom:

Open up the Room with Glass

small bathroom with shower

Never forget this tip! Glass is the best for a small bathroom. Use glass as your shower door. It will not limit your boundaries and visual in your small baths.

Choose Smaller Vanities for a Cheap Expense

small bathroom vanity ideas

Small bathroom, small vanity. Do not ever try to put large vanity into your small baths. You feel cramped and unbreathable. Choose a right size of vanity that will fit enough all your bathing stuff in it.

Many companies now make apartment size vanities. Or go with a simple pedestal sink or wall mounted sink. Need more references? Find them on the bathroom remodel ideas for the details. Enjoy!

19. Under Stairs-Bathroom Ideas

small bathroom layout

Are you looking for a small bathroom idea that’s located under/down the stair? Many homeowners transform this area into storages area. But, sometimes they use it as the functional bathroom which is only the toilet and sink.

From the picture, you can steal the layout and design idea. Even it’s small, you can make it stylish by using wallpaper and choosing the right accessories.

20. Perfect Shelves for Your Tiny Bathroom

When you have a small bathroom, it’s important to really think about all the unused space and put it to work. Installing shelves is the solution! But there are many options that you can try to fit in your bathroom:

Floating shelves

small bathroom decorating ideas

This kind of shelves will be hung directly on a wall. It will create an airy vibe even it stacks up at various height. It’s functional! That’s the important thing by installing this kind of shelves.

Standing Bathroom Racks

small bathroom designs

If you have a lot of stuff to put in your bathroom, but you don’t want to install any bulky storages. You can use this simple idea. Make a tall rack and place it in the corner of the bathroom. Store any things that you might need in the bathroom.

DIY Leather Hanging Shelves

small bathroom ideas diy

Here’s a DIY that looks even better than store-bought. As seen on the blog A Pair & A Spare, this shelf uses strips of leather to hug and hold a wood shelf. It’s really good in small bathrooms because you can customize the length and fit it in any nook or cranny. Don’t forget to waterproof the leather to avoid discoloration from moisture.

21. IKEA Hack for Your Small Bathroom Ideas

small bathroom ideas ikea

This charming little bathroom uses the RÅSKOG rolling cart from IKEA to store every necessary product (and more!) in a way that’s both attractive and removable. While an immobile cabinet may feel bulky in a small space, this rolling cart can easily be removed when you have guests over or need to clean without stuff getting in the way.

22. Cantilevered Sink

small bathroom remodel

The anti-mainstream idea that you can try is by having cantilevered sink. A cantilevered sink has no vertical supports: no pedestal, no legs, no cabinet, nothing. It’s the ultimate space-saving for small bathroom ideas.

23. Accessories Away!

small bathroom makeovers

If you don’t have the budget to give your entire bathroom a makeover, accessories will do wonders for a compact space. Choose a theme – elegant, floral or monochrome are all bang on trend and are easy to implement. Apply the style of your chosen trend to lighting, mirrors, smaller accessories and soft furnishings and instantly transform the space. Have a look at small bathroom ideas!

Don’t let a small bathroom be a barrier to creating your dream bathroom – we’ve got all the tips, tricks and expert advice you’ll need. Let us know how you will be visually expanding your bathroom. Will you be using any of these small bathroom ideas? Have a nice day!

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