20 Recommended Small Bedroom Ideas to Get a Spacious Look

In modern days, space is the most premium commodities, where it often lefts us with limited living space. Even though having small bedroom seems like it is not a problem, but it is undeniable you are turning into an uncomfortable situation and trying to find more small bedroom ideas as the room solution.

Tiny space makes things inside easily stand-out. This is a great thing, but if you messed it up, it would look cramped and claustrophobic.

No worries! We suggest you a lot of amazing small bedroom ideas to avoid that happened. Get ready to combine your pattern and texture to cheer up your tiny wonderland!

1. Modern Sleek Ideas

Modern Sleek Small Bedroom Ideas

Bring the goods of the simplicity at its finest is what makes the modern and sleek look for your small bedroom ideas. The right choice of textures, colors, and materials gives strong modern look without too many additional decorations.

Choosing one element to dominate the entire room is a good way to create a  modern look. The simple ambiance gives a more spacious look. These modern small bedroom ideas are especially perfect for men’s bedroom because it also speaks masculinity.

  • Wood Dominant Bedroom

Wood is great material to put in the bedroom. It gives warm ambiance in such a way that makes your small bedroom looks sophisticated. Wood also comes in various cool color, like brown, yellow, and grey. You can pick this to dominate your bedroom along with simple shape furniture to create the sleek modern look.

  • Concrete Dominant Bedroom

Another cool and masculine material that perfect to dominate your small bedroom is concrete. It gives a cool ambiance and a little hint of roughness to the overall look. To balance out the ‘weight’ of concrete, you might want to combine it with glass and huge opening to the outside.

2. Tiny Space for Baby

Tiny Baby Small Bedroom Ideas

Babies surely are a little bundle of joy. However, they always take up so much space because of their needs. You can solve this by creating a baby bedroom with a lot of storage space furniture with the decorative look. Choose the right size of your baby’s crib so it will not fill up the room immediately. Remember, your baby’s height is less than a meter, 2 meters long crib is too much.

Choose simple furniture that has a lot of storage space. It will help you to organize all the baby’s needs. Pick colorful but soft colors for your palette to create homey and comfy ambiance. Instead of creating a spacious look, soft color room totally refresh your mind. Also, if you have a baby girl, get more inspiration through baby girl room ideas for attractive room implementation.

3. Kiddy Playground Themes

Kiddy Playground Themes

For children, a bedroom is not only a place to sleep. A bedroom is where they play and also learn. The best element in children bedroom is imagination. Bring what’s out there into their bedroom to make it a wonderful place for them to play. Also, check boys bedroom ideas to incorporate this style further!

This small bedroom idea for kids let you know how to transform their tiny bedroom into their imagination land. To save up space, maximize the wall space by creating attractive murals or character on it.

  • Jungle Theme

Kids love animals, even ones that we do not. Jungle theme bedroom fits both for boys and for girls. It also creates a perfect ambiance for them to learn more about flora and fauna. Bring all the jungle vibe color like green, brown, and yellow, and also many animal plushies.

  • Sailor Theme

Many children stories have the sea as its setting, like a little mermaid or Popeye the sailorman. Kids love to imagine how they explode the sea. Bring all the white and blue stripes with a notch of bright red. Your little sailors ready for their voyage!

  • Princess Castle Theme

Who has not watch Disney princess movies? Probably none. Children movies are the source for your kid’s small bedroom ideas and princess stories always win your little girl’s heart. Choose your color palette from the story and pick girly glam accessories to complete it.

4. Storage Bed Solution

Storage Small Bedroom Ideas

For you who have a lot of stuff, tiny space must be a big challenge. You can actually get a lot of storage space from your small bedroom if you know what to do. Think creatively and make the best of every bit of space in your bedroom.

Add more storage by making a good use of the dead space in the room, like making a storage space under the bed. Adjust the height of the bed to the storage space you need. Just be careful with the clearance height above the bed. Make sure it still enough to make your sleeping space comfortable.

For the color nuance, dress the bedding storage with the same color as floor tone to get the room optically bigger. Furthermore, the wooden scheme with bright tone makes the room looks super clean and comfortable.

For the final tips, let the room be natural with the overall white scheme to get a perfect room combination.

5. Amazing Portable Bed

Portable Small Bedroom Ideas

Most of the day, you do not really need your bed. By having a portable bed in your bedroom, you can use the bed space for something else when you do not need it. It is especially useful if your bedroom layout has narrow and limited free space.

Depending on the space available in your room, you can choose the most suitable movement for your bed. It can be folded up to the wall, slide under another surface, or rise it up to the ceiling. Although this might cost more money, this is totally one of the winning small bedroom ideas.

All portable bed for small bedroom ideas is also a perfect solution for the guest bedroom. Right when your guest is coming home, you can transform your guest bedroom into something else.

6. Fluffy Bedroom Style

Fluffy Small Bedroom Ideas

Stuffing your small bedroom with a lot of items sounds like a bad idea. However, if you know what items to put, you will have a dreamy small bedroom ever!

The only good thing that can fill up your bedroom is fluffiness. If you like to put a lot of stuff in your bedroom, don’t put something bulky with the hard and solid characteristic. This idea is especially perfect for women with strong feminine charm.

Dress the room with something looks soft and fluffy. Like decorative pillows, fur, bean bag, or quilted blanket. This way, even though you have a lot of stuff, it will still look light and comfy. One step to make the room looks better is set a warm lighting nuance. The dimmed lights create a comfortable and homey feeling. Also, this way makes your lovely space feels more private and intimate.

7. Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Bohemian Small Bedroom Ideas

Bohemian style bedroom is a great idea for you who has an expressive personality. Be bold to express your ideas by incorporating unique pattern into your space. To get an attractive room look, you can put the pattern on the wall, bedding area, or decorate the floor with rugs pattern as a point of interest.

Bohemian style pattern can be vibrant with lots of colors and give a warm feeling to the wooden material. However, it is also beautiful in monochromatic which gives more cool and subtle ambiance.  Balance these beautiful patterns with warm colored wood and neutral wall pallet to leave a proportional composition. The bohemian bedroom will totally rock your bedroom décor!

8. Play with Rustic Style

Rustic Small Bedroom Ideas

Make the old-look is the new-look of your tiny bedroom.  White walls, soft colored beddings is your start. The key is the natural wood elements and completes it with some natural look décor like wicker basket or dark metal ornaments.

The old vintage décor gives your comfortable ambiance in the room. This rustic style also encourages you to think creatively about reusing stuff that you already have in your home. The old vibe from your ‘used’ decorative element helps you to bring the style out even more. It really helps you to style your bedroom on a budget, isn’t it?

9. Classy Look for Small Bedroom Ideas

Classy Small Bedroom Ideas

Even though classic is more likely to have huge and extravagant furniture, you can also create a classy bedroom in your limited space. The key is to add small decorative elements that create classic, elegance, and luxurious look.

Choose neutral and soft palette as your basic room nuance because the small decoration elements will speak out your classic, luxurious design. Pick decorative elements in sleek and shiny materials like silver, gold, glass, or crystals. Play with classic ornament and implement it into your cushions and blanket.

Bring a strong classic nuance by incorporating an old mirror into a room. Classic small bedroom ideas are very suitable to create romantic and elegant ambiance. The design is mature and perfect for couples or master bedroom ideas.

10. All White Bedroom Style

All White Small Bedroom Ideas

White probably makes the ambiance lighter and comfortable. It also successfully creates your tiny space be more spacious. What you need to do is creatively play with the texture and the furniture materials to leave a spacious and calm feeling. Yes, your room color is all white, but white can comes from many things.

Create an interesting composition of your different white pieces of stuff to décor your room. Apply overall white look into your bedding area to a super comfortable feeling. Paint the wall with aligned scheme too. To create a dynamic look, why not to combine white with wooden material on the floor and nightstand material.

Now your lovely white room is ready to be occupied!

11. Dark and Bold Solution

Dark and Bold Small Bedroom Ideas

Light colors are known to make you room ambiance is more spacious. It changes the idea to put dark color for tiny spaces are uncommon. However, actually, dark color is also a very good base for small bedroom ideas. However, you should be consistent in applying overall dark element to your small bedroom to get a spacious look. It also will enhance another element in the room.

You can make the good use of the dark wall to display pictures by hanging it in a simple frame on the wall with white picture nuance to emphasize the wall dynamic. The arrangements of the picture you place will easily be the focal point of the room. You can create your palette will all dark color to bring out the masculine vibe or combine it with lighter colors.

Let’s try applying brighter color in windows area to get more light reflection. To small bedroom, it is a brilliant idea to maximize window space by creating multifunctional custom bench as reading and storage solution.

This is another small bedroom ideas that totally possible to optically expand your lovely room!

12. Bold Color Combination Ideas

Bold Color Combination Small Bedroom Ideas

Another fun to do to make your small bedroom special is by dressing the space according to a color combination. Basically, you can choose any color you want, but these are awesome color combinations for your small bedroom ideas that will totally change the overall ambiance of your bedroom:

  • Black and White

The classic combination of black and white is the easiest way of color combination you can do. Almost every decorative elements come in black and white. The black and white gives your room cool neutral ambiance, but also bold characteristic

  • Grey and Yellow

Grey gives the soothing ambiance and in contrast, yellow gives cheerful vibe. Combine it together; you’ll get both at one time. Having this color combination to your small bedroom ideas will make the room more playful.

  • Teal and Plum

Look further into the color boards and pick unusual colors. Teal and Plum both are unique and bold colors which go perfectly together. It gives calming yet strong ambiance in the room.

13. Levelling Bedroom

Levelling Small Bedroom Ideas

Let’s take the essential idea of a bunk bed to make it more interesting. Creating your bedroom to have more than one level will make your bedroom extraordinary. Leveling small bedroom ideas is the perfect solution for you if your bedroom space has high ceiling clearance. This way you can split the space into two different level and get more area to utilize.

You can use the upper space for bed since it’s more secluded, and use the lower one for seating, storage, or study. This idea also a clever solution for children or twin bedroom. Not only you create more space, but also it let the children have their own territory and privacy.

14. Explore the Paint Décor

Paint Décor Small Bedroom Ideas

If your space is really limited you can always work with the paint works for your small bedroom ideas. You can create modern contemporary art on the wall, bold repetitive pattern, or even paintings of certain object or scenery.

If you want to apply this idea to your room, it’s better to create the wall as the focal point of the room and let anything else stand low. This way, you can go as creative as you want with the colors. You can have the vibrant combination of blue, red, and yellow.

15. Creative Bed Head

Bed Head Small Bedroom Ideas

Making your bedhead as the focal point of the room by having an extraordinary one is a great solution for your small bedroom. One way to do it to have a shelves bedhead. This way, not only it gives your room a look, but it also gives you space for storage.

Merging your storage into your bedhead gives you more free space in the room. It’s because you centered all your furniture into one area. You can always twist your bedhead into something more interesting. Moreover, to emphasize the Bedhead idea, paint the wall with darker color. Let it simple and not to be dominant.

Versatile bedhead idea to your tiny bedroom never goes wrong!

16. Continuous Furniture Inspiration

Continuous Furniture Small Bedroom Ideas

Having a lot of furniture in your room will consume more space. More furniture means you need more circulation area to access the furniture and also more space gap between the furniture. This is totally a waste if your bedroom space is already limited.

One fun way to do it by having a customized continuous furniture. This way the furniture is filled your room perfectly and gives you more chance to have a double-duty furniture. Let’s try to explore more your u-shape space as your main storage area. To get a smooth yet spacious look, choose a neutral color combination to your furniture nuance.

17. Attic Transformation Bedroom

Attic Transformation Small Bedroom Ideas

Yes, that space you think is a waste can beautifully transform into a wonderful loft bedroom. This is great for your small bedroom ideas because attic has a very unique ceiling shape. The triangular ceiling gives you a certain ambiance that you need to embrace to create an extraordinary bedroom design.

Enhancing the quality of the structure of the ceiling is the easy way to make attic bedroom looks wonderful. Add more color to make the unique shape of the room stand out boldly. Another way you can do is create a more secluded enclosure by using the leaning surface for your bed area.

18. Nook Bed Style

Nook Small Bedroom Ideas

Having the nook-style bed is great for your small bedroom ideas. This kind of bed is something you can transform into seating area when you’re not using it for sleeping. This idea is great if you often have your friend coming around to your place.

The nook style bed makes your bedroom can also be your private living room. Another fun thing about having a nook style bed is you have a secluded area for your bed and unlimited view at the same time. This is a perfect style for the teenage bedroom since teens tend to bring their friends into their bedroom. This will be a perfect hang out place.

19. Symmetrical Bedroom Ideas

Symmetrical Small Bedroom Ideas

Symmetrical setup is a way to create balance layout and design in your bedroom. Using this style as your small bedroom ideas will make space looks more organized. This symmetrical bedroom not also good with double beds bedroom but also perfect for twin beds bedroom.

With double bed, you will have U-shape free space and make the circulation surrounding the bed. While with twin beds, you can push the beds to the side. This way you will have free space in the center, which gives clear boundary of the two beds.

20. Stand-Out Bed Ideas

Stand-Out Bed Small Bedroom Ideas

The most essential furniture in your bedroom is beds. Although you also need other furniture too, beds are what makes a room a bedroom. Then, why not make it the center and most stand out element in the room? This can be our start to have cool small bedroom ideas.

Small space sometimes is the reason why people choose modest design beds. The common idea is that stand out bed will be too much for a small space bedroom. But actually, it can be perfect if you complete the stand-out bed with a modest other furniture. This will make the attention drawn to the bed and your room won’t be too much.

A bedroom is part of a home that speaks the most about our personality. It gives us the sense of being truly home. Limited space can’t prevent us to create comfortable and cool looking bedroom. All of these small bedroom ideas is a start for your bedroom décor game. You can follow one or even combine few inspirations for your own small bedroom ideas.

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