19 Most Delightful Transitional Living Room Ideas!

Modern and classic, contemporary and traditional, all styles have their own appeal. But it’s not rare we found ourselves drawn into two styles that are the complete opposite of each other.

Sometimes their differences give us a real hard time to choose what style should we apply in our living room. Thus, it is understandable transitional living room ideas will be an essential role to incorporate your room style combination.

As the living room is one of the rooms that the family will spend most of their time together, that makes it is absolutely important to choose the right decor so it will be homey for every member of the house.

For you who are facing this type of problem, here are the following gorgeous transitional living room ideas will be a perfect solution for you.

1. Neutral Ambiance

Neutral Living Room Ideas

The key to success for your charming transitional living room ideas is knowing how to mix. The element of classic and contemporary decor ideas has a strong standing character.

Therefore, tuning down the background setting of your living room is essential so that the design will not go out of hand.

Additionally, one way to do that is by implementing neutral colors. By doing this, you allowed other elements in the living room to pop-up and anchored them in a subtle fashion.

2. Monochromatic Tone

transitional living room ideas

For you who wants a certain color to be the ambiance for your transitional living room ideas, you can always create your own color selection.

The keyword for this style is modesty and simplicity with a twist. Therefore, if you want your color palette to be non-neutral, it is important to keep it in a soft or subtle color zone.

Also, you might need to tone down other elements in your design. Like in the reference image, you can see how the overall tone is green but it still evoking the sense of cleanliness the way transitional look should be.

3. Draw the Attention to the Light

One element that you easily twist to create a punch in your decor is the lighting. You don’t have to settle for basic flushed finished lighting when you know a gorgeous statement pendant lighting will step up your ravishing living room ambiance. For this, more is more.

Rustic and Industrial Look

Industrial Lighting

For a more masculine twist, you can always add an industrial style pendant for your transitional living room ideas. The material of the pendant that most likely to be a burnt copper metal will also add a rustic touch to the look.

Modernized Classic

Modernized Classic Lighting

A mash-up lighting fixture design for a mash-up style decor living room. The twist you create for the lighting could be a representative of the two styles you mash-up for your living room. Not only this will be attractive, but also a room for you to think creatively of how to merge two styles of lighting design characteristic into one.

Simple Futuristic Pendant

Futuristic Pendant

Modern most of the time presented in modesty. Adjusted comprehensive lines not only as of the plan of the room but also as the decor element characteristics. Choosing a lighting fixture with a design that breaks the common rule is a clever idea to draw attention and also make a statement out of it.

4. Surface Texture

Natural texture is the easiest way to add color and set a certain ambiance for your transitional living room ideas. The advantage of using natural texture is that you can create a bold look without coming out too much or overthrown the other elements in the room. You can create your own combinations of textures that will flatter your transitional living room ideas.

Metal and Glass

Metal and Glass Decoration

These two textures combination will bring a sophisticated and modern atmosphere into your living room. Both metal and glass have a cool characteristic. So, it is best just to apply this combination in a small element of the room so that the ambiance wouldn’t be too formal.

Wood and Stones

traditional living room ideas

For a more warm and traditional look, you can decorate your living room by adding wood and stone combination. Both stones and woods will be perfect to bring in the antique touch to the design. For example, an exposed wood ceiling to balance the heaviness of the stone. and a stone wall surface to frame a neutral fireplace design.

5. Bring in the Warmth with Colour

modern style living room

Both classic and modern style decor embrace neutral and cool-tone colors. But, the living room is the heart where family bonds and interacts which need a warm character in it.  Adding a splash of lively yet calm color will certainly change the mood but still maintaining the elegance of the style.

Beautiful flowers are the most common and beautiful ornaments as centerpiece ideas. Instead of its subtle feelings, it also brings in a romantic atmosphere in a classy way

The color you choose will undoubtedly stand more than the rest of the room. So, it is important to choose it wisely. Another thing that you should consider is that there is a possibility that this element of color will be the center of attention in the room. If that is not what you want, you could put small decoration with the same or similar color in the room to tone down the presence of the color.

6. Mix the Style Through the Seatings

farmhouse living room

A stand out design does not always need an extraordinary piece of furniture. A creative combination of ordinary things can be an extraordinary element of your design. For your transitional sunroom ideas, your chair can be a fun element to mix and match to create your own transitional look.

7. Curve

navy living room ideas

As well as a mash-up, transitional living room ideas are also ways to twist and present a look in an extraordinary way. Both traditional and modern style decor, design elements usually presented in aligned and crisp lines to create a clean look. But, you can add curves into your design to make your design looks extraordinary.

8. A Twist from to the Rug

rug living room

Not only to visualize a clearer boundary of your living room, but a rug can also be a statement item to your design. A pattern or colored rug will give a new nuance to the seating area of the living room.

Choosing your rug style in the opposite from the rest of your design elements will give you a subtle twist and also bolden the style of your transitional living room design.

9. Balance Presentation of Transitional Living Room Ideas

old style living room

In interior design, we have to be able to create a balance for the overall look presented. The simple method that anyone can do to create their own transitional living room ideas is by choosing one to hold one role and the other holds another.

For example, you can choose all the functional elements in your living room from one style, and then add decorative elements from a totally different style. This way, you can make a transitional look for your living room that will never go wrong.

10. Transitional Decorations

modern and classic design living room

If you already have a modern or a traditional style living room, this is the perfect and affordable way to transform your living room and make your transitional living room ideas come true. Pick the decoration that already a mash-up of modern and classic design, then you can start decorating your living room.

11. Sectionals Couch

Sectionals seating living room

This type of seating selection is ideal for you who wants to apply your transitional living room ideas but also maintaining open circulation. Sectionals seating brings the orientation of the living room to the outside of its boundary. This way your transitional living room can be easily blended to the other room of the house, like the dining room.

12. Textiles Combination

grey living room ideas

Even the most beautiful couch needs lovely comfortable cushions to complete it. Your cushion can be the canvas to channel your artistry in your transitional living room. Selecting various colors and textures can be your fun vibrant decorations that will bring the vibe more lively. The colorful set of cushions is great because it will never overthrow or clash with the overall look of the room.

13. Stunning Coffee Table

Choosing the right coffee table for your transitional living room ideas will give you a major distinctive look. Instead of playing it safe, you can choose a bold stunning coffee table to be the center of your living room.

Series of Shapes

Series of Shapes Coffee Table

Create a playful yet sophisticated centerpiece for your living room by putting more than one coffee table into one arrangement. Be creative with your coffee tables selection and the result will surprise you.


Ottoman Coffee Table

Swap your coffee table with a big-sized ottoman. The soft and fluffy texture in the middle of your living room will spark a comfy and cozy mood in the room.

Metallic Coffee Table

Metallic Coffee Table

Copper-colored metal can give you a rustic living room look twist into your transitional living room. You can match your coffee table with your lighting fixture and install it aligned with each other. These two items will create a gorgeous center scene in your living room.

14. Brown Leather Couch

Brown Leather Couch

The durability and the beauty of leather have made it a popular choice for a living room couch. The bright brown brings in a touch of county vibe into your living room. But, can brown leather couch becoming part of your transitional living room ideas?

The answer is absolutely it can! You can choose a classic design for your brown leather couch so that it will look more classy. Pair it with more neutral color couches and select your decoration accordingly. Not only your brown leather couch matches the transitional style, but it will also be the star.

15. Embrace the Fireplace

Modern Fireplace for Living Room

A fireplace is a pleasant feature to have in a living room. Though sometimes, it can be drawn the attention of the living room and directed the decor style into a more traditional look. To create a transitional look with the presence of a fireplace, you need to set the other elements as the balancing components.

For instance, if your fireplace is bold and bulky with a brick accent, then the rest of the decor should have a lighter character. Choose a minimalistic furniture design so that you can maintain the clean look of transitional style.

16. Pattern Montage to Transitional Living Room Ideas

Pattern Montage Living Room

Transitional living room ideas promote serenity and cleanliness of design. However, it does not mean you can’t put any dynamic pattern into your mood board. Some pattern actually brings out the elegance of the design. To match the elegance of transitional style you can play with pattern with monochromatic vibe and geometry lines.

17. Eclectic Transitional

Greenary Living Room

Transitional style living room most of the times have a cool ambiance since the neutral colors are the background selection for this style.

But, for you who wants a warmer mood in your house, you can add a touch of another style. For example, to bring a touch of warm boho ideas flair, you can add a leather ottoman or an ethnic pattern rug ideas into your living room.

18. Coastal Transitional

Coastal Living Room

While a touch of brown can give you a warmer country look, a splash of blue will give you a coastal mood into your home. Combine your nude neutral color palette with a soft blue to create a seaside vibe for your transitional living room ideas.

Natural elements never disappoint us. Adding wood and rattan furniture make It fresh, organic and create unique vibes to a room.

This style will work even better if your living room located right nest to bog windows showering the room with lots of sunshine. Every day will feel like a holiday.

19. Gold Glam Transitional

Luxurious Living Room

Gold has been a symbol of prosperity for centuries. An implementation of gold decor into your living room will provide you with a luxurious look in your living room.

You can add gold element here and there, but always remember to keep it simple. Too many gold decorations can easily make your living room look overwhelmed.

The transitional living room ideas is a mash-up style born from two or more different styles combined together. But you don’t have to put the style in a 50:50 ratio.

You can still hold one style as your preferred decor then add one element as a twist from the opposite style. These transitional living room ideas are here to show you there’s more freedom for your creativity within this style. You can be either soft and subtle, or bold and expressive.

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