23 Nice Window Treatment Ideas (Effortlessly Change the Room Nuance)

Not only a nice background to every home decor design you have, but window treatment ideas will also give your home a bold character.

Your window frames your exterior scenery into your indoor space and brings in the natural mood.

Our windows treatment ideas can be a perfect complement in every room in your house and to every style you love.

1. Grommet Panel Ideas

window treatments for french doors

The distinctive elements that define grommet panel are the reinforced metal or plastic eyelets lining on the top of your fabric drapes.

This style gives a neat and seamless finish for your curtain. The eyelets and the rod will create a sleek curve when it’s opened and smooth surface when it’s closed.

Grommet panels are the best window treatments ideas for your large windows or your French doors. Its flexibility makes it perfect if you need to open and close the curtains frequently.

2. Pinch Pleats Ideas

simple window treatment ideas

While grommet is all about simplicity, pinch pleats give you more detailing element for your window treatment ideas.

Pinch pleats have simple yet pretty detail for the top part of your curtain coming from the pleated fabric.

This gives your curtain sophisticated folded look. This style is perfect not to get outshined by your formal décor living room.

3. Classy Swag Window Treatment

traditional window treatment ideas

Nothing better to make bring the traditional style rather than add a swag on your window.

Using swag for your window treatments ideas will instantly give unique classic characteristic to your room so you better match the luxury vibe of the swag to your overall interior style.

The swag is held up by two decorative brackets. The width of the fabric is folded accordion style and then draped across the brackets.

On wider windows, you might want to support the center of the swag with a hidden pin or bracket so that it doesn’t swoop too much.

4. Elegant Valances Ideas

Elegant window treatment ideas

Functionally valances or cornices aid in insulating the noise, regulating room temperature and lowering energy costs.

But who knows, valances also able to be a lovely window treatment ideas.

This beauty can be a statement look for your classic small kitchen décor, but also can be an unusual touch in your simple and modern home.

Balloon Valance

Looks just its name, balloon valance has a puffy yet graceful appearance.

It normally has a gathered ruffle atop the rod and then the doubled up fabric is pinched in increments so that the areas between the pinches balloon out.

Pleated Valance

While the balloon one is more free-formed, the pleated valance is more formally shaped.

The look works best with more heavy and rigid fabric. Although the creation of this style is rather tricky, the appearance is simple and neat.

5. Plantation Shutter

inexpensive window treatment ideas

If you’re down for more commitment, plantation shutter will be a great window treatment ideas for you.

This permanent installation is way inexpensive than any other decorative window treatments.

This type of window treatment is a suitable match for the house with high sunshine exposure like the beach house.

Style-wise, plantation shutters in a bay window will give you a contemporary living room look for your home.

6. Matchstick Shades

Bali window treatment ideas

Since it’s made out of wood or bamboo, matchstick shades is a clever window treatments ideas to bring in natural ambiance into the indoor space.

The color and the texture of the wood gives a warm natural mood and are a good complement to Bali inspired tropical minimalist decor. It goes well with plantation or even with bold vibrant color.

7. Explore the Tropical Blinds!

window treatment for sliding glass doors

This type of window treatment ideas are ideal for a big surface of the glass, like window wall in your outstanding sunroom or sliding glass door to the patio.

This mainly because vertical blinds have a very good performance in blocking light exposure.

The vanes are connected to the rod that so you can adjust the orientation of the vanes in order to filter how much light you want in the room.

The vanes of vertical blinds usually made of flat vinyl.

But, you can also pick one that has gentles-curved to create more depth and texture on your window.

8. Roman Blinds, why not?

fabric window treatments ideas

When you want to highlight the streamlined look for your windows or doors, custom-made draperies might be not a suitable choice for you.

Roman blinds are more suitable since the simplicity can give the impression to elongate the look of your window.

Your choice of fabric for roman blind also have a great impact on the whole room ambiance.

If simplicity is what you look for, you might want to have a plain soft color fabric with a little bit of texture.

9. Cellular Blinds

cheap window treatment ideas

Cellular blinds are a window covering that made out of soft paper cloth-like material mainly to filter lights and insulate windows. Cellular blinds can be constructed as a single cell, double cell, or even a triple cell depends on how much insulation preferred. This can be perfectly cheap and easy window treatments ideas for your amazing small bedroom.

Cellular blinds always made custom so that it fits perfectly to your window. You can use it to cover all your window surface. Or, you can install it in the 2/3 part of the window so you still have a good amount of light in the afternoon.

10. Venetian Blinds

modern window treatment ideas

Another affordable window treatment ideas for you are Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds are a window blind made up of several long horizontal or vertical slats of various types of hard material, including wood, plastic or metal which are held together by cords that run through the blind slats.

Using wooden Venetian blinds in your apartment living room will be perfecto bring in natural element into the house in a simple and modern form.

This way, you get the texture and color of nature but the streamline characters are still there.

11. Amazing Parted Shades

window treatments shades

The exposure and direction of the sunlight changes throughout the day.

This makes parted shades is perfect to adjust how much bright you want the room to be.

You can part your shades horizontally to make the light filter system work best.

Parted shades is a creative and stylish window cover for your bathroom window treatment ideas.

When you closed the bottom and open the other, you’ll get privacy but enough light exposure for your bath time. This type of window shades will fit perfectly combined into small living room ideas.

12. Cafe-Style Inspiration

bathroom window treatment ideas

Cafe style is basically when you install window treatments that not covering the entire surface of your window.

This type of window treatment ideas is basically to create a border or enclosure without blocking the light.

This café style window treatment ideas are ideal for kitchen or bathroom.

Cafe Style Curtain

If you’re after more pop and casual look, this curtain is for you. You can choose bright color fabric or even one with a bold pattern. This can be a bold decorative statement for your room.

Cafe Style Shutter

If you prefer more formal and simple, then shutter it is. The rigid structure gives the room more formal ambiance.

13. Layered Treatments

curtain window treatment ideas

One further step you can take to create interesting window treatment ideas is by layering your window treatments.

You can always combine two or even three to make your own window decor.

Maybe you need it for its function, but you can always do this for the look.

One popular combination is the combination of plantation shutter and paneled curtain.

The plantation shutter basically does all the insulation and the curtain adds a more graceful touch to the window.

Layering also a clever way to make a subtle color combination for your window display.

14. Sheer Lace Ideas

sheer window treatment ideas

For your room where you don’t need much privacy, you can use sheer fabric for your window treatment ideas.

The sheer fabric filters the lights and makes the light that comes into the room much softer.

You can make the look even more mesmerizing by choosing pattern sheer fabric, or lace.

This type of fabrics will create a beautiful silhouette when the light hits its surface, creating a gorgeous ambiance in the room.

You can also layer your sheer lace with another fabric to bring in color into the look. This will be a stunning complement to your rustic living room.

15. Cafe-Style Mash-Ups

affordable window treatment ideas

The cafe style exposes part of your window. This can be a space for you to explore your window treatment ideas so you’ll have a unique look in your room.

You can mash-up the café style curtain with a decorative glass window to create a more artistic display.

You can also add a shelf on top of your curtain and put accessories on it. You can put small plantation, glass figures, or even pictures.

16. Green Window Treatment Ideas

hanging plantation window treatment ideas

Instead of fabric or matchstick, how about hanging a plantation?

This can be a space-saving window treatment ideas that allow you to bring in greenery inside.

Not only blocks the sun, but the plantation also producing fresh air into your home.

If you choose flower plantation, it also can add beautiful color to your home decor.

Choose simple but cute pot for your greenery and you’ll have a mini garden on your window.

Greenery element would also be perfect to complete your room as centerpiece ideas.

17.  Colorful DIY

DIY window treatment ideas

For your colorful little girl bedroom, doing a DIY project can be a lot of fun.

Besides, it also saves you a lot of time browsing for colorful curtains that match your little girl’s room.

Instead of using fabric, you can use colorful and beautiful ribbon for your curtain.

This is an easy DIY project that you can do together since you just need to tie the knot on the curtain rod.

After you tie your ribbons along the rod, you’ll get colorful curtains.

18. Rustic Shutters

Rustic window treatment ideas

You can always add another touch to your lovely farmhouse style home by having a rustic shutter.

Instead of using common shutter window leaf, use one that resembles barn doors, This will add the ambiance of the countryside in your room.

Besides, the wooden leaf will provide you perfect insulation and also very durable. What an amazing window treatment idea you should try!

19. Decorative Curtain Tie

beautiful window treatment ideas

Little detail on your home decor can have a huge impact on your overall design. This easy step is perfect to add a little bit of something to your simple look curtain.


For elegant and luxury look, pearls can be a flawless substitute for your curtain tie. The smooth shiny surface will reflect the light and makes your curtain looks fancy.

Patterned Scarf

If you want to pop some pattern in your pattern in a classy way, replace your curtain tie with a patterned scarf. You can tie it in a pretty bow to make the corner of your window look more alive.

20. Pattern Metal Screen

ethnic pattern window treatment ideas

Creating an ethnic pattern on your metal screen to decorate your window will give your home a traditional and sophisticated look.

When the light shines through the screen you’ll get the pattern silhouette on your wall and also on your floor. This will be a cool window treatment ideas to create dramatic ambiance in your hallway. Check wall decor ideas to get more about pattern exploration to emphasize your lovely space character.

21. Arched Rod

corner window treatment ideas

Flat rods give a more simple and modern look, while the arched one will match your royal theme decor.

Even though it takes more space, but the beauty of its presence in the room totally worth the extra space.

Combine it with fancy satin curtain with a touch of gold, you’ll get yourself a Rapunzel window.

22. Styling the Curtain

luxury window treatment ideas

Simple fabric curtain can look fancy if you know how to present it in the room. Mesmerize your guests with your crafty ways of tying your curtain so that it covers your window beautifully without you splurge your money for decorative elements.

There are various ways you can tie your curtain. Pick one that complements your interior style because one simple know can make your plain curtain stands out more than the chandelier.

23. Beads for Window Treatment Ideas

bohemian window treatment ideas

Another easy DIY project you can do for your window treatment ideas is by using beads. This easy craft will give you unique bohemian style to your home decor.

Layer it with sheer fabric to create a beautiful silhouette and soften the refraction of the lights.

Colorful beads will create colorful shadows on your wall which will be a mesmerizing display in your bedroom.

So, never skip fashioning your window to create a flawless look in your home. Not only it’ll leave you with an unfinished look, skip decorating your window will make you miss the improvement that your window can bring to the room ambiance.

From easy to tricky, we covered all of these splendid window treatment ideas just for you.

As the room has its own charm, your preference window treatment ideas can always be personalized to your styling taste.

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