18 White Kitchen Ideas (Timeless Masterpiece Design)

Kitchen space should have the right ambience and decoration to be the centre of family activities in the house. White kitchen ideas are the best style to make your kitchen timeless, elegant and clean.

This interior style often is mistaken to be boring but turns out it is not! White kitchen ideas have an endless possibility of scheme combination and they fit any kind of accent.

It is also very easy to apply different interior style into white kitchens. Any kind of furniture and decoration also match easily inside white kitchens.

In terms of functionality, white kitchens are very easy to maintain since all the materials in white are easy to get and they are also easy to clean.

So, whether you are a minimalist or a contemporist, these 18 white kitchen ideas will still turn your kitchen space into an elegant and timeless one!

1. White Kitchen Highlighting Greenery

Minimalis white kitchen ideas

White kitchen ideas are identic to a minimalist interior style. It usually applies the all-white scheme into all the furniture inside the kitchen. But you can also do it differently by highlighting greenery in your white kitchen.

This picture shows an example of how you can invite greenery inside your kitchen. If you happen to have your kitchen just before your backyard, you can use half of your backsplash area for an opening.

Also, use a combination of different materials for the all-white scheme such as solid color, marble, and whitewashed wood. These white kitchen ideas can also bring natural daylight and fresh air into your kitchen space.

2. Classic White Kitchen

Classic white kitchen ideas

White kitchen ideas always work best for a house with a classic interior style. When you have Victorian furniture with detailed profiles and multiple frames in your kitchen space, applying white scheme can make it less busy and bright.

Use white marble as your kitchen island countertop to make a grand point in your kitchen. Then, you can add some contrast by using dark colors materials like soapstone for the kitchen working table countertop.

Playing different heights for kitchen cabinets will also make the room more dynamic. Lastly, use dark wood tones for the flooring to make the kitchen space more inviting.

3. Eclectic White Kitchen

Eclectic white kitchen ideas

White kitchen ideas are not always contained classic interior styles. They can also fit a contemporary interior style with eclectic ambience.

Give some contrast

In order to make it looks contemporary, avoid using all white scheme. Instead, put on some contrast using dark colors like black charcoal and dark wood tones like walnut.

Play the back wall

Next, you can also play with the large back wall of your kitchen space. Instead of just using plain white paint, you can apply a wooden partition or wallpaper. This will add some texture into your kitchen. The proper lighting will also enhance the 3D effects of your back wall.

Play the floor

Do not leave the floor plainly but use some natural tones for it. Since you already play with the back wall and contrast, the floor can use calm tones like grey terrazzo.

4. White Kitchen with Grey Mirror Accent

Backsplash white kitchen

White kitchen ideas are the best to decorate a small kitchen space, pantry, and open kitchen. This is usually the case of kitchen space in apartment units which have relatively limited space. Too much color and mix of material will not work well in such a small place.

Applying white color to all of the furniture will make the kitchen space feels more spacious. However, it will be a nice touch to add a little portion of another color which not too contrast within the white area.

Grey mirror is one of the best backsplash material that you can also take for an accent inside your white kitchen space.

5. Seamless White Kitchen

Luxury white kitchen ideas

The other reason why white kitchen ideas are the best in the luxury atmosphere that they bring in. Many of modern housing in these recent years have a floor to ceiling built-in kitchen cabinet with an island across it.

Applying the all-white scheme to the kitchen furniture make it look seamlessly merges with the white floor and the ceiling.

The white kitchen island also looks like floating above the white floor. This style brings more luxury to your kitchen. By choosing the right materials and kitchen appliances, the kitchen space will also look very high-end.

6. White Kitchen with Concrete Island

Lighting for white kitchen

White kitchen ideas need an interesting feature to highlight within the space. This highlighted feature must be stand out and applied in the different materials. It can be the backsplash, the lighting fixtures, the upper cabinet or the kitchen island.

This one is the example of how the white kitchen can highlight a concrete kitchen island.

7. Grey-ish White Kitchen

Grey-ish white kitchen

Aside from using an off white color, white kitchen ideas can also use some grey to add a calm and monochrome accent. Also, adding some fade wood tones for the floor will make your white kitchen space nicer.

In addition, hanging lights will also become a nice accessories for your white kitchen space.

8. White Open Kitchen

white open kitchen ideas

White kitchen ideas are the best in creating an open kitchen. The open kitchen is usually designed for tiny houses or studio apartment with limited space.

To save some space, you can arrange the built-in kitchen cabinets into an L type layout filling in the corner and the dining table next to it.

Applying the all-white scheme into space will make the room feel more spacious and bright. You can also use clear tinted glass for the backsplash to give a bit of accent into your white kitchen space.

9. White Kitchen with Wood Accent

white kitchen with wood accent

White kitchen ideas can work really well to make your space looks modern and minimalist. They also fit best to be applied to a built-in kitchen cabinet.

After you have the whole space filled with white, it can be a nice touch to create a focal point. When the kitchen has built-in cabinets, the backsplash is the best spot to be a point of interest.

Apply a different material, for example, dark tone wood like walnut for the backsplash finish to make it stand out between the white.

10. Absolute Simplicity of White Kitchen

Minimalist white kitchen

Many people choose white kitchen ideas as the best approach because of their simplicity. White color usually brings a down-to-earth look into the room and it is also inviting. With the help of proper lighting, a little bit warm, the room can be even more intimate for family.

The cabinets can use a solid white color which is the same tone with the ceiling. The backsplash area can use white subway tile to add a little bit glossiness.

Lastly, the floor can use whitewashed wood to add some pattern into the room. Stainless steel edging can also be a nice final touch.

11. Half – Half Scheme

Modern white kitchen ideas

White kitchen ideas are far from boring if you are creative enough. There is an endless scheme of the material mix for a white kitchen which one of them is a half-half scheme. This is how you can make a half-half scheme with an off white color.

Pick one accent to combine

Pick one more color or material to fill half of the kitchen space combined with the other half of off white color, for example, a light wood.

Play with the furniture

Apply the half-half scheme into the furniture by also playing with it. For the kitchen cabinets, use the off white color area for closed cabinets and the wood area for open shelves.

Add an accent of lighting

The half-half scheme will also need a break between them to avoid it becomes monotone. You can use an element of decoration to be the break, for example, the lighting fixture. Choose a modern minimalist hanging light with natural color like grey and hang it above the kitchen island.

12. Farmhouse Style White Kitchen

Farmhouse white kitchen

Ever dream to live in a farmhouse with a beautiful natural view? Do not worry, you can have the farmhouse vibes with white kitchen ideas even though you live in a modern house in such a busy city.

Use materials like subway tile installed with black naad, whitewashed wood, and raw wood. Then, put the round dining table in the middle of the kitchen, next to the window.

Leave the ceiling plainly white but use the combination of white and dark grey tiles for the floor. Also, choose furniture that can be enhancing the country vibes in your white kitchen.

Put an open shelf from raw wood above the kitchen counter and fill it with some recipe books and decorations.

13. Scandinavian White Kitchen

Scandinavian white kitchen

White kitchen ideas are the best way to create a Scandinavian vibe inside your house. Scandinavian has become a famous interior style for creating a comfortable living and it is shaped by layers of white.

Designed your white kitchen to be open and bright by using the lower cabinet only and use a simple hanging shelf for kitchen utensils above the backsplash.

Leave the wall in a plain off-white color except for the backsplash which you can use white matte tiles. For the floor finish, use a light wood tone to make the kitchen looks warm and inviting. Lastly, add some decorations of greenery into your space.

14. The Most Minimalist White Kitchen

cabinet for minimalist white kitchen

One kind of lifestyle has emerged and become very popular lately. That lifestyle is called the minimalist. Everyone seems like they want to have very little stuff and simple style for their living.

If you are one of them who pursue that lifestyle, white kitchen ideas are your style then. The most minimalist white kitchen can be achieved through a plain white wall; no busy upper cabinet, only hanging shelves for kitchen utensils; no unnecessary decorations; and solid white matte lower cabinets.

For the floor, you can use 30×30 cm white tiles. Matte finished is preferred, but even the glossy one will be fine.

15. Subway Tile and Herringbone Inside White Kitchen

Herringbone for white kitchen

Even when you really love white, you will not want to leave your kitchen without any other pattern or accent. White kitchen ideas are the best style that allows you to mix and match with any pattern that you like.

For example, you can make your white kitchen space feels more like an American house by using a wood floor installed in a herringbone pattern. Then you can use white subway tile as the backsplash finish. For the kitchen countertop, use black soapstone so that it will give black accent into the white cabinet.

16. Small White Kitchen

Small white kitchen ideas

Small kitchen will feel more crowded when it has too many different colors and textures. In this matter, white kitchen ideas are the easiest method to redecorate your small kitchen and make it feel more spacious.

The upper cabinets usually make the room feels full, so you can play with the doors by putting some glass on them. Add some reflective materials for the backsplash and the floor.

The kitchen countertop can use a wooden finish to make the kitchen warm. Also, putting some greenery inside your kitchen will make space feels fresher.

17. Wood Ceiling for White Kitchen

Ceiling wood for white kitchen

Wondering where is the best spot to create a point of interest inside your white kitchen space aside from the backsplash area? It is the ceiling!

The ceiling in the kitchen can be a great point of interest when you make it interesting and inviting. This picture shows one example of how you can do it. Use wooden grill for your ceiling will brighten up the whole kitchen area and give a contemporary look.

18. Bright and Fresh White Open Kitchen

Fresh white open kitchen

The all-white kitchen can sometimes bring a cold ambience but you can actually avoid it by creating a bright and fresh white open kitchen. Here are steps of how you can do it:

Use the touch of warm wood tones

Make your white kitchen warmer by adding the light wood tones. The wood accent can be applied on the countertop and the dining table replacing the kitchen island.

Then, put wooden dining chairs in wicker materials. To maintain the bright ambience, do not use wood tones which are too dark.

Add some patterns

Aside from wicker, a white kitchen could also use more patterns to make it more vibrant. Try by putting on a rug with herringbone or another pattern in between the kitchen cabinet and the dining table.

This way, the rug also becomes a soft divider between the kitchen and the dining area. The rug can be a black and white pattern to make a soft contrast.

Open the view

The last thing is to make the kitchen feels fresh. You can easily do this by opening the view from your open kitchen to your backyard or garden. Put up large windows to invite more greenery inside.

Turns out there are a lot of ways on how you can apply white kitchen ideas, right? The endless possibility of interior style, material mixed, and decorations. You will never get bored with your white kitchen space since it will stay cool through times.

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