17+ Inspiring Wall Decor Ideas for Your Living Room!

As you know, the living room is the point of interest of the house. Obviously, it needs a nice touch of design since everyone who comes to your house will see it first. Designing a living room can simply start from the wall decor ideas.

The wall can give a big impact on the ambiance throughout the room.

There are many styles of living room design as you can browse in Pinterest like modern, contemporary, mid-century, shabby chic or vintage that you can apply. Each of these styles will need a different living room wall décor.

You can use wall art, wallpaper, painting, lighting, stickers, ornaments or even mirrors to decorate the wall. From many alternatives, here are 18 most interesting wall décor ideas we suggest for your favorite living room.

1. Amazon Vibe Ideas

white painting wall decor ideas

We all love a little bit touch of greenery, do it?

Greenery can give a fresh amazon vibe to your living room, making it brighter and unique. Also, you won’t need much except for a wall art combine with planters.

Also, you can put pictures of plants for the wall art. It is better to put the picture in a central display of a white painted wall above the couch.

Then you can add some planters with higher plants so that they will also covering the wall. Adding a hanging lamp with a simple shape can enhance the style.

This living room wall decor better followed by a pastel color of furniture sets, like the couch and rug. Then you can also use a light wood table and credenza. Aside from pictures, it’s cool to use the artwork.

2. Stand Out Rustic Wall Decor

rustic wall decor ideas

Kinda bored with a clean modern look?

What pictures come to your mind when you heard about rustic interior style?

You can try to apply a rustic ambiance to your living room. Designing a rustic ambiance will work best by putting a large exposed red brick wall.

To make the wall stand out, hang a 3D artwork on it. Choose a unique one like an old bicycle that you no longer use and combine it with a hanging planter.

Then, it is better to leave the other furniture sets in a neutral color like gray so the wall will be the focal point.

This living room wall decor works best if you have an existing brick wall. But if you don’t, you can also use wall paneling with the brick pattern instead of real bricks.

3. Cute Shabby Chic Look

shabby chic wall decor ideas

If you like French and you want to have a cute living room, the shabby chic style will fit your dreams. With its warm and friendly ambiance, this style can create a beautiful space for your family.

Additionally, you can put a unique 3D artwork hanging on the wall above the couch. Then you can choose the beautiful window treatment with soft color like pink and light blue. Next, adding a classic hanging lamp combine with table lamp can enhance the ambiance.

This living room wall decor ideas can be followed by classic style furniture sets in a light pink and blue color. You can also add some accessories like cushions, sconce, and carpet.

4. Cool Black and White Theme

black and white wall decor ideas

Sometimes, we can pick the wrong combination of colors for our living room wall decor if we don’t choose carefully. The safest combination is always black and white. It will create a modern ambiance that will never go wrong.

The black and white wall decor can start with hanging black and white framed pictures combine with simple artwork while the wall painted in white.

Then you can put a credenza below. Some accessories will be needed above the credenza like a sconce, cactus on the pot and other unique artworks.

The other furniture sets should be left simple with the same tone. This wall décor ideas will work best if you happen to have a modern minimalist living.

5. Frameless Portrait Inspiration

wooden shelves wall decor ideas

Another way to create a cool living room wall decor ideas is through a portrait. Aside from paintings or ornaments, you can use a portrait as wall art. You can print it black and white on a canvas and make it frameless, then hang it above the couch.

Put it on a single artwork or you can also combine it with another photograph and other accessories like a minimalist clock. Then you can also put some wooden shelves or cabinet on the other side of the wall. Adding some lighting using standing lamp will support the wall decor.

Since the wall paints better be white, then the floor can use wood. The couch below the black and white portrait can be blue to give an accent to the room. This idea is cheap yet looks fancy.

6. Cool Wall Décor With TV

living room wall décor ideas

Many of us still love to have a living room with tv, right? Then, the way you put your tv will affect the living room wall decor. Since most of the tv will be in a black frame, you can automatically apply a black and white wall décor.

When you watch the tv, the wall around it won’t be a distraction with black and white ambiance. Decorate the wall around the tv by hanging a beautiful cluster of frames filled with black and white pictures.

Then on the other side of the tv, hang a mirror with silver frame.

Then, of course, you should add some nice lighting to support this living room wall decor ideas using wall lamp with gold accent. Hanging lamps using light bulbs can also make the room looks fancy.

7. Calming Wooden Ambience

wooden contemporary wall decor ideas

Some people prefer their living room wall decor to be more functional than artsy. So, instead of some artworks, you can use shelves decorating your wall. With shelves, you can put a beautiful display of your collections.

For the wall treatment, you can use wood paneling using vinyl or laminates. Matching the background, the wood shelf can be hung above the couch. In the other side of the wall, you can hang a clock or other accessories.

Then, you can also use a wood ceiling, creating a brown mood throughout the room. Followed by the concrete floor and simple black leather furniture sets, the room will have a modern contemporary look. This is a simple way to decorate your living room wall on a budget.

8. Color Block Ideas

modern minimalist wall decor ideas

A modern minimalist living room wall décor does not always have to be in white color. You can also have a bold accent of color and yet still have simple wall decor. This is how you can do it.

  • Choose a  color for your wall that can be an accent, like soft blue, brown or red. You can use paint or wallpaper.
  • Paint your living room wall from floor to ceiling so it will be a color block wall behind your big comfy couch.
  • Apply this color only for the central wall, then leave the other sides on a neutral color like white or gray.

Next, you can also add a hanging lamp that will look good in front of your color block wall. The other living room sets can use wood that will match with any colors.

Then, Spark some joy into your living room through the rustic atmosphere. The natural-fiber rug idea can be a great companion if you’d like to give a room color, identity of space, and antiquity.

9. DIY Sketches Ideas

diy wall decor ideas

A living room wall decor always needs a wall art or some artworks to make it fancier. But sometimes, we don’t really want to spend the money on it. Instead of buying it, you can put your DIY sketches or other artworks to decorate your wall.

  • Since the Pinterest era, we all no longer have to be an artist to make an artwork. There are so many how-to that you can try, one of them is sketching.
  • Hang black and white DIY sketches on the wall with some black clips.
  • Add some industrial wall lamp that can also work for your working table.

This living room wall decor will work best if you can be an artist to yourself. With painting your wall simply on white, you can make those DIY sketches stand out more.

10. Abstract Wall Paint

wall decoration ideas

Another wall decor ideas inspiration-DIY! One of the DIY ideas that you can do for your living room wall decor is an abstract painting. Rather than hanging some paintings, you can paint the wall itself. Treat it like a canvas and paint your abstract wall art on it.

Use some color combination to give an accent to your living room like blue and gray. Choose a soft version of these color if you are afraid to ruin the abstract paint.

Then, applying this fabulous room divider style and also add some shelves hanging to scale up the artistic ambiance.

This living room wall decor will work best for a design on a budget with a small room. Also, if you have a mini studio aligned with the living room, this can be a great idea for you.

11. Fancy Vintage Wall Decor

Vintage wall decor ideas

If you live in a house with classic architectural, you will love this living room wall decor ideas. Contains mostly wood materials, these wall decor ideas tend to create a formal and fancy look.

It is better to use old wood to enhance the elegance of a classic style. You can use vinyl or laminates for the wood.

Next, you can add a hanging wall art like paintings and put a wooden credenza below it. Some accessories like sconce or beautiful flowers can support your wooden wall.

Standing lamp with brass metal can also match the wall decor. Also, classic furniture sets followed by a patterned carpet will make the room more elegant.

12. Vibrant Indian Style

unique wall decor ideas

Have you ever been to India? Or ever fall in love with their artworks and vibrant ambiance?

I have and I do in love with their statues, paintings, and colors. Indian style is so rich with 3D artworks, ornaments, and the combination of vibrant colors.

If you have a collection of Indian statues, you can put them on a unique display for your living room wall decor.

Make some shelves for those figures built in the wall. Don’t forget to add nice warm lighting on each display. This idea will work better if you have a high ceiling.

Then, on the other side of the wall, you can hang another 3D artwork of Indian ornaments. The other furniture sets can have the same ornaments and vibrant colors on it to enhance the ambiance.

13. Pastel Ambience

Pastel Ambience wall decor ideas

Aside from the transitional living room style, if you love the calm and cute ambiance but don’t want to make it too girly, you can create a pastel ambiance for your living room wall décor. You can start by selecting some pastel colors like peach, cream, and white.

Then, you can apply it to the wall art. Instead of using a black or white frame, you can use a pastel-colored frame. The wall can simply paint in white to keep the overall ambiance soft.

The rest of the furniture sets can also use pastel colors to match the wall art. For the lighting, you can add a minimalist rounded hanging lamp. Also, you can give a greenery accent to the calm ambiance by adding some planters with tropical plants.

14. Accent of Bronze

wall decor stickers ideas

Bronze can be a great accent to your small living room. Use patterned wallpaper covering one side of the wall with a rounded bronze mirror as an accent creating a European style living room wall decor.

Other than wallpaper, you can also use stickers with digital printing for a custom pattern that you want. Then, add some shelves below with some accessories like table lamp and beautiful flowers.

Install a modern fireplace on the wall as the part of living room or choose another fireplace ideas that fit your style . Then you can also stack the firewood as a decorative display. For the lighting, add a standing lamp with the bronze material.

15. Centered Vocal Point

large wall decor ideas

With your living room wall decor, you can also create a focal point in your contemporary living room. Put on an interesting artwork on your wall like a large mural as a focal point with playful colors like red and blue. Painted from floor to ceiling, the mural will block your wall beautifully.

Then, put a couch below the focal point with the same color accent of red and blue. The couch will look like part of the wall decor ideas. You can also add a simple standing lamp and some hanging lamps. This living room wall decor ideas work better if you have a high ceiling.

Also, you can also make the mural as your DIY projects with many tutorials from Pinterest. This is very cool wall decor ideas for your modern living room.

16. Concrete and Brass

rustic vintage wall decor ideas

Bored with a white clean wall? You can try the combination of concrete material and brass for your apartment living room wall decor.  The combination of these materials will create a rustic vintage ambiance for your living room.

First, use concrete as the wall finishing. It’s better to make it polished. Then, you can hang a black and white retro portrait as the primary wall art.

Next, add some shelves with brass accent. The other furniture sets can also have some accent of brass.

Lighting is also very important for your wall decor ideas. Put a unique and fancy standing lamp with warm light, also with the accent of brass.

For the flooring, you can use wood tile or vinyl with a herringbone pattern and put on a gray carpet to match the concrete wall.

17. Butterfly Accent Wall Decor

butterfly wall decor ideas

For you all shabby chic lovers, you can have a modern contemporary living room wall decor by giving an accent of a butterfly.

The butterfly is one of the signatures of the shabby chic interior style. A butterfly accent on your wall is another way to create a beautiful living room wall décor.

To make it even fancier, you can make the butterfly accent as a 3D artwork by doing these steps:

  • Put an empty white frame hanging on the wall. Use European frame style.
  • Then, put the 3D butterflies spreading on the wall, inside and outside the frame.
  • Next, you can finish your wall treatment painted with pink color as the main color of this style.

Combine the pink wall it with wood material for the floor and the other furniture sets. Also, you can add some planter to give a fresh ambiance. This wall décor idea can be too girly since it will mainly contain pink.

18. Fork and Spoon Wall Decor

fork and spoon wall decor ideas

If you happen to have a small space, don’t worry!

You can still have a cool place by integrating your living room with your dining area.

Some people love this idea when they can hang out with their family while some of the watching tv and the other having dinner.

Then, you will need a different living room wall décor ideas for this integrated area.

Since the living room is aligned with the dining room, you can put a fork and spoon wall art using stickers on the wall.

To create a modern ambiance, you can have it in a simple cut. You can also add a hanging lamp and other decorations. This idea will work best if you design a small house on a budget.

So, these are 18 interesting wall decor ideas to create a cool and fancy living room wall decor.

You can always develop or incorporate these wall decor ideas with your own preference of artworks, lighting fixtures, and ambiance.

Living room wall decor can vary based on your space, location and interior style.

The living room is the central point to gather your family, so a nice wall décor can enhance the mood of your home.

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